Dogs and People Turn Out to Audition for Letterman Show

© Associated Press - June 28, 1999

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - There was no shortage of stupid tricks by canines and humans in Kansas City over the weekend. But only time will tell if they're stupid enough to make the Letterman show.

About 20 contestants auditioned in Kansas City for appearances on "Stupid Pet and Human Tricks" on "The Late Show with David Letterman."

One couple demonstrated how their dog likes to sit in a swing. A woman showed off her doublejointed arms. A kid tried in vain to drink water through straws up his nostrils.

The private auditions took place in a back room of a Kansas City pet supermarket before talent scout Bill Langworthy. While he's in Kansas City, Langworthy hopes to see two tricks funny enough to make the show.

A camerawoman from KCTV Channel 5, the local CBS affiliate, assisted Langworthy, shooting the auditions with a small, hand-held camera.

"Dusty," a blue heeler owned by Bob and Sherri O'Connor of North Kansas City, normally does her swinging outside on visits to the park. But for Saturday's audition, the dog sat contentedly in a portable baby swing, her hind legs protruding through the leg openings in the seat.

"She'll sit in this and watch TV until she's asleep," Sherri O'Connor said.

Langworthy didn't make any promises, but told the O'Connors he liked the act and asked them not to appear on any other television shows.

Jamie Barnhart, 22, of Overland Park, discovered her doublejointed arms in the seventh grade, when she was stretching in physical education class.

Saturday, she demonstrated how she can clasp her hands together in front of her and bring her arms all the way back to touch her bottom in a continuous motion.

"My dad and I have been joking about it for quite some time. I thought about sending in a tape," Barnhart said. "Then they came to Kansas City, so I decided, what the heck?"

Fourteen-year-old Ian Boyle of Grandview walked into the audition with a 16-ounce cup of red-dyed water, but nearly made himself sick trying to ingest the contents through straws up his nose.