DaveCon 2007 Pictures
by DDY

Someday I'll finish my 2007 Trip Report

Click on the thumbnails or the links for full-size DaveCon photos.

  1. Late Show marquee
  2. Late Show marquee
  3. Hello Deli, 53rd & Broadway
  4. Dave's desk
  5. Dave's desk
  6. Bob Shriver smiling (Tony Mendez took Bob and me on a tour.)
  7. Bob Shriver skunk eye
  8. Bob Shriver skunk eye
  9. DDY at Dave's desk (photo by Tony Mendez)
  10. Michael Z. McIntee (of the Wahoo Gazette)
  11. Webmasters Walter Kim and Jay Johnson
  12. Tony Mendez
  13. Tony Mendez (Part of the Tony Mendez Show was for me to annoy Tony by taking his picture.)
  14. Tony Mendez
  15. Tony Mendez, with DaveCon button
  16. Tony Mendez, with Walter Kim
  17. DaveCon 2007 group in the Ed Sullivan Theater lobby
  18. Tony Mendez showing Bob and me the main control room
  19. additional control station
  20. another control station

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