Partial Closing Credits
February 22, 2013

Executive Producers
Barbara Gaines
Matt Roberts
Jude Brennan
Maria Pope
Eric Stangel
Justin Stangel
Rob Burnett

Directed by
Jerry Foley

Musical Director
Paul Shaffer

Supervising Producers
Jerry Foley
Kathy Mavrikakis
Nancy Agostini
Sheila Rogers
Brian Teta

Head Writer
Matt Roberts

Michael Barrie
Jim Mulholland
Steve Young
Lee H. Ellenberg
Eric Stangel
Justin Stangel
Jeremy Weiner
Joe Grossman
Bill Scheft
Jill Goodwin
Chris Belair
Jon Beckerman
Paul Masella
Matt Kirsch
David Letterman

Associate Directors
Randi Grossack
Jessica Santini
Louise Gallante

Technical Director
Tim Kennedy

Audio Supervisors
Kevin Rogers
Harvey Goldberg

The CBS Orchestra and
CBS Mailbag are trademarks
of CBS Inc. and are used
under license from CBS Inc.

Worldwide Pants Incorporated
is the author of this motion
picture for purposes of the
Berne Convention and all
laws giving effect thereto.
Unauthorized duplication,
distribution, exhibition or use
may result in civil liability
and/or criminal prosecution.

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