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More Farrah from the June 17 Cyber Sleaze

FARRAH FAWCETT is back in the spotlight because of her embarrassing appearance on the LATE SHOW.

An American magazine claims Fawcett, who talked incoherently to talkshow host DAVID LETTERMAN on last Friday's fiasco, is struggling through a drug agony. The NATIONAL ENQUIRER says friends of the CHARLIE'S ANGELS stunner are so worried about her spaced-out behavior that they have blitzed her Los Angeles home in search of drugs. They also claim pals have been urging the 1970s sex symbol to book herself into drugs rehabilitation.

But Fawcett, who says she was just having fun on her debut appearance with Letterman, has hit back at the allegations. Her spokeswoman CINDY GUAGENTI says, "Miss Fawcett is outraged by these false allegations. The story is completely made up using nonexistent and anonymous sources.

She is currently examining her legal options with her attorney with regard to filing a lawsuit against the National Enquirer."

Crystal Was Pilot of Letterman's Oscar Ride

From USA Today, March 26, 1997
  David Letterman and his "Uma/Oprah" gag bombed at the Oscars two years ago, but both got a great reception during a Billy Crystal gag reel on Monday's telecast.

  Letterman taped his bit -- he was flying in The English Patient plane while advising host Crystal to resurrect the Uma/Oprah joke, only to crash -- last week in New York.

  "It was Crystal's idea," said Late Show producer Rob Burnett. "They gave us five or six possible jokes for Dave, and he more or less settled on Uma and Oprah."

  "We have a pretty good sense of when things are funny, and the idea of Dave making fun of his appearance seemed like a very funny joke," Burnett said. "To go back and make fun of himself took a great amount of courage and was very gracious on his part."

  "Ironically," Burnett said, "this is the type of thing that he's involved in daily for Late Show."

  "I'm always on the other side of the equation -- calling a celebrity and saying, 'Oh, you've got to come on the show and do this. It'd be hilarious.' They say, 'That's the last thing I want to do,' and I say, 'That's the best thing for you to do.' "

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