KU coach calls K-State program their measuring stick.
I'm sorry the following reads awkwardly, but it's an exact quote. - DDY

"I talked to a bunch of the print media this week and in the fact that, uh, you know right now that, uh, the Kansas State football program has to be our measuring stick, and we have to put a focus toward beating those people. And we have to do it, uh, obviously by with with our own players a better job preparation- and coaching-wise, but, uh, we have to stay upbeat with them as far as facilities are concerned, and things that they have out there. And, uh, you know, we have we have to do everything we can to educate our our fans into being the fans they have at Kansas State."

"I think you're going to see an awful big focus coming out from our program as far as how important, uh, that football game is for us in the future."

Coach Terry Allen, on his KU Football Show, Nov. 9, 1997

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