Alan Kalterannouncer and assault victim
Aaron Heicksaxophone player, CBSO
Al ChezAl Chesnovitz, trumpet player, CBSO
Al Norwoodaudio boom operator
Andrea SandeLate Show model
Anna JackWill It Float? Hula Hoop Girl
Anton Figdrummer, CBSO
Art Kellyreceptionist and "Mike Singletary"
Barbara Gainesexecutive producer
Biff HendersonJames J. Henderson, Jr.: stage manager
Bill DeLacechief of security
Bill Scheftwriter and strike captain
Brian Donahuethe guy who beat up Alan Kalter
Brian TetaLate Show segment producer / exec. producer of The View
Bruce Kaplerformer saxophone player, CBSO
Calvert DeForestLarry "Bud" Melman
Chris Elliottretired writer and TV star!
Dan Fettermusic coordinator and assistant to Paul Shaffer
Darlene Loveour favorite musical guest!
Dave Dorsettlegendary retired cameraman
David Letterman filmography, guest appearances, etc.
Eddie Brillwarm-up comedian
Eric Stangelexecutive producer and tweeter extraordinaire
Felicia Collinsguitar player and vocalist, CBSO
Gabe Abelsonmonologue writer
Gary Mintzelectronic maintenance technician
George Clarkebuilding engineer, Ed Sullivan Theater
Gerard Mulliganretired writer and tweeter extraordinaire
Hal Gurneeretired director, Late Night
Harold Larkinhead carpenter
Jay Johnsoncreative director, digital media
Jerry Foleydirector
Jimmi SimpsonLyle the Intern
Joe Grossmanwriter
Johnny DarkCBS's oldest page
Jude Brennanexecutive producer
Justin Stangelexecutive producer and tweeter extraordinaire
Karin Grzellaboom camera operator
Kathleen Ankersproduction designer and NBC Bookmobile Lady
Ken Kenseithe Late Show's Akio Toyoda
Kenny SheehanLate Show stagehand and "Oprah Transcripts" star
Kiva KahlWill It Float? Grinder Girl
Late Night with David Letterman  (1982)main page for the show
Late Show with David Letterman  (1993)main page for the show
Louis J. Aronne, M.D.staff physician
Marc Karzenstill photographer / Letterman Bumpers
Margaret Hallshe got flowers from Alan Kalter in 2004 - 2005
Maria Popeexecutive producer
Michael Z. McInteeproduction assistant and publisher, Wahoo Gazette
Mujibur Rahmansalesman, K&L's Rock America
Nadine HennellyLate Show model and photographer
Pat Farmerhead stagehand and Oprah transcripts reader
Paul Shafferthe legendary musical director, CBSO and WMDB
Paul Shafferfilmography
Pete Fatovichretired associate director
Rick Scheckmanfilm coordinator
Rob Burnettexecutive producer
Rupert Jeeowner, Hello Deli
Sarah Billington Connellsegment producer
Sid McGinnisguitar player, CBSO
Sirajul Islamsalesman, K&L's Rock America
Sparky Mortimerabout 13 appearances, 1993 - 96
Steve Youngwriter and CelebriGum photographer
Sue Humcostume designer
The David Letterman Show  (1980)main page for the show
Tom Catusivideo technician
Tom "Bones" Malonetrombone player, CBSO and Blues Brothers star
Tony Mendezcue card boy and star of The Tony Mendez Show
Walter Kimcreative director, digital media
Will Leebass player and vocalist, CBSO, since 1982
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