No. Name Position Height Class Hometown (Previous School)
1 Zyanna Walker G 5-8 RS Fr. Wichita / Louisville
2 Ja'Mia Harris G 5-11 RS Fr. Lancaster, TX (DeSoto HS)
3 Jaelyn Glenn G 6-1 Jr. Kansas City, MO (The Barstow School)
4 Serena Sundell G 6-1 Jr. Maryville, MO (Maryville HS)
5 Brylee Glenn G 5-11 Jr. Kansas City, MO (The Barstow School)
10 Mikayla Parks G 5-10 So. Norman, OK (Norman HS) (redshirt)
11 Taryn Sides G 5-6 Fr. Phillipsburg, KS (Phillipsburg HS)
12 Gabby Gregory G 6-0 Grad Tulsa, OK (Holland Hall Prep)
14 Rebekah Dallinger G 5-10 Sr. Sydney, Australia (Narrabeen Sports)
15 Heavenly Greer F 6-3 RS Jr. Phoenix, AZ (John R. Wooden HS)
21 Eliza Maupin F 6-3 So. Webster Groves, MO (Webster Groves HS)
30 Gisela Sanchez F 6-3 RS So. Barcelona, Spain (Segle XXI HS)
32 Imani Lester F 6-4 RS Fr. Raleigh, N.C. (N. Raleigh Christian Academy)
35 Alexis Hess F 6-1 Fr. Blandon, PA (Fleetwood Area HS) (redshirt)
50 Ayoka Lee C 6-6 Sr. Bryon, MN (Byron HS)

PINNED   Ayoka Lee's Career Points
K-State Women's Basketball's star center, Ayoka Lee, has 2,017 career points, as of 1/18/24. See Yokie's progress in the left-side links column on this page. (Look for K-STATE CAREER POINTS.) ••• The great Kendra Wecker finished as #1 in 2005, with 2,333 points. ••• 2,334 minus 2,017 = 317 points. ••• Dividing 317 by 12 remaining regular season games, we find that Yokie needs to average 26.5 points per game to become K-State WBB's all-time career scoring leader. This scoring average is without the scoring opportunities of the Big 12 postseason tournament, or any other postseason competition. Supposing K-State gets five postseason games, Yokie would need 18.7 points per game to be our all-time scoring leader. Regardless of the outcome, I know we all have tremendous appreciation for Ayoka Lee, the NCAA single-game points record holder (61 points)! (NCAA Record Book)

• • • • • • •
PINNED   Gabby Gregory Has 1,500 Career Points
Gabby Gregory reached 1,500 career points (counting OU and KSU) on December 6, during the 101-39 blowout of McNeese State. Now a well-deserved souvenir ball has been presented to Gabby - by Coach Mittie - at the Houston game. I think we all know that there are lots more points to come, and we're very pleased and fortunate that Gabby transferred to Manhappiness.

• • • • • • •
PINNED   Gabby Gregory Has a Baby Gap Goat Store! (updated)
Go to Gabby Gregory's Amazon Shop. (She'll get a commission.) Here's an important update, on Jan. 17: Regarding the Frankiezhou Home Goat Plush Toy - Lifelike 12", as of this moment, there are only 14 left in stock. (50+ have been sold so far.) Gabby has added at least three goats to her collection, including one baby goat that has screaming sound effects! I advise checking the details carefully for the critter you hope to order, to see how many are still available at the moment. Here's the new link, which is slightly different from the link originally given. Prices vary from about $11 to $26. (Have you ever bought a goat for less than that?) Some of the goaties have free delivery, into February.

You'll see three purple jerseys the Baby Gap Goat likes to wear. The jerseys are marketed as pet jerseys. They're about $25. Also, there's a gold chain, for when the Cats get 7 straight gaps. I got my Frankiezhou HomeFrankiezhou Home Goat Plush Toy on January 10, and the whole world is jealous of me now!

• • • • • • •

1/22/24   #4 K-State WBB Beats Baylor in Waco / 1st Time Since 2003!

1/22/24   K-State Women's Basketball: #4 in the AP Poll
Our favorite team's been rising in the polls, and is an impressive #4 (AP) this morning. Only one ranked team has a better record: #1 South Carolina. K-State would be 19 - 0, except for the 7-point loss to #5 Iowa (who they also beat by 7 points). Let's keep giving our team support, by way of a packed Octagon of Doom.

1/20/24   #7 - 7 K-State Women's Basketball is at the Top of the Big 12 Standings.
Here's the link to the standings. The Cats are first on the list, at 7-0, with Iowa State, 6-1, next in line. The Cats' overall record is 18-1. It'll be fun to see where the are in the AP and Coaches' polls on Monday and Tuesday. One thing that could work against moving even higher in the poll next week is TCU's forfeit, as the Big 12 notched up our record to 6-0 after the forfeit, but the NCAA left the overall record at 17-1. Still... after today's win... 18-1, 7-0 in the strong Big 12 Conference looks quite fine, doesn't it?
1/20/24   #7 K-State Women's Basketball 69, KU Poultry 58
K-State Women's Basketball had a solid 69-58 win vs. KU in the Octagon of Doom this afternoon. Here's a link to the highlights video. Unfortunately, I'm very sorry to report, we were without Ayoka Lee (with a recently-broken ankle), who is currently the Ann Meyers Drysdale National Player of the Week. The Cats have an 18-1 overall, 7-0 Big 12 season record, and are at #7 in both the AP and Coaches' polls this week. Here's a PDF link to my K-State vs. KU chart. You'll find other links - such as the box score - in my Media page.

Finally, KU coach Brandon Schneider opened his postgame comments with, "First, I want to compliment the K-State student section. I've been a head coach for 26 years, and I thought that was the best road student section of a game that I've ever been a part of, so credit to their students, credit to all involved. I'm sure they worked really hard to make that happen."

I can tell you this: Some K-State students camped out for front-row seats the night before the game. They came equipped with signs, and went out of their way to make a difference. Attendance in the Octagon of Doom for today's contest was officially 9,602!

1/19/24   Ayoka Lee: Sidelined with an Ankle Injury
K-State Women's Basketball reported the extremely sad news that apparently during the Texas game, Yokie got a small fracture in an ankle. She has already had an operation, but it will reportedly be around a month until she can play again. Life isn't fair. Yokie is... today... the Ann Meyers Drysdale National Player of the Week.

I know we all wish Yokie all the best as she recovers.

1/17/24   TCU Forfeits Today's Game vs. K-State
K-State Athletics announced today that TCU has declined to play the Cats, who had already arrived in Ft. Worth yesterday. Here is the corresponding announcement by TCU.

It's puzzling to figure out the state of affairs at TCU right now. Here's the box score vs. Houston, four days ago. As of today, TCU is 14-4 in their season, but with the forfeit, they've dropped to 1-5 Big 12. TCU played 10 players vs. Houston four days ago, and lost by only 11 points. Another piece to this story is that they have also canceled their game at Iowa State, three days from now. So... four days after 10 players took the court vs. Houston, they don't have enough to play a game? There may be more to this story than is being revealed. TCU's official Houston game recap mentions losing their point guard, Jaden Owens, in the first quarter. It also mentions that both teams scored equally in the 4th quarter.

We have learned that K-State will remain at 17-1 for the season, in keeping with NCAA policy, but the Big 12 has notched up the Cats' conference record to 6-0.

1/16/24   Ayoka Lee: Ann Meyers Drysdale National Player of the Week
Here's the exciting news from K-State Sports about this well-deserved honor for Yokie! (It's her fourth time to receive this recognition.) She averaged 20 points on a .667 FG%, 8 rebounds, 4.5 blocks, 1.5 steals and 1 assist in 31.5 minutes per game. She led the Big 12 in blocks per game, second in FG%, fifth in scoring and ninth in rebounding.

1/15/24   #7 Kansas State Women's Basketball
This morning, I've been refreshing the NCAA's AP Poll section for the update. The Cats' #7 ranking has been posted. South Carolina is still #1, with all 36 first-place votes. Iowa (who the Cats have beaten... and with the same 17-1 record as the Cats) has moved up to #2. Texas, 16-2, has dropped from #10 to #11, thanks to the Cats. Baylor, 14-2, who we'll play a week from today, has dropped from #4 to #12.
1/15/24   #12 K-State 61 - #10 Texas 58: 'We're Not Going to Lose This'
Just above, you'll see what Ayoka Lee proclaimed to her teammates during the intense contest in Bramlage Coliseum on Friday. Now it's the title of today's K-State Sports Extra by D. Scott Fritchen. (link)

I didn't know that the WBB Cats held UT to 30 points under their season average. Various details from the big win are in the paragraphs below, and the Sports Extra linked here is a must-read document, so enjoy!

1/13/24   Freshman Taryn Sides Makes Her Mark
Here's a real nice profile in the Manhattan Mercury, on our promising point guard. As is well-documented on this fan page, Taryn came to K-State with 2,166 high school points for Phillipsburg.
1/13/24   The Unstoppable Ayoka Lee
K-State Athletics recognized two achievements by Yokie, after today's win vs. Texas, with this Facebook post. On this day, she passed 2,000 career points, and became K-State's all-time blocks leader, with 283.
1/13/24   Kansas State 61, Texas 58: What a Game!
This was a big game, for many reasons. 1) #12 K-State has been so close to being an AP Top 10 team (#11), and Texas, with the same season record, is #10 currently. 2) The Cats went into this one with a 16-1 record, and 4-0 in the Big 12. 3) This may be the last time we ever play Texas in the Octagon of Doom. 4) Ayoka Lee walked onto the court today, certain to reach and exceed 2,000 career points. (She finished with 2017!)

It took me a long time to get to sleep the night before, simply because of the significance of everything above, but what a fine time we K-State fans had! At tipoff time, it was –1°F, with a wind chill factor of –19°F. Apparently a bunch of fans were equally excited, as attendance was an impressive 7,062.

Yokie had 21 points, Serena Sundell had 12, Jaelyn Glenn had 10 and Zyanna Walker had 9. Yokie shot 66.6% on FG, Zyanna shot 50% and Serena shot 44%. Yokie went 5-5 on FTs, and Serena was 4-4. Serena led with 5 assists, and Yokie had 10 rebounds. The refs got a whole lot of negative feedback from the crowd, as Yokie was fouled numerous times, among other mishaps. Yokie and Zyanna provided the player postgame press comments

We had frisbee doggies, and with a handful of minutes to play, we got Sandstorm! Thanks, Cats! Up next at home, we play the Squawks, on Saturday, January 20 at 1:00 P.M. Hey! Here's a profile on Zyanna Walker, and a special story in the Manhattan Mercury on Yokie reaching 2,000 points.

Here's Facebook video of the last 6 seconds of the 3rd quarter, when Serena Sundell either had a block - or rebound - under the basket. With exactly 5 seconds left on the clock, Zyanna Walker saw an opportunity, and took off running. Serena distracted the Texas players by taking three dribbles. She then threw what Jeff Mittie called a "70-foot pass" to Zyanna. With exactly 1.0 second left on the clock, Zyanna - who was probably three steps behind the arc - caught the textbook-perfect pass from Serena, by reaching up high.

Zyanna took one step, and released her shot with 0.2 seconds left in the quarter. The result was a beautiful three-pointer, that will be remembered throughout her career, a score of 46-45 at the end of the quarter, and a crowd that was beside themselves with joy. To conclude, Texas never tied - or got past - K-State after that 3rd-quarter play, and the final score was Cats 61 - Texas 58.

Here's the box score, and the official game recap.

1/11/24   Finding Different Ways to Win Games
D. Scott Fritchen latest K-State Sports Extra is the story of K-State digging in to beat a solid OU team, which came in 3-0 in the Big 12, and had a lead for a while. They were focused on Ayoka Lee, no doubt in part because Yokie laid an NCAA-record 61 points on them on January 23, 2022. Of course, another story line is that our star shooting guard, Gabby Gregory, transferred from OU to KSU.
1/09/24   Zyanna Walker: Finding Joy in Manhattan
D. Scott Fritchen has posted a real nice profile - a K-State Sports Extra, on Zyanna Walker from Wichita. She played for Louisville last year, then transferred to be a Cat. She was a four-star prospect, was ranked #15 in the nation by Prep Girls Hoops, and she was the 2022 Kansas Gatorade Player of the Year.
1/08/24   Yokie's the Big 12 Co-Player of the Week
Yes, she's done it again! Ayoka Lee has just collected her 7th Big 12 Player of the Week recognition... the same number as Wecker and Ohlde earned. If counting Freshman of the Week honors, Yokie has 19 in her collection. Yokie averaged 19.5 points in the week that included laying 27 points on Houston, and 12 points vs. UCF. That number almost equals her season average of 19.8 points per game. Add to that a .679 field goal percentage. Here's the announcement from K-State Sports.
1/08/24   Puzzled by the AP Poll
The latest AP poll is out. #12 Kansas State Women's Basketball (15-1, and #11 last week) has only one loss: to #3 Iowa (15-1), by 7 points. K-State also beat #3 Iowa in Iowa City, by 7 points. It's interesting that there are seven one-loss teams ahead of K-State in the poll, and none with more wins.   (AP Poll link)
1/06/24   Serena Sundell Passes 1,000 Points vs. UCF Today
Serena had 351 points as a freshman, and 501 points as a sophomore, so obviously she began 2023-24 with 852 points. With her 22 points this afternoon in Orlando, our outstanding junior point guard finished today with 1,014 points. I'm sure we all agree that she has many more points to come, and we're very fortunate that she's on our side!
1/03/24   K-State WBB Using Strong 2nd Halves to Power Them to Victory
K-State almost doubled the score (72-38) vs. Houston on Jan. 3. Along with that, the 3rd quarter score was 22-9, and the 4th quarter score was 21-5. There's been a pattern of the Cats putting the hammer down in the 3rd quarter, and this is the topic of this story in the Manhattan Mercury. (By the way, thanks much to the Mercury for having the full text of the article available to my computer's web browser. Most of the time of late, we've had to use our phones to read entire stories.) Coach Mittie said of the glorious victory, "It took 20 minutes to get a feel for (Houston's defense). We'd like to correct that sooner, but it was what it was."
12/28/23   Emilee Ebert Has Signed with Oklahoma State
I didn't see this one coming. Coach Jacie Hoyt, our former assistant coach, has signed Emilee Ebert mid-season. Here's OSU's announcement. Jacie recruited Emilee to K-State. As most everyone knows, Emilee was a Wildcat for four seasons. I personally always felt confident when she was on the court, and I wish her all the best down south! Finally, here's a related story in the Manhattan Mercury.
12/20/23   Ayoka Lee's First Three-Pointer for K-State
Yokie had her first three-point attempt and make of her K-State career vs. Southern tonight, and we have video! Yokie was straight behind the goal, about a foot behind the three-point arc, and completely unguarded. Credit Serena Sundell with the assist. The ball bounced a little bit, but found its way through the net, with 09:49 left in the second half. You can hear Yokie's comments on this milestone, as she and Brylee were chosen for the postgame press conference. Fans in the Octagon of Doom went nuts! Here's a story in the Manhattan Mercury that mentions Yokie's exciting play.

The Women's Basketball Media Guide for 2023-24 shows no prior 3FG attempts, and K-State's 2023-24 stats now show only one attempt for this season. As they say in show business, keep the hits coming!

12/19/23   Another Record for Yokie
The occasion was the visit from Oral Roberts WBB yesterday, when our WBB Cats laid 102 points on ORU. During the festivities, Ayoka Lee recorded 24 points (11 of 17 shooting) and a career-high 21 rebounds. This performance moved her into first place in K-State's career double-double chart, passing Hall-of-Famer Kendra Wecker. By the way... as documented here (in the left-side navigation column), Yokie is on a pace with scoring that could very reasonably leave her as K-State WBB's career points leader. She's currently in 4th place, behind Brittany Chambers, and needs to average 22.2 points per game to move to #1. Here's D. Scott Fritchen's K-State Sports Extra. Oh... by the way... Yokie's the reigning Big 12 Player of the Week.
12/19/23   Taryn Sides 'Always Dreamed of Doing This'
Coach Jeff Mittie discovered Taryn Sides in her freshman year of high school in Phillipsburg, and was immediately impressed. He saw that even then, she had the qualities that would make her a successful point guard. She'd go on to be All-State for four years. Taryn was a McDonald's All-American nominee this year, and she finished her career with 2,166 points, as well documented on this fan page. Now, as you can see just below, on December 16, Taryn was leading Division I in assist-to-turnover ratio. Her impact in her sixth week as a Wildcat has prompted D. Scott Fritchen to visit with her for today's K-State Sports Extra. We're very fortunate to have her here, and there will be lots more good news about Taryn.
12/18/23   Ayoka Lee: Big 12 Player of the Week + a K-State Record for Yokie
There are multiple recognitions for K-State's own Ayoka Lee today. Allow us to present your Big 12 Player of the Week, as reported by K-State Sports and the Big 12 Conference.

Also, in our WBB Cats' 102-59 victory vs. ORU, Yokie set K-State Women's Basketball's double-double record, previously held by K-State Hall of Famer Kendra Wecker. (ORU game recap)

12/16/23   Taryn Sides is #1 in the Country in Assist-to-Turnover Ratio
This fun fact was announced by Taryn's former team, Missouri Phenom. Here's the Twitter link. The North Florida game box score shows Taryn with 9 assists and 1 turnover in the game. K-State Women's Basketball's Individual Season Stats page shows Taryn with 47 assists and 7 turnovers. The NCAA WBB Stats Site has Taryn leading Division I with 38 assists and 6 turnovers, but if you add her 9-to-1 (a 6.33 ratio) from Dec. 16, that equals K-State's numbers. Stay tuned for more good news about Taryn!
12/11/23   A Sports Extra for Serena Sundell: "A Special Homecoming"
D. Scott Fritchen penned a K-State Sports Extra, focused on Missouri native (and a past Miss Show Me) Serena Sundell, visiting St. Joe, which is 40 miles straight south of Maryville, her hometown.
12/09/23   Kansas State Wins the Bill Snyder Classic
The occasion, this Dec. 9, was the Bill Snyder Classic in St. Joe... the first of at least two contests between Kansas State and Missouri, held in St. Joe. The Legend, Bill Snyder, was born in St. Joe, and Coach Jeff Mittie, who was born in Blue Springs, spent some earlier years there. Somehow Coach Mittie and MU's Coach Robin Pingeton cooked up the idea of a classic. Who better to name it for than K-State hero, Bill Snyder? (Yes, Walter Cronkite - as well as my sister and brother - were born in St. Joe also, but they weren't involved with sports.) Coach Snyder set aside his usual gold tie for this event, probably because MU's colors are gold and black.

What a game! AP #13 K-State (now 9-1) won, 84-56. Coach Mittie subbed in all available players, before the game ended. (Unfortunately, Rebekah Dallinger had a boot on, and couldn't play.) Q3 started with a 23-6 run! The combined score of Q2+Q3 was 55-22, in favor of the Cats. (That's the Wildcats... not the Tiger cats.)

This was nice for K-State players, because Jaelyn and Brylee Glenn are from Raymore, Serena Sundell is from Maryville, and Eliza Maupin is from Webster Groves. Reportedly about 100 fans from Serena's native Maryville came to cheer for her, although in this Twitter video hosted by Rebekah Dallinger, Serena reported that 2,000 from Maryville would be in attendance. I'm sure it was at least 1,000. A fun fact is that Manhattan, Kansas is 101 miles from St. Joe, Missouri, while Columbia, Missouri is 146 miles from St. Joe.

Finally, K-State Basketball's new assistant coach, the Gap Goat, (who is held up above the bench each time the team attains 3 straight defensive stops) eventually got to put on the gold chain, which signifies 7 or more sets of 3 defensive stops. You'll see Coach Snyder (who needs no introduction) holding the Gap Goat in the picture.

Finally, Part 2: After watching videos of Gabby's introduction to the Gap Goat, we've learned that he's a boy.

game recap     box score    photos

12/06/23   Promise: Taryn Sides Playing Key Minutes for #13 Kansas State
The Manhattan Mercury has a real nice feature on our star freshman, Taryn Sides, who is getting significant playing time at guard for our WBB Cats. Hey! See the McNeese State links, Dec. 6 / just below, to watch video of Taryn's amazing behind-the-back pass to Zyanna Walker in the McNeese State blowout! Taryn is going to have big-time contributions to our teams, and she's sure off to an impressive start with her talented teammates. (You may have better luck reading this article with your phone.)

12/06/23   #13 K-State 101, McNeese State 39
Here's the recap from the Collegian, K-State demolishes McNeese State. Watch for more in my Media Page. ALSO... this impressive victory resulted in a K-State Sports Extra, "Showing Off the Depth of the Roster."

Wait a minute! Have I mentioned Taryn Sides' awesome behind-the-back pass in the lane to Zyanna Walker, who got a layup? It came in Q3, after a steal by Imani Lester. Look for it at 01:37 in the highlights.

Look how the Cats prevailed in some stats categories (KSU/McNeese): FG%: 52-26, FTs: 14 of 17 to 4 of 8, rebounds: 58-27, assists: 29-6.

12/05/23   Gabby and Serena: "Burning Questions"
I just found this fun mini-interview (dated October 17). It was probably for a media day, as the microphone belongs to KMBC-TV 9, in KCMO. First, Gabby Gregory tells about her little white cat, Peaches. Then Gabby interrogates Serena J. Sundell on her favorite roommate. Peaches? Gabby? Rebekah Dallinger? The four are rooming together this school year... so far, anyway. (Facebook interview link)

12/01/23   Women's Basketball Destroys Jackson State in Blowout Game
This game recap, by Collegian sports writer Khalia Woods, is a fun one to read. It's the tale of a 42-point victory over a team that Coach Jeff Mittie warned the media before the game could be quite a handful. I believe that every player on the roster saw action, and a noteworthy aspect was Ayoka Lee ascending to 4th place in K-State WBB's all-time career points chart.
12/01/23   Wildcats' True Potential Transcends Early Season Success
Here's a lengthy half-page feature by Collegian sports editor Luke Lazarczyk. It includes a status report on the early season results, and very interesting comments by several players. The story was posted early on the day of the WBB Cats' 79-37 outcome vs. Jackson State today. Also, there's a 2200-pixel color photo of the Gap Goat. Don't miss it!
11/30/23   Serena Sundell: Playing with Confidence
D. Scott Fritchen's K-State Sports Extra today is an update on K-State's awesome junior point guard, Serena Sundell. Are you voting once per day at HerHoopStats for national awards for Serena (point guard), Gabby (shooting guard) and Yokie (center)? You have to vote for someone in each of the five categories, but you can find someone to click on for the small forward and power forward categories, so your votes for K-State candidates are counted.

The point of this feature on Serena today is an added emphasis on scoring, in addition to her excellent ability to distribute the ball. Serena told D. Scott, regarding the recent games in Florida, "There were times prior to the tournament when I had open shots, and I wanted to pass, and wasn't even looking to score. Knowing I'm a threat to score more is going to make the team better, because the defense has to guard me."

D. Scott reports that Serena now has 926 career points and 390 assists, and writes, "It's been a steady climb for Sundell, who ranks second in school history in career assists per game (5.13) and fourth all-time in assist-to-turnover ratio (1.67)."

Check Serena's 2023-24 stats right here. To reinforce the points above, Serena's points totals in games this season are (in date order): 5, 4, 7, 3, 21, 16 and 18. We're very fortunate to have her at K-State!

11/26/23   Full Bellies and Warm Hearts
"What on earth," you ask? I believe the site is a restaurant, while the WBB Cats are/were in Ensero, Florida. Here's a Twitter video link. It's kind of a fun get-acquainted activity.
11/26/23   K-State to the Gulf Coast Showcase finals via a win vs. North Carolina
Here's the recap of a nice win vs. UNC, setting the stage for yet another encounter with #5 Iowa, after a nationally-reported victory 10 days ago. #16 K-State improved to 6 - 0. We all know Iowa is good, and they'll be on red alert. It will be fascinating to see what happens. As of this moment, the final photos, highlights, etc. from the UNC win haven't been posted. You can keep an eye on them via my Media page.

I thought it was fun that the Cats held Lexi Donarski, who deserted Iowa State earlier this year, to a mere 9 points and a 25% FG performance (in 37 minutes of play). Lexi didn't have any objection to flopping a few times during the contest. It was also fun that our hero, the Gap Goat, made an appearance at least once.

11/22/23   Meet the Goat: the Alleged Key to WBB's Defensive Success
There's a lengthy feature in the Manhattan Mercury about the Gap Goat... the stuffed mascot who occupies a seat behind the team's bench, waiting to be handed to a player who registers three defensive stops in a row. Today's story is quite detailed. If you attempt to read it via a computer, you may only get two sentences (compared to the newspaper version). I got the complete story by using my iPhone.

11/21/23   Ayoka Lee: AP National Player of the Week
Yes... that is correct. K-State's own Ayoka Lee has now collected her second National Player of the Week recognition (this week). We wonder how many more National POW awards she'll collect in the next few days. Here's the announcement from the Associated Press.
11/21/23   Ayoka Lee: Ann Myers Drysdale National Player of the Week... Again!

For the third time in her K-State career, the great Ayoka Lee is the National Player of the Week, as designated by the United States Basketball Writers Association (USBWA).

In the games vs. #2 Iowa and Wisconsin, Yokie averaged 21 points on a .600 FG%, 8.5 rebounds, 2.5 blocks, 1.0 steals and 0.5 assists. This season, she's averaging 22.0 points on a .632 FG%, 8.5 rebounds and 2.5 blocks. (announcement)

11/21/23   Sports Extra: A Good Week for the Wildcats
In today's K-State Sports Extra, "A Good Week for the Wildcats," D. Scott Fritchen documents the details of the victory at #2 Iowa, vs. the defending national champions. As of yesterday, our favorite team is #16 in the AP Poll. The encore was a decisive win at home vs. Wisconsin, 75-57. As a result, K-State's own Ayoka Lee is Big 12 Player of the Week (as mentioned below)!
11/20/23   Look who's ESPN's Team of the Week!
I found this graphic on a K-State WBB Facebook account.

11/20/23   Ayoka Lee: Big 12 Player of the Week... Again!

Yokie had a quite a productive visit to Iowa City, to contribute to the W vs. #2 Iowa. She produced her 51st career double-double, with 22 points on 9-of-14 shooting. Add to that 12 rebounds and two blocked shots.

Then Wisconsin visited the Octagon, and Yokie had a team-high 20 points on 9-of-16 shooting, as well as 5 rebounds and 3 blocked shots.

Randy Peterson and staff report that Yokie is fifth on the K-State career points list, with 1,749, and she's fifth in career rebounds, with 921. She is third in career blocks, with 245. In 2023-24 so far, she's averaging 22.0 points on a 63% FGA, 8.5 rebounds and 2.5 blocks. Here's the stats site for K-State Women's Basketball.

Our pals in the Big 12 office took notice, and have announced that Yokie's the Big 12 Player of the Week! Also, here's the announcement from K-State Sports.

Hey! Are you voting every day for Yokie (center), Gabby (shooting guard) and Serena (point guard) in the You can vote once per day. There are five categories, and you have to vote for someone in each category, so I just click on some random player for the other two awards. It only takes about a half minute to do, but after making your selections, you have to do the "I'm not a robot" steps.

11/16/23   K-STATE WBB 65, #2 IOWA 58
Our K-State Cats outscored Iowa 23-14 in Q4, leading to an exciting victory. There's going to be all kinds of coverage of this epic win. It was one year ago tomorrow that K-State beat Iowa by 1 point in the Octagon of Doom. Later, Iowa played in the national championship game. I'll try to have a bunch of links to stories of this game in my media page. Don't miss K-State's official recap of the game. Here's a link to the recap from the Collegian. Finally, here we have Iowa's brief official recap.

Here are some links to fun Tweets, etc. This win is getting national attention!

11/11/23   Gisela Sanchez gets an article in the Manhattan Mercury
Here's an in-depth story on Gisela's path to K-State, her recovery from an ACL injury over the past year, and playing for the national team in her native Spain for a second summer. Gisela is definitely contributing whenever she's on the court, and fans are very impressed. The full story doesn't display on my computer, but somehow it does on my iPhone. (Manhattan Mercury link)
11/08/23   Finley Ohnstad Is Signed!
On July 22, 2022, I reported here that Finley Ohnstad from Minnesota had received an offer from Coach Mittie. On Oct. 20, 2022, Finley committed to K-State. I couldn't wait to announce the good news! Here's the official announcement from K-State. Coach Mittie describes her as versatile, and says she could be "a big guard to a small forward."

11/07/23   Alexis Hess and Mikayla Parks Will Redshirt
Jeff Mittie has announced that freshman Alexis Hess and sophomore Mikayla Parks will be redshirts for 2023-24.
11/06/23   Gisela Sanchez: K-State Athlete of the Week
I never saw this until Nov. 20, but here's the announcement! When playing Pittsburg State, Gisela had 13 points, and shot 75%.
11/03/23   K-State Triumphs vs. Pittsburg State in Exhibition Game
Along with a 79 - 65 victory, Cat fans got to celebrate the return of the great Ayoka Lee, and witness the first K-State points of Taryn Sides. Here's a recap from the Collegian.
11/01/23   Gabby Gregory 'can't wait' to play with Ayoka Lee
Here's a story in the Manhattan Mercury, about the ever-positive Gabby Gregory. You won't find much of it via a computer, but for some reason, bringing stories from the Mercury via your phone works just fine.
10/26/23   After a Year Delay, the Lee-Gregory Duo Nears Emergence
Collegian Sports Editor Luke Lazarczyk and newly-selected K-State Ambassador Avery Johnson have posted a nice update (with video) on having Yokie and Gabby available this WBB season. (link)
10/26/23   Serena Sundell has 'found her voice'
K-State WBB's Serena Sundell, an impressive contributor over her first two seasons, has been considering new ways to lead. Certainly she has been a very valuable part of her teams this past two years, as evidenced by her nomination to the Nancy Lieberman Point Guard Award watch list this fall. (Vote Daily Here!) Serena is also Preseason All-Big 12 Honorable Mention.

Here's the link to a story in the Manhattan Mercury that has her thoughts on leadership.

10/26/23   PINNED: Vote for Yokie, Serena and Gabby
We can vote once per day in the Women's Hoophall Awards. We must cast a vote in each of five categories.

  • Serena Sundell is up for the Nancy Lieberman Point Guard Award.
  • Gabby Gregory is up for the Ann Meyers Drysdale Shooting Guard Award
  • Ayoka Lee is up for the Lisa Leslie Center Award
10/23/23   Serena Sundell's Interview with KSNT TV
Lainey Gerber, KSNT Sports Anchor, has just posted an interview with Serena... a preview of the upcoming season. Here's the story headline, and here's a video of the interview. As a result of two very fine seasons, our junior point guard has gotten the honor of Preseason All-Big 12. / I'm sorry about this. The video link above doesn't work directly, at least, on my web browser, but it comes up perfectly on my iPhone. I've tried every trick I can think of. Good luck!

10/20/23   Ayoka Lee Named to the Leslie Award Watch List
It was announced today by K-State Sports that our hero, Ayoka Lee (holder of the NCAA record of 61 points in a game) will be considered for the Lisa Leslie Award for 2023-24. This award is focused on centers. Yokie was a finalist for the award in 2021-22, but was unable to play in 2022-23.
10/17/23   K-State WBB: RV in Preseason Coaches' Poll
The Division I WBCA Poll, released today, has the Cats receiving votes, and at #34. Stay tuned. There's more to come!
10/10/23   K-State Announces WBB Broadcast Schedule
It's starting to get real! (announcement link)
10/10/23   Peyton Williams Begins Fourth Season Overseas
Here's the link!
10/05/23   K-State in the Top 5 of the Preseason Poll
Here is K-State's Announcement of our standing in the poll that's linked just below.
10/04/23   K-State #4 in the Big 12 Preseason Poll
Today the Big 12 released the 2023-24 preseason poll. Texas came in in at #1, Baylor's #2, and the Squawks are #3. Big 12 coaches cast the votes. Newcomers Houston, Cincinnati and Central Florida occupy the last three positions.
10/04/23   @catfan28's Preseason Big 12 WBB Poll
Brad Doebele, @catfan28, is an excellent source for information on K-State Women's Basketball on Twitter. I don't believe he has elaborated on his evaluation at this point, but here's the link. (sneak peek: KSU WBB is #2.) I believe that K-State's going to have some fine success in 23-24, and I'm looking forward to getting back in business! Thanks, Brad!
10/04/23   Ayoka Lee, Gabby Gregory and Serena Sundell: Preseason All-Big 12
The Big 12 Conference announced today the 2023-24 Preseason All-Big 12 Team. Ayoka Lee and Gabby Gregory (a unanimous selection) were named to the team of 11 players, and Serena Sundell is Honorable Mention. Here's K-State's announcement.

K-State reported that, "This is the first time since the 2003-04 season in which K-State placed two players on the Preseason All-Big 12 team, when Kendra Wecker and Nicole Ohlde earned the distinction together." Be sure to have a look at all the extra information that Randy Peterson and staff have on K-State's honorees.

Gabby is the Big 12's top returning scorer, and she set personal career season highs in every statistical category (scoring, rebounding, assists and steals).

Yokie, prior to unavailability because of her injury, was a First or Second Team All-American by multiple sources. She's 9th in scoring in K-State history, 6th in rebounds, 3rd in blocks, 6th in field goals made, and sixth in free throws made! And... let's be sure to mention that Yokie holds the NCAA WBB record for most points in a game, at 61. (but you knew that)

Serena produced career season highs in scoring (501 points), FG (157), FG%, FT, RB, blocks and steals. Serena's season assists were 6th-most in KSU WBB history. Quoting WBB, "With her two-season total of 852 points and 360 assists, Sundell is the first Wildcat in program history to register 850 or more points, and 350 or more assists by the conclusion of the sophomore season."

Do you have your season tickets ordered?

9/29/23   Yokie's Back!
Today's Manhattan Mercury has a happy story about our hero, Ayoka Lee, being able to return to practice. She'll be a sixth-year senior. Yokie's absence last season was sad for all of us. It doesn't even need to be mentioned how much we appreciate her. Maybe Coach Mittie shouldn't start her for the first home game, but sub her in after a couple of minutes, so we fans can all give her a proper welcome back! Here's the story.
9/29/23   Great Depth Gives Mittie One of His Most Talented Teams
Here's a must-read preseason look at the WBB Cats, who apparently have everyone healthy for 2023-24. Luke Lazarczyk is doing a tremendous job as sportswriter for the Collegian. I highly recommend anything published with his name on it. There are lots of quotes from Coach and various players. Don't miss it! (story link)

9/28/23   ESPN Has K-State WBB at #24 in a Preseason Poll
This is posted by Charlie Creme himself. He's calling this the Way Too Early Top 25.
9/27/23   The NCAA has posted a nice team photo
The Twitter account @MarchMadnessWBB posted a must-see team photo today. (Click to enlarge.)

9/26/23   K-State Announces Complete 2023-24 Schedule
With all the activity of the Big 12 in recent weeks, the final arrangements obviously took a while, but now they're in place. (2023-24 schedule story) We begin on Nov. 3, with an exhibition game vs. Pittsburg State, and three days later, Nov. 6, Presbyterian will come calling from Clinton, S.C. (schedule link)
9/14/23   Zyanna Walker and Imani Lester Find Culture Fit at K-State
Here's a nice story in the Collegian - by Khalia Woods - about two of our new players. Both Zyanna and Imani transferred from Louisville. (story link)
9/12/23   Gisela Sanchez: A Positive Experience to Build Upon
D. Scott Fritchen has just posted a real nice update on Gisela Sanchez, our 6' 3" redshirt sophomore forward for the Cats. She was unable to play in 2022-23, because of an injured knee, but we're happy to report that she's doing well, and had an awesome summer experience with Spain's 2023 FIBA U20 Women's European Championship team, as they played in Lithuania. Her team from Spain won the bronze medal. (Sports Extra link) Also, Gisela says her knee is fine now. She gives credit for the caring individuals associated with K-State Women's Basketball, which is certainly no surprise.
8/30/23   Tickets Are on Sale for the Bill Snyder Basketball Classic
Here's a post from K-State Sports regarding the event in downtown St. Joe, on December 9. The Cats will be playing Missouri, of all people. Here's a direct link for tickets, which Firefox claims is not configured properly.
8/08/23   Gisela Sanchez / Spain take 3rd in the 2023 FIBA U20 Tournament
This was announced by the Manhattan Mercury on August 8. The online version has not been posted yet.
8/07/23   Special Mention for K-State on the WBCA Academic Honor Roll
K-State Sports announced today that the Cats' team GPA received special mention. To be exact, the team's GPA for 2022-23 was 3.297. There were seven Academic All-Big 12 honors and two College Sports Communicators (CSC) Academic All-District honors.
8/06/23   Gisela Sanchez Finished FibaU20 with Impressive Numbers
Jeff Mittie tweeted Giselas final numbers, including 2nd in 3FGs, at 47%, Top 10 in FG%, 3 FGs made and efficiency.
8/03/23   K-State to Play in a Florida Tourney on Thanksgiving Weekend
The dates are Nov. 24 - 26, with competition in Estero, Florida. First up will be Western Kentucky, early on Nov. 24. Then it'll be either North Carolina or Vermont. Here's the story from the Manhattan Mercury.
8/02/23   Spain to the Quarterfinals of the U20 Women's European Championship
Randy Peterson reported that Gisela Sanchez, playing for Spain, had 7 points (with 2-of-2 on 3FGs) and 3 rebounds in their win today. Spain will play Israel on August 4. We can watch on YouTube. Thanks to RandyPeterson12 for the update tweets!
7/30/23   Gisela Sanchez Is Playing for Spain
Gisela is on a FIBA U20 Women�s European Championship team. Coach Nick reports that today, in the victory over Sweden, Gisela had 11 points, 5 rebounds an assist and a steal. (Twitter link)

Update: Randy Peterson tweeted on August 1 that after three games, Gisela is averaging 10 points and 4 rebounds for Spain. Her team will play Belgium on August 2, in the Round of 16.

7/28/23   WBB Freshman Vying for Playing Time
There's an interesting story in the Manhattan Mercury about the competition for time on the court next season.. certainly considering the number of guards on the team.

High school star Taryn Sides (with her 2,166 points) joined the team in June. As one of the Cats' coaches told me, "She doesn't miss." Taryn is the #15 all-time HS scorer in Kansas. Then we have the trio of Serena Sundell, Brylee Glenn and Jaelyn Glenn, who usually started. In addition, there's the very promising Alexis Hess. This is a must-read story.

7/24/23   Mittie Expects K-State to Be Deep in 2023-24
Coach Mittie told the Manhattan Mercury that this season's cats will be the deepest in his 11 years at K-State. (link.
6/30/23   Brad Doeble / @catfan28's All-Time Kansas High School Girls Scoring List
For the latest list, click here. K-State Hall-of-Fame member Laurie Koehn is #2 on the list, with 3,160 points. Hall of Famer Shalee Lehning is #5 on the list, with 2,510 points. The great Kendra Wecker is #8, with 2,305 points. Taryn Sides, who arrived in Manhattan on June 3, is #15, with 2,166 points.

Brad, @catfan28, asks that if we know any of the 735 on the list, we retweet his post. I certainly appreciate the information and recognition that Brad provides!

6/27/23   Gabby Gregory Interviewed by WIBW-TV
Vince Lovergine of WIBW interviewed Gabby Gregory today. The second-highest scorer in the Big 12 last year (with 648 points) tells why she chose K-State for her transfer, and why she came back for an encore season. I have the highest appreciation for her, and it's easy to see the joy with which she plays. She's great with fan interaction, too.

6/04/23   Taryn Sides Arrives in Manhappiness
Saturday, June 3 was the big day, as Taryn moved into her campus apartment. She's officially a Wildcat! Here's the Welcome Home announcement tweet, as well as a hi-res photo in front of the Jardine Tower, with her mother, Robin, Coach Nick, Coach Mittie, Coach Ebony, Coach Ebony and Coach Staci.
5/19/23   Taryn Sides: Track Star!
Sports in Kansas (@sportsinkansas) reports that Phillipsburg won the 3A Regional in track today. Their 4x4 ran a PR of 4:04.70, taking first. The relay team was Kayla Jacobs, Trinitti Gross, Taryn Sides, and Heather Schemper. (link)
5/18/23   Staci Gregorio: New Assistant Coach
K-State's own Staci Gregorio has been promoted to assistant coach, after four years with the team. This is awesome news. She has been Coordinator of Recruiting Operations, Skill Development Coach, and Director of Video Operations for K-State WBB (but you knew that)!

It was also announced today that Katie Falco has joined the program, after many years of coaching. She will serve as Recruiting Coordinator. Here's KSU WBB's announcement.

5/11/23   Jaelyn and Brylee Glenn: Growing Together
It was a happy day for K-State Women's Basketball when Jaelyn and Brylee, the pride of Raymore and The Barstow School, signed as Cats. Both committed to K-State on 1/20/19. Jaelyn signed on 11/11/20. Brylee also signed on 11/11/20.

Today, D. Scott Fritchen's latest K-State Sports Extra, Growing Together, is a look at their accomplishments, their academic achievements (both All-Big 12 honorees this semester), and what the next season may bring.

5/10/23   Yokie and Friends Are Going Camping!
This just in: K-State's own Ayoka Lee (with the assistance of Gabby Gregory, Serena Sundell and Brylee Glenn) will have day camps on June 2, in Shawnee. There's a session for 1st- to 5th-graders in the morning, and for 6th- to 8th-graders in the afternoon. The location is Okun Fieldhouse 20200 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, KS.

The cost for this experience is a mere $125.00, and... you get to visit the home town of superstar Volleycat Loren Hinkle (DETAILS)

5/03/23   K-State WBB Will Play MU in the Bill Snyder Classic on Dec. 9
It was announced that K-State will play Big 12 defectors MU in St. Joe, Bill Snyder's hometown, seven long months from now. It will be the first installment of what I assume will be an annual gathering of the Bill Snyder Classic. (K-State announcement) I'd never heard of the Civic Arena, the site of the Classic, as it was opened in 1980... 10 years after I left the St. Joe area for K-State. Hey... let's pack the place. K-State is 100 miles from St. Joe, and Columbia is 146 miles southeast.
5/02/23   Introducing Our #24 Kansas State Wildcats!
D. Scott Fritchen has posted a fun report. I'm not familiar with ESPN's Too-Early Top 25, but that's our topic! There's strong optimism about K-State WBB for 2023-24, certainly in part because of the return of Ayoka Lee, but also related to other excellent players. How about if I just quote ESPN?
"With guard Gabby Gregory and her 18.5 PPG returning for her bonus year, and personnel losses for Duke and Oregon, the Wildcats move into the rankings. Gregory leads a deep and talented backcourt, along with Serena Sundell, Jaelyn Glenn and Brylee Glenn. If 6-6 center Ayoka Lee, who missed this season following knee surgery, is healthy and returns to her 2022 form, in which she averaged a double-double, the Wildcats could even challenge for a Big 12 Title. Previous rank: NR"
5/02/23   Brian Ostermann: Positive Comments About K-State as He Starts at Emporia
Landon Reinhardt of KSNT-TV interviewed Coach Brian Ostermann today. Coach predicts that with Yokie back, they will be very competitive in the Big 12, and may win it. On leaving, he said, "You don't stay because of players and you don't leave because of players. You leave because of opportunity, and you leave because doors are open. And those doors are opened by God a lot of times." I wish him well. Oh... here's the Twitter link.
4/28/23   Coach Ostermann to Emporia State

It was announced today that Associate Head Coach Brian Ostermann has accepted the head coach position at Emporia, for his 35th season as a college coach. He has been at Missouri Western and TCU with Jeff Mittie. Coach O. recruited Ayoka Lee!

Over his nine years at K-State, I have considered him a very valuable asset for our program. He has been well-respected, is approachable, has a wealth of experience, and obviously the Emporia A.D. agrees. As a fan, I'm thankful for his years with us, and wish him a great experience down south.

4/27/23   Why are players leaving Iowa State?
In my 53 years as a K-State fan, I've always been for a K-State win vs. Iowa State, no matter what sport, but I never disliked them as fans or a school. Of late, I've definitely been a fan of Emily Ryan and Lexi Donarski (who has entered the transfer portal, and will be joining North Carolina. Emily is staying with Iowa State. (She was making visits to K-State WBB, and we thought we had her, but something about Iowa State... probably in no small part because of their excellent fan support... lured her away from us.)

Iowa State finished 3rd in the Big 12 standings, and had a solid 22-10 overall record. Here are some thoughts about what's going on up there.
  • Des Moines Register: Why are players leaving Iowa State?
  • Iowa State Daily: The tides are shifting for Iowa State
  • ESPN: Lexi Donarski enters portal
  • Heartland College Sports: Iowa State's Instability

4/26/23   K-State Has 7 Academic All-Big 12s
K-State student-athletes to earn Academic All-Big 12 First Team honors are: junior Rebekah Dallinger (human development and family science), senior Emilee Ebert (human development and family science), sophomore Brylee Glenn (business management), junior Taylor Lauterbach (psychology) and sophomore Serena Sundell (business management).

On the Academic All-Big 12 Second Team are: sophomore Jaelyn Glenn (business management) and redshirt sophomore Heavenly Greer (human development and family science). (K-State announcement)

4/24/23   Taryn Sides and Alexis Hess Expected in June
Brad Doebele, @catfan28 has tweeted career points charts for our star recruits, Taryn and Alexis, as their arrival in the Little Apple draws closer.
4/19/23   Gabby Gregory, Serena Sundell and Jaelyn Glenn = a force!
Randy Peterson, WBB SID, tweeted some fun facts regarding three awesome WBB Cats:
"Gabby Gregory (648 points), Serena Sundell (501 points) & Jaelyn Glenn (406 points) recorded the 5th season in program history that a trio scored 1,500+ points. The total (1,555) was the 3rd-highest in school history for a trio, and the most since 2002-03."
4/19/23   Zyanna Walker from Louisville
Our friend and most excellent source of girl's and women's basketball in Kansas, Brad Doebele @catfan28, has posted the news that Jeff Mittie grabbed Zyanna Walker from the transfer portal. She was the 2022 Kansas Gatorade Player of the Year. This past season at Louisville, she averaged 25.7 ppg, 8.4 rebs, 5.8 assists, and 5.1 steals. She had over 30 Division I offers in high school. Here's Brad's announcement tweet.
4/13/23   Taylor Lauterbach to Virginia
Taylor Lauterbach, The Pride of Appleton, Wisconsin, entered the transfer portal recently, and she has a new destination: the University of Virginia. Here's her announcement on Twitter. We certainly wish her well!

4/10/23   Taryn Sides Is the #64 Player in the USA
@Catfan28 announced the news of Taryn's recognition this morning by BlueStar Basketball, via this tweet.
4/07/23   Yokie Has the Cover of the Collegian
Ayoka Lee is featured in an update article on returning players for K-State WBB, entitled Rising stars and incoming talent for 2023. It's thought that she'll be good to go later this year. We sure hope so, and there's good confidence!
4/07/23   K-State WBB: Full Speed Ahead to 2023-24
D. Scott Fritchen has a must-read K-State Sports Extra for April 7. It's a nice overview of the team for next year, including personal updates on players.
4/06/23   Gabby Gregory: Caitlin Clark's 'biggest fan'
Zach DeLoach has an interesting story in the Manhattan Mercury. Caitlin Clark of Iowa Women's Basketball became pretty much a household name in the WBB NCAA Final Four, as she mixed it up a bit with an LSU player and the refs, and got herself a T. I personally think refs can get on quite an ego trip when calling a playoff game.

Anyway, the back story is connected to K-State WBB beating #4 Iowa WBB on the Bramlage court, 84-83, way back on November 17. Gabby made 24 points, and Caitlin made 27. Gabby shot 42%, and Caitlin shot 35%. Gabby hit 12 of 14 FTs, and Cailin hit 13 of 16. By the way, neither team got a T in the game! (I don't know if you'll be able to read this story. I'm a subscriber of the Mercury, and I'm logged in, and I still can't get more than the first two paragraphs.

4/06/23   Gabby Gregory Is an Artist!
Here's an article that was found by the great @catfan28. It's from the Tulsa World, from Gabby's high school days. I couldn't figure out at first why the article referred to her as Dutch, until I recalled that she was a student and player at Holland Hall high school. Apparently Gabby especially likes creating ceramic items. article link)
4/02/23   Ayoka Lee: The Comeback
Here's a very happy one-minute video, focused on Yokie as she works on recovery of her knee. She's a legend, who's not finished yet!
3/30/23   Five Thoughts on the 2022-23 Kansas State's Season
I'd never heard of Heartland College Sports, but thought this was an interesting recap of the Cats' season just completed, and look at 2023-24. (Also, it has an awesome picture of Serena.) I don't necessarily agree with every single word, but we've got no games to play, so why not read about the Cats?

Regarding the previous paragraph and linked story: I noticed at the bottom that there are links to other stories that mention specific players: Yokie, Brylee, Gabby, Jaelyn and Serena.

3/29/23   Taryn Sides: KSHSAA Class 3A First Team
Taryn Sides is First Team All-State, says the KSHSAA! The honors for her HS career keep rolling in. Here's the announcement.
3/28/23   Wahoo! Gabby Gregory Will Have an Encore Season!
Gabby has confirmed on Twitter that she's coming back. Coach Mittie has already announced this, but it's the kind of good news that will never get old. She's First Team All-Big 12, by the way.

3/26/23   Alexis Hess: 35 points in the Berks Girls League Senior All-Star Game
Alexis hit seven 3 FGs. Sean McBryan (@Sean McBryan) has a tweet with the news. (I'm looking for more details.)
3/26/23   Taryn Sides: North MVP in the Central KS League All Star Game
Thanks to KSUWBB superfan Brad Doebele (@catfan28) for this info! Brad reports that Taryn had a triple double: 20 points, 12 assists and 11 rebounds. Here's the link to his announcement tweet.
3/25/23   Collegian Coverage of Cats in the WNIT
  •  K-State dominates WSU in the first round
  •  Wildcats headed to the WNIT Super 16
  •  Super 16 vs. Washington Huskies
  •  Wildcats fall in Super 16 to Washington
3/23/23   Taryn Sides: KSHSAA All-State Top 5
Here's a release from the KSHSAA. Her Phillipsburg Panthers (25-1) finished 3rd in the Class 3A state tournament this year. She averaged 22.3 points per game (2,166 total) in her HS career, and had 756 reounrds, 394 assists and 502 steals. She's #15 on the girls all-time scoring chart. And... no secret... she's signed as a Cat!

3/21/23   K-State WBB to the WNIT Super Sixteen
Our Cats will play at Washington on Friday, March 24. Here's the Wyoming game recap.
3/20/23   2023 Sports in Kansas All-State All-Classes Girls Top 5 Basketball Team
Yes! You guessed correctly. Taryn Sides made Top 5 All-State. Here's the announcement on Twitter.
3/20/23   K-State Women's Basketball Roster, 2023-24
Brad Doebele, @catfan28 on Twitter, is an outstanding source for news on K-State WBB and girls HS basketball in Kansas. He's especially focused on recruiting. Brad is a spreadsheet guru, and he has just posted this awesome chart on Twitter. It has projections of K-State's rosters through 2026, including commits and signees. I highly recommend following him on Twitter!
3/18/23   K-State to Host Again in the WNIT
Wyoming is coming to town... Tuesday, March 21, with a 6 P.M. start.

3/16/23   Cats Have an Impressive Start in the Postseason WNIT
Cats 90, Wichita State 56 was the exciting outcome. (recap) I don't know that I've things see so many aspects of the game clicking like they were tonight. At the end of Q3, the Cats were on pace for 100 points! Serena Sundell led with 16 pts. (and 7 assists), Brylee Glenn had 15, and Jaelyn Glenn and Gabby Gregory had 13.

Check out the postgame press conference, audio replay, postgame highlights and box score.

Having helped her Phillipsburg team to 3rd place in the Kansas Girls 3A championship five days ago, our star signee, Taryn Sides, got to come to tonight's game. She was in the row in front of me, and I got to congratulate her on 2,166 career points... 15th all-time in Kansas Girls Basketball history.

3/12/23   Kansas State's an At Large Qualifier for the 2023 WNIT
The WNIT has announced the teams invited to the WNIT. The bracket will be announced on March 13.

3/11/23   Taryn Sides with a Trophy!
Here's K-State WBB signee Taryn Sides holding the KSHSAA Class 3A Third Place trophy, along with her parents and teammates. We're very much looking forward to her arrival in MHK! (Twitter photo from @SidesKeith)
3/11/23   Taryn Sides and Phillipsburg Finish 3rd in Kansas HS Class 3A
Taryn's high school career has ended. She is now #15 in Kansas Girls Basketball all-time points, with 2,166. I don't know if she will play any club basketball this summer, but we're delighted that her fall destination is Kansas State Women's Basketball. Here's Brad Doebele's tweet, with his latest spreadsheet of Kansas girls basketball career points. Panthers make great Wildcats!
3/08/23   Glenn Sisters Returning Home for Big 12 Championship Week
Jaelyn and Brylee are from Raymore, south of KCMO, and will be competing for the Big 12 WBB championship this week in K.C.'s Municipal Auditorium. Here's a feature from KSHB.

3/07/23   Alexis Hess Update
Alexis Hess, 2023 recruit, tweeted documents showing her upcoming enrollment in K-State Engineering.
3/06/23   Gabby Gregory and Serena Sundell: All-Big 12 Honors
Senior Gabby Gregory (First Team) and sophomore Serena Sundell (Honorable Mention) got some nice recognition from the Big 12 today. This is Gabby's first First Team, and Serena's second Honorable Mention. Here's the announcement.
Gabby recorded career season highs in scoring (561), FGs made (174), 3FGs made (71), FTs made (142), rebounds (162) and assists (60). She is second in the Big 12 in scoring (18.7 ppg). She's third in FT %. She led the Big 12 with 17 games of 20 points or more. She's third in K-State history in FTs made in a season. Gabby is third in the Big 12 in scoring (16.94).

Serena had career season highs in scoring (427; 13.8 ppg), field goals made (132), field goal percentage (.482), free throws made and attempted (144-of-183), rebounds (145; 4.7 rpg), blocks (24; 0.8 per game) and steals (56; 1.80 per game). Her 158 assists this season ranks third in school history in a sophomore season. With her two-season totals of 778 points and 334 assists, Sundell is the first Wildcat in program history to register 775 or more points and 325 or more assists by the conclusion of their sophomore season. The Silent Assassin ranks second in school history for free throws made in a season, with 144.

K-State is certainly fortunate to have both of these players, and we get 'em both back for 2023-24!

3/06/23   Serena Sundell: Big 12 Honorable Mention 2023
Congrats and thanks to Serena Sundell (last week's Big 12 Player of the Week) for her Big 12 Honorable Mention recognition today. In MHK, she's Often Mentioned, for example: for recent games with 21, 24, 33, 20 and 27 points.

In 2021-22, Serena was Big 12 Freshman of the Week five times (one more than the player who got Freshman of the Year). Let's also remember Feb. 22, when Serena laid that epic block on a KU player who had just crashed into her while attempting a layup. (Twitter video)

3/04/23   Taryn Sides' Phillipsburg Lady Panthers Win Sub-State
The Lady Panthers defeated Gypsum-Southeast of Saline HS tonight, to claim the Russell Sub-State championship.   (full-size photo)   (@pburgbasketball announcement)   more information to follow...

3/03/23   Emilee Ebert: Living Out What She Wanted to Do
Tomorrow, we'll sadly say farewell to a very valuable player, Emilee Ebert. It's her final season as a Cat. Today's K-State Sports Extra documents her path to K-State from Frankfort, and how she has lived her goals. As a fan, I can report that I always felt confident when she stepped on the court.

She's played in 112 games with 60 starts. She's averaged 21.0 minutes per game over her career. She has scored 530 points, grabbed 303 rebounds, dished out 227 assists, and has recorded 62 steals and 36 blocks. She has made 160 field goals, including 50 3-pointers, and has made 160 free throws.

Finally, here's an awesome farewell video that K-State Sports produced for Emilee. Thanks much, and best wishes, Emilee!

3/02/23   Taryn Sides' Phillipsburg Panthers Beat Norton, 66-47
Jaelyn and Brylee went to Russell to watch Taryn and the Panthers play. Taryn Sides finished with 30 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals. (Thanks to @catfan28 for this info!)

Next up for the Panthers in sub-state competion is Gypsum-Southeast of Saline HS, on Saturday, March 4 at 5:30 p.m. (latest bracket)

2/27/23   Taryn Sides' Phillipsburg Panthers Handle Russell, 59-11
This glorious victory takes the Panthers to 21-0. The great @catfan28 reported 29 points, 10 steals and 6 rebounds for Taryn, in under two quarters. (They usually sub Taryn out if there's a blowout underway.) / Next, the Panthers will play 13-9 Norton in Russell, on March 2 at 6:00 P.M. (updated bracket) (
2/27/23  Serena Sundell: Big 12 Player of the Week!
Serena's selection as Player of the Week is a well-deserved recognition!

Randy Peterson, for K-State Sports Information, wrote,

"Last week, Sundell led the Big 12 with 22.5 points per game on 73.9 percent shooting, 90.9 percent from the foul line and added a diverse line of 5.5 assists, 4.5 rebounds, 3.5 steals and 1.5 blocks in 37 minutes per game. Her field goal percentage and assists per game were the second-highest in the league last week. She also ranked fourth in steals per game, fifth in free throw percentage and eighth in blocks per game." (K-State's announcement)

The Big 12 said,

"Sundell averaged 22.5 points, 5.5 assists and 3.5 steals while shooting 73.9% from the field. Against Kansas, the sophomore guard scored 24 points, making 8 of her 10 field goals, adding seven assists, five rebounds, four steals and a block as the Wildcats defeated their Sunflower State rival 63-45. In the game against West Virginia, the Maryville, Missouri native had 21 points, four rebounds, four assists, three steals and two blocks. It is her first career Player of the Week honor, after being selected as Freshman of the Week five times a season ago." (Big 12 announcement)

2/26/23   Taryn Sides' Phillipsburg Panthers: at The Top of Their Substate Bracket
Phillipsburg is a Class 3A school. Their girls will play in the Russell Sub-State bracket. At 20-0, the Panthers are the only undefeated team in their bracket. (KSHSAA link in new window)

When you go to the KSHSAA web site,

  1. You'll have to click the down arrow in a very small (1/4") box near the top.
  2. Select 3A.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the teams playing in the Russell Sub-State.
  4. To see the actual bracket, notice the white text on the gray title bar (right side). Click on [Sub-State Bracket].

Taryn's Panthers will play Russell first. How Russell got to host all but the first games is a mystery, because they're 2-18! Guess what! The Phillipsburg / Russell game will be played in top-ranked Phillipsburg's gym. When Phillipsburg has defeated Russell, then competition moves to Russell. If everything goes as expected, the Panthers will play on Feb. 27, March 2 and March 4, which with all Ws will make them the Sub-State Champions.

2/23/23   KU Rivalry Game Provided Bounce Back Opportunity
D. Scott Fritchen's K-State Sports Extra for today is a look at the glorious victory over KU WBB last night.
2/23/23   Don't miss this epic block by #4 Serena Sundell
Thanks to Vince Lovergine for this @Vince_Lovergine Twitter video. In the paint, Serena took a charge, as a K-Who player bounced off of her. About one second later, with perfect timing, 6' 1" Serena went vertical, and totally blocked a layup. The player for the Squawks landed on the court, and the Cats went on their way. Serena made no contact in performing the block, and the NCAA rules say touching a hand that's on the ball is not a foul. But, in this case, Serena's contact was only on the basketball. So, there we have it!
2/22/23   Taryn Sides' Phillipsburg Panthers: 4th Straight MCL Championship
Here's a Twitter picture of the victorious team.
2/21/23   Serena Sundell, Brylee Glenn: Academic All-District VII
Serena and Brylee have been named Academic All-District by the College Sports Communicators (CSC). (K-State Sports announcement) Our star sophomores will now advance to All-American consideration. Please stay tuned!

2/20/23   The Cats Were Guests in Today's Jeff Mittie Show
WBB Cats interviewed by Brian Smoller included Brylee Glenn, Jaelyn Glenn, Serena Sundell, Gabby Gregory, Emilee Ebert, Taylor Lauterbach, Sarah Shematsi, eRebekah Dallinger and Ayoka Lee. (audio link)
2/18/23   Taryn Sides Is Averaging 30.6 PPG in the Last Five Games.
Here's an update on Taryn from Brad @catfan28, the great WBB stats guru. Our 2023 signee, Taryn Sides, is averaging 24.3 points this season, helping Phillipsburg reach 19-0. (Twitter link)
2/17/23   Taryn Sides Did It! — 2,000 Points
Here's the announcement tweet from the legendary @catfan28. (Twitter link)

Also, here's Twitter video of the historic shot, as posted by Rick Peterson, Jr. of the KSHSAA!

2/17/23   Serena Sundell: Assist Queen
That's the title chosen for the Sports Information recognition graphic observing Serena's 300th assist this week. She's one of 15 in our WBB program's history to reach 300. (Twitter link)

Along with this, Serena's career assist-to-turnover ratio at this moment (according to my arithmetic) appears to be 304-167, or 1.82. That's Top 3 all-time, and .01 away from Shalee, who's in 2nd place.

2/17/23   Expecting a Big Day for Taryn Sides
Stats and recruiting guru @catfan28 (Brad) reports that K-State signee Taryn Sides should reach 2,000 HS career points tonight. She needs a mere 14 more points, and she's averaging about 24 per game. We can watch her game on Panther Television (YouTube). The game has a 6:00 P.M. start.
2/14/23   Gabby Gregory Named to the Dawn Staley Award Later Season Watch List
K-State Women's Basketball announced today that Gabby is on the watch list for this award, which will go to the best guard in Division I Women's Basketball! The group making the choice is watching for ball handling, scoring, ability to distribute the basketball and will to win. Randy Peterson reports that Gabby is one of three players in the nation with 450 or more points, 100 or more free throws and 60 or more 3-point field goals made this season. At 19.7 PPG, Gabby is 2nd in the Big 12 in scoring average, 2nd in free throw average and 5th in 3-point FG average.

Hey! Are you making your daily visit to to vote for Gabby as the nation's best shooting guard!

2/14/23   Taryn Sides Does It Again!
You may remember K-State 2023 signee Taryn from a few hundred posts here. As tweeted by stats guru @catfan28, Taryn laid 35 points, 10 steals, 8 assists and 7 rebounds on Concordia tonight. Phillipsburg improved to 18-0, and our hero, Taryn, is 14 short of 2,000 career points!
2/09/23   Brylee and Jaelyn Glenn: Strong, Supportive Sisters
Luke Lazarczyk posted a nice profile on Jaelyn and Brylee in the Nov. 9 Collegian. By the way, happy birthday to them, as I just found this on Feb. 11, the twins' 20th birthday(s). Both of them have made major contributions to K-State WBB over their two seasons here. This season, the twins together have 65 3 FGs, and have 93 assists and 96 steals. Jaelyn, as of today, leads the Big 12 in steals, with 54. I know both they and K-State fans are delighted that they were able to play at the same school.
2/09/23   Gabby Gregory: Enjoying the Process
Gabby Gregory is the subject of today's K-State Sports Extra! As you can see in the Feb. 8 entry just below, Gabby has some very impressive stats, and is a nominee for a national award. Today's Extra reveals some health challenges Gabby has faced and managed, and we learn more about what's important to her, and what motivates her.
2/08/23   Gabby Gregory: Lead with Joy
Here's a real nice profile video. It's Gabby telling about herself, and the things she focuses on. She says playing is fun. Sometimes it's hard, but there's joy in playing. She says the competition in the Big 12 this year is "insane," and always tough. Gabby tries to lead by example, and play "with a lot of passion." She believes her team is getting better with every game, and is close to where it needs to be. (Twitter video)

Gabby has 432 points so far this season. Randy Peterson, with Sports Information, says, "Only 3 players in the nation this season have registered 400+ points, 100+ free throws made & 50+ 3-pt FGs made, one of them is Gabby Gregory." We can vote for Gabby at She is a Top 10 candidate for the 2022-23 Ann Meyers Drysdale Award, which goes to the top female shooting guard in the nation.

Recently, Gabby laid 16 points on TTU, 27 points on ISU and 25 points on KU. In December, she reached 1,000 career points.

2/04/23   K-State 78, Iowa State 77 Highlights Video
Here's a really fun highlights video of this week's win over the Tornadoes. It was a very even game, considering several stats categories, but the Cats prevailed, thanks to great effort and determination. (I sincerely apologize for being in this video 2X. I have seats behind the Cats' bench, but I sit in general admission at center court, row 1, because I like to help the referees.
2/03/23   Gabby Gregory Has Elite Stats
KSU WBB Sports Info Director Randy Peterson tweeted today, "Only 3 players in the nation this season have registered 400+ points, 100+ free throws made & 50+ 3-pt FGs made, one of them is Gabby Gregory." Randy encourages us to for vote for Gabby at
2/03/23   Stealing Sisters
Jaelyn (54) and Brylee (40) Glenn have combined for 94 steals. Jaelyn is second in the Big 12 in steals per game (2.35), and Brylee is seventh (1.74). They have combined for the most steals among two teammates in the Big 12 this season.
2/03/23   Sundell Block
Serena Sundell leads K-State in blocked shots (20), and blocks per game (0.87). She has the school record for career blocked shots by a guard, with 43.
2/03/23   Gabby Gregory Has 432 Points This Season!
We learned this fun fact from the Texas Tech pregame notes. In the Jeff Mittie era, Gabby's total ranks third for total points scored in a senior season, and are the most since Breanna Lewis (471) and Kindred Wesemann (474) in the 2016-17 season. (And, of course, the season isn't over yet!)
2/03/23   Taryn Sides: The Road to 2,000!
Taryn Sides, a 2023 K-State WBB signee, has 77 points to go for 2,000 at Phillipsburg HS. She's a nominee for McDonald's All-American! Taryn has four games to go, before her 16-0 team begins postseason competition. She's averaging about 23 points per game. @catfan28 is keeping us posted! Here's his latest update.
2/02/23   Gabby Gregory on Transferring to K-State
Gabby quickly made an impression on me in her early games this season. Now into Big 12 competition, with 22 games played, Gabby is K-State's clear leader in scoring, average 19.6 points per game. Her current season total is 432 points. She has averaged the most minutes per game, at 32.7. She's tied for 2nd in rebounds, with 115. She's 2nd in free throw percentage, with an impressive 85.5%. Gabby laid 27 points on ISU last night, and had 25 vs. KU on Sunday. (For the latest, click on Individual on the Stats Page.)

I've been hoping that she's been happy with her transfer here, and it was awesome to hear her post-Iowa State comments last night:

"It's been a lot of fun. I mean, going into the portal, I was looking for a fresh start, and I knew coming to K-State I could have that. And I mean my teammates have been incredible ever since I got here. I'm back to having fun playing basketball, and I guess you can see it on the floor, like I'm just having a blast, and my teammates are incredible, and we just played together so well. It's just been a lot of fun."
1/31/23   Gabby Gregory Is a Top 10 Candidate for the Drysdale Award
K-State Sports announced today that Gabby Gregory is a Top 10 candidate for the 2022-23 Ann Meyers Drysdale Award which is given by the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame to the top female shooting guard in the nation. Fans can have input in the selection by voting at, starting February 3.

Gabby laid 25 points on KU two days ago. A 2023 All-Big 12 candidate, Gabby ranks second in the Big 12 in scoring average (19.3 ppg). She is pacing the Big 12 in games with 20 or more points (13), and is tied for the league-lead for games with 30 or more points (2).

1/27/23   Taryn Sides: Closing in on 2,000 Points!
Here's a Kansas HS girls' basketball all-time scoring chart (the latest version) from @catfan28. (chart link on Twitter) As of Jan. 27, Taryn has 1,892 points... so she needs 108 more points in the approx. 8 games left in her season. That = about 23 points per game, which according to one source I found, is her current average this season. I'm not an expert on this, but I've seen some game reports that show her being subbed out a fair amount (sometimes a quarter), probably out of mercy for the opponent, and to give other girls a chance to play. There's a very reasonable possibility that Taryn will make it into the elite group of 28 Kansas girls all-time who totaled 2,000 career points! For a look at @catfan28's spreadsheet of Kansas HS girl top scorers, here you go! (@catfan28 reported that Taryn made 7 straight 3s this evening!)
1/21/23   Check out these KSU > TCU highlights!
1/13/23   How About Our Academic Overachievers!
Serena Sundell, Rebekah Dallinger and Brylee Glenn each brought in a perfect 4.000 for fall 2022. This is very impressive work. And, as shown below, Emilee Ebert, Jaelyn Glenn, Heavenly Greer, Gabby Gregory, Mikayla Parks, Gisela Sanchez and Sarah Shematsi did great, too.

1/13/23   Serena Sundell and Gabby Gregory: A Formidable One-Two Punch
D. Scott Fritchen's K-State Sports Extra today is an update on Serena Sundell, our star sophomore, and Gabby Gregory, star senior transfer guard. Both rank among the top of the Big 12 in multiple categories.
  • Gabby leads the Big 12 in averaging 20.8 points per game, eighth in shooting 43.0% from the floor, and fifth in shooting 33.1% on 3-pointers. She is also tied for second in sinking 2.8 3-pointers per game, and 14th with 5.8 rebounds per contest. Gabby is one of three players in the nation averaging at least 20 points, five rebounds and two made 3-pointers per game.
  • Serena averages 11.5 points, 5.5 rebounds and 5.4 assists and also averages 1.0 blocks per outing, ranking in the top 10 in the league in each category. A preseason All-Big 12 selection, she entered the week as one of five players in the nation, and is the only player in the Big 12 to average at least 11 points, five rebounds and five assists.
1/12/23   Jaelyn Glenn's Big Game
Randy Peterson, Women's Basketball Sports Information boss, tweeted these fun facts about Jaelyn's performance vs. Iowa State. "Last night Jaelyn Glenn tallied 17 points, 10 rebounds, 6 steals, 3 assists and 2 blocks. According to @herhoopstats, Glenn is the only Power 5 player this season to reach these numbers in a game."
1/11/23   Taryn Sides is a McDonald's All-American Nominee
Someone involved with Missouri Phenom tweeted this chart of nominees today. Taryn is one of six nominees from Kansas.

1/10/23   Taryn Sides Is Closing in on the Top 50 All-Time Career HS Points in Kansas
We can't wait to have Taryn playing for K-State! The paperwork's done. She's signed! The great WBB fan, @catfan28, has posted an awesome chart, showing Taryn is six notches away from the all-time Top 50 in scoring. (It should be pointed out that she gives amazing assists, so she's not always shooting.) Anyway, here's a Twitter link to Brad's impressive chart.
1/04/23   We Caught Up with Taryn Sides
Sports in Kansas scored an interview with Taryn Sides this week. Taryn said she's always dreamed of playing for K-State. Then they interviewed head coach Rachel Miller, and teammate Heather Schemper (a multi-sport All-State player). (Twitter link)
1/06/22   Rebekah Dallinger: A Familiar Voice in the Crowd
D. Scott Fritchen has just posted an awesome, in-depth profile and update on Rebekah Dallinger. The occasion is a visit from her mother and family from Australia, which obviously doesn't get to happen very often. They were in the house for the exciting win vs. Oklahoma State this week. Don't miss it! (K-State Sports Extra)
12/26/22   Emilee Ebert: Every Point Matters
Emilee Ebert is the focus of the K-State Sports Extra today, that's focused on her exceptional free throw efforts. D. Scott Fritchen wrote, "Ebert is currently 34-of-35 at the free-throw line this season. That's 97.14%." The record is for consecutive free throws made in a career. Emilee ended at 38 straight... tied for the record.

When Emilee stepped to the line in the Morgan State game, she would have broken the Consecutive Free Throws Made record. She missed, but came in a 4-of-5 on free throws in that game. All else aside, Emilee is 2nd in Division I in free thro percentage. Be sure to read her Sports Extra!

12/19/22   Brylee Glenn: K-State Athlete of the Week
Congrats and thanks to Brylee, who's being honored for a season-high 17 points, and who equaled a Big 12 season high, with 6 steals. Brylee sank 6 of 7 free throws vs. Northern Colorado.
12/11/22   Gabby Gregory: 1,000 Points
In an ordinary day in the office today - vs. SDSU - Gabby recorded 31 points, and along the way brought her career total to 1,000. K-State Sports wrote,
"Gabby Gregory tallied her 51st career game in double figures for points, and her 10th at K-State. She secured her seventh game with 20 or more points this season, and the 15th in her career. With a layup at 4:51 of the second quarter, Gregory reached the 1,000-point mark in her collegiate career."
I think everyone would agree that Gabby has been a tremendous asset to our team this season. It's been very enjoyable to see all the different ways she contributes, and I always feel confident when Gabby has her hands on the ball. Here's a real nice profile on Gabby in the Dec. 8 Collegian. Finally, as you can see below, Gabby was named Big 12 Player of the Week on November 14.

12/09/22   Taryn Sides Dropped 32 Points on Smith Center Today
Here's Phillipsburg's game vs. Smith Center (home of Mitch Holthus, of course). It's the Amos-Morris Tournament in Russell. The entire game's on YouTube. Ha! They started the game with Sandstorm!
12/09/22   Jaelyn Glenn Has Today's K-State Sports Extra
Today's K-State Sports Extra – entitled More Confidence Means More Production – says of Jaelyn, "She's more than doubled her scoring average, she's attacking the rim at an alarming rate, she has one of the best 3-point percentages in the Big 12 Conference, and she leads the league in steals — so exactly what's left for Kansas State sophomore guard Jaelyn Glenn to improve upon as the native of Kansas City, Missouri, continues to tear it up for the No. 24 Wildcats this season?" Her answer is rebounding.

Jaelyn had a fine first season, and was named Big 12 Freshman of the Week three times. She certainly is being noticed this season, as well, and it's especially fun to see her frequent steals! Here we see #3 Jaelyn with her teammate of several years, Serena Sundell. Congrats to Jaelyn for this well-deserved recognition.

12/07/22   What a Junior Season for Taryn Sides!
In Ahearn and Bramlage, I've watched the careers of nine male and female players whose jerseys are retired. I don't know that I've seen a more skilled basketball player than Taryn Sides, who's signed for the Cats starting in 2023! Both her passing and shooting are amazing! Look at Taryn's junior season per-game stats from @sportsinkansas: 27.8 points, 10.4 rebounds, five steals and 3.6 assists a game. She made 75 3FGs, for 45.5%.

12/04/22   Taryn Sides brought her whole Phillipsburg team!
Here's our signee and future WBB star, Taryn, with Willie and friends. (Twitter link)

11/28/22   Gabby Gregory: Paradise Jam All-Tournament Team

11/24/22   Thanksgiving in the U.S. Virgin Islands
Here we see our WBB Cats in the Caribbean, awaiting their encounter with Clemson later today. (link) WBB's Twitter account is loaded with fun "vacation" pictures. How about the Cats' big win today vs. Clemson? They doubled the score on the ladies in orange, 76-38, and Brian Smoller reported a 56-12 run. (game recap)

11/21/22   Kansas State: ESPN's Team of the Week

M. A. Voepel of ESPN wrote,

"The Wildcats don't have star center Ayoka Lee, who is out this season after knee surgery. But they have started 5-0, including an 84-83 upset over then-No. 4 Iowa on Thursday. Gabby Gregory, a transfer senior guard from Oklahoma, is averaging a team-best 21.4 PPG. Sophomore guard Serena Sundell is second in scoring (14.6 PPG) and leads in rebounds (7.0) and assists (5.0)." (link)

11/21/22   Today's Big 12 Standings

11/17/22   "So It's a Good Night from the Happiest Place on Earth, Manhattan, Kansas..."

The legendary sign-off of Keith Jackson (after Football's 1998 40-30 victory over NU) applies well tonight. Here are the recap and box score.

There's an audio replay that's a fun look back at today's festivities. Oops. "Look" wasn't the best choice of words, was it? Also, here we have the highlights! This just in... D. Scott Fritchen has posted a K-State Sports Extra, focused on the big victory.

11/14/22   Gabby Gregory: Big 12 Player of the Week

The Big 12 Conference announced today the selection of K-State's own Gabby Gregory as Player of the Week. (link) The release said, "Gregory completed her first week with the Wildcats with a pair of starts, and 31 minutes per game played. She averaged 22.0 points per contest on a 50% field goal percentage, including a 40% effort from 3-point range, a 90.9% effort from the foul line, 8.0 rebounds and 2.5 assists. Her 44 points in the first two games are the most by a Wildcat in their first two games in purple and white."

11/11/22   K-State WBB Reaches 1,000 Wins vs. Wisconsin

Kansas State 77, Wisconsin 63 was the outcome in Milwaukee, in a memorable game played on the Brewers' baseball field. (OK... somebody put down a basketball court on the field.) Our WBB program became the 19th in Division I to achieve the 1 kilowin landmark.

The two teams were fairly even on FGs (24 and 23), rebounds (39 and 38), 3 FGs (10 and 6), assists (14 and 16) and technical fouls (0 and 0). The Cats prevailed in FTs (19-11), led in steals (14-7), and came in lower on turnovers (KSU 12, Wisconsin 20). Ultimately, the Cats outscored Wisconsin in three of four quarters, with the fourth quarter the strongest, at 31-17. Gabby Gregory led with 25 points, Serena Sundell had 17 and Jaelyn Glenn had 16. Serena had 7 assists. Jaelyn's 5 steals came in handy, and Brylee Glenn had 4. Serena and Gabby had 9 rebounds, and Jaelyn had 8.

11/10/22   Cats 'n Carts, Episode 8

Emilee Ebert's passenger is #12 Mikayla Parks, as they tour the East Stadium lot. K-State sneaked Mikayla right out of Norman, Oklahoma (along with Gabby Gregory). Here's your Twitter link.

11/09/22   Taryn Sides Signed Her NLI Today!

11/09/22   Alexis Hess Signed Her NLI Today!

11/07/22   Jeff Mittie's 600th Career Win: Central Arkansas

There will no doubt be more coverage of this, but here's the game recap on the occasion of Coach Mittie's milestone victory. Yes... that's Yokie providing the rabbit ears for Coach. Also... posted on Nov. 8, is a K-State Sports Extra in honor of Coach Mittie.

11/07/22   Ayoka Lee Recognized for Her NCAA Division I Record 61-Point Game
There will no doubt be more coverage of this in the next few days. Yokie was recognized at the men's halftime of the double-header evening at Bramlage Coliseum today, for her NCAA record 61 points vs. Oklahoma on January 23, 2022. (The Cats won, 94 - 65.) (Twitter link)
11/07/22   Taryn Sides Is Signing with K-State on Nov. 9!
Taryn Sides, the pride of Phillipsburg (and last season's Kansas 3A Co-Player of the Year) has posted this video on Twitter. The great news is that she will sign her national letter of intent on Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 12:50 p.m. There are numerous reports of her successes this past year on my media 2022-23 page.
11/03/22   Cats 'n Carts, Episode 7
Jaelyn Glenn's passenger is Eliza Maupin, as they tour the East Stadium parking lot. There are no tailgaters to dodge today. (Twitter link) I've read that Jaelyn doesn't drive the twins' Jeep, but she did fine with this vehicle.
10/31/22   Interesting Facts about Fort Hays State
It's easy to dismiss a team that's a season-opening, exhibition team. Fort Hays State came in after an impressive 2021-22 season. In NCAA Division II, they had the highest average (2,184) and total (39,315) attendance of all teams. They came in at the top of the WBCA academic honor roll. They went 30-4 last season, and 19-3 in the MIAA conference! In 2022-23, they're coming in with their third MIAA regular season title (co-champions) in four seasons. (link)
10/27/22   Cats 'n Carts, Episode 6
Serena Sundell's passenger is Mimi Gatewood for this episode. (Twitter link) Mimi would like to drive the cart on the Bramlage court. I remember at least two times that cars with celebrities were driven right up to the court. Mimi thinks it would be cool if we had wildcats roaming the campus. We've sure had raccoons, foxes and countless squirrels. I don't know about now, but for years there was a wildcat at Sunset Zoo. Its name was Touchdown.
10/26/22   K-State Announces 2022-23 WBB Broadcast Schedule
It's starting to get real! A detailed announcement was posted today by K-State Sports. There will be video coverage, generally on ESPN+ or ESPNU, and the page linked here has dates, times and plans for coverage. I'm puzzled as to why there's no mention of radio coverage. I prefer to listen to Chilidog Matt Walters, rather than video.
10/24/22   Are You Ready?
Here's a one-minute hype video, with the season opener a week away. Enjoy the scenes of a stuffed coliseum, K-State legends and traditions. I hope to see you there on Halloween! (Twitter video)
10/20/22   Cats 'n Carts, Episode 5
Taylor Lauterbach is Heavenly Greer's parking lot chauffer for this episode... at first, anyway. Then Heavenly took over, because Taylor may have been speeding. (Twitter link)
10/20/22   Finley Ohnstad Has Commited to K-State for 2024
Here's her announcement tweet. We eagerly await her signing day... probably later in 2023?

10/18/22   Big 12 Basketball Media Days
Here we have Jeff Mittie, Serena Sundell and Brylee Glenn taking questions about the coming season. There's discussion of what they have been - and will be - focused on, and ways the new players will contribute. (YouTube video)
10/16/22   WBB Promotions, Single Game Tickets on Sale on Oct. 17
Season-Long Ticket Promotions, Youth Team Games, Wednesday 4-Packs, Special Events and Packages, Halloween Costume Contest, Teddy Bear Toss, Dollar Days, Play 4 Kay, Sunflower Showdown T-Shirts, National Girls and Women in Sports Day // Here's your link!
10/13/22   Cats 'n Carts, Episode 4
For this tour of the parking lots, it's cart driver Rebekah Dallinger, visiting with new Cat Ja'Mia Harris. (Twitter link)
10/06/22   Cats 'n Carts, Episode 3
The third episode of Cats 'n Carts just features Sarah Shematsi, chauffered by Brylee Glenn around the Shamrock Zone and BSFS. (Twitter link)
9/29/22   Taryn Sides Has 1,000 Volleyball Assists
Robin, the mother of K-State commit Taryn Sides, proudly tweeted a banner Taryn was presented on the occasion of her 1,000th volleyball assist. I say, sign her up to be a Volleycat, too! (Twitter link)

9/29/22   Cats 'n Carts, Episode 2
The second episode of Cats 'n Carts features Gisela Sanchez and Ayoka Lee. Gisela is a sophomore from Barcelona, who was at the U. of Arizona last year. Yokie drove the cart around the east side construction area. Here's the Twitter video.
9/27/22   Big 12 Schedule Announced
K-State WBB has released the Big 12 schedule for 2022-23. It begins at Texas on New Year's Eve.
9/19/22   Cats 'n Carts Series Premieres
Cats 'n Carts premiered on Twitter at 10:04 A.M. today. It would have been interesting to see how this was recorded, because there were group shots and close-ups from different angles. The idea is for us to meet newcomers, but their names aren't mentioned. Those onboard on the cart (in the East Stadium parking lot) are Emilee Ebert driving, Serena Sundell, Heavenly Greer, Brylee Glenn, Taylor Lauterbach, and (I hope I have the new Cats right) Gabby Gregory, Mikayla Parks and Sarah Shematsi. They change seats, sing, dance and display previously-unknown talents. Wabash Cannonball is Serena's favorite song ever. The parking lot speed limit was possibly observed. Here's the link to the Twitter video.
9/11/22   K-State WBB Recruiting Prospects Update from @catfan28
Brad, @catfan28, is a master of spreadsheets, and is a wealth of information on K-State Women's Basketball. He has just tweeted his latest recruiting update. Thanks to him for his tireless work!
8/23/22   K-State WBB Announces the Non-Conference Schedule for 2022-23
It looks like an interesting schedule, which includes playing in a Major League Baseball stadium. The announcement from K-State WBB has lots of details.
8/23/22   Yokie Is Facing Knee Surgery, and Cannot Play This Season
Life can be very unfair. Our superstar, Ayoka Lee, who holds the NCAA WBB record for her 61 points scored in a game, will have an operation on her knee, and recovery will keep her from competition in 2022-23. (link) The K-State Family absolutely loves Yokie. She is the ultimate student-athlete. It hardly needs to be mentioned that she's an Academic All-American. She's the 2022 Big 12 Women's Basketball Scholar-Athlete of the Year, a Second Team All-American, National Player of the Week three times, on and on. Also, Yokie was well-positioned to break the record for most points scored by a K-State WBB player. Finally, Yokie is a nominee for NCAA Woman of the Year. The announcement of that honor will come in January.

One thing is certain. Yokie will approach her recovery with the same determination she has shown us throughout her time at K-State. She plans to play again next season. Best wishes, Yokie!

8/23/22   Pictionary with Yokie and the Cats
The challenge is to guess the opponent, based on what's on the white board. (link)
8/23/22   K-State Women's Basketball Ticket Options
Be there, or be counted absent! (link)
8/22/22   The K-State Women's Basketball 2022-23 Roster Is Out!
Here's the link!
8/20/22   Kayla Goth and Dean Wade Got Married Today
The venue was the Liquid Art Winery, outside Manhattan. Best wishes to an amazing couple! ( K-State WBB tweeted this photo of former players with the bride. I don't know all of their married names, but you'll see Ashley Ray, Kaylee Page, Jessica Sheble, Karyla Middlebrook, Kindred Wesemann, Anastasia Tsybaeva, Peyton Williams and Yokie in the picture. Here's Valarie Martin's Twitter photo of the aforementioned players + the lucky groom, Mr. Dean Wade. Here's a link to another great photo of the couple.
8/17/22   Check Out catfan28's Future Roster Charts!
Brad Doebele, @catfan28, is always coming up with interesting recruiting information, and charts with interesting facts. He has just posted future rosters (through 2025-26) on Twitter. You should follow him! (Twitter chart)
7/27/22   Ayoka Lee: Nominee for NCAA Woman of the Year
This is tremendous - and not surprise - considering Yokie's continuous honors over her K-State career. Then there's the NCAA all-time record of 61 points, endless academic recognitions, Kansas City Sports Commission Sportswoman of the Year, AP 2nd Team All-American... on and on.

7/27/22   Gabby Gregory Transfers from Oklahoma
Gabby, a lifelong OU fan, says K-State is the "perfect fit." Here's D. Scott Fritchen's K-State Sports Extra.

7/25/22   Taryn Sides Tweets Thanks to the Missouri Phenom Organization
K-State commit @taryn_sides has been with the Phenom for a while, and has apparently finished a season, or her time with them. DO NOT MISS these highlights! She is an exceptional guard. Her shots and assists are both extremely impressive! She has committed to the Cats for 2023.

7/22/22   Coach Mittie Agrees to a Contract Extension Through 2025-26
I'm very pleased to announce Jeff Mittie's two-year extension!

"Under Coach Mittie's leadership, we have achieved sustained success with six postseason berths while seeing the excitement level and support for K-State women's basketball continue to grow," Taylor said. "He has done a tremendous job as head coach while being a great mentor for our student-athletes, and we look forward to continued success with him leading our women's basketball program."

His K-State record is 145-110. Kansas State returns seven letter winners including all five starters from last season. The Wildcats will be led by All-American center Ayoka Lee and the sophomore trio of Brylee Glenn, Jaelyn Glenn and Serena Sundell.

7/16/22   Finley Ohnstad Has an Offer from KSUWBB
Finley has an offer to be a Cat. She's from Minnesota, and plays for Lakeville South HS and Minnesota Fury. She's a Class of 2024 prospect. (link) Ohio State is after her, too... probably along with many others. Here are highlights of her sophomore season, from hudl.

7/10/22   Taryn Sides: 17 points, 7 rebounds in the 17 EYBL Championship Today
This from @Catfan28: "KSU commit @taryn_sides went for 17 points and 7 rebounds this afternoon, including hitting the game-winning free throws, with 10 seconds left in the 17 EYBL Nike Nationals." Here's a link to the 17 EYBL Championship bracket. Taryn plays for the Missouri Phenom.
7/08/22   Highlights of Kansas 3A Co-Player of the Year Taryn Sides
Thanks to @Courtside Films for these highlights of K-State's 2023 commit Taryn Sides in the EYBL Session 2. She had an amazing 2022-23 season for Phillipsburg. There's a good amount of coverage of her school season in my Media Coverage of the Cats section. (Look for links with an R in the left column.)
7/08/22   K-State Sending a Delegation to the 2022 Red Bull USA Qualifier
K-State WBB announced today that Serena Sundell, Jaelyn Glenn, Brylee Glenn and new Wildcat Gabby Gregory will be playing 3-on-3 in North Carolina this weekend. This will be three-on-three competition, with 10-minute games. The link here has all the details.

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