Alan Kalter's Secret Words

(compiled by DDY)

2/25/99corpuscular ($900)
2/26/99combustible ($1000)
3/01/99convection ($1100)
3/02/99saluki ($1200)
3/03/99luggage ($1300)
3/04/99viscous ($1400)
3/05/99melancholia ($1500)
3/22/99lederhosen ($1600)
3/23/99ionosphere ($1700)
3/24/99skipjack ($1800)
3/25/99bilious ($1900)
3/26/99elliptical ($2000)
3/29/99meniscus ($100)
3/30/99taconite ($200)
3/31/99sociopathic ($300)
4/01/99(made up): nemonurwingy / (real): balloon ($400)
4/02/99mahogany ($500)
4/05/99flange ($600)
4/06/99millipede ($700)
4/08/99ischemia ($800)
4/09/99couldn't find any record of one
4/12/99diplopia ($1000)
4/13/99hegemony ($1100) / Dave doubles the jackpot to $2200.
4/14/99quadricentennial ($2300) / Dave increases the jackpot to $100,000,000, then $150,000,000.
4/15/99melon ($2400)
4/16/99tubular ($2500)
4/26/99kitty ($2600)
4/27/99Dave claims there was a Secret Word winner last night. He brings out "Marlene DiBenedetto" (with Andrea Sande), hat ($100)
4/28/99boat ($200)
4/29/99carrot ($300)
5/03/99Dave pays $200 to an audience babe for the Secret Word, thimble.
5/04/99incinerate ($100)
5/05/99undershirt ($200)
5/06/99"Marlene DiBenedetto" (Jude Brennan, a.k.a. Rita Buttgas) wins the Secret Word again for last night. / Andrea Sande and Nadine Hennelly present the $200 check.
5/10/99ball ($200)
5/11/99stick ($300)
5/12/99winky ($400)
5/13/99Dave brings out seven guys (including Michael Z. McIntee) who "won" the Secret Word $400 last night (with Nadine Hennelly and Andrea Sande). / scooter ($100)
5/17/99Dave discusses a New York Post article about the Secret Word. / molar ($200)
5/18/99polymer ($300)
5/19/99turf ($400)
5/20/99Alan ($500)
5/24/99announcer ($600)
5/25/99asparagus ($100) / "Marlene DiBenedetto" (Jude Brennan) claims her $600 from yesterday.
5/26/99angiology ($200) (angiography also acceptable)
5/27/99We see tape of Jay Johnson winning the Secret Word last night (with Andrea Sande and Nadine Hennelly). / litmus ($100)
5/28/99bituminous ($200)
6/07/99emetic ($300) (sponsored by Hosie Cow)
6/08/99escarpment ($400) (sponsored by Hosie Cow)
6/09/99whippy ($100) (sponsored by Hosie Cow) / Jude Brennan as Barbara Sanchez (last night's winner, with Andrea Sande and Nadine Hennelly and a functional Hosie Cow)
6/10/99inflammation ($200)
6/11/99dick ($300) (sponsored by Hosie Cow)
6/14/99amputation ($400) (sponsored by Hosie Cow)
6/15/99dick (rejected), then bunny ($500) (sponsored by Hosie Cow)
6/16/99pigment ($600) (sponsored by Hosie Cow)
6/17/99tourniquet ($700) (sponsored by Hosie Cow)
6/18/99whipknockvonwhipknocky (changed to newt) ($800) (sponsored by Hosie Cow)
6/21/99rodeo ($100) (sponsored by Larry King, who looks like an owl) / Jude Brennan as ASE winner Rita Buttgas / Nadine Hennelly and Andrea Sande present the check.
6/22/99gaberdine ($200) (sponsored by Larry King)
6/23/99entropic ($300) (sponsored by Larry King)
6/24/99linguini ($400) (sponsored by Larry King, who looks like an owl)
6/25/99peptide ($500) (sponsored by Larry King / owl footage)
6/28/99bird ($600) (sponsored by David Letterman's Women's World Cup Soccer Team -- "They're hotter than a dancing bobcat with its ass on fire!")
6/29/99oozing ($700) (sponsored by David Letterman's Women's U. S. World Cup Soccer Team) / Jude Brennan as Montana park ranger Rita Buttgas (winner of the Tournament of Champions) (with Nadine Hennelly and Andrea Sande)
6/30/99outside cam for the line of the people to play Secret Word, peripatetic ($800) (sponsored by the U. S. Women's Soccer Team) (also sponsored by Larry King - He looks like an owl)
7/01/99highoeyazmuhoodhee ($900) (sponsored by U. S. Women's World Cup Soccer, and Larry King)
7/02/99pony ($1000) (sponsored by David Letterman's Women's U. S. World Cup Soccer Team, and Larry King)
7/05/99one hot mother (the rest was blurred out) (sponsored by Women's World Cup Soccer, Dan Quayle and Larry King)
7/06/99neoprene ($1200) (sponsored by U. S. Women's World Cup Soccer, Dan Quayle and Larry King)
7/07/99pestilence (no prize mentioned) (sponsored by U. S. Women's World Cup Soccer) Later in the program, Dave announces the Secret Word jackpot = $1300. (sponsored by Dan Quayle, U. S. Women's World Cup Soccer and Larry King)
7/08/99prick ($1400) (sponsored by U. S. Women's World Cup Soccer, Dan Quayle, Larry King and owls)
7/19/99sphygmomanometer ($1500) (sponsored by Larry King and Dan Quayle)
7/20/99pie ($100) (sponsored by Quayle and Larry King) / Dave brings out SW three-time-winner Rita Buttgas (Jude Brennan). Paul interrupts and pronounces Rita's name correctly. Andrea Sande brings out the $1500 check.
7/21/99mommy ($200) (sponsored by Hillary Clinton and Larry King)
7/22/99meehnkee ($200) (sponsored by Hillary Clinton, Larry King and owls)
7/23/99Paul interrogates Dave about the Secret Word. Dave tells Paul, "I'm tired of being held hostage by your psychotic delusions." / throb ($400) (sponsored by Hillary Clinton and Larry King)
6/21/00[Campaign 2000: sponsored by sauce, Jude Brennan returns as Alan's Secret Word champion Rita Buttgas, played on with "Hey, Jude." Rita tells how a grizzly bear disemboweled her husband.. Maria had nothing.]