1/13/86 Oprah appears on Late Night to promote The Color Purple.
10/28/87 (Don't blame the webmaster.) Dave refers to Oprah Winfrey's old look as "Mrs. Butterworth."
5/02/89 Oprah appears on a Late Night week in Chicago.
5/05/89 During a Late Night week in Chicago: Top Ten Jokes We Haven't Made about Oprah Winfrey was canceled.
11/10/92 Top Ten Signs You're in Love with Oprah
3/27/95 Dave hosts the Oscars and introduces Oprah to Uma (and vice versa, of course).
4/05/95 outside cam / Dave spells Uma and Oprah with weiners.
11/28/95 "Uma" and "Oprah" in the audience
2/27/98 Top Ten Ways Oprah Is Celebrating Her Victory
4/24/98 CHICAGO NIGHT Bob Borden tries to get an interview with Oprah.
6/30/98 Alan's ad for Oprah Transcripts
7/24/98 PREMIERE: "Late Show Stagehands Read Oprah Transcripts" (with Pat Farmer and Kenny Sheehan)
8/06/98 "Late Show Stagehands Read Oprah Transcripts" (with Pat and Kenny)
9/04/98 "Late Show Stagehands Read Oprah Transcripts" (with Pat Farmer and Kenny Sheehan)
9/23/98 Dave rants about Lewinsky supposedly being on Oprah first.
9/28/98 "Dave vs. Oprah" (compared and contrasted)
11/12/98 Pat and Kenny sing the theme for "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts" (now with its new title)
12/28/98 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
1/29/99 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
3/01/99 Dave claims Oprah has had a breakdown.
3/05/99 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
5/18/99 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
7/27/99 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
9/08/99 Dave and Ricki Lake try to call Oprah.
10/01/99 Top Ten University Classes Taught by Oprah
10/15/99 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
12/16/99 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
3/10/00 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
4/10/00 Dave announces the new Oprah magazine. He says she'll be on every cover because she's "the most important person ever!"
4/10/00 Dave shows the Oprah magazine, then presents the Top Ten Articles in Oprah's New Magazine.
4/24/00 Dave looks over his new Oprah magazine.
4/25/00 Dave shows O, the Oprah magazine, then shows D, the Dave magazine.
5/04/00 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
7/03/00 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
8/24/00 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
10/10/00 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
10/17/00 Dave announces he's starting the "Late Show Dave Reading Book Club" that will make Oprah's look like a student film. He says most of Oprah's books are really brochures.
12/27/00 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
11/08/00 campaign ad for "Four Years of Oprah"
1/16/01 Dave discusses Oprah's magazine.
2/23/01 Show me Oprah!
5/15/01 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
6/15/01 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
11/07/01 Dave announces that he wants to be on Oprah, and promises he'll sob like a drunk at a wedding. He'll tell about his demons and personal struggles, AND will even participate in a makeover.
11/08/01 Dave shows his new Oprah log on day two of his quest to be on the show. / today's entry: "did not hear from Oprah"

11/09/01 Dave's Oprah log entry: "did not hear from Oprah"
11/12/01 Oprah log / day 5 / Dave shows O magazines. / Dave claims the web site has info on how to buy your own Oprah log.
11/13/01 Dave makes his entry in the Oprah log. / day 6: "did not hear from Oprah"
11/14/01 Dave calls Art Kelly upstairs to see if Oprah called today. / no / Oprah log day 7 / artist's conception of Dave appearing on Oprah
11/15/01 Dave calls Art Kelly upstairs to see if Oprah called today. / day 8 in the quest: did not hear from Oprah / doctored pic of Dave on Oprah
11/16/01 Dave calls Art Kelly upstairs to see if Oprah called. / day 9 in the quest: did not hear from Oprah / Dave's new mantra: "It ain't Oprah 'til it's Oprah."

11/19/01 Dave calls Art Kelly upstairs to see if Oprah called today. / no / day 12 of the quest / Ricki Lake called. / Springer called. / Oprah log entry: "It ain't Oprah 'til it's Oprah."
11/20/01 Oprah log / day 13 / Oprah did not call. / Paul's new song about Oprah: "It's Not Oprah 'til It's Oprah"
11/21/01 Oprah log / day 14 / "have not heard from Oprah" / Paul's Oprah song: "It Ain't Oprah 'til It's Oprah"
11/22/01 Oprah log / day 15 / Dave says his mom will go on with him. / Paul performs "It's Not Oprah 'til It's Oprah"
11/23/01 Oprah log / day 16 / "did not hear from Oprah" / "It Ain't Oprah 'til It's Oprah"
11/26/01 Oprah log / day 19 / sidetracked for a moment by a guy in the audience who looks like Dave / Dave calls Art Kelly upstairs to see if Oprah called today. / no / log entry: "did not hear from Oprah" / The CBSO presents "It Ain't Oprah 'til It's Oprah."
11/27/01 Oprah log / day 20 / a call to Art Kelly to see if Oprah has called / no / the CBSO with "It Ain't Oprah 'til It's Oprah"
11/28/01 Dave calls Art Kelly upstairs to see if Oprah called. / no / Oprah log / day 21 / "did not hear from Oprah" / Lady Pucina and the Late Show Choir with the CBSO sing "It Ain't Oprah 'til It's Oprah."
11/29/01 Dave calls Art Kelly upstairs to see if Oprah called. / "did not hear from Oprah" / day 22 / Dave claims Connie Chung and Maury Povich called today with invitations. / Paul and the CBSO with "It Ain't Oprah 'til It's Oprah" / Dave shows "O," Oprah's magazine / He cuts out words of encouragement from the magazine for his Oprah log.
11/30/01 Oprah log / day 23 / "did not hear from Oprah" / CBSO: "It Ain't Oprah 'til It's Oprah"
12/10/01 Oprah log: Dave calls Art Kelly upstairs to see if Oprah called. / nothing / Dave's entry is once again "did not hear from Oprah." / the CBSO's new smash hit "It Ain't Oprah 'til It's Oprah" / Dave says Oprah can be on his show. He says he fully supported Oprah when she was in prison. / doctored pic of Oprah appearing on the Late Show
12/11/01 Oprah update / Dave shows the new People Weekly magazine, with a "No-Prah Winfrey" story with a quote from Oprah. / CBSO: "It Ain't Oprah 'til It's Oprah"
12/13/01 Oprah log / day 36 / "did not hear from Oprah yet" / CBSO: "It Ain't Oprah 'til It's Oprah"
12/17/01 Dave says he hasn't heard from Oprah yet.
12/18/01 Oprah log / day 41 / Dave shows the "Noprah Winfrey" column in People Weekly. / tape of the crowd outside Today this morning and a guy with a sign: "Oprah, call Letterman" / CBSO: "It Ain't Oprah 'til It's Oprah"
12/19/01 outside cam on two guys near Hello Deli with signs for Dave on Oprah / "Biff Henderson's Fun with a Bullhorn" / Dave has Biff tell the Oprah sign guys to take a hike (with his bullhorn).
12/20/01 Oprah log / day 43 / have not heard from Oprah / today's entry: "trouble in Chicago" / Dave warns that "You don't want to get on the bad side of Oprah, because she will squash you like a bug." / clips of citizens with signs / today's video of four picketers outside Oprah's studio / Dave calls for Mayor Daley to put an end to the uprising. / CBSO: "It Ain't Oprah 'til It's Oprah / Dave favors us with his own version of the Oprah song.
12/28/01 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts" (today's guest: Tom Cruise) / Dave offers a couple of ideas for phony things he can say on Oprah.
1/07/02 Oprah log / day 61 / today's entry: "Oprah? Noprah." / video of fans with signs here and there / video of an "Oprah call Dave" sign at the Alamo Bowl
1/08/02 Dave shows the first edition of Illinois magazine (with text on the cover: "Oprah Call Letterman.")
1/10/02 Oprah log / day 64 / a review of past entries / today's entry: "I'm losing hope."
1/11/02 Oprah log / day 65 / Dave shows tape from KOIN-TV in Portland, Ore.: "Oprah Call Dave" on an electronic sign / today's entry: "A small ray of hope."
1/14/02 Top Ten Ways Oprah Can Improve Her Show
1/15/02 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
1/28/02 Dave gets out the Oprah log / day 82 / entry: "I don't want to be on your damn show." / Biff comes out to deliver the log to a plexiglass display case in the lobby (with Bill DeLace on guard, plus Nadine Hennelly and Andrea Sande) / CBSO: "It Ain't Oprah 'til It's Oprah" / lobby cam: Vandals have destroyed the Oprah log display.
2/01/02 Walter Cronkite presents the Top Ten Highlights of Dave Letterman's Career: #1. January 28, 2002: Thank the Lord he finally stops whining about Oprah.
3/25/02 Dave shows a picture of "Oprah call Dave" on a sign on a Methodist church in Yorba Linda, CA.
5/08/02 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
7/10/02 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
9/13/02 CBS Mailbag: 3. My new girlfriend wants me to watch Oprah with her. What should I do? / Gerard Mulligan (as Oprah's helper, Dr. Phil) informs Dave that he is deeply insane.
9/23/02 Oprah won the first-ever Bob Hope Humanitarian Award at the Emmys last night. / Dave begins a lengthy discussion on Oprah and that quack, Dr. Phil. / Dave announces in no uncertain terms that he wants to receive the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award in 2003. / clip of Oprah at the Emmys / Paul cracks that she actually won the Mammarian award.
9/24/02 Dave claims Oprah hip-checked and knocked over one of the Stangel brothers backstage at the Emmys on Sunday.
7/14/02 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
1/10/03 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
2/12/03 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
11/10/03 Dave says he and Regina have gotten lots of nice baby presents, and Oprah sent a tub of children's books and stuffed animals. Later Dave says it was another Oprah. Who knows?
12/10/03 Desk Chat: Dave brings up Harry's gift basket from Oprah, and wonders if this indicates there's a chance of mending their difficulties. He proposes an hour of healing. / after credits: a bumper with pics of Dave, Dr. Phil and Oprah, announcing the Superbowl of Love in January 2004

12/12/03 Dave shows a copy of "O" magazine, with Oprah on the cover. / The Superbowl of Love will happen in January 2004, when Dr. Phil McGraw will assist Dave and Oprah in mending their differences. Currently, Oprah is on "holiday." We're hearing that Oprah no longer hates Dave. / video: promo for an upcoming Oprah theme week: "People Who Hate Dave"
12/15/03 Dave reminds us that we were going to have the Superbowl of Love in January, but it's been pushed off the front page by Saddam. / Oprah will not be taking part, because she might be the butt of jokes. On the other hand, she says Dave can be on her show anytime.
12/16/03 more on Oprah: Dave has been invited to be on her show, but he can't. He'd end up sobbing like a school girl.
12/23/03 Dave goes through his 2003 Checklist: 1. Remodel the spider hole. 2. Convince Arnold Schwarzenegger to go into politics. 3. Get Oprah on the show.
1/08/04 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
2/03/04 Dave sends slightly-belated 50th birthday wishes to Oprah.
2/03/04 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
4/14/04 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
6/10/04 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
6/29/04 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
7/29/04 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
9/09/04 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
9/21/04 Dave complains that Oprah's giving cars to audience members, and now has purchased Tune-Up Masters. / He's decided he ought to do something like that. Everyone in the audience gets an automobile air freshener!
9/23/04 "CBS is kicking off their new season. 'Vinny Favale' is here to talk about all the new shows." / Vinny reveals that David Letterman will be replaced by Oprah later this fall. "CBS Mailbag": 3. Have you heard from Oprah lately? / "No. Oprah ain't callin' me. Oprah comes back on the air last week and starts givin' away cars. She goes nuts and gives away 300 cars. We don't have the budget Oprah has, but we do have enough to give away one car to a lucky audience member tonight." / Dave cranks a cute red bin with the names of audience members. "Eddie Lee Quan (Tom Yang) wins, runs outside to get his car and is killed by the speeding red vehicle. / Act 5 Audience Pan: "What Oprah Gave Away Today" (change from a Slim Jims purchase)
9/24/04 Oprah recently bought a car for each audience member, and Dave continues his commentary on the stunt. What would please him is for massive defects to be discovered on the cars... defects so serious that a huge lawsuit is the result. Tonight's contest is tied in to the Oprah topic. / outside cam to Hello Deli and Rupert to set up the search for a contestant. / Dave's budget can't fund a car giveaway stunt on the scale we saw on "Oprah." / back to Hello Deli to play "Would You Like to Pretend to Win a Car from Dave?" / Our contestant will be playing for a 2004 Oldsmobile Alero. She dashes outside, where Hi Ho Babes Andrea Sande and ? are standing guard on her sweet new ride. / She doesn't win, but of course there are no losers, so her deli platter consolation prize is awarded.
1/04/05 Many wonder why Dave won't leave Oprah alone. She's a national treasure, after all. Dave claims that Oprah has an "After Oprah" show. Paul wants Dave to copy this idea. / "Late Show After the Show": naked floor buffing!
3/01/05 Act 5 Audience Pan: If you want a new kitchen, write to Oprah in Chicago.
3/23/05 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
5/02/05 "Celebrities Who Refuse to Appear on the Late Show" — Stagehands wheel out a wax figure of Oprah Winfrey, who will not appear on the program because she hates Dave.
5/16/05 As Star Wars characters present the Top Ten Things Never Before Heard by a "Star Wars" Character, the Imperial Guard says, "The only people more powerful than I are Emperor Palpatine and Oprah."  View the Top Ten.
6/15/05 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts"
11/16/05 The cast of The Color Purple, which Oprah is producing, do a musical number. The show will open on Broadway, across the street from Dave, on Dec. 1.
11/21/05 Dave gives the word, and a large picture of Oprah is lowered into view in the backdrop. Dave announces that at long last, Oprah will appear on the Late Show on Dec. 1, 2005. Here's a QuickTime 7 video of Dave's announcement. (12 MB)
11/22/05 via satellite: Dr. Phil McGraw presents the Top Ten Dr. Phil Tips for Interviewing Oprah.
11/23/05 Dave calls for the giant Oprah picture in the backdrop. He's trying to figure out how to handle her Dec. 1 appearance. He thinks that a tuxedo is probably in order. He believes he should move the show to prime time. / We know Oprah likes to give her audience members gifts, and Dave, inspired by this, has a little something for audience members tonight: It's called Dave's Favorite Things (a cute little package of vodka and Lipitor®).
11/25/05 Oprah will be with us in six days. Dave doesn't know what to wear. He fears that Oprah may slap him. He's feeling very ill-prepared for the event, lamenting that, "She could squash me like a bug," and "She could snap my spine like a twig."
11/28/05 The giant picture of Oprah is lowered into the backdrop. / Dave says he's scared silly about her appearance on Thursday. — Kerri Gibbs from Melbourne, Australia is in the green room. She's an artist. Equipped with pictures of Dave and Oprah, Kerri will paint a montage of Dave and Oprah during tonight's taping. — Dave announces that Mr. Regis Philbin will appear on tomorrow's program. / A 4" x 6" photo of Regis is lowered into the backdrop on a string.
11/29/05 Dave calls for the giant picture of Oprah to be lowered into the backdrop. He says, "I'm flustered. I'm nervous. It's like the President of the United States is coming to your house." — The Kerri Gibbs painting from last night is formally introduced. — Here are some of Dave's ideas for the Oprah visit on Thursday: 1. The audience includes just people named Oprah. 2. Dr. Phil drops his pants and fires a rocket. 3. Invite Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. 4. Fireworks. 5. Dave rides a mechanical bull during commercial breaks. 6. Dave has a distinguished-looking moustache. 7. Paternity tests (like on Montel) 8. Get Leno to host. 9. Kick off the interview with an awkwardly-long hug.

11/30/05 Dave calls for the giant picture of Oprah. He notifies us that during Oprah's appearance, all emergency rooms will be closed. In addition, there will be no surgeries.
12/01/05 Oprah's here. In case anything goes wrong, we have a backup host: Mr. Tony Danza is dressed and ready backstage. — CBS has been running promos of Oprah's appearance all day. / video: "Hell has frozen over." — outside cam: We see one of those crosswalk lights. This one has been reworked for tonight's big event: "Don't go girl." / "You go girl." — video quiz: "Dave vs. Oprah" — Top Ten Messages on Oprah's Answering Machine — Oprah appears on the Late Show for the first time in sixteen years. She receives multiple segments, and is on camera for approximately 25 minutes. After her interview, Dave escorts her to the Broadway theater nearby, where her The Color Purple will open later in the evening. Ratings for the episode are: Letterman (10.1/24) / Leno (4.6/11) (interview video)

12/02/05 Here's coverage of Oprah's interview with Dave:

Oprah-Dave Reunion: Forgiveness and Glamour TV Squad / Weblogs
Oprah and Dave: Feud? What feud? Entertainment Weekly
Oprah, Letterman bury hatchet after 16 years MSNBC
The Color Oprah Time
2 Talk Show Titans Are Speaking Again The New York Times

12/02/05 Oprah was on last night's Late Show. Paul reminds us of the Superbowl of Love. Dave says that CBS has been running a promo all day. / video: "Don't miss Oprah's next appearance in 2021!
2/02/06 repeat of Oprah's 12/01/05 appearance
10/25/06 Top Ten Surprises in Oprah's Interview with Madonna
7/20/06 Oprah has a press conference to announce she's not gay.
10/25/06 Top Ten Surprises in Oprah's Interview with Madonna
2/04/07 Dave and Oprah appear in a Late Show promo during the first quarter of Superbowl® XLI.

NEW YORK, Feb. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Dave and Oprah -- in love? Well, not exactly -- but show business titans David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey did team up to shoot a special surprise LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN promo that was broadcast during CBS Sports' coverage of Super Bowl XLI, Sunday, Feb. 4. The one-time-only spot, which ran during the highly-rated first quarter of the big game, was secretly taped Wednesday, Jan. 24 at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City.

In the promotional spot, Indianapolis native Letterman, wearing a Colts jersey, and Chicago resident Winfrey, donning a Bears jersey, sit snuggled together on a couch watching the game. Letterman, while eating a mouthful of food, says to her, "You want the Bears and I want the Colts, but we both win because we're in love." Winfrey then turns to him and says, "Honey, don't talk with your mouth full," with Letterman responding, "Oh, sorry."

This marks Letterman and Winfrey's first appearance together since her highly-rated visit to the Late Show on Dec. 1, 2005. That broadcast, which marked Winfrey's first visit with Letterman in 16 years, was viewed by 13.45 million viewers, making it the fourth-most-watched episode of the Late Show ever.

Dave, Jay and Oprah in the Super Bowl ad (video)
8/29/07 It is announced today that David Letterman will appear on Oprah on September 10, 2007.
9/10/07 David Letterman actually appears on Oprah, and presents his Top Ten Reasons I Love Oprah.
1/16/08 Top Ten Programs on Oprah Winfrey's New Television Network
4/17/08 "Not Sure If It's a Joke": We see Oprah Winfrey wearing a Pope hat. "Poprah!"
5/09/08 desk chat: Related to Barbara Walters' tale of how Oprah indirectly saved her life, Dave tells how he was getting pounded by some goons. Along came a limousine. A window came down, and Oprah informed the goons, "OK, he's had enough."
5/16/08 Top Ten Signs You Have a Bad Commencement Speaker: #1: It's Oprah, but it's not the Oprah.
9/20/08 Dave claims the new Late Show Fun Facts book has been added to Oprah's Book Club.
11/23/09 Top Ten Signs Oprah Doesn't Care Anymore
2/07/10 Dave, Oprah and Jay Leno in a Super Bowl ad for the Late Show
1/01/11 Oprah's TV network, OWN, launched today.
1/05/11 Oprah-Grams
1/19/11 Oprah, Larry King and Regis have announced their retirement from their shows. / Late Show spoof: The H Team
3/02/11 Top Ten Ways the Oprah Winfrey Network Can Boost Its Ratings
4/28/11 Dr. Phil McGraw visits with Dave about Oprah's retirement.
5/04/11 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts" / (Oprah's celebrity guest: Shirley MacLaine, telling about having three "boyfriends" in one day)
5/12/11 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts" / (Oprah's celebrity guest: Barbra Streisand)
5/18/11 Oprah taped her final episode of Oprah today. / "Just Oprah's Audience"
5/26/11 "Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts" / (Oprah's celebrity guest: Martha Stewart)
5/26/11 Top Ten Surprises in the Final Oprah Show
6/09/11 "Oprah's Audience Members — Where Are They Now?"
6/09/11 "Losing Oprah: The Five Stages of Grief"
8/30/11 Oprah in "Celebrity Greetings for the Late Show's Anniversary" (The part of Oprah is played by Production Assistant Michael Z. McIntee.)
1/16/12 People ask Dave what he can do about Oprah. He suggests a new show, Would You Arrest Oprah?
11/26/12 A Conversation with David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey takes place at Ball State.

11/26/12 A Conversation with David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey announcement
11/27/12 A Conversation with David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey news report, WISH-TV
11/27/12 A Conversation with David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey news report, CBS This Morning
1/06/13 Oprah interviews Dave for Oprah's Next Chapter on OWN.
2/15/13 Dave: "You hear about Pope Benedict... got fired? Whoo. I, uh, geez... I hope there wasn't trouble with his boss. One day you're the Pope, and the next day you're being escorted out by security... I've got an idea for the next Pope. How about this? Poperah! What about Poperah?"
8/01/13 Oprah Winfrey meditates with David Letterman EONLINE
8/01/13 Oprah has a 27-minute interview on the Late Show... her first appearance since 12/01/05. She and Dave visit about Lee Daniels' The Butler, her school in Africa and meditation.
8/02/13 Oprah appears on Late Show with David Letterman, jokes about their 20-year feud (Business Insider)
10/09/13 Dave's monologue: "When I heard this, I didn't believe it, and maybe you folks will have trouble with it, as well. Our dear friend, Oprah Winfrey... wonderful woman... is selling everything she owns. Yup. Havin' a big house sale, out at her place in California, selling everything. And I was thinkin', 'Wow. You, know, I'd kinda like that housecoat she wears in The Butler.' Did you see that? But the sale begins 10 a.m. Saturday. (No early birds.) She's got a beautiful place out west. Huge spread, out... have you ever been out there? Oh, man, it's fantastic! It's called the Ponderoprah.")
11/04/13 On November 2, Oprah had a big yard sale, netting more than $600,000 for charity. This inspired tonight's Top Ten Coveted Pieces of Celebrity Memorabilia.
1/29/14 Happy 60th birthday, Oprah! Dave: "All federal offices and banks are closed. I want to be perfectly clear about this. It's not just Oprah's birthday. It's Lee Daniels': The Birthday."
4/09/14 Lindsay Lohan's on to plug her documentary on OWN, Lindsay. After a few minutes of small talk, she insists on calling Oprah during the interview. She has the number, so Dave picks up the DAVE phone. They have a nice visit with Oprah. (video)

5/15/15 It's Oprah's final visit to the Late Show. We learn about her time away from television, and something she's very enthusiastic about, the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. Out of nowhere, Dave asks about weed. Noprah... no weed for Oprah in recent history, at least. (YouTube)
various Daniel Poitras has an hour-plus video compilation of "It Ain't Oprah 'til It's Oprah." This first installment begins with Oprah's 1/13/86 appearance on Late Night to plug The Color Purple. Be sure to have a look!