Closing Credits
September 5, 2007

Executive Producers
Maria Pope
Barbara Gaines
Jude Brennan
Rob Burnett

Directed By
Jerry Foley

Supervising Producers
Jerry Foley
Matt Roberts

Eric Stangel
Justin Stangel
Sheila Rogers

Musical Director
Paul Shaffer

Head Writers
Eric Stangel
Justin Stangel

Michael Barrie
Jim Mulholland
Steve Young
Tom Ruprecht
Lee H. Ellenberg
Matt Roberts
Jeremy Weiner
Joe Grossman
Bill Scheft
Bob Borden
Frank Sebastiano
David Letterman

Coordinating Producer
Kathy Mavrikakis

Associate Producer
Nancy Agostini

Associate Directors
Randi Grossack
Jessica Santini

Executive Assistant To David Letterman
Mary Barclay

Music Segment Producer
Sheryl Zelikson

Segment Producer
Brian Teta

Production Manager
Paula Chagares

Unit Manager
Pam Narozny

Art Directors
Jason Kirschner
Diann Duthie

Costume Designer
Susan Hum
Teresa Snyder-Stein
Juliet Ouyoung

Assistant Costume Designer
Juliet Ouyoung
Teresa Snider-Stein

Talent Coordinators
Mike Buczkiewicz
Sarah Billington

Film Coordinator
Richard Sheckman

Production Coordinator
Michael McIntee

Writers' Segment Coordinators
Amy Hideriotis
Lorraine Galler

Head Talent Researcher
Kate Mullaney

Talent Researcher
Danielle Thomson

Writers' Researchers
Tom Foster

Writers' Assistant
Jill Goodwin

Production Associates
Sarah Eyde
Thea Kalcevic

Music Coordinator and
Assistant To Paul Shaffer
Dan Fetter

Talent Assistants
Ryan Williams
Jennifer Chapin

Assistant Talent Researchers
Molly McGuiness
Benjamin Fertig

Assistants To David Letterman
Susan Kolenovic
Joanna DeMartin
Stephanie Birkitt
Amanda McCall

Assistant To Rob Burnett
Susan Shreyar

Assistant To The Executive Producers
Kerry Whichello

Assistant To Jerry Foley
Kim Reynolds

Production Staff
Art Kelly
Eddie Valk
Chris Galetta
Paul Masella
Dawn Farina
Desiree Rodriguez

CBS Executive In Charge Of Production
Richard Reyes-Guerra

Operations Manager
Robert Fallor

Technical Directors
Tim Kennedy
Rita Chigas
Michael Carlucci

Lighting Designer
Stephen Brill

Lighting Director
Tim Stephenson

Kevin Rogers
Pierre DeLaforcade
Tom Hermann
Gary Kiffel
Pete Pelland
Al Norwood
Bob Savene
Larry Zinn

Post Production Engineer
Seth Mintz

Music Mixing Engineer
Harvey Goldberg

Bill White
Chris Halloran

Dave Dorsett
Nick Fayo
Karin Grzella
Steve Kaufman
George Rothweiler
Fred Shimizu
Jack Young

Electronic Graphics
Ron McGugins

Supervising Editor
Mark Spada

Jim Alkins
Andrew Evangelista
Steve Hostomsky
Thomas Catusi
Keith Debetham
Dava Whiseanant

Technical Support
Dan Campbell
John Moran
Wade Karlquist

Electronic Maintenance
Gary Mintz
Michael Azzarello
Luis Guillermo Palaez
Bradley Cheney

Stage Managers
Frank Comito
Biff Henderson
Eddie Valk

Graphic Art Director
Cheryl Hurni-Barwicki

Graphic Artists
Robin Winer
William Denahy

Outside Props
Ruth Siegel
Liana Capestani

Head Stagehands
Pat Farmer
Harold Larkin
Tom Richards

Scenic Artist
Barbara Taylor

Michele O'Callaghan
Amy Tagliamonti

Hair Sylist
John DiGioia

Wardrobe Supervisor
Natalie Fowles
Douglas Couture

For Video Cue, Inc.
Tony Mendez

Opening Sequence Created by
Jerry Foley

Late Show Musicians
Sid McGinnis
Will Lee
Anton Fig
Felicia Collins
Tom "Bones" Malone
Bruce Kapler
Al Chesnovitz
Paul Shaffer

Music Technical Coordinator
Michael Ferrante

Alan Kalter

Talent Coordinator/Audience Warm-Up
Eddie Brill

Executive In Charge
Of Audience Development
David Kay

Director of Page Development
Jennifer Ray

Director of Audience Recruitment
Bethany Williams

Audience Coordinators
Karen Cerna
Keith Ferguson
Jaimie Hughes
C. Drew Sutton
Lisa Weiner
Kate Neimeister

Page Supervisor
Meg Malinowski

Manager, Talent Travel
and Page Operations
Annette Guardabascio

WPI Administration
Janice Penino Hofman
Joe DeGeorge
Elizabeth Szoke
Dana Marano
Jeanine Kelly
Mary Kate O'Donnell
Chris Belair

Creative Directors, Digital Media
Jay Johnson
Walter Kim

Staff Physician
Dr. Lou Aronne

The CBS Orchestra and
CBS Mailbag are trademarks
of CBS Inc. and are used
under license from CBS Inc.

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purposes of the Berne Convention and all
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