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Aaron Barnhart on CBS 48 Hours re:, compliments of Don Giller
Aaron Barnhart on Letterman RetiringHarris Online, 4/07/14
Alan Kalter: Behind the Scenes at the Late ShowWGN Radio, 10/23/14
Alec Baldwin's Here's the Thing podcastBrian Williams - 3/04/13 / transcript link
Alec Baldwin's Here's the Thing podcast
Don't miss it.
David Letterman - 6/18/12 / transcript   .mp3
Amanda Peet mentions Dave, but most importantly, it's about Amanda!
WTF with Marc Maron, 4/20/17
An Oral History of Late Night with David LettermanBrian Abrams, via Amazon, 9/24/14
Bill Carter Returns to The Carson Podcast  NEW4/02/20
Bill Scheft and Scott Ryan on The Carson Podcast1/03/19, download link
Bill Scheft on Jon Dawson's Podcast (01:29)12/20/15
Bill Scheft on Jumblethink (interview)  AWESOME4/17/17
Bill Scheft on Olbermann (YouTube)7/11/15
Bill Scheft on Sports on Earth: The Will Leitch Experience11/18/13, download link
Bill Scheft Returns to The Carson Podcast8/02/18
Bill Scheft with Kristi LeeKristi Lee News, 10/10/17
Bob Costas on learning from Letterman and the future of the Olympics
(Letterman from 15-20 min.)  AWESOME
The Bill Simmons Podcast, 10/13/17
Calvert DeForest's Erotic Experienceaudio CD, 2007
CBS This Morning Podcast: David Letterman on lending a helping, 8/28/18
Chris Elliott on WTF with Marc MaronR-rated podcast - 4/12/12
Chris Elliott on the Nerdist Podcast11/18/13
Conan O'Brien Talks to Dave about Johnny Carson  NEWYouTube, 2021
Darlene Love: Allow Her to Reintroduce HerselfNPR, 9/20/15
David Letterman in a radio interviewWHYY, 1981
David Letterman on Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend (01:19:54, .mp3)   NEWEarwolf, 10/06/19
David Letterman on Query and Schultz9/18/17
David Letterman on the Al Franken Podcast   NEW3/28/21
David Letterman on the Awards Chatter Podcast  NEWThe Hollywood Reporter, 6/11/19
David Letterman on the Awards Chatter Podcast (.mp3)  NEWThe Hollywood Reporter, 6/11/19
David Letterman on the Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best podcast10/07/20
David Letterman on the Start Your Engines Podcast5/25/16
David Letterman on WTF with Marc Maron  NEW5/30/19
David Letterman Talks IndyCar (podcast)8/21/15
David Letterman with Howard Stern (1996 - audio only) Parts:   1   2   3   4
Drew Barrymore's Surprise Birthday Special2/22/21
Eddie Brill on The Carson Podcast6/17/15
Eddie Brill on Susie Meister's podcast7/21/15
Eric and Justin Stangel on Morning Joe5/21/15
Felicia Collins on The Paul Leslie HourYouTube audio - 9/07/15
Felicia Collins on The Paul Leslie - 9/07/15
Gerard Mulligan and Steve Young on "Person Place Thing"Randy Cohen's podcast, 5/21/15
Gerard Mulligan Fan  AWESOMEYouTube video playlist
Gerard Mulligan's Retirement Interview  AWESOMEYouTube
Hal GurneeThe Carson Podcast, 6/22/17
Jake Johannsen ♥s LettermanDC Improv podcast, 3/25/15
Jason Zinoman, Letterman biographerBullseye with Jesse Thorn, 6/06/17
Jerry Lawler vs. Andy Kaufman 1982: Cerrito Live, 5/17/15
Jimmie Walker on WTF with Marc Maron10/24/12
Joe Toplyn interview on Art Howard at Night8/01/14
Larry King interviews Dave re: the LNDL 8th Anniversary Special1/30/90
Leslie Moonves on his appearance on the Late ShowYouTube, 1/23/13
Missing Richard Simmons Podcast6 parts, Feb. 2017
Al Chez
Alan Kalter
Anton Fig 1
Anton Fig 2
Barbara Gaines
Bill Scheft
Bruce Kapler
Buddy Morra
David Sanborn
Dick Cavett
Eddie Brill
Felicia Collins
Jason Zinoman
Jeff Altman
Kreskin Returns
Mark Malkoff
Michael Bonfiglio
Michael Steed
Paul Shaffer
Regis Philbin
Reneé Langvardt
Rob Burnett
Scott Ryan
Steve Jordan
Tom Dreesen 1
Tom Dreesen 2
Tom Malone
Victoria Shaffer
Vinnie Favale
Will Lee
Genius Either Way It's Flipped
Paul Shaffer interview on LocalMotionWVKR, 11/13/16
Paul Shaffer interview on The Dennis Miller Option (01:00)  AWESOMEPodcastOne, 12/27/18
Paul Shaffer interview with George Stroumboulopoulos  AWESOMEThe Strombo Show, 5/18/18
Paul Shaffer interview with James Altucher (01:15)The James Altucher Show, 9/12/17
Paul Shaffer interview with Randy CohenPerson Place Thing, 7/08/17
Paul Shaffer interview with Ron Bennington (51:07)  AWESOMERon Bennington Interviews, 10/04/17
Paul Shaffer interview with Sean McAllister (07:01) KVVU-TV, 1/08/19
Peter Lassally, Late Night Host WhispererNPR, 8/25/12
Peter Lassally interview, with Mark MalkoffThe Carson Podcast, 1/25/18
Rich Eisen Podcast, with Rob Burnett and others9/18/12
Rick Scheckman  NEWThe Carson Podcast with Mark Malkoff, 7/01/21
Rob Burnett with Mark Malkoff  NEWThe Carson Podcast, 4/16/20
Rob Burnett and Jon Beckerman on Nerdist Podcast 260  re: We Made This Movie, 9/2012
Robert Morton interview with Mark MalkoffThe Carson Podcast, 6/14/18
Scott Ryan and Bill Scheft interview with Alison StewartAll of It (starting 19:14), WNYC, 11/05/18
Scott Ryan (The Last Days of Letterman) interview with Brad StraubingerHere's the Pitch, 1/16/19
Spike FerestenThe Adam Carolla Show from Podcast One, 6/22/17
Steve Young: "My New Year's Resolutions"YouTube, 1/02/20
Steve Young on Brad Hill's Sit Stay Podcast5/30/15
Steve Young on Here's the Thing podcast  AWESOMEwith Alec Baldwin, 8/14/18
Steve Young on NPR about Everything's Coming Up Profits11/05/13
Steve Young on The Comedy on Vinyl Podcast10/17/19
The David Letterman Campus Radio Program  NEWWAGO, April 1969
Weird Science and Letterman memories with Lee MarekDarel Jevens, WGN, 5/17/15
Will Lee - Letterman's Last Late Show5/20/15
Will Lee on Shane Theriot's Podcast5/01/17
Alan Kalter's Celebrity Interview Collection (2005-10)  AWESOME<by Don Giller
11 Awesome Musical Performances from NBC's Late NightMental Floss
13 Weeks of Workby Barbara Gaines, 6/2016
30th anniversary look backCBS This Morning, 2/01/12
A Fantastic Conversation about the Late Show with David Letterman
staff, with author Scott Ryan
Mike Chisholm, 11/04/20
A. J. Clemente: What went wrong?YouTube, 4/25/13
Alan Kalter's Celebrity Interview Collection, 2005-10  AWESOME50 min., by Don Giller, 9/02/19
Alan Kalter Highlights Collection, 1995-2015  AWESOME2.81 hours, by Don Giller, 10/31/21
Al ChezYouTube channel
Al Chez: "The Letter"Late Show, May 2011
All David LettermanYouTube channel (500+ videos)
Amanda Seyfried's Liquid CourageLate Show interview clip, 12/11/12
Andy (Kaufman) on Lettermanseveral classic segments
An Hour with David LettermanCharlie Rose hosted, 2/19/96
Anton Fig InterviewThe Paul Leslie Hour, 8/20/12
Anton's View - After the last chord on LettermanYouTube, 5/20/15

  •  Ask Mr. Melman Collection on Letterman, Part 1 of 3: 1983-84
  •  Ask Mr. Melman Collection on Letterman, Part 2: 1985-1986
  •  Ask Mr. Melman Collection on Letterman, Part 3 of 3: 1987-1992

Audience-Free Monologuethanks to hurricane Sandy, 10/29/12
Barbara Gaines on LGBT strengththanks to hurricane Sandy, 11/02/10
Behind the Scenes of Late Night's Longest Running Broadcaster
hosted by Regis Philbin, with Jerry Foley, Biff Henderson,
Barbara Gaines, Steve Young and Steve O'Donnell
National Comedy Center, 7/30/15

There's a Download button, offering four file sizes.

Bev Tanner's debut on Late Night4/11/89
Bev Tanner's videos on Late NightYouTube user MatthewRandallBriggs
Biff Henderson in a Back to the Future featureJimmy Kimmel Live, 10/21/15
Bill Carter on the Dan Patrick Show (Full Interview)YouTube, 4/11/14
Bill Murray's Best Appearances on Lettermanby Elise Czajkowski,
Bill Simmons interviews Bill "Late Shift" CarterThe B.S. Report, 11/10/12
Bill Wendell Wind Collection on Letterman, 1986-1992by Don Giller, 5/19/19
Bill Wendell with Tom SnyderThe Late Late Show, 8/16/95
Billy DeLace: Late Show Labor Day Picnicwith dad, Bill DeLace, 9/13/02
Bring Back Late-Night Cruelty  NEWJason Zinoman with Mike Pesca on The Gist, 7/15/19
Bumpers webinar by Arlen Schumer  NEWArlen, a graphic designer, narrates, 3/31/22
Calvert DeForest "Ask Mr. Melman" Collection, Part 1: 1983-84  NEWcompiled by Don Giller, YouTube, 9/13/20
Calvert DeForest "Live Remotes" Collection on Letterman  AWESOME1983 - 1996, 2 hrs. 11 min., by Don Giller
Calvert DeForest "Melman Bus Lines" Collection, 1982  NEWcompiled by Don Giller, YouTube, 11/28/16
Calvert DeForest "Toast on a Stick" Collection, 1983-85  NEWcompiled by Don Giller, YouTube, 11/28/16
Carl Jaeger: Dropping Stuff off the Ed Sullivan Theater Building10/14/14
Career Day  behind the scenes at the Late Showby Bengt Erik Åkerblom's daughter, 2014
CBS on YouTube  IN HDall CBS offerings
CBSO - Late Show theme songCBS HD Video Gallery, 2008
CBS Orchestra - Short Music Pieces #3by Rudolph Davis, 2/03/15
CelebriGumSadly, CelebriGum retired in August 2013.
Cher"O Holy Night" from 12/19/73
Chris Christieinterview, 2/04/13
Chris Dimino on Nyberg on WTNH  AWESOMEpromoting the Keyboard Waffle Iron
Chris Elliott: An American Portraitfrom Late Night, date unknown
Chris Elliott: Avocados from Mexico adfrom the 2018 Super Bowl
Chris Elliott and Bob Elliott interview on LaterYouTube, 6/22/88
Chris Elliott and Gerard Mulligan Collection on Letterman, 1989-90  NEWby Don Giller, 01:15
Chris Elliott Goodies on Letterman, 1985-88 (more)  NEWYouTube, 1/12/20
Chris Elliott interview on Larry King Now  NEWYouTube, 12/14/18
Chris Elliott: The Conspiracy Guy, 1983-84compiled by Don Giller
Chris Elliott: The Fugitive Guy, 1985-87compiled by Don Giller
Chris Elliott: The Guy Under the Seats Collectioncompiled by Don Giller, YouTube, 4/26/16
Chris Elliott: The Panicky Guy, 1984compiled by Don Giller
Chris Elliott's Avocados from Mexico adSuper Bowl 2018, 2/2018
Chris Elliott Parodies & the Stevie Nicks Flap on Letterman, 1985-88compiled by Don Giller
Chris Elliott Segments on Letterman, 1986 - 89compiled by Don Giller
Christmas Tree Collection on Letterman, 1982-92  AWESOME02:12:10, from the Late Night years, by Don Giller
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Dave, with Seinfeld), 6/20/13
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Dave / Single, 9/18/15
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee Discussion
at the Paley Center
(Dave and Seinfeld)
Countdown to the Final Late Show, May 17-21, 2015  AWESOMEcompiled by the great Don Giller
1995 - 1999compiled by Don Giller
Dave's mom, Dorothy, interviewed about being a grandmotherGreat Day TV with Patty Spitler
David Letterman: 45-minute videoon
David Lettermanvideo archive search
David Letterman and Andrew LuckSuper Bowl XLVII ad, 2/03/13
David Letterman and Cats Collection  NEWDon Giller, 1985-2013
David Letterman and Jim GaffiganColts Preseason 2014, 9/25/14
David Letterman addresses Newton, 12/18/12
David Letterman and Jonathan Van Ness on Beard Trims, Self Care, etc.  NEWNetflix, 6/27/19
David Letterman and kids: Coca Cola® ad for movie theaters1996
David Letterman and Paul Shaffer in Darlene Love's Forbidden Nights8/2015
David Letterman attacked by a Salmon CannonLast Week Tonight with John Oliver
David Letterman at the 2015 IndyCar Series Grand Prix of Sonoma8/30/15
David Letterman at the Indianapolis Motor SpeedwayWTHR-TV, 5/29/16
David Letterman at the Indy 500Dave at age 24, interviewing Mario Andretti
David Letterman at the New Yorker Festivalby Don Giller, 10/07/16
David Letterman at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inducting Pearl Jam4/07/17
David Letterman Calls Donald Trump PsychoticInside Edition, 6/12/19
David Letterman interviewed by Fred PfeifferYouTube, 2012
David Letterman interviewed by Rocket J. SquirrelWISH-TV, 5/29/16
David Letterman interviewed by Chris HaganWXIN-TV, 5/29/16
David Letterman interviewed by Dave FurstWRTV-6, 9/19/17
David Letterman: Into the Light Previews

  •  David Letterman and the Prime Minister
  •  David Letterman Explores the Countryside
  •  David Letterman Gets a Trim (his beard, to be exact)
  •  David Letterman Goes to India
  •  David Letterman Looks at Solar Energy in India
  •  Letterman & Iqbal Country Drive
  •  Letterman Lets Loose
  •  Optimistic in India

David Letterman is presented a Peabody Award  (Dave at 01:20)Pivot on YouTube, 5/21/16
David Letterman Late Show  CHECK IT OUTnumerous YouTube videos (interviews)
David Letterman on Des O'Connor TonightFacebook video, 1/28/80
David Letterman on Jimmy Kimmel Live  AWESOME10/17/17
David Letterman on Jimmy Kimmel Live  NEW10/29/20
David Letterman on Kenny & vännerinterview on Swedish TV, 1/13/08
David Letterman on Late Night with Seth Meyers: forgets he has a beard5/23/18
David Letterman on Late Night with Seth Meyers: gives Seth a tick5/23/18
David Letterman on Late Night with Seth Meyers: Harry's birth5/23/18
David Letterman on The Howard Stern Show(excerpt only), 8/31/94
David Letterman on Time and Againwith Jane Pauley39:00, 1999
David Letterman on Tonightfull episode, 12/20/79
David Letterman reveals his feelings about Jay Leno hosting Tonight8/30/91, I believe
David Letterman Says Trump Pigs Out, Bloomberg Eats Like a BirdTMZ, 2/20/20
David Letterman speaks at the unveiling of Peyton Manning's statueYouTube, 10/07/17
David Letterman surprises Regis on Live!posted on 2/09/11 on
David Letterman Talks IndyCar (podcast)8/21/15
David Letterman unplugged backstage in 1989Sirott and Murciano, 1989
David Letterman
David Letterman Visits Ball State UniversityBall State U., May 3, 2018
David Letterman with Charlie Rose (YouTube)2/16/96
David Letterman with Charlie Rose1/03/13
David Letterman with Charlie Rose (re-edit of the Jan. 3 version)8/23/13
David Letterman's Conversation with Oprah WinfreyCBS This Morning report, 11/27/12
David Letterman's Conversation with Oprah WinfreyBall State University, 11/26/12
David Letterman's Conversation with Rachel Maddow at Ball State11/07/11
David Letterman's Eulogies Collection, 1984-2017by Don Giller, Jan. 23, 2020
David Letterman's Indy Motor Sports Interview, May 2012   Parts:   1   2   3   4
David Letterman's Life After Late Show: Fishing, Family And Costco  NEWToday, 5/19/19
David Letterman's Sharp HumourCBC, 1978 (90 minutes)
David Letterman's take on late-night shows in the age of Trump  NEWToday, 5/19/19
David Letterman's Visit to WRALinterview and tour - March 1993
David Stern: Top Ten Things I've Learned in My
30 Years as Commissioner of the NBA
NBA on YouTube, 1/29/14
Drew Barrymore's Unforgettable Late Show Moment (4/12/95)The Howard Stern Show, 7/07/19
Eric and Justin Stangel on Olbermann: Japanese first pitch questPart 1   Part 2   8/12/14
Felicia Collins and the CBSOStarz69
Flunky the Clown Collection on Late Nightby Don Giller
Foo Fighters Everlong Collection on Letterman, 1997-2015another compilation by Don Giller
Foo Fighters: Everlong on the final LSDL5/20/15
Foster the People: "Best Friend"Awesome Artists Live 2, 5/06/14
Gabe Abelson interview  NEWKoop's Korner, 7/01/21
Gabe the Bulldog  AWESOMEStupid Pet Trick - Rocking Horse
George Clooney describes meeting AmalMy Next Guest Needs No Introduction, YouTube, 1/31/18
George Clooney doesn't give a tipMy Next Guest Needs No Introduction, YouTube, 2/09/18
Gerard Mulligan Fan  AWESOMEYouTube channel
Grumpy Cat Auditions to Replace David Letterman Mashable on YouTube, 4/04/14
Guy Under the Seats  AWESOMELate Night clips: mostly Chris Elliott
Hal Gurnee interviewJoshua White, Directors Guild of America, 10/09/02
Hal Gurnee interview in 4 parts, 4¼ hours  AWESOMERon Simon, The Television Academy, 12/14/18

   • Part 1    • Part 2    • Part 3    • Part 4

Hiram Bullocknumerous performances
Howard Stern on Letterman vs. Leno  AWESOMEa compilation of appearances, by Gary Ireland
Howard Stern Tells David Letterman on Netflix About the Time
Donald Trump Rated Ivanka Trump "a 10", 5/21/18
"I Don't Want to Face It"Will Lee's The Fab Faux
"If it wasn't for David Letterman, I wouldn't be here."Seth Meyers - 4/03/14
Into the Light, on environmental topics in India,
from the Years of Living Dangerously series,
National Geographic Channel, Oct. 30, 2016 at 8 ET
Jack Hanna on the Late Show  AWESOMEThis is a Lego® animation!

Thanks so much to Don Giller for compiling these!

   •  1: 1985 - 1986
   •  2: 1987 - 1988
   •  3: 1989 - 1993
   •  4: 1993 - 1997
   •  5: 1998 - 1999
   •  6: 2000 - 2002
   •  7: 2003 - 2005
   •  8: 2006 - 2008 (with Amanda Peet!)
   •  9: 2009 - 2010
   •  10: 2011 - 2012
   •  11: 2013 - 2015 (Jack's farewell appearance)

Jake Tapper of CNN Talks David LettermanThe Rich Eisen Show, 5/19/15
James Brown: "Sex Machine"Late Night, 7/12/82 ?
Jason Zinoman interviews Merrill Markoeby Don Giller, 4/13/18
Jay Mohr interviews Robert Morton (6 parts) Parts:   1   2   3   4   5   6
Jay Leno on David LettermanOpie Radio, 6/15/16
Jay Thomas: Best of the Late Show Holiday QB Challenge15 years' worth!
Jay Thomas Tributepresented by Art Vuolo, August 2017
Jennifer Lawrence plugs Silver Linings Playbookon 1/16/13
Joe Toplyn: The Techniques That Keep Letterman's Top 10 List, 6/30/14
"Jimmy Fallon welcomes Steve Martin" (with Dave) Late Night, 5/03/13
Jimmy Kimmel Bids Farewell to David LettermanYouTube, 5/20/15
Jimmy Kimmel's FULL INTERVIEW with David LettermanYouTube, 10/17/17
Joaquin Phoenix arriving at the Late Showbeing taped by Casey Affleck
Joaquin Phoenix interviewplugging I'm Still Here on 9/22/10
Julia Child Collection on Letterman, 1982-1994compliments of DonzTV
Justin and Eric Stangel on how the show makes it to airuploaded by the Paley Center on 12/07/09
Justin Stangel's Wendy's® commercialc. 1988
Keith Olbermann's tribute to Michele O'Callaghanand a written transcript, 12/19/11
Kennedy Center Honors  AWESOMETina Fey's tribute, Dec. 26, 2012
Kennedy Center Honors  ANOTHER LINKTina Fey's tribute, Dec. 26, 2012
Kennedy Center Honors interviewwith WNDY-TV, Dec. 2012
Kenny Sheehan in Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts, 1998 - 2011  by Don Giller, 01:55
Kenny Sheehan Collection on Letterman (3 parts)  NEW

  •  Part 1: 1997-1998
  •  Part 2: 1999-2000
  •  Part 3: 2001-2007

by Don Giller
Larry "Bud" Melman hosts The New Hollywood Squareswith Calvert DeForest, Nov. 3, 1986

Late Night with David Letterman #1  NEWby Don Giller, Feb. 1, 1982
Late Night with David Letterman 1st Anniversary Show  NEWby Don Giller, Feb. 4, 1983
Late Night with David Letterman 2nd Anniversary Show  NEWby Don Giller, Feb. 4, 1984
Late Night with David Letterman 3rd Anniversary Show  NEWby Don Giller, Jan. 26, 1985
Late Night with David Letterman 4th Anniversary Show  NEWby Don Giller, Feb. 1, 1986
Late Night with David Letterman 5th Anniversary Show  NEWby Don Giller, Feb. 7, 1987
Late Night with David Letterman 6th Anniversary Show  NEWby Don Giller, Feb. 4, 1988
Late Night with David Letterman 7th Anniversary Show  NEWby Don Giller, Feb. 2, 1989
Late Night with David Letterman 8th Anniversary Show  NEWby Don Giller, Feb. 1, 1990
Late Night with David Letterman 10th Anniversary Show  NEWby Don Giller, Feb. 6, 1992
Late Show Photo Album: 20 Years8/30/13
Late Show with David Letterman CBS Affiliate Videossummer 1993
Late Show with David Letterman promo clipsby Don Giller, summer 1993
Late Show with David Letterman Closing Theme Song - CBS Orchestra May 11, 2015
Late Show with David Lettermanvideos from CBS and civilians
Late Show with David Letterman #1  NEWAug. 30, 1993
Late Show with David Letterman #1  NEWAug. 30, 1993
Late Show with David Letterman #2  NEWAug. 31, 1993
Late Show with David Letterman - Final Episode  AWESOMEMay 20, 2015, by Don Giller!
Late Show Writers on Strikewriters and celebrities on the picket line
"Leaving Letterman, Part 1"  AWESOMEinterviews with Dave's staff
"Leaving Letterman, Part 2"  AWESOMEinterviews with Dave's staff by Walter Kim,
Senior Video Writer/Producer at LinkedIn
Les Moonves: The one that stood out was Stephen ColbertYouTube, Apr. 11, 2014
Letterman and Oprah at Ball StateWISH-TV report on the latest Letterman Lecture  
Letterman in Cresco, IowaOctober, 1980
Letterman on the business of being funny  AWESOMECBS This Morning #1, 12/20/12
Letterman talks late-in-life regrets, revelations  AWESOMECBS This Morning # 2, 12/20/12
Letterman's 30 Years of Stupid Pet Tricks and Top Ten Listsfrom
Lyle the Internwith Jimmi Simpson, 2008-2009
Marvin Hamlisch writes a theme for Pea Boywith David Ellner as Pea Boy, April 9, 1993
Mary Tyler Moore sings with David Lettermanfrom Mary's 1978 variety show
Matt Biesiada's Letterman videosYouTube
Max Headroom interviewJuly 17, 1986
McKayla MaroneyOlympic Silver Medalist, 8/15/12
Merrill Markoe receives the Paddy Chayefsky AwardYouTube, 2/01/20
Michele O'Callaghan: Three Tributesby Costas, Olbermann and Letterman
Midnight, and the kitties are sleeping...Dave singing, 1985
Nanci Griffith Collection1988-2005
New Catch Phrases Collection on Letterman, 1984-91by Don Giller
New Holiday ToysDave on a Razor® Dirt Quad, 12/18/13
Non-actor Paula Niedert on being the odd woman out in the Elliott, 7/11/18

Volodymyr Zelenskyy interviewNetflix on YouTube, 10/2022
NORM MACDONALD COLLECTION, in 5 parts! by Don Giller, the World's #1 Letterman Fan,
posted in 2019
Norm Macdonald: David Letterman InterviewNorm Macdonald Live, 7/25/17
Norm Macdonald Didn't Plan To Tear Up On Letterman  AWESOMELarry King Now, 7/31/15
Odd Dave Retrospective (goofy sayings and weird noises)YouTube, 4/16/15
Only So Much Oil in the GroundCBSO commercial break number
Oprah and Letterman: Legends talk it outCBSNewsOnline report
Oprah's Next Chapterclips from 1/06/13
Oprah's Next Chapter - unaired:, 1/06/13
Oprah's Next Chapter - unaired:, 1/06/13
Oprah's Next, 1/07/13

PAT FARMER COLLECTION: In honor of his retirement in July, 2018, all compliments of Don Giller  AWESOME

   • Pat Farmer's Retirement Party, August 2, 2018 - YouTube, 06:35
   • Pat and Kenny Read Oprah Transcripts on the Late Show, 1998-2011 - YouTube, 1:55:20
   • Pat Farmer's Late Show Highlights, 1994-2000 - YouTube, 1:34:37
   • Pat Farmer's Late Show Highlights, 2001-2015 - YouTube, 1:50:03
   • Stephen Colbert and David Letterman recognize Pat - Snapstream, 02:32

Paul McCartney's concert on the marquee  AWESOMECBS, 7/15/09

Paul and Victoria Shaffer: Pre-Grammys interviewYouTube, 1/25/14
Paul and Victoria Shaffer: Meet My Shelter Pet  AWESOMEYouTube, 10/16/13
Paul and Victoria Shaffer in a promo for the WMDB's record  AWESOME@funnyordie, 3/14/17
Paul Shaffer and Bill Murray: Happy Street (animated video)RHINO, YouTube, 3/08/17
Paul Shaffer and the WMDB, Webster Hall, NYC  AWESOMEBernie Worrell fundraiser, 4/04/16
Paul Shaffer and the WMDB with the Tonight Show band:
Late Night with David Letterman theme song
Tonight Show, 1988
Paul Shaffer and the WMDB with the Late Show band:
Ain't No Mountain High Enough
YouTube, 6/19/17
Paul Shaffer interview: Obama-Letterman FriendshipMSNBC, 2/09/18
Paul Shaffer interview  AWESOMEGeorge Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, 10/12/12  
Paul Shaffer interviewBillboard, 5/26/15
Paul Shaffer interview: 33 years with David LettermanCBS This Morning, 5/15/15
Paul Shaffer interview   OUTSTANDINGWTF with Marc Maron, 01:15, 3/27/17
Paul Shaffer interview: Jimmy Kimmel & Paul Shaffer's Talk Show in a TaxiJimmy Kimmel Live, 10/16/17
Paul Shaffer interviewWorld Cafe, NPR, 7/12/17
Paul Shaffer appearanceThe Masked Singer, YouTube, 12/05/19
Paul Shaffer interview with Ian HanomansingCBC's The National, 2/21/21
Paul Shaffer interview: writing Dave's Netflix theme song  NEWNetflix on YouTube, 2/03/18
Paul Shaffer's O Holy Night Collection on Letterman  NEWby Don Giller, 1983 - 92
Paul Shaffer's Radio Replay: My Girl  AWESOMEThe Grand Ole Opry, 9/26/17
Pete Fatovich: Free Stuff for Pete's Birthday  AWESOMEDonzTV, 9/24/93 & 7/08/96
Penn Jillette talks about his 2nd appearance on Late Night(cockroaches!) 5/25/15
  •  Psychics Collection on Letterman, Part 1 of 4: Lev Schneider
  •  Psychics Collection on Letterman, Part 2 of 4: Morris Fonte
  •  Psychics Collection on Letterman, Part 3 of 4: Animals
  •  Psychics Collection on Letterman, Part 4 of 4: Various

by Don Giller
Pucho Brown and the Latin Soul B.Biff's Theme!
Random Dave YouTube Videosa very nice assortment
Red Wanting Blue's "Letterman" photo essay for AliveColumbus Dispatch, Ohio
Letterman Bumps Regis Philbin Off the Showby Don Giller, 10/10/89
Letterman's First Visit to Regis and Kathie Leeby Don Giller, 10/05/92
Regis Philbin Ambushes Lettermanby Don Giller, 12/27/83
Regis Philbin and David Letterman Atop the Ed Sullivan Marqueeby Don Giller, 8/26/09
Regis Philbin Signs Books on Lettermanby Don Giller, 11/07/90
Regis Philbin Talks About LettermanCNN, with Don Lemon, 5/20/15
Regis Philbin's First Appearance on Lettermanby Don Giller, 5/26/83
Rig Rundown - Sid McGinnis, Will Lee and Felicia Collins  AWESOMEYouTube (26:58), 11/06/12
Rob Burnett plugs We Made This MoviePando Daily, 7/26/12
Rob Burnett tells about his awkward Letterman hiring dayVimeo, 8/21/12
Rodney Dangerfield eulogy, LSDL 10/06/04 [2248]YouTube, 10/06/04
Rupert Jee: Fun with Rupert Collection on Late Show1994-97
Rupert Jee Rolling Stone interview5/06/15
Rupert Jee shares his New York favorites in 25 wordsNYC Mayor's Office, 3/05/18
Rupert Jee's Favorite MomentsLETTERMAN YouTube channel
Sam Kinison stand-up8/09/89
Sandra Bernhard Collection, Part 1: '83 - '85  NEWby Don Giller
Sandra Bernhard Collection, Part 2: '86 - '88  NEWby Don Giller
Sandra Bernhard Collection, Part 3: '89 - '98  NEWby Don Giller
Sandy Skeen's Dave Videos  NEWYouTube / Stay tuned for more!
Scott Ryan interview  NEWThe Tom Gulley Show
Scott Ryan and Jill Goodwin interview  NEWArts in the City, 1/23/19
Selena Gomez and Dave made Justin Bieber cryLate Show site, 3/18/13
Selena Gomez made Justin Bieber cryClevverTV, 3/19/13
Seth Meyers: "If It Wasn't for David Letterman..."Late Night with Seth Meyers, 4/03/14
Staff Favorite Moments: Steve O'Donnell  AWESOMELetterman on Facebook, 2/01/22
Starland Vocal Band ShowEpisode 1, YouTube, 7/31/77
Stephen Colbert's 1st appearance on the Late ShowYouTube, 9/02/05
Stephen Colbert's 5th appearance on the Late ShowYouTube, 11/20/08
Stephen Colbert's 7th appearance on the Late ShowYouTube, 11/19/09
Stephen Colbert's 8th appearance on the Late ShowYouTube, 10/07/10
Stephen Colbert's 9th appearance on the Late ShowYouTube, 5/04/11
Stephen Colbert's 10th appearance on the Late ShowYouTube, 5/03/12
Stephen Colbert's 12th appearance on the Late ShowYouTube, 12/09/13
Stephen Colbert's 14th appearance on the Late Show YouTube, 4/22/14

Part 1 - 1980-1992   Part 2 - 1995-2003

Part 3 - 2005-2010   Part 4 - 2011-2015

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Steve Young interview with Trent Mabry  AWESOMEYouTube, 4/20/21
Steve Young: "19th Century Christmas"  AWESOMEInternet only, 12/15/13
Steve Young World  AWESOMELetterman bits written by Steve Young
Steve Young: "The Ballad of the Thanksgiving Turkey"  AWESOMELate Show staff dinner, 11/27/13
Steve Young: "Unsanitary Manger"  AWESOMEInternet only, 12/21/13
Steve Young interview   AWESOMEEverything's Turning Up Profits, 2/26/14
Steve Young introduces Steve O'Donnell for the WGA Herb Sargent Award
YouTube, 2/19/17
Super Bowl 50 (2016) Introduction Montage  AWESOMEwith Dave, Opie, Betty White and actual football players
Talkblahblah(unofficial) various Late Show interviews

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Thank you, Mr. LettermanWorldwide Pants sponsors the kids' Writopia Lab.
Thanksgiving Staff Dinners Compilationby Don Giller, YouTube
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The History of the Super Bowl  AWESOME1/29/14, written by Steve Young
The Late Show Online Cards, February to May 2015compliments of Don Giller - 2/26/20
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Todd Seda  AWESOMEYouTube channel
Todd Seda: Mercedes-Benz "Elf Driving" commercialDecember 2015
Tom "Bones" Malone interviewThe Sessions Panel, 1/17/19
Tom "Bones" Malone talks Blues Brothers  AWESOMETheNiteShowMaine, 11/20/16
Tom "Bones" Malone "Sweet Home Chicago"  AWESOMETheNiteShowMaine, 11/20/16
Tom Brokaw and Dave before Dave's last Late Night6/23/93
Tom Cruise's 1st Appearance8/10/88, by Don Giller
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Top Ten Lists Discussed by Gerard Mulligan & Steve YoungRandy Cohen's Person Place Thing Podcast, June 2015
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Top Ten Signs You're Spending Too Much Time Onlinecompliments of Don Giller - 5/20/98
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True Tales from the Old West compilation   AWESOME with Tim Thomerson
'Twas My Night at the Late Show  AWESOMEMarilyn Sargent, Dec. 2008
'Twas My Night at the Late Show  AWESOMEMarilyn Sargent, Dec. 2009
Victoria Lily Shaffer: The Scoop: Corgi Beach Day  AWESOMEThe Pet Collective, Aug. 2019
Victoria Lily Shaffer Is a Delight!  AWESOMELate Night Planet, 11/13/20
Viewer Mail Theme Collection on Late NightYouTube, 1988-1989
Warren Zevon - Late Show and much moreWarrenZevonAddict on YouTube
Warren Zevon - sitting in for Paul9/02/97
Warren Zevon - sitting in for Paul10/13/00
Warren Zevon - with Waddy Wachtel10/29/91
Warren Zevon - with the CBSO6/29/00
Warren Zevon - with the CBSO"Hit Somebody," 10/30/02
Warren Zevon eulogy by DaveSep. 8, 2003
Warren Zevon's last Late Show  AWESOME"Enjoy every sandwich."   10/30/02
Warren Zevon's first Late Night9/27/82
Wear a Mask  NEWby Steve Young and Hank Beebe, 6/16/20
Weekend Late Show Collection2011-13 (48 of 'em, by Don Giller, of course!)
What's Life Like for David Letterman After the Late Show?6/09/16
Why David Letterman Is Hilariousa video refresher course
Will Lee interview  AWESOME  NEWDom Famularo, The Sessions Panel, 3/03/19
Will Lee: Fab Faux promoYouTube, 5/20/13
Will Lee: "Fooled Him"YouTube, 8/24/13
Will Lee: "Get Out of My Life Woman"YouTube, 10/20/13
Will Lee: "Maybe I'm Amazed"for his niece's wedding, 12/18/12
Will Lee: meeting Hiram Bullock  AWESOMEan amazing tribute to Hiram
Will Lee: speaks about JackoYouTube, 10/20/13
Will Lee: videosa collection of videos featuring Will
With over 30 years of marriage, Chris Elliott and Paula Neidert
have some love advice for you, 2/07/18
Worldwide Pants shirt (frozen) vs. Mike Seidel of The Weather ChannelYouTube, 1/06/14
Worldwide Pants, Inc.licensing site (find videos)
Worldwide Pants, Inc.licensing site (home)
Would you like to buy a monkey?actors auditioning for Dave's Cabin Boy role
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YouTube Comedy Clips Playlist   DON'T MISS THIS.Late Show
YouTube Videos   DON'T MISS THIS, EITHER!Late Show
Carpet Remnants for HarryFeb. 3, 2015
Dave Goes to AmsterdamJan. 6, 2015
Dave's DogJune 9, 2014
Dave's Mom and RehearsalApril 2014
Driving Harry to SchoolNov. 2014
Inappropriate TouchingMay 13, 2014
Louie's and Ball StateSep. 23, 2014
Mom's Pies, Retirement Plans and CollegeFeb. 11, 2015
NASAMay 8, 2014
The Retiree and the Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceDec. 10, 2014
Bill Murray and Jimmy Kimmel Discuss LettermanThe Kennedy Center, 11/08/17
David Letterman at the Kennedy Center: Mark Twain Prize Ceremony, October 2017

  •  complete broadcast
  •  red carpet: Roy Wood, Jr. with Elliott, Biff, Kimmel, Shaffers, Walker, Kalter, Letterman, Franken
  •  I24 News: red carpet with Kimmel, clips of Dave hosting, Bill Murray, Al Franken...
  •  PBS: Dave with Paul Shaffer
  •  Washington Post: interview with Dave

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