Headlines 2017
October 14, 2017  #25 Baylor 3, K-State 1
A fine crowd of 2,532 turned out for Pack the House Night 2017, after a bizarre day of Football, with three lightning delays. The TCU Football game, supposed to kick at 11:05 a.m., didn't start until 2 p.m., and 03:56 of lightning delays probably exhausted many fans who would have made the Volleyball turnout even better. The Volleyball outcome was 22-25, 25-21, 22-25, 11-25.

I said numerous times during this match that Baylor has a very good Volleyball team. Coach Fritz agreed postgame, saying, "They're really, really good. "They've got three great pin hitters. [Shelly] Fanning is really good in the middle, as well. They are very balanced offensively and they play really, really fast." Time after time, the Cats would send a really nice attack over the net, and somehow Baylor would dig and pass and save the play. Baylor is now 16-4, 6-1 in the Big 12, and in second place behind Texas.

The Cats had some players who were very efficient on offense. Peyton Williams led with 14.5 points, 11 kills and awesome .476 hitting. Kylee Zumach had 14 points, 13 kills and excellent .303 hitting. Macy Flowers had 10 points, 8 kills and .273 hitting. Bryna Vogel had 8 points, and Brynn Carlson had 7.5. The Cats ended the evening with only .209 hitting, however. Brooke Smith had 25 assists, and Sarah Dixon added 18.

Peyton was solid on blocking, with 5 assists and a single. Her 3.5 blocks accounted for half of the Cats' 7 blocks, while Baylor had 10. Bryna Vogel had a big night on digs, leading with 22, and Reilly Killeen had 16. Baylor had 71 digs, to KSU's 66.

Here's the highlights video. In conclusion, although set four was lopsided, the Cats were very competitive in the other three sets, winning one, and losing two sets by only three points. The Cats have a week off, before a trip to Morgantown.

Team Hitting Kills Points Blocks Digs
KSU .209 50 62 7 66
Baylor .297 64 80 10 71
October 11, 2017  #23 Cyclones sweep the Cats in Ames
I don't know what to make of this. The Cats hit .015 vs. Iowa State. In fairness to the team, Iowa State statistically has the best defense in the Big 12. The Cats, 17 days ago, took a Top Ten KU team to five sets.

The Cats' defense was competitive in digs, as Sarah Dixon had 17, Brooke Smith had 16, Bryna Vogel had 15 and Reilly Killeen added 11. Brooke Smith had a double-double, with her 16 digs and 11 assists, along withe two aces.

We all know about Hilton Magic, and this was our Cats' 10th straight loss in Ames. On the other hand, K-State has beaten Iowa State five straight in Ahearn. Let's turn out and be ready for their return visit on October 25!

Team Hitting Kills Points Blocks Digs
KSU .015 23 29 3 74
ISU .241 50 60.5 8.5 79
October 7, 2017  Cats beat Texas Tech in Five Sets / Wildcat Block Party
We've had some close ones with TTU, although the Cats had two sweeps in 2016 and 2015. In 2014, however, there was a sweep and a 3-2 win. Today some good things happened, in a 25-15, 23-25, 17-25, 25-18, 15-11 outcome.

Bryna Vogel led the offense with 21 points and 16 kills, hitting .324. Peyton Williams had some awesome plays. She had 15.5 points, 11 kills and excellent .474 hitting! Kylee Zumach was next with 14.5 points, 11 kills and excellent .345 hitting. Brooke Smith had 27 assists, and Sarah Dixon had 19.

Now to the block party. Two matches back, vs. Texas, the Cats recorded 0 blocks. This afternoon, they had 18, beginning strong in set one. How strong? K-State held Texas Tech to .000 hitting in set one, and to .163 for the match. Bryna Vogel had 8 block assists, and 1 single. Peyton Williams had 7 block assists, Elle Sandbothe had 5 assists and 1 single, and Macy Flowers had 4 assists.

Meanwhile, TTU prevailed in digs, 85 to 79. Reilly Killeen led with 26 digs, Devan Fairfield had 14 and Sarah Dixon added 13. Kylee and Brooke had 8 digs each. Sarah Dixon's 13 digs and 19 assists = 1 double-double for her!

The Cats face a tough one at #20 Iowa State (11-3, 2-2) on Oct. 11. While opponents must never underestimate Iowa State in any sport, their fans will be even more fired up after today's Football win over #3 Oklahoma. Or... maybe they'll be overconfident.

Team Hitting Kills Points Blocks Digs
KSU .214 57 79 18 79
TTU .163 63 75 8 85
October 4, 2017  Frogs prevail in a hard-fought match
This four-set match took longer than the five-set battle royal against KU in late September, which can be explained by the set scores of 30-18, 17-25, 29-31, 21-25. The Cats were certainly competitive, but at times let TCU put together strings of points (or get a deciding set point). Set one, with a score of 30-28 in favor of the Cats, foretold what was to come.

Bryna Vogel led with 20.5 points and solid .275 hitting. Kylee Zumach added 17.5 points, hitting .244. Brynn Carlson had a good match, with 10.5 points, hitting .308. Setters Brooke Smith and Sarah Dixon had 24 and 22 assists. Unfortunately, some players were less productive on offense, even while having some great moments. A bright spot was 7 service aces.

On defense, K-State, unable to get a single block vs. Texas, tied TCU at 12 blocks for the match, and was in range of TCU in digs, 80 to 88.

K-State has played some excellent teams close this season. I'm not giving up on them. Let's have a good crowd in Ahearn at 1 P.M. on Oct. 7.

Team Hitting Kills Points Blocks Digs
KSU .189 57 76 12 80
TCU .255 71 87 12 88
October 4, 2017  Dixon, Smith Growing in Ability to Run 6-2 System
Corbin McGuire's Sports Extra released today is focused on a change to using two setters, Sarah Dixon and Brooke Smith. Over the previous four seasons, All-American Katie Brand virtually never came off the court. K-State played 119 sets in 2016, and Katie was on the court in all of them. Brand had 1341 of the Cats' 1562 assists, and our other setter, Kylie Penning, had 0. Sarah was in her redshirt season, so this divided duty for setters is new. As the season has progressed, so has the team's offensive effectiveness.
September 30, 2017  Texas defeats K-State in Three
Hopefully some good experience was gained from this match. Our Cats recorded 0 blocks. Kylee Zumach led with 15 points from 14 kills and .270 hitting. Alyssa Schultejans had 8 points from 8 kills, and Bryna Vogel added 6 points from 6 kills, on solid .308 hitting. Meanwhile, Texas locked up the match with spectacular .494 hitting.

Team Hitting Kills Points Blocks Digs
KSU .147 32 34 0 40
Texas .494 46 55 9 44
September 24, 2017  Squawks Squeeze by the Cats in Five Sets
Dev Nelson, who called countless games in Ahearn, would have called this one a "double-barrel, double-dip, deep-dish dilly," as #12 KU managed a two-point win, 25-20, 21-25, 22-25, 25-15, 16-14, before a crowd of 3,325.

Strong hitting by KU, .370 to the Cats' .154, allowed a set one victory, but it was clear that K-State would not be intimidated by their ranked opponent. It's safe to say the Cats had seen an awesome, newly-released hype video from Athletics, narrated by Katie Reininger, which called both fans and players to action. (link)

K-State and KU shared equal .424 hitting in set two, with the Cats posting a 25-21 victory. In set three, the news was even better, as K-State outhit KU .341 to .156, and took a 2-1 lead after three sets. I believed K-State stood an excellent chance of winning at that point, but the Bluebirds had had enough, and outhit the Cats .433 to .179 in set four, posting a 25-15 win.

The Cats had a slow start in set five, but took the lead after scoring 7 of 8 straight points. The deciding set was tied at 14-all, but KU won the final two points.

Peyton Williams had an awesome match, leading the team with 15.5 points, 14 kills and .462 hitting. Coach Fritz said of Peyton, "I think she gets better with every match. She's just a very, very fast learner. The more she plays and the more opportunities she has, the more comfortable she gets, and the faster she improves. She's becoming a bigger and bigger part of our offense with every match." Bryna Vogel had 15 points and 13 kills for a double-double. Alyssa Schultejans added 14.5 points. Elle Sandbothe was very efficient, with .429 hitting, and she had 10 points. Kylee Zumach had 11 points.

On defense, Bryna Vogel led with 15 digs, and Reilly Killeen had 12.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the rematch on Nov. 8, in The Shanty. Up next for the Cats is #6 Texas, on Saturday.

Team Hitting Kills Points Blocks Digs
KSU .278 64 75 7 55
KU .342 68 80 7 63

Shortly after the match, Kylee Zumach tweeted the following:

September 20, 2017  K-State opens Big 12 play with a 3 - 2 victory over OU
This match was all over the place, but the Cats ended strong in a 19-25, 25-16, 25-21, 13-25, 15-8 outcome over the Sooners, hitting .438 in the fifth set. (And... OU hit 0.00 in the fifth set.)

The stats show a nice distribution of kills. Alyssa Schultejans led with 12, Kylee Zumach and Peyton Williams (with .391 hitting) had 11, Bryna Vogel (with .412 hitting!) and Elle Sandbothe (with .467 hitting!) had 9. Sarah Dixon had 30 assists, and Brooke Smith added 22.

Sarah Dixon had 11 digs, and Bryna Vogel had 10. Peyton Williams had 7 blocks, and Alyssa Schultejans had four.

In this back-and-forth match, ultimately K-State scored 74 points, to the Okies' 71.

Let's all get out to support the Cats vs. the #12 Squawks at high noon on Sunday, Sept. 24 in Ahearn!

Team Hitting Kills Points Blocks Digs
KSU .279 59 74 9 50
OU .270 67 71 3 60
September 16, 2017  K-State wins a close one over Northern Iowa
It's safe to say that the Cats went into this one with their eyes open. Northern Iowa (10-4) had beaten #10 Nebraska hours earlier, and #19 Iowa State four days earlier. They had already beaten four ranked teams, but K-State (7-6) needed to get back on track, and took this one to five: 25-22, 24-26, 29-27, 23-25, 15-6, to complete their stay in Omaha 2-1.

So many stats in this match were close! As K-State's recap noted, there were 45 tied scores and 18 lead changes. Hitting percentages, digs (99 to 97) and kill s were close. The biggest difference in stats was the Cats' 15 blocks, to UNI's 7.

There was a nice distribution in scoring, which helped keep us less predictable. Kylee Zumach and Bryna Vogel led with 19 points each. Peyton Williams and Alyssa Schultejans added 12 each, and Brynn Carlson had 10 points. Elle Sandbothe contributed 9.5 points, on a fine evening of blocking (4.5). Macy Flowers hit .375, Williams and Vogel hit .333 and Zumach hit .222, leading with 17 kills.

Bryna Vogel had 6 block assists, and Elle Sandbothe had her hands on 6 blocks, with four assists for Williams and Carlson. Reilly Killeen had 27 digs, Vogel had 23 and Brooke Smith had 15.

Rob Voelker, on play-by-play, caught a scoring error in set four. He knew the Cats had earned a two-point lead when the score was in the 20s, but the game officials had the score tied. I doubt that he was close enough to the scorer's bench to catch officials' attention, but eventually someone besides Rob saw the discrepancy, and a few minutes later, the score was set to what Rob had reported, so nice going on that!

K-State was never behind in set five, and ended the match with a 7-1 scoring run!

Defense won the match, as supported by the Cats' 15 to 7 blocking advantage. The Cats held UNI to .000 hitting, when there was only one tied score.

Bryna Vogel made the all-tournament team.

Thanks much to the Volleycats for giving us a bright spot, after the disappointing Football loss in Nashville!

Team Hitting Kills Points Blocks Digs
KSU .217 69 89 15 97
UNI .176 73 81 7 99
September 15, 2017  Nebraska strikes again
I couldn't find radio or Internet play-by-play of this match, so I don't have much to report on this 22-25, 11-25, 16-25 loss to #10 NU. Watching live stats, there we times when the Cats led NU, but ultimately lost ground toward the end of the set.

Nebraska dominated in total points, 59-36, in blocks, 9-4, in digs, 51-29, and certainly in hitting percentage, .323 to .101. As a result, the Cats remain in next-to-last place in the Big 12, and tomorrow face Northern Iowa (RV), who beat #19 Iowa State three days ago.

Kylee Zumach led the Cats in scoring tonight, with 12.5 of a total 36 points. She led with 10 kills and .296 hitting. Bryna Vogel had 6.5 points, and she hit .222.

Reilly Killeen led with 9 digs, and Bryna Vogel had 8.

The tables really turned in this match. K-State actually outhit NU in set one, .231 to .229. Then set two happened. NU hit an outstanding .467, to the Cats' .029. In set three, NU hit .294, to the Cats' .029 (again). On the other hand, the set scores (excluding set two) make it appear that the match was much more even (NU scores first): 25-22, 25-11, 25-16. Blocking was a major difference, with NU prevailing, 9-4 in team blocks.

September 14, 2017  Cats begin their final invitational with a win
I haven't been writing about recent matches, because Athletics stopped producing proper box scores when the web pages changed to Sidearm Sports. Tonight a good box score was available!

Our Cats defeated the host school, Nebraska Omaha, who for some reason like to be called Omaha, 25-22, 25-18, 18-25, 25-18.

On offense, K-State was led by three with 13.5 points each: Peyton Williams (hitting an awesome .556), Bryna Vogel (hitting .357) and Kylee Zumach (hitting .095). Alyssa Schultejans had 8.5 points. Brynn Carlson and Zsofia Gyimes each added six points. The Cats are spitting setter duties between Sarah Dixon, who had 19 assists, and Brooke Smith, who had 22. The Cats were plagued with errors tonight. Brooke Smith, who was on fire vs. UMKC, had four service errors. Kylee Zumach, although a scoring leader, hit 0.095. Macy Flowers hit -.375. Ultimately the Cats hit a modest .196 to Omaha's .136.

Defense was distributed. Reilly Killeen led with 21 digs, Bryna Vogel had 16 and Brooke Smith had 12. Sarah Dixon and Devan Fairfield each had 10 digs. Peyton Williams led in blocking, with 2.5. Bryna Vogel and Kylee Zumach each had 1.5 blocks. Omaha had nine blocks, to the Cats' eight, while the Cats led in digging, 83 to 82.

Kansas State, now 6-5 this season, and with the second-worst record in the Big 12, faces #10 Nebraska (yes, that Nebraska) at 4:30 P CT tomorrow. Good luck, Cats!

August 26, 2017  Cats Sweep Idaho
Good things happened in K-State's 25-23, 25-18, 25-15 win in Corvallis, including some impressive individual numbers.

Kylee Zumach led with 14 points, hitting .321, and her 11 digs got her an opening weekend double-double. Bryna Vogel, recovered from an off-season operation, added 9.5 points, and Peyton Williams (in her first VB appearance) and Brynn Carlson each had 8 points. We have to mention efficiency: Peyton hit .700 in her first match, and Brynn hit .533. Zsofia Gyimes, who had 6.5 points, hit a spectacular .750, and she had two aces. Setter Sarah Dixon recorded 33 assists. K-State outscored Idaho 59 to 37.

Idaho outblocked the Cats 8 to 5. The blocking that occurred was distributed around the team. On the other hand, K-State was digging all over the place, with 51 to Idaho's 28. Reilly Killeen led with 16 digs, and Kylee Zumach added 11.

The first set left fans nervous, considering the two-point win. The Cats' .357 hitting would seem to be enough, but Idaho hit a respectable .286. The second set was a different story. While K-State hit a modest .175, Idaho managed only –.026. Then K-State hit an awesome .469 in set three, to Idaho's .171, with a set score of 25-15.

Macy Flowers, who left last night's match in the second set with some sort of injury, did not play. It was great to see Peyton Williams in action today. She'll have an extra season of Volleyball, after her tour of duty with WBB has ended.

Team Hitting Kills Points Blocks Digs
KSU .320 48 59 5 51
Idaho .116 23 37 8 28
August 25, 2017  It's Volleyball season!
The 2017 season began vs. Pacific in Oregon... a 3-1 win that had its ups and downs, with a final score of 15-25, 28-26, 25-13, 31-29. I didn't hold much hope for us at the end of the first set, after hitting .074, compared to Pacific's .419... quite a wake-up call.

The Cats clawed back in set two, improving to .317 hitting, but there were 17 tied scores. Set three was the Cats' best, with .500 hitting, and 92% on sideouts.

Kylee Zumach led with 19 points, hitting .385, followed by Alyssa Schultejans with 15 points, and Bryna Vogel with 13. Our new setter, Sarah Dixon, had 42 assists, with .444 hitting. K-State had respectable .317 hitting in the end, just slightly below Pacific's .324.

Reilly Killeen had nine digs, and Kylee Zumach and Devan Fairfield each had seven. Pacific turned in a whopping 65 digs, to K-State's 36. On the other hand, the Cats led in blocks, 13.5 to 7. Bryna Vogel had 3 blocks, and Elle Sandbothe had 2½.

Up next for the undefeated Cats, it's Idaho at noon CT, and Oregon State at 9:00 P.

August 18, 2017  Elle Sandbothe conducts Media Day interviews
As the video opens, Elle is in possession of the microphone, a role filled by Kylee Zumach, or Zoomy, as Elle calls her, and hilariously handled by Katie Brand in the past.

Kylee recorded several assists during the interview, and Elle had one kill. I was impressed to hear Elle use the term Dynamic Duo, which of course was Batman and Robin, back in the 1960s.

You can watch all four minutes of this fun for free via Twitter, or download it for your collection by right-clicking right here.

August 18, 2017  #9 Creighton gets by K-State (RV) in Exhibition
Based on the score alone, this was a very good test for both teams. Creighton took the match, 3-2, but going into set five, each team had 98 points! In addition, fans were treated to a some epic rallies... some of the longest I've ever seen. I don't know that I've ever seen Coach Grove, defensive coordinator, smiling the way he was after some of our efforts in extending rallies.

Alyssa Schultejans led with 18 points, Kylee Zumach had 15, Brynna Vogel had 12.5 and Macy Flowers had 12. Macy was most efficient on offense, hitting .421, but Bryna Vogel hit .364, and Zsofia Gyimes hit .357. Vogel and Flowers each had 11 kills. Creighton led K-State on hitting, .299 to .247. I felt that our new starting setter, Sarah Dixon, did a very nice job.

On defense, Bryna Vogel, a returning All-Big 12 player, had 11 digs, and 2.75 blocks per set.. Sarah Dixon and Reilly Killeen each had 10 digs. Elle Sandbothe had five block assists, and led in efficiency with 1.67 blocks per set.

Creighton has an excellent team. They advanced to the Elite Eight in 2016, ultimately losing to Texas after beating KU and Michigan, and were #9 in the final AVCA poll. Their 15-year coach, Kirsten Bernthal Booth, has been National Coach of the Year three times. K-State has met Creighton in one capacity or another in 2014 through 2017, from co-hosting a spring clinic to early fall competition.

The Cats begin their season in Oregon, in an afternoon match vs. Pacific on August 25.

August 16, 2017  K-State Volleyball Newcomers Learning Quickly
"Fail fast, learn fast," says Suzie Fritz about early fall training. Jeff Grove likens it to drinking from a fire hose. With the most newcomers in a while, there is a lot to learn. Read all about it in Corbin McGuire's latest Sports Extra. Don't miss the exhibition vs. Creighton on Friday, August 18 at 6:00 P.
August 10, 2017  Injury Helps Vogel Become Vocal Leader, Fill Needed Role for K-State VB
In Corbin McGuire's Sports Extra, Brynna Vogel looks back at missing playing all spring in 2016, and how she focused on leadership from courtside.
August 8, 2017  K-State Volleyball Opens 2017 with Official Practices
A K-State Volleyball release today includes a look at the team roster, and early-season action.
August 4, 2017  Carlson Gains Valuable Experience at USA Women's Junior A1 National Team Training Program
In Corbin McGuire's Sports Extra, Brynn Carlson describes the extra training she was allowed to get.
August 2, 2017  Brynna Vogel: Preseason All-Big 12
Our All-Big 12 OH senior, Brynna Vogel, has been named Preseason All-Big 12, the conference announced today. Brynna had 324 kills and 318 digs in her junior season, and she has been solid throughout her career. Here's the release from K-State.
July 28, 2017  Single-Match Tickets on Sale July 31, Promotions Announced
2017 season excitement begins with a free-admission exhibition match vs. Creighton on Friday, August 18. Be sure to check out this link!
July 25, 2017  Cats been lifting some heavy stuff
Don't mess with the Cats! They tweeted this glamour photo earlier today. It looks like Elle's meditating while the others are flexing. You've gotta do what works for you! Here's a 2048px version.

July 24, 2017  Volleyball's Seventh Straight AVCA Team Academic Award
This award, announced by the AVCA, honors teams that as a group had a 3.30 or higher in the past academic year. Katie Brand and Kersten Kober were CoSIDA All-District, and as noted below, Maureen Schick and Elle Sandbothe made the Big 12 Academic All-Rookie Team. (K-State release)
July 2017  Brynn Carlson Training with the US Women's Junior A1 Team
Brynn was in MHK last week during Volleyball Camp. Now she's in Florida, training with the A1 Team. Follow the adventures of our freshman OH via her blog on kstatesports.com. Developments will be posted here. In her first blog, Brynn says they will be training for five days, and playing in a tournament for five days.
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June 30, 2017  Brooke Heyne: National Volleyball Athlete of the Year
K-State Volleyball has announced that freshman Brooke Heyne has been selected as the National High School Coaches Association Senior Volleyball Player of the Year! Her Skutt Catholic team turned in a perfect 44-0 record, its second straight state title and a No. 2 national ranking by PrepVolleyball.com in her senior season.

Brooke is a 5' 11" OH from Omaha. She turned in 474 kills, 362 digs and 40 aces in her senior season. Here's the announcement from the NHSCA.

June 27, 2017  Katie Brand is nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year
K-State Volleyball has announced Katie's Woman of the Year nomination by the NCAA. Here's a list of all nominees.

The award is meant to recognize female athletes whose eligibility has ended, who have distinguished themselves in academics, athletics, service and leadership throughout their collegiate careers. Katie was an academic star, leaving with a GPA of 3.649. She is a three-time All-America honoree, and was named First Team All-Big 12 three times.

Our Volleyball superstar is in the first year of the physician assistant program at UMKC... class of 2019. The award ceremony will be on October 22, in Indianapolis.

June 15, 2017  Maureen Schick, Elle Sandbothe named to Big 12 Academic All-Rookie Team
Maureen has a 4.000, and Elle Sandbothe was also named to the All-Rookie team, as announced by K-State today.
June 9, 2017  Elle Sandbothe Selected to USA Women's Junior National Training Team
Elle's going back to Colorado to train for the Junior National Team, from July 2 to 12. At the completion of training, 12 of 16 will be named to the team. The team, as well documented here, won the gold medal in the Pan-American Cup last month. Laurie Corbelli, head coach at Texas A&M, will be the coach. (K-State release) (USA Volleyball release)

June 9, 2017  Sandbothe Savoring USWJNT Experience in Costa Rica
Corbin McGuire's latest Sports Extra has more details about Elle Sandbothe's experiences on the undefeated U.S. Women's Junior National Team. Elle will return to Colorado Springs on July 2 to compete for a position on the U.S. team in the FIVB Junior World Championships, on July 14-23, in Cordoba and Boca del Rio, Mexico.
May 2017  Elle Sandbothe's U.S. Women's Junior National Team Blog
   • #1 - May 6 to May 10
   • #2 - May 11 to May 14

Elle's U.S. Junior National Team opportunity is a perfect example of John Currie's goal to provide a world class athlete experience. Of course, while this has been a goal of the department for several years, Elle has this opportunity because she was talented and hard-working enough to make the team, which she tried out for in February.

May 31, 2017  Brooke Smith transfers from Nebraska
K-State has announced the transfer of Brooke Smith. She's a 5' 11" DS/setter from Weatherford, Texas. She specialized in serving.
May 29, 2017  
It's a sweep, with the announcement that Landry Weber will walk on to the K-State Football team, as we read in The Kansas City Star. And, of course, McKenzi Weber enters her second season with K-State Volleyball.
May 13, 2017  Women's Junior National Team Wins U20 Pan Am Cup Without a Loss
The team will play in the World Championship series in Mexico, July 14 - 23. Good luck, Elle! (story)
May 13, 2017  Congrats to KSUVB's spring 2017 grads!
Kylee Zumach, Mattie Batchelder and Brooke "The Assassin" Sassin got their bachelor's degrees today!

May 13, 2017  Women's Junior National Team defeats Argentina / wins U20 Pan American Cup gold
Elle Sandbothe and teammates are headed to the World Championship. (tweet) (team stats)

May 12, 2017  WJNT Advances to U20 Pan Am Cup Gold Match
The U.S. had four players reach double-figure scoring as it defeated Cuba 25-17, 25-23, 30-32, 25-20 Friday evening in the U20 Pan American Cup semifinals in San Jose, Costa Rica. The event is a qualification tournament to the 2017 FIVB Women's U20 World Championship with the top finishing team from NORCECA and the top team finishing team from South America earning bids. The U.S., now 4-0 in the tournament, moves into Saturday's championship match (8:30 p.m. CT) and will face Argentina, which defeated Puerto Rico 25-21, 25-11, 25-9 in the second semifinal. Elle Sandbothe (Lee's Summit, Missouri) rounded out the scoring with two aces. (recap)
May 12, 2017   Women's Junior National Team earns spot in @FIVB Women's U20 World Championship
#USAVwjnt earns spot in @FIVBWomensU20 World Championship with Argentina's 3-0 win over PuertoRico in the #U20PanAmCup semifinal. (tweet)

May 11, 2017  Women's Junior National Team to Semifinals
The U.S. Women's Junior National Team moved closer to qualifying for the 2017 FIVB Women's U20 World Championship by defeating Uruguay 25-10, 25-19, 25-17 in the quarterfinals. Middle Elle Sandbothe (Lee's Summit, Missouri, Kansas State University) provided three kills on four errorless attacks, one block and one ace for five points. (recap)

Up next, in the semifinals on May 12, is a physical Cuba team. First serve is at 6:30 P CT.

May 10, 2017  Women's Junior National Team Defeats Dominican Republic

Elle Sandbothe had three points. (stats link)

May 9, 2017  Women's Junior National Team Defeats Argentina in Four
The U.S. Women's Junior National Team used a balanced offense to defeat Argentina 25-23, 25-19, 15-25, 25-21 in its U20 Women's Pan American Cup opening pool play match Tuesday evening in San Jose, Costa Rica. Elle Sandbothe got an ace. Next up is the Dominican Republic at 6:30 P CT on May 10. (recap)
May 8, 2017  Women's Junior Team Begins Quest for Bid to the 2017 FIVB Women's U20 World Championship
Elle Sandbothe is in Costa Rica now, as a member of the U.S. Women's Junior National Team. According to the Team USA page, competition begins on May 9 at 8:30 P CT, vs. Argentina. The team will then play the Dominican Republic on May 10 at 6:30 P CT.
April 30, 2017  Katie Brand: 2016-17 Female Athlete of the Year!
The Student Athlete Advisory Committee named Katie K-State's Female Athlete of the Year tonight... a fine choice! And, by the way, Katie won K-State Scholar Athlete of the Year! (link)
April 14, 2017  Coach Fritz Announces Commitments of Heyne, Smith
Brooke Heyne is a 5-11 OH, and the 2016-17 Gatorade Nebraska Volleyball Player of the Year! She led Skutt Catholic High School to a perfect 44-0 record, a second-straight state title and a No. 2 national ranking by PrepVolleyball.com. In her senior season, Brooke had 474 kills, 362 digs and 40 aces. Coach Fritz describes her as a very versatile player, strong as attacker, passer and defender.

Jacque Smith, a 5-7 libero, lettered all four years at St. Teresa's Academy in KCMO. She was named to the Missouri-Kansas All-Star Team this year, after setting the single-season digs record of 545. Jacque received all-state, all-district and all-region honors in her junior and senior season, and St. Teresa's made the state tournament both years. As Kersten Kober has completed her eligibility, Jacque has the opportunity to play an important role on the team. (K-State Sports release)

April 12, 2017  Elle Sandbothe to the USA Women's Junior National Team!
USA Volleyball and Kansas State announced today that K-State's own freshman middle blocker, Elle Sandbothe, made the USA Junior Women's National Team. She'll play in the Pan American Cup in Costa Rica in K-State's Final Week.

Elle, along with three other Cats, journeyed to Colorado in February to try out. (story) Jerritt Elliott, UT's head coach, will be the head coach of the USA team. Elle will be one of 12 players on the team. She was named to the Big 12 All-Freshman team in November, 2016. Elle led the Cats in blocks per set in 2016.

This is awesome!

April 11, 2017  Five Core Values Emphasized in Spring to Build Culture
Cobin McGuire's latest Sports Extra looks at K-State Volleyball's Five Core Values.
March 8, 2017   Heightened Experience, Knowledge from USWNT Tryout
Sandbothe, along with Sarah Dixon, Alyssa Schultejans and Brynn Carlson, participated in the annual U.S. Women's National Team Open Tryout over the weekend. Jeff Grove was there as an evaluator, and Rhino came by! Corbin McGuire has all the details in this Sports Extra.
February 27, 2017  Women's National Team Tryouts
Four Cats will take part in the USAVolleyball tryout for the Women's National Team. (link