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74,727 Late Show with David Letterman Images  NEW!Getty Images
About David LettermanBall State University  NEW!
Academy of Television Arts and SciencesScroll to see the Late Show Emmy Awards. FAQs, Part 1from 1996!  NEW! Official David Letterman Song Bookfavorites from the 1980s!  NEW!
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CBS Studio 50 - Ed Sullivan TheaterA look back at the historic theater
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David Letterman
David Letterman Biography© Indianapolis Star
David Letterman BiographyNNDB
David Letterman
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eBay David Letterman Offeringslink takes you straight to Letterman items
Episode Guides: Late / CBS Entertainment
Episode Guides: Late / CBS Entertainment
Google Images: David LettermanGoogle® has raided everyone's sites.
Google Video Search: Late Showseems to be just screen captures
IMDB: David Letterman filmography, guest appearances, etc.
IMDB: Late Night  (1982)Internet Movie Database listing
IMDB: Late Show  (1993)Internet Movie Database listing
IMDB: The David Letterman Show  (1980)Internet Movie Database listing
Late Night Shuffle (timeline)The New York Times
Late Night Guest Stars & Air Dates
Late Show Guest Stars & Air Dates
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LATE SHOW STATSa Flash infographic by Sofia Barlind
Late Show with David Letterman  NEW!topics on Pinterest, by Lisa Gilliam
Late Show with David LettermanThe Hollywood Reporter
Late Show with David Letterman
Laugh LinesThe New York Times
Letterman Bumperswith Marc Karzen, who created them!
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David LettermanWikipedia tickets, hotels, restaurants, attractions...The New York City Experts
Paul Shaffer Plus OneComing to AXS TV in September 2019
Phrases from Lettermanfrom Kraphead
Project - Free TVfree HD downloads of LSDL
Robert J. Halderman Plea Agreementsigned March 9, 2010 in New York - PDF format   
Rupert Jee on Wikipediabasic information
The Culture Wiki: Late Show with David
The Donz Blog  AWESOME Don Giller describes his path to logging every episode
The Late Night TV Page by Sue Trowbridge - guest line-ups
The Museum of Broadcast CommunicationsDavid Letterman
The Official David Letterman Song Bookon Late Show with David Letterman David Lettermanlinks to news stories Late Showlinks to news stories Late Night with David Letterman  NEW!(mini episode guide and clips) Late Show with David Letterman  NEW!(mini episode guide and clips)
TV Guide Late Show with David Letterman Articles   recent stories from TV Guide
Viewer Mail: The Donz Blog's introduction of the Viewer Mail database  NEW!by Don Giller, including download links
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Worldwide Pants IncorporatedWikipedia page
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Yahoo! Image Search: David Lettermanmany from celebrity appearances
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