Here are comments from around the globe that have rolled in after David Letterman's announcement on April 3, 2014 that he would leave the Late Show with David Letterman sometime in 2015.

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4/03/14 @LETTERMAN
4/03/14 Les Moonves "When Dave decided on a one-year extension for his most recent contract, we knew this day was getting closer, but that doesn't make the moment any less poignant for us. For 21 years, David Letterman has graced our Network's air in late night with wit, gravitas and brilliance unique in the history of our medium. During that time, Dave has given television audiences thousands of hours of comedic entertainment, the sharpest interviews in late night, and brilliant moments of candor and perspective around national events. He's also managed to keep many celebrities, politicians and executives on their toes – including me. There is only one David Letterman. His greatness will always be remembered here, and he will certainly sit among the pantheon of this business. On a personal note, it's been a privilege to get to know Dave and to enjoy a terrific relationship. It's going to be tough to say goodbye. Fortunately, we won't have to do that for another year or so. Until then, we look forward to celebrating Dave's remarkable show and incredible talents."
4/03/14 Vinny Favale "No joking this is how I feel right now :( "
4/03/14 Seth Meyers "If It Wasn't for David Letterman, I wouldn't be here." (video)
4/03/14 Barack Obama Tweet: "There are more than 10 reasons #DavidLetterman will be missed."
4/03/14 Jimmy Fallon "I love David Letterman, obviously. I used to take the train from college down to New York City to go see him at the Late Show. He's always amazing. Great shows. And then, you know, I think it was after Saturday Night Live, he asked me to guest host for him, when he had shingles. And I think that's where I got the bug. (Not the shingles.)" (video)
4/04/14 Billy Crystal "What happens to Paul?"
4/04/14 Nancy Sinatra Tweet: "Say it isn't so, David. @Letterman   Please don't go."
4/04/14 Andrew Cuomo (Governor Cuomo's Top Ten List of Reasons Why David Letterman is a New York Legend)
4/10/14 Stephen Colbert "This man has influenced every host who came after him, and even a few who came before him. He's that good! And I've gotta tell you, I do not envy whoever they try to put in that chair." (link)
4/12/14 Bill Clinton
4/30/14 Kiefer Sutherland @LETTERMAN card: "It has been an honour to be a part of your show, Dave. Thank you."
5/01/14 Louis C.K. "By the way, I'm very pleased for Stephen Colbert. He's a great guy, and he's my friend, but the fact that you're leaving really sucks balls, I think."
5/02/14 Don Rickles (pointing to the audience) "Look how excited they got! He's goin' back with his wife in the middle of the West, and he's gonna milk cows until he dies. That's what he's gonna do." Don adds, "I wish you luck, Dave. I really do. I do. And I'll be honest with you, Dave, because I'm not gonna lie to you. It's time."
5/05/14 Peyton Manning @LETTERMAN card: "Dave, The Best In The Business!"
5/07/14 Rick Harrison @LETTERMAN card: "Dave = Priceless"
5/14/14 Barbara Walters "David dear — Let's walk into the sunset together."
5/15/14 Adam Sandler @LETTERMAN card: "Can't wait to go fishing! Love you Buddy!"
5/15/14 Adam Sandler Adam says to Dave, "I've heard about some kind of retirement kind of news, and I've heard that you might be... in a year... free. I was thinkin', I'm doin' a movie in, like, a year, in Hawaii. It would be an honor if you would come and watch my kids." — — "Since I'm in high school, I've worshipped you. I'm sad to see it... I don't want it to end, ever. What are we gonna do?"
6/02/14 Donald Trump "I will miss you. Best wishes." Twitter picture
6/03/14 Martin Short "I was so... I've been so upset to hear that you're leaving. And yet... and yet... terribly relieved to hear that you're replacing Aresenio." Martin goes on with, "What about if you and Jay Leno toured in a production of The Odd Couple?" "It would be, 'For the love of God, Jay, why must you park your antique fire engine in the driveway?' " Martin's not done. "When my manager, Buddy Morrow, told me that you were leaving, I said, 'I've gotta get here and pay my respects, and also promote that I'll be, in July, on Fallon.' "
6/05/14 Hugh Jackman "Can I say congratulations to you on your impending...? I've always loved coming on the show, and I just have to say, as an Aussie, yours was the show... before we had cable... which was about three years ago we got cable... but before cable, your show would play. And so when people... when anyone ever asked me, 'When did you know you'd really made it,' and I said, 'the moment I walked on this stage on David Letterman.' "
6/11/14 Nia Sanchez "Dave, since you're hanging up your hat, you can always borrow my tiara!"
7/07/14 Halle Berry @LETTERMAN card: "Dave, nobody does it better! Halle"
7/15/14 Liv Tyler "I'm very said that you're not gonna be on TV anymore. I had to come and see you again." / @LETTERMAN photo
7/17/14 Tommy Johnagin @LETTERMAN card: "Dave - Put in a good word with Stephen Colbert for me."
7/22/14 Ricky Gervais Ricky: "You see, you think you're gonna spend more time with your family, but they've got a routine. You're gonna be in the way. You're gonna be spending a lot of time in a shed, pretending to do stuff. You're gonna get a shed, and you're gonna putter around, and you're gonna see 'em at meal times, and what... and also, you're gonna miss this. You're sittin' down. Other people are talkin'. You're getting millions. Now you're gonna have to sit around and listen to people talk, and you're thinking, 'I'm not earning a thing for this.'

Ricky: "You're just like me, in the sense that you hate other people, right?" Dave: "Now, wait a minute!" Ricky: "No, no, no, no. I hide it. It's quite obvious with you." Dave hollers: "I'm givin' away cars! How can I hate people?"

Ricky goes on to explain, "You can get out of stuff because you're working. When someone says, 'Oh, come over,' you can't say, 'I'm in the shed,' so you're going to have to go!" Dave: "You're exactly right. I've made a terrible mistake! The worst decision of my life. I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do! That part, in particular, I never gave any thought to. I will no longer have the excuse, 'Oh, you know what, I'm working.' I won't have that." Ricky: "No one will give you cars anymore."

And what about Paul? Ricky: "You're going to have to take him home with you, like kids do with the school hamster on break."

Ricky has a final bit of advice for Dave: "Don't die with loads of money left over. No one deserves it. Let's spend it all! ... Like Thelma and Louise, let's get all our money out, right, and just drive across America, naked and afraid, just throwing money out!"

Dave says, "When I announced my retirement, it coincided with my 67th birthday. And I thought, When I announce my retirement, there's probably somethin' wrong with me. I'll probably drop dead, anyway. That's what I thought. So I go to the doctor for a physical. I've never been healthier in my life!" He goes on, "Because I was thinkin' everyone would say, 'Oh, no wonder he's retiring." (mimics slashing his throat) "Ain't gonna happen."

@LETTERMAN card: "Don't retire, Dave!"

Here's YouTube video of Ricky's advice to Dave.

7/22/14 Taylor Schilling @LETTERMAN card: "Hi, Dave! If you leave I will have to go to bed on time. Don't go!"
7/23/14 Eric Stonestreet @LETTERMAN card: "Hey Dave, now that you're retiring... Let's do BOCA! Eric"
7/31/14 Michael Somerville @LETTERMAN card: "Dave - Thank you for the 3 best nights of my life! - Michael Somerville"
9/08/14 Bill Maher @LETTERMAN card: "Dave, if I don't see you again, thanks for all the laughs. - Bill Maher"
9/10/14 Dr. Phil McGraw @LETTERMAN card: "Dave, it is a bitch getting old but it beats the alternatives. See you at the 'home!' - Dr. Phil"
9/12/14 Jason Bateman @LETTERMAN card: "So exciting to be sitting with the KING of late night! Dave will never be topped! #Don'tRetire"
9/26/14 Ted Danson Ted begins the interview by saying, "Thank you for being the funniest, the brightest and the best."
10/09/14 Robert Duvall "Why are you retiring? The guy who's taking over is not that funny."
10/10/14 monologue "But there's a mood in the country. It's an anti-incumbent mood. People are sick... Yeah! Yeah! Sick and tired of people who have been in the job too long, and they're lazy, and overpaid, and out of ideas, and... Wait a minute. I'm sorry. That's me."
10/27/14 Amy Poehler @LETTERMAN card: "Dave, don't leave."
11/11/14 Martha Stewart
11/12/14 Boris Johnson
12/12/14 Jamie Foxx Jamie leads the audience in a "Don't go, Dave!" cheer
12/12/14 Jamie Foxx @LETTERMAN card: "Thanks for the legendary moments. No one better!"
1/07/15 Julianne Moore @LETTERMAN card: "Don't go!!! Dave - I'm gonna miss you!"
1/09/15 Chris Elliott Chris, interviewed during the Television Critics Association press tour, says Dave's retirement will be "a huge change." (video)
1/14/15 Amanda Peet @LETTERMAN card: "Dear Dave, I will miss you so much! Thank you for bringing me back. Love, Amanda."
1/29/15 Death Cab for Cutie @LETTERMAN card: "There are many more than 10 reasons you'll be missed. xo DCFC"
2/10/15 Chris Elliott (Chris): "OK, Dave, I need to wrap this up, but I want to say this now. This actually is my last appearance with you." (Dave): "Not feeling well?" (Chris): "I really doubt that I'll have anything to plug before you're off the air again. ... But... and I honestly wish you'd reconsider this. Don't we think this is premature?" (Dave): "I'll think it over." (Chris): "I think you have at least two or three years before you start getting goofy like Regis Philbin, and America loves a train wreck! I wish you luck. I know it's going to be a big change for you." ... (Chris): "I do, actually, with the audience here, do want to just say thank you, sincerely, for everything you... this man... you can edit this out... I don't care... gave me my start in the business, and you have been my biggest supporter, you have been my mentor. I have learned so much from you. I met my wife through you. I have two beautiful children, thanks to that, and everything I have is thanks to you... and I have a career." (Dave): "You're the funniest man I've ever worked with." (Chris, teared-up): "And I'm gonna miss you, and sorry, I've got the Boehner disease, here."

Now Chris has a song! We'll hear it, and we'll see lots of photos of Chris and Dave on LNDL, years ago. Oh, I almost forgot. It's to the tune of Lulu's "To Sir with Love."

Those school girl days
Of biting nails and telling tales are gone
But in my mind I know...
They will still live on and on

But how do you thank someone
Who has taken you from crayons to perfume?
It isn't easy but I'll try

If you wanted the sky
I would write across the sky in letters
That would soar a thousand feet high
To Dave, with love

The time has come for closing books
And long last looks are done
(no more looks, Dave)
(alright, I'll give you one more)
And, as I leave
Well, I know that I'm leaving my very best friend

A friend who taught me right from wrong
And weak from strong
That's a lot to learn
What? What? Can I give you in return?

If you wanted the moon, I would try to make a star
But I would rather you would give me your heart
To Dave... with love

(Dave, applauding): "Thank you, Chris. That was awful!"

2/10/15 Chris Elliott Chris's @LETTERMAN card is, Pants for life.
2/23/15 Dame Helen Mirren @LETTERMAN card: "You and the Roseland! New York will never be the same — much love. H. M.. (photo)
3/11/15 Ken Tucker This critic for Yahoo has posted a complimentary story, "David Letterman: 'And You Wonder Why I'm Retiring?' "
3/11/15 Jimmie JJ Walker From Facebook, "Wow , Sad but true .. The David Letterman Show is coming to a end ... And after doing the show for close to two decades , this will be my last appearance... I'll really miss it , cause it gave me somethang to work for every six to eight months ... but so it goes ... Thanks To everyone at the Letterman Show for the Last Twenty years or so ..."
3/13/15 Kevin Bacon On his @LETTERMAN card, Kevin wrote, "Wow. The Bacons will miss you. Thanks! 6° (photo)
3/18/15 Norm Macdonald "But I will say, your hero was Johnny Carson. Well... you are my Johnny Carson. ... Now, but what complicates things... what complicates things a little, Dave, is Johnny Carson was also my Johnny Carson."
3/18/15 Norm Macdonald tweet: @normmacdonald: "Tonight, my last Letterman ever. Never happier than sitting beside my comic hero."
3/23/15 Ben Stiller "And I think, in your next career, you could be the Klingon alien villain in the next Star Trek movie. There's an intensity. There's an intensity there. Now listen. I came on the show the last time, and I wanted say something nice about you being... you know... you moving on, and, and... you wouldn't let me, because you said, 'No, you'll come back,' and so now this is it." ... "Anyway, so I just wanted to say that I really do feel so lucky to have lived in the era of Letterman. Yes. Because for as long as I can remember, you have been on television. I can't remember a time that you weren't on television. You know? And I'm not... I'm no spring chicken, you know? And I... you know... I grew up watching Carson when I was a little kid, and I wanted to be on Carson, but then I never was on Carson. For me, you are that, to our generation. Yes. You're the man. You're the man. You will be missed!"
3/24/15 Bill O'Reilly "Look... I'm gonna miss you. You know what? Letterman and I, over the years, have sparred around, and we've had a little contention and this and that, but he always had me back, I always got my say, and uh, I'm happy to be on here and to say to you, farewell, and I hope you do very well."
3/30/15 Neil Patrick Harris "You have been a spectacular host and entertainer."
3/30/15 David Letterman monologue: "You ever been out there to Coney Island? They've got the world's oldest wooden roller coaster... the Cyclone. Anybody ever ridden the Cyclone? Listen to this. They opened it up last weekend, and the thing got stuck. Like, hundreds of people stuck on the Cyclone, and fortunately... fortunately, thank God, the captain was able to land it in the Hudson."

"I thought this was coincidental. Speaking of roller coasters, ever since I announced my retirement, I myself have been stuck on an emotional roller coaster." (Paul): "That... that was the punchline?" (Dave): "Let me double check. (Todd flips the cards.) (Dave): "No! That was it!"

3/31/15 David Duchovny "I just want to... before we get goin'... I first came here in 1993, and it was... when I got invited to do David Letterman, it was a big deal... such a big deal for me as a young actor. Not that young, but as a young actor. And I always wanted for you to announce me as 'my good friend, David Duchovny,' and I think you did that once or twice. And that was just... you know, it was like show business heaven, at the time." (Dave): "Our good friend, David Duchovny, ladies and gentlemen." (Duchovny): "I know you're not into it, but I will miss you, and you will be missed." (Dave then shows him Mike McIntee's blue card that says, "our good friend.")
4/01/15 Senator Al Franken "Before we end, and I know that you probably won't like this... I want to say something, about... about you." (Dave interrupts with, "What happened to climate change?") "Climate change is not real. No... I just want to get this in. I know other people are going to say it, but I have enormous respect for you, not just as a comedian. And I don't think people remember this, but you've been the longest-running late night talk show host... ever. You changed comedy. You changed comedy! And... and I can talk about the Steve Allen influence, and the Johnny influence, but you did change comedy. You did such absurd... stuff. But... beyond that, not only you're a great comedian, but a great broadcaster. And by that... what I mean by that... is you have respect for the audience. You have respect for the audience. And you have understood what a responsibility having this show every night for an hour means. And you have been a great caretaker of this time. And you, uh... I just, you know, there have been times like, 9-1-1, comes to mind. But day-to-day, day-to-day, you have been a great broadcaster, and I just wanted to say that, uh, before you become a recluse." (Dave): "That means a great deal to me. I think the world of you, Senator, and keep up the great job you're doing in Washington."
4/03/15 Mike Myers "And I know you hate this. I know you hate it. Too bad! I am here today... I am here today, Mr. David Letterman, and I know you do not like this, because I just want to say, 'Thank you so much!' You are fantastic! I've been on this show...

I've been on this show 29 times... for 25 years. And I just wanna say... and I know you're gonna try and change the subject, and 'toughsky crapsky,' as we say in Canada... too bad! I just want to say that this... being on the show... is, like, one of the highlights of my career. Yes.

There's three times that I have heard my name back to me. One time was when Lorne Michaels called and said, 'Are you Mike Myers?' I said, 'Yes.' 'Would you like to be on Saturday Night Live?' I went, 'Yeah.' That was a big one. The other one was when Don Pardo went, 'Miiike Myers.' And then, in 1990, when I came on this show, and you said, 'Our next guest is Mike Myers.'

BUT I'M NOT DONE YET! I'm just gettin' warmed up! The thing is that this show has been consistently cool and hip for all these years. And this is, honest to God... as somebody that toils in the fields of comedy, I just wanted to say thank you. What an amazing beacon of light! What an amazing American icon you are!

I'M NOT DONE YET! I'm just gettin' warmed up. On top of that, you're the most American human being I've ever seen in my life. In fact, as a Canadian, and an English Canadian person, sitting next to you, I feel ethnic. You are that American!

In fact, it's a highlight so much... being on Saturday Night Live, I got the last letter that George Harrison ever wrote to any human being... was sent to me. This... coming on this show... is still up there with all that, and I'm not even kidding you. This show is fantastic!"

4/13/15 Sarah Jessica Parker As with many recent guests, Sarah Jessica commandeers the interview at the start, to offer her testimonial to Dave. The ever-charming Sarah Jessica does a nice job. Here's a pretty good transcript, with Dave's interjections mostly left out.

"I want to take a long, hard look at you. I want to do for all Americans what they will not be able to do, because I am here in their place. For all the men and women who could not be here in person and look at you, and stare at you, and perhaps tell you about yourself, what you've meant to us. And I want you to take it like a man. I want you to sit here. Because I know... I know your instinct is you don't want to hear it. You don't want to hear anything nice. You don't want to hear what you've meant to us." (Dave): "But I want to hear about you." (Sarah continues): "But, I have no interest in me. But... but also, I figured, I have nothing to lose, because you can't not ask me back. ... And I really, actually, I don't want to make you uncomfortable, but I feel like this is my last hope." (Dave): "This is very sweet of you, by the way. (Sarah): "If these people weren't here, and I, for some strange reason, was alone in a room with you, umm, which hasn't happened yet! I would say the same thing. You've made us all so happy. You've been thoughtful and funny and challenging... and terrifying. And, despite your best efforts... probably the most distinguished man on late night."

4/14/15 Billy Crystal

(Billy leaves Dave with a song, full of clips of Dave from his early years on TV, Billy's appearances and other guests.)

Is this the weatherman from Ball State?
Is this the kid from NBC?
Now you are leaving us with only... Rupert Jee
You survived shingles and a bypass
Proving you actually had a heart
When you first started Paul had hair... to... part

(Now a chorus of three join Billy.)

David Letterman, David Letterman, now you've heard the call
Three decades as the King of Late Night
Soon you'll be wandering 'round a mall
Carson loved you, Leno shoved you
Still you rose above
It's true Cher called you an ass     
But you're the       that we love
Larry Bud Melman, Stupid Pet Tricks
You taught us Mujibur's a name
You loved it whenever Richard Simmons went aflame
Here's when Madonna dropped those F-bombs
Where Sir Paul McCartney played his hits
And here's where Drew Barrymore showed her (censored) (video)
Who'll fill this chair?
Stephen Colbert
We all wish him luck
When he heard Steve was his successor
Dave sighed and said, "Who gives a givl?"
David Letterman, David Letterman
(missed it)
Now late night's jammed with all the Jimmys
There's just the princes
You're... the... king!


4/15/15 Amy Sedaris

(Amy has a little goodbye song for Dave. As Mike McIntee noted, "there wasn't a wet eye in the house.")

As long as we've got each other
It don't matter what I call you
You call me brother, I call you lover
And everybody's someone's child
And we've got one more mountain to climb
Have you heard the news today?
I ain't got no money
Have you heard the news we play?
Boom clang, boom clang
I'm in love wit' you
Sam... you made the pants too long

4/16/15 Tom Dreesen Tom posted the following to his Facebook page:

I have been on David's show almost as many times as I was on the Tonight Show, and always enjoy it, and especially enjoyed making him laugh. We go back to the very first time he tried doing standup at the Comedy Store in 1975. David is very shy, and I am just the opposite, but somehow we became very good friends, and still are to this day. We played basketball, racquetball and jogged together. Did some shows together at numerous comedy clubs and TV shows, but then went in separate directions, David a huge success on TV and me heading for Vegas, Tahoe, Reno, Atlantic City... first with Sammy Davis, then Smokey Robinson, and then Frank Sinatra. Dave made a lot more money (but I think I had a lot more fun). We remained friends and stayed in touch, and I have always known if I ever needed anything he'd be there for me, and I know he knows I'd be there for him. He's announced his retirement, and May 20th will be his last performance, and I'm sure America will rarely if ever see him again, because he's a very private person. I'll be a phone call away, if he wants to pal around a couple more times before we go to that comedy club in the sky. I thank him for giving me so many appearances on his show, and for my last appearance tonight, April 16th. Enjoy your retirement, dear friend, and I hope life brings you half as much joy as you've given to the world.

4/16/15 Tom Dreesen (Tom, as Dave concludes the interview): "Before you do that, I want to say somethin' here, pal. I don't have a gift for you, except to tell you you're the best friend a guy could ever have, and that I wish for you that you get half the joy in your retirement that you've given to the world." (Dave): "Oh, that's very sweet." (Tom): "I love you, pal." (Twitter pic)
4/20/15 John Travolta "Before we get started, if you don't mind, I need your permission to give just a little, tiny homage to you. Is that OK? (to the audience): OK, it's been 25 years, OK? My first time on your show was for Look Who's Talking. It was 1989, and you were so kind to me, because I had heard that you wanted me on your show, and I felt very welcomed. And for 25 years, you've been so kind to me, and so caring, and you always made me look funnier than I actually was." (I left out Dave's interjections.)
4/20/15 John Travolta Here's John's @LETTERMAN card. (Twitter)
4/21/15 Paul Rudd Thirty years after receiving it, Paul Rudd displays his David Letterman Fan Club button and sponge, and the sponge gets its first dip into water. (YouTube)
4/23/15 Robert Downey, Jr. Robert's @LETTERMAN card says, "BEST HOST EVER!"
4/23/15 Chris "Mad Dog" Russo Robert's @LETTERMAN card says, "Ball St. has never had a better alum. Love ya. Christopher Mad Dog Russo"
4/24/15 Jerry Seinfeld

(Jerry): "This whole quitting thing is the stupidest thing..."

(Dave): "You're right."

(audience cheers)

(Dave): "I agree with that. You're exactly right."

(Jerry): "I want you to tell me two things. One: what you think you're doing by quitting, and what the hell you're gonna do... that's gonna make you think you did the right thing."

(Dave): "These are both valid questions, and first I would just like to say it's my wife's fault. 'Don't you think it's time we spend more time together as a family?' "

(Jerry): "Let me tell you what's gonna happen when you get home. There's not gonna be anyone there! You know why? They've moved on with their lives!"

(Dave has a big laugh.)

(Jerry): "...and you need to move on with yours, and..." (pointing at the desk) "this is your life right here!"

(Dave): "That's right."

(Jerry): "The great line from The Garry Shandling Show... Do you remember the line that Rip Torn had, when he's trying to convince Garry not to quit or something. And he said, 'You're a talk show animal... half man, half desk.' "

(Dave): another big laugh

(Jerry): "Do you remember that line? My favorite line from that series. And that's what you are."

(Dave): "Well, that's exactly right."

(Jerry): "And your whole..."

(Dave): "What am I gonna do?"

(Jerry): "I mean... tell me what you... what you're thinking! Why is this a good idea?"

(Dave): "Well, it's... Now, it's not a good idea. And, I have nothing to respond to you in the way of defense."

(Jerry): "Do you think you're going out on top, or some nonsense like that?"

(Dave): "No!"

(Jerry): "There is no top!"

(Dave): "Yeah. I'll tell you what I'm worried about mostly, is... let's just say I have to go out someplace. Where am I gonna get a suit?"

(Jerry): "Yeah. You're gonna have to... talk show.... to get another suit."

(Dave): "Is it Raymour & Flanigan?"

(Jerry): "Raymour & Flanigan, yeah."

(Dave): "Do they sell suits?"

(Jerry): "I like the one where they'll give you everything... where they'll give you suits and jackets and pants. Just get this crap out of here! There's no price too low."

Dave asks about the family. They're great. The kids are 14, 12 and nine. Jerry says the hard part is kids' concept of entertainment.

Dave says that at home over the weekend, he mentioned he only had 20-some shows left. Then he went out to play frisbee with Sully. Regina asked Harry if there was anything he was concerned about. At first Harry said no, but after thinking asked, "Will I still be able to watch the Cartoon Network?" The angle was, Harry knows the Cartoon Network is Dave's mortal enemy. With Dave at home, would he veto it? Jerry changes the topic to the circus. Parents think kids like it. Kids think, "I guess my parents needed me to see this for some reason."

Somehow the topic turns to clowns. Jerry: "We all know that somewhere beneath all that bright color, there's a man who's not right. ... At some point he's gotta wash his face, take in his pants and start dealin' with life, like the rest of us!"

(Jerry turns to the camera and says, "We'll be back with more of Dave Letterman, here on the Late Show."

4/24/15 Jerry Seinfeld
4/24/15 Jason Isbell &
Amanda Shires
As a tribute to Warren Zevon, they give a wonderful performance of his "Mutineer." (YouTube)
4/24/15 Jason Isbell &
Amanda Shires
@LETTERMAN card "Dave, we're so glad you were an awful weather man. Love you!"
4/27/15 Scarlett Johansson Scarlett: "Dave, I have to say. I'm so incredibly honored to be on one of your very last shows. The first time I was on this show... the first time I was on this show, I was 13 years old. It was 1998. I was so, so nervous, because for me, and still for me, coming on this show is like... it's like, 'You've made it when you're on David Letterman, right?' That's really the truth."

"Coming on this show has been like the milestone of my career, every time. ... Thank you for everything, Dave! Oh, my goodness! There's never going to be anybody like you!"

4/27/15 Scarlett Johansson
4/27/15 John Mellencamp John's song, "Longest Days," is his farewell to Dave, and it's a fine one. (YouTube)
4/28/15 Michael Keaton (Michael): "I want to thank you for all these years. It's been tremendous. You're just gonna have to sit back and hate this for a minute. Just bear down. Bear down with me. Not only... when he showed up in L.A., everyone knew it. This guy was so funny and fast! It was like somebody... when we were standin' around The Comedy Store or The Improv, and this guy showed up. Everyone kind of looked at each other, and we said, 'How long has this guy been doin' this?' And it had been about 15 minutes, and you would have thought he was doin' it for years. It was so clear how bright and funny, and, you know, that great... really great Midwestern thing. And to this day, I find funny, like Bob and Ray, and all those guys.

And we became friends, and you've been consistently a friend. And, not only what you did, and... look, you had a paper route, right?" (gesturing to the theater) "Look at this! Are you kiddin' me? You were some kid in Indiana with a paper route, just livin' life. Look what you are! I mean it. It's extraordinary!"

(Dave): "The same could be said for you, eight times over."

(Michael): "But congratulations, not only for what you've done for comedy and shows like this, and thanks for all the stuff you did for me! I really mean it. Thank you! I can't tell you how much I'm going to miss this. I really mean it. I kinda hate bein' here, to be honest."

(Dave): "Other people will invite you places. Michael is the kind of guy... you wake him up in the middle of his sleep, and he'll have something funny to say. He's always funny, and he's the right kind of funny, and excuse me if that sounds effete, but it happens to be true in this man's case. And, by the way, I have awakened him in the middle of the night!" (Dave gestures shaking Michael's shoulders.): "Hello, Mike, it's Dave."

Now, to Michael's embarrassment of Dave: He's brought a clip of Dave sorta, kinda dancing on Mary. As Michael sets up the clip, Dave disappears underneath his desk. I don't think anybody's been under there since Nadine and Andrea were messing around with Calvert, way back when. Dave will remain under the desk while we watch a performance of Paul McCartney's 1978 "With a Little Luck." (low quality video that you must not miss!)

4/28/15 Michael Keaton
4/29/15 Jack Hanna Jack presents Dave a safari jacket that he's worn on every continent. In return, Dave runs this compilation of Jungle Jack's appearances over the years. (YouTube)
4/30/15 Michelle Obama The First Lady has arranged a farewell surprise for Dave: The United States Marine Band take the stage to play a mini concert for Dave, to recognize his support for troops overseas and wounded soldiers over many years. (YouTube)

5/01/15 Conen O'Brien Conan has written a highly complimentary feature for Entertainment Weekly, "Immediately Everything Was Wrong."
5/01/15 Steve Martin (Steve): "When I heard you announce that you were retiring, I really thought, 'He's joking. He's got to be joking.' And then I remembered, 'Wait! You're not funny.' But seriously... I've done this show... I don't know... 40 or 50 times. Every time I've waited behind that curtain, I've been a little nervous, or wanting it to go well, thinking, 'Will I use this joke...' But tonight, I just felt... 'Finally, it's over!' And you know, I was on... I saw that clip of you and Johnny, and that was so sweet. And he invited me to be on the last week of his shows. Yes... and it's quite an honor, and I'm very honored to be... uhhh... to be invited on your last month, kind of... vaguely."

Dave's thinking back, wondering how long he and Steve have been friends. Steve was on the morning show in 1980, "But that doesn't make us friends." Dave says, "There are show business friends, and actual friends." Steve: "And we're neither."

Steve wanted to get Dave a retirement gift, and he did. The scrim rises, and Alan does the Price Is Right thing. "Dave, it's a brand new set of luggage! This three-piece set from Samsonite® features pushbutton, locking handles, tie-down garment straps and front-zipper pockets! Retail value: $172! (Luggage not usable in the United States.) Back to you, Dave."

5/01/15 Steve Martin Here's Steve's farewell @LETTERMAN card.
5/01/15 Steve Martin Steve has two tribute videos for Dave.

While reminiscing about what a great guy Dave is, Steve decided to put together an homage video. He wanted to call it, This Is Your Life, but the ghost of Ralph Edwards might come and get him. Here it is.

(title graphic) This Are Your Life, David Letterman!

(photo): Dave on the set of Late Night

(Steve): "You had a show..."

(photo): Dave on the set of the Late Show

(Steve): "...and then you had another show."

(title graphic): This Are Your Life, David Letterman!

Dave reaches for the tissues under his desk, and shares with Steve. (He also keeps Purell® on the little shelf under his desk, for use after shaking hands with Richard Simmons, I presume.)

Then Steve got to thinking about Dave's life after retirement. / video:

(title graphic and peppy theme song) This Is Your New Life, David Letterman!

(photo): Dave at his monologue mark

(Steve): "After your heartfelt farewell, you'll be thrown out of the theater immediately!"

(photo a side door on 53rd Street): Bill DeLace gives Dave the boot, as Jimmy Philbin holds the door open.

(Steve): "You'll ride a Greyhound bus to Atlantic City, where you'll play eight hours of penny slots. You'll never miss taking your medication, thanks to your deluxe new pill timer... courtesy of CBS."

(photo of the parting gift from CBS)

(Steve): "You'll enjoy 4 P.M. dinners at the Golden Corral, saving your brand new diet of soft foods, with 'friends' who stuck by you. You'll vacation alone on the beautiful beaches of Newfoundland."

(photo): Dave with a metal detector

(Steve): "Where your summer home will feature the newest amenties, like a bench in your shower, an easy commute to the second floor," (stairway elevator) "and an all-purpose cart! And, from a phone with giant numbers, you'll receive weekly calls from relatives checking in on you!"

(Jude Brennan as a relative, hanging up a phone, steamed): "Still alive!"

(Steve): "An then... an all-expense-paid visit to heaven!"

(photo): Dave, now an angel, holding his harp

(Steve): "David Letterman, this is your new life!"

More tissues are needed.


5/04/15 Barack Obama "Well Dave, just let me say this, and I mean this sincerely, and I know I speak for Michelle. She probably had a chance to say it herself. You know, we've grown up with you. The country, I think, has, you know, after a tough day in the office, or comin' home from work, knowin' you've been there to give us a little bit of joy, a little bit of laughter... it has meant so much, and you're part of all of us. You've given us a great gift, and we love you."
5/04/15 Brandi Carlile The Avett Brothers and Brandi Carlile sing Keep on the Sunny Side of Life. Brandi posted on Instagram, "Rehearsing for David Letterman with the incredibly handsome Avett Brothers. I've wanted to play on Letterman for my entire musical journey and I'm so excited to get in here just at the last second! Not a bad night either! Wish me luck acting cool in front of the President!" (YouTube)
5/05/15 Reese Witherspoon Her @LETTERMAN card is, "Goodbye, Dave! You always made me laugh! ♥ Reese"
5/05/15 Nathan Lane Of visiting with Dave in his final month, Nathan says, "I wouldn't have missed this for the world, because this is a very sad time in show business, and not just because Netflix is bringing back Full House. All the characters you loved, only now old and bitter. No. We're very sad because of this premature retirement of yours, and I have to say... if you decide to stay on Broadway, I think you'd make a wonderful Hedwig. It's a great part, and you wouldn't have to wear as much makeup as you do now."

Marc Shaiman is onstage now, at a piano, as Nathan has a musical number for Dave. Marc, Nathan and Scott Wittman wrote the number. Nathan tells Dave, "I just want to thank you for all your kindness and generosity to me over the years. You know... I feel like I've always been able to tell you everything. You're my Oprah. And I just... answer me one question: Am I in the will?" Here's the song.

Dead inside, I keep on tellin' you
Dead inside, I get no joy from all the joy I provide
I'm just like you, Dave
Yeah, I'm dead inside

Most kids cried, but I just cheered
When Bambi's mother died
My mother wished that she
Had had her tubes tied
That's why I'm dead inside

Oh, when the world all got Ebola
I just went and had a cola
Come on, let's face it, my heart is a brick
'cause when I saw The Notebook
I laughed myself sick

Because I'm dead inside
You think his heart is small, well subdivide
When I heard you had shingles, Dave, I hit my stride
Because I'm dead inside

I'm not concerned at all with ISIS
No more Ben & Jerry's... now that's a crisis!
I try to act the way a human should feel
But just like Brian Williams, baby, nothin's real

Because I'm dead inside
And now you're leavin' 'cause your brain is fried
I should be weepin' but I'm still dry-eyed

Wait... wait a second. I think I'm starting to feel something. Yes! Yes! Yes! No... it's just gas.

Oh, yes, I'm dead inside.
Dead inside... there ain't no Jekyl here, just Mr. Hyde
Your want a tour of hell, I'll be your guide
Because I'm dead inside!
Hi hi hi hit

But baby, I don't care
Do not tell Stephen Colbert
I'm really stone cold, six feet under
I'm talkin' dead inside
I'm walkin' dead inside

Now that you're leavin', Dave
I'm dead inside!

Nathan collapses, flat on his back on the stage. He apparently is dead inside. Dave ignores Nathan's carcass, and goes over to introduce himself to Marc Shaiman. Dave then calls for CPR, but Nathan rises to take a bow.

Nathan gets a much-deserved standing O.


5/06/15 Martin Short (Marty): "Let me just say... I do want to say one thing, though. You know, I've been on this show for over 50 times... 51, 52 times, and I want to just thank you for allowing me to promote all the things that rarely opened or worked. But still, that's a whole different conversation. And, uh... but I do think it's a testament to you, Dave, of how hard all the people with any merit wanted to work. You know, like... we were talking with Steve before. Steve, through the years (Martin) has phoned me up, and will say, 'Tell me if you think this joke is funny.' And I'll pretend it is. And... and... but then I'll say, 'What is this for?' And he'll say, 'I've got Letterman in three months.' No, really! And, that is... I think is... so I want to thank you, and your staff, and the writers, and this terrific band and Paul Shaffer." (Dave interjects with compliments on his great guests.) "I agree with that, but I think that you set that tone right off the gate, with a very high standard of comedy and broadcasting, which made us want to work very hard to pull that off."

and now, the song...

"You know, in my business, or in our business... Of course, although, in your case, that's not for long, Dave... an event as momentous as Dave Letterman's retirement is rare. So it's important I pay tribute in the only way performers do... by making it about me. You know, I've had this number prepared for some time. To be honest, Dave, I wrote it for your funeral. It's true! Sure, we're about the same age, but I always figured I'd outlive you because of your..." (mimics drinking... lots of drinking) "But I decided to do your funeral number tonight, since I probably won't attend your funeral now, because... unless, of course, I have something to promote, and then I will." (pretends he's getting choked up) "And this is going to get a little tricky for me... to get through. Stupid emotions! So... let's just give it a try, shall we? Paul?" (turning to Dave as the CBSO gears up): "And wish me luck in the top note, Pappy."

"Dave, where'd you go?"

(to the tune of "Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody")

Say goodbye to David
The guy we laughed at from our beds
How we'll miss his Top Ten lists
Now that... he is dead

Just lay his coffin in the ground
And play us one last glass-crash sound  (FX)
Dave has skipped his last rehearsal
He won't be back after the next commercial

You're at peace now, Pappy...
No more guests with shows to shill
You'll never have to fake a laugh
At jokes from Dr. Phil

Or Bill O'Reilly, yakkin' 'bout The Factor
For thirty years Dave never cared for actors
Serene and calm, now that he's been embalmed
Never looked better, Dave.... Letterman!

How Dave lived past sixty's... a... miracle to me!
He smoked cigars, and sped in cars
Ate lunch at Rupert's Hello Deli
He lived through dog attacks and Jack Hanna's cobra

Somehow the guy survived a feud with Oprah
It's the end, my pretend showbiz friend
Farewell, we'll meet again...
Some day... in... hell!

(Clouds fill the theater, and a giant neon sign is lowered from above: "REST IN PEACE, DAVE.")

(an enthusiastic standing O from the audience)

(The CBSO play "Marty's Theme.")

(141 MB video)

5/07/15 Jimmy Kimmel The New York Times: Kimmel Will Not Broadcast New Episode Opposite Letterman Finale: "I have too much respect for Dave to do anything that would distract viewers from watching his final show," Mr. Kimmel said in an email. "Plus, I'll probably be crying all day, which makes it hard to work."
5/07/15 Osama bin Laden (video): It's Osama bin Laden, surrounded by the beautiful orange flames of hell.

(Osama): "Hey, Dave... just wanted to send you a shout out to say, 'Way to go on 33 years on the air! You sure made the time fly down here! Thanks again, old buddy, and see you soon. Oh, and death to America."

5/12/15 Adam Sandler Mr. Sandler has a silly, naughty farewell song for Dave.
5/13/15 The Los Angeles Times The Times has a compilation page of their stories, "Full Coverage: David Letterman retires from Late Show."
5/13/15 Julia Roberts Julia drops by to find out "what the hell is going on around here." She recalls her first appearance with Dave: "As a fan of the show, I did not want to come on, because I had seen you absolutely dismember young actresses of my kind of peer group. And I thought, 'I'm gonna go on, and he's gonna know within 10 seconds what my IQ is, and you are going to, like a Samurai, just sort of like Benihana me into little pieces, and I'll be left for dead and forgotten.' " (video: compilation of her visits with Dave)
5/13/15 Paul Shaffer Paul is one of the last interview guests with Dave. He presents an incredible music video that features his friends Andrea Martin, Martin Short, Darlene Love, the CBS Orchestra, Lorne Michaels and others, in "On Broadway." I watched part of this being recorded outside Angelo's Pizza (with Lorne, and the guy who is supposed to be a younger Paul, on May 11. Jerry Foley produced this wonderful video. (86 MB video)
5/14/15 George Clooney Mr. Clooney informs Dave that he's not leaving, and has the handcuffs to back it up. (237 MB videos)
5/14/15 George Clooney Here's George's @LETTERMAN card.
5/14/15 Jimmy Kimmel In a tribute written for Time, Jimmy Kimmel recalls that watching David Letterman "Was More Important than Sleep." (link)
5/15/15 Norm Macdonald Norm's given the honor of being the last-ever stand-up comedian on the Late Show. Here's his last joke and tearful farewell. We love you, Normy! (link)
5/20/15 Sportsgrid 14 Great Tribute Tweets (links)
5/20/15 Jimmy Kimmel From Jimmy Kimmel Live, here's Jimmy's emotional tribute to Dave. (YouTube)
5/20/15 last episode (tributes and reactions) Kansas City Star)
5/20/15 Wheel of Fortune GOOD RIDDANCE  TO

Dave Itzkoff posted this screen capture from the Late Show finale on Twitter

5/20/15 Entertainment Tonight Every Star Imaginable Took to Social Media to Celebrate David Letterman
5/20/15 People Weekly "Celebrities Flood David Letterman with Praise and Farewells on Social Media" / a collection of tribute tweets on Dave's last day (link)
5/20/15 David Gonos 14 Great Tribute Tweets About Final Late Show with David Letterman (
5/20/15 Kansas City Star Kathy Lu has a compilation of celebrity tributes.
5/21/15 Jennifer Lawrence The Los Angeles Times: #ThanksDave: Jennifer Lawrence, Seth Rogen and more send off Letterman
5/21/15 New York Daily News Here's another collection of celebrity farewell tweets to Dave.
5/21/15 Reese Witherspoon See the funniest, and most touching celebrity tributes to David Letterman. (link)
5/21/15 Rob Burnett Rob was interviewed on CNBC for their segment, Life After Letterman: End of an era.
ongoing Letterman Memories @ByeLetterman has been established since Dave's retirement announcement.