No. Name Position Height Class Hometown (Previous School)
0 Anastasia Tsybaeva C 6-7 Junior Burbank, CA (East Los Angeles College)
1 Kaylee Page F 6-3 Senior Alma (Wamego HS, Nebraska)
2 Cymone Goodrich G 5-10 Freshman Chicago, IL (South Shore Int'l Prep)
5 Alisa Wiggins G 5-8 Freshman Montclair, NJ (Montclair HS)
10 Kayla Goth G 6-0 Junior DeForest, WI (DeForest HS)
11 Peyton Williams F 6-4 Sophomore Topeka (Cair Paravel HS)
12 Rachel Ranke G 6-1 Freshman Burnsville, MN (Eastview HS)
15 Kali Jones F 6-2 Junior Murrieta, CA (Murrieta HS, Mt. San Antonio)
22 Karyla Middlebrook G 5-7 Senior Blue Springs, MO (Blue Springs HS, Alabama)
33 Ashley Ray C 6-4 Freshman Girard (Girard HS)
40 Mary Lakes C 6-4 Freshman Peoria, IL (Manual HS)
50 Shaelyn Martin G 6-1 Senior Salina (Salina Central HS)

2/15/18  Five Cats Are Academic All-Big 12
The Big 12 has announced the latest Academic All-Big 12 Team, and K-State has deep thinkers! Kayla Goth, Shaelyn Martin (4.000), Peyton Williams and Kaylee Page are First Team honorees, and Karyla Middlebrook, who is in a master's program, made Second Team. K-State leads the Big 12 with 127 Academic All-Big 12 selections since the start of the league in 1996-97. (K-State release) (Big 12 release) (complete listing)
2/13/18  Karyla Middlebrook: How an Injury Ended My Time on the Court, Started My Dream on the Sideline
Don't miss this Sports Extra by a guest author, Karyla Middlebook, about her journey over the past year.
2/09/18  Our Cats are well-represented in the Big 12 individual stats
Here's a chart I made. Kayla Goth is likely to end the season as the Big 12 Assists leader. As you can see, Kayla, Peyton, Shaelyn and Rachel show up often. Nice work! (Big 12 stats link)
2/05/18  Kendra Wecker and Other Greats Come Back!
Multi-year All-American and K-State Hall of Famer Kendra Wecker was one of six athletes who returned to help present on K-State's version of National Girls and Women in Sports Day. Kristen Rethman Waller, Marlies Gipson and Kylee Zumach also were speakers. (K-State Sports Extra) (video)
2/02/18  Iowa State Pack the House game preview
Caitlyn Sabbert sets up the home game vs. the Cyclones on Feb. 3. (video)
2/02/18  Iowa State's on the books for the annual Pack the House game
There will be several promotions, and hopefully YOU, on Saturday, Feb. 3 at 7 P.M. (info
1/31/18  Eager to Build Off OT Win vs. KU, Prepared for Rare Morning Tipoff at Oklahoma
In the latest, awesome Sports Extra from Corbin McGuire, we learn that morning basketball is nothing new to the 2017-18 Cats.
1/30/18  Jayhawks, Wildcats come together to celebrate 50 years of women's sports
Mechelle Voepel of ESPN has an extensive feature on the 50th season observations by Kansas State and KU. The poultry will be our opponent on Feb. 24, our last home game of the season, when we have our observation of this milestone. Be sure to have a look at this story!
1/28/18  K-State beats KU 63-59 in OT
I made the annual trip to Lawrence for the KU game. This was a very close game, but our Cats found a way to win! Have a look at all the recaps and details on my Media Coverage page. I put together a chart of the glorious streak of Wildcat victories over KU in the past 15-or-so years. Spoiler: It's 30 of 36. Here's a PDF of the outcomes, dating back to 2002.

Peyton Williams led with 23 points, Kayla Goth had 14, Rachel Ranke had 9 and Kaylee Page had 8. Shaelyn and Kaylee had 9 rebounds, and Peyton had 8. It should be noted that Peyton went 5 of 5 at the free throw line. Rachel Ranke made two 3-pointers in the final minute, sending them to overtime, and Shaelyn Martin sealed the victory with two perfect free throws with 10 seconds to play!

(box score) (recap) (highlights video) (photos)

1/26/18  Two-Sport Standout Peyton Williams Is a Quick Study
Mechelle Voepel of ESPNW has a nice feature on Peyton Williams, who's definitely been getting it done in Volleyball and Women's Basketball in 2017-18. We are very fortunate to have her. Peyton is a model student-athlete! (story)
1/24/18  Worst to First, Part 3 — An Oral History of the Road to K-State WBB's 2007-08 Big 12 Championship
Here's Part 3 of Corbin McGuire's must-see look back at the 2007-08 Big 12 championship season. It comes with a photo gallery that really takes you back. I've certainly enjoyed thinking back to the glory days of Shalee Lehning, Ashley Sweat, Danielle Zanotti, Marlies Gipson, Shalin Spani, Kimberly Dietz, Kelsey Hill, Kelsey Nelson, Carolyn McCullough, Shana Wheeler and Kari Kincaid.
1/18/18  A Look Back: Shalee Lehning
Here's someone who needs no introduction! WBB's career assists leader, All-American, Kansas Hall of Famer, Big 12 Triple-Double Leader, Academic All-American... on and on, is the subject of this video. For the moment, I've just linked to the video on Twitter.
1/15/18  Kaylee Page Continues Finding Rhythm, More Points for K-State WBB in Dominant Win over No. 20 OSU
Kaylee Page scored a team-high 20 points vs. #20 OSU on Jan. 13, helping the Cats to their 80-64 victory. Coach Kindred Wesemann informed her teammate of three years that she needed to take shots, or there would be further discussion! (K-State Sports Extra) (OSU highlights)
1/10/18  Kayla Goth Profile
Kayla Goth is having a tremendous impact on the Cats' success this season. Here's a look at where the team is at this point.
1/10/18  2007-08 Season Highlights Video
Along with the Sports Extra series looking back at the Big 12 championship season, here's their highlights video.
1/10/18  Communication Keys Defensive Improvement for K-State WBB
Here's a real interesting Sports Extra on the benefits of communication among team members. Win or lose, the Cats have been holding opponents under season scoring averages.
1/08/18  Worst to First, Part 2 — An Oral History of the Road to K-State WBB's 2007-08 Big 12 Championship
Here's Part 2 of Corbin McGuire's must-see look back at the 2007-08 Big 12 championship season. It comes with a photo gallery that really takes you back. I'm truly enjoying thinking back to the glory days of Shalee Lehning, Ashley Sweat, Danielle Zanotti, Marlies Gipson, Shalin Spani, Kimberly Dietz, Kelsey Hill, Kelsey Nelson, Carolyn McCullough, Shana Wheeler and, of course, Kari Kincaid.

A really nice aspect of this installment is a nice collection of quotes of specific memories about this epic journey. In their account of this, they recall Kamie Ethridge teaching them a new offense, which she called Cougar. It was based on a triangle. I wonder if it had similarity to Tex Winter's legendary triangle offense. Ashley Sweat's comment on the new offense was, "Cougar won us the Big 12. No one could scout it because there was no set play. It won us the Big 12 that year."

If you'd like another look back at that fine season, here's the 2007-08 version of David's K-State Women's Basketball Page.

1/04/18  Karyla Middlebrook unfortunately must end her playing career
Because of lingering problems after five operations on her foot and ankle, Karyla has announced a mutual agreement to become a student assistant in the K-State WBB program. Karyla was able to return to play, beginning with 13 minutes in the Chicago State game on Dec. 18. As soon as she was subbed in, she received an enthusiastic ovation from the home crowd. She played in the following three games, but did not go in vs. WVU last night. We wish her the best as for a complete recovery, when her foot and ankle don't have the additional stress from basketball activity.
1/03/18  Worst to First, Part 1 — An Oral History of the Road to K-State WBB's 2007-08 Big 12 Championship
As the title shows, this is the first part of Corbin McGuire's look back at the 2008 Big 12 championship, which was won on KU's court. I was fortunate to be there. This installment focuses on the WNIT semifinal game in Wyoming. (link) Also, here's a great photo gallery.

Finally, here's what I wrote on 3/28/07 about the WNIT semifinal game in Wyoming, where I predicted the awesome we had in 2007-08, and I'm sure I wasn't alone in that opinion. (Depending on what web browser you use, this link may or may not take you directly to my March 2007 write-up):

I want to begin by saying I am extremely proud of the Cats' performance, effort and character in the triple-overtime Wyoming game tonight. Ashley Sweat, who played 50 minutes, logged a career-high 31 points. What a great finish to an excellent freshman season! Shalee Lehning recorded her second triple-double, with 15 points, 11 assists and 12 rebounds. This is the fifth triple-double in the history of the program, and Shalee has two of 'em. Shana Wheeler, who eventually fouled out, was 5 of 11 from the field, had 12 points and four blocked shots. Kimberly Dietz was also 5 of 11 from the field, 2 of 4 from three-point range, and both Dietz and Wheeler played huge roles in the game. Kari Kincaid made two or three three-pointers. All this came in front of a hostile crowd of 12,225, on the highest-elevation basketball court in the United States.

I just know that this team is going to have a tremendous 2007-2008 season. Do we seriously have to wait until November?

If the Big 12 conference office doesn't demand that the NCAA investigate the inept and biased officiating that occurred in Laramie tonight... well, Kevin Weiberg should be ashamed of himself. This was the most obviously biased and incompetent officiating of any basketball game I have ever known of. How about the Cats' 18 free throws awarded, vs. 52 for Wyoming? That's close to three times the free throws for Wyoming. How about repeatedly falling for the Wyoming players' taking a dive for the floor anytime a Cat got near them? John Fullilove, Michol Murray and Paula Ross should never officiate a sports contest again in their lives.

Finally... this loss would not have occurred had the game been played in Manhattan. I'm calling out the K-Staters who failed to appear at the earlier WNIT games, thereby allowing Wyoming to become the host school. If the earlier games had been sellouts (as Cat fans managed for the final NIT game), our Cats would have certainly been playing in the championship game on Saturday.

12/24/17  Christmas videos from WBB
Here we have Shaelyn Martin's Christmas preferences.
12/21/17  Ranke's Quick Release Helps Make Immediate Impact on K-State WBB
Corbin McGuire, along with many others, has noticed the lightning-fast release from Rachel Ranke on her three-point shots. His Sports Extra is a look at Rachel's past experiences and current success.
12/18/17  Shaelyn Martin continues as WBB's Rebound Warrior
Shaelyn's featured in today's K-State Sports Extra for her ongoing efforts and instincts in grabbing rebounds. Averaging nine per game, she had 11 in the latest game.
12/14/17  Shaelyn Martin a rebound warrior for K-State women's basketball
Ken Corbitt in the Topeka Capital-Journal has a nice feature on Shaelyn Martin, the team's current Rebound Warrior. She recorded 15 rebounds vs. Texas-Arlington. As of this date, the cumulative season stats (click on Individual) show her with 72 season rebounds, and an average of 9.0 per game (both commanding leads). Here's a quote from Shaelyn that I swiped from the article:
"It's almost 100 percent a mindset. I know I'm capable of doing it, so it's a matter of how much I'm willing to fight to get it. You have to have the mindset that every board is mine, and that's where I've been the past few games."
Coach Mittie commented that Shaelyn has the instinct, toughness and desire to get it done. I'd say this is one of the reasons she's been starting forever!
12/14/17  Shaelyn Martin: Working on the Little Things
Here's a two-minute video update.
12/06/17  Setback Helped Set Up Goth's Successful Transition to Point Guard
Corbin McGuire's Sports Extra focuses on the great success junior Kayla Goth has had at point guard this season. Corbin reports, "She leads the Wildcats in points scored (14.9 per game), assists (6.0 per game), field goal percentage (54.2) and 3-point percentage (42.9)." Included in the Sports Extra is a link to the Penn State highlights video. (link)
11/30/17  K-State WBB Eager for Big 12/SEC Challenge at No. 19 Missouri
Today's K-State Sports Extra has a detailed look at recent games, progress and points of emphasis, with comments from Coach Mittie and Kayla Goth. It includes a preview of tonight's Missouri game. (link)
11/29/17  Kayla Goth gives a status report on the team
Reporters visited with Kayla Goth for her thoughts on how the team is doing at this point. The practices have been focused primarily on themselves this week, but she commented briefly on Missouri... apparently a team from the SEC. (video)
11/12/17  Kaylee Page leads K-State women to season-opening victory
Coach Mittie wants his veterans to shoot, as Lewis and Wesemann have moved on. Ken Corbitt of has the details on Kaylee's strong start to the 2017-18 season.
11/12/17  Shaelyn Martin charges back into action for K-State women's basketball
Ken Corbitt of the Topeka Capital-Journal has a feature on Shaelyn in the paper's online CatZone. She's been recovering from a hand injury, and was iffy for the season opener. Apparently she's ready to go, considering the impressive 7-of-8 performance at the free throw line. Shaelyn took a couple of charges in her usual fearless style. (I asked her about her awesome charges last year. She said, "Just accept that it's going to hurt!" We're very fortunate to have such a versatile, smart player, and I know she's going to have a fine senior season. She's the ultimate example of a student athlete.
11/09/17  Laurie Koehn continues basketball as a coach
The Nov. 9 Manhattan Mercury has a nice feature on Laurie Koehn, who needs no introduction. She has joined Kami Ethridge as an assistant coach with University of Northern Colorado WBB. Here's Laurie's roster page.

No K-State athlete ever worked harder to improve than Laurie Koehn. She will be an excellent coach. How about some videos?

11/08/17  Early Signing Day: Savannah Simmons, Christianna Carr and Ayoka Lee!
Here are links to tweets from K-State Women's Basketball to announce these signees: Welcome to the neighborhood, ladies! Here's the release from KSU WBB.
11/02/17  K-State Teams Set for Exhibition Doubleheader vs. Emporia State
Corbin McGuire's latest excellent Sports Extra previews both of our programs' new players, and the season. Be sure to have a look!
11/01/17  Coach Mittie beats the Cats' zone defense
Coach Carr passes through the Cats' 2-3 zone defense to Coach Mittie, under the basket, who takes a step and nails a reverse layup. (Twitter video) (HD video download)
11/01/17  Priscilla Gary-Sweeney Reflects on Time with K-State WBB
Corbin McGuire's latest Sports Extra is a visit with Priscilla Gary-Sweeney, who has one of the five retired WBB jerseys in the Octagon o' Doom. Be sure to read this!
10/13/17  Fun times at the Miami Heat game
Instagram video
10/09/17  Youth-Filled K-State WBB Further Ahead Because of Offseason Opportunities
Corbin McGuire's Sports Extra looks the adjustments on the part of the entire team and staff with seven newcomers.
10/08/17  Ashton Verhulst unofficially commits to K-State WBB
Ashton hasn't signed the letter, but she's tweeted, so that's semi-official, right? She's in school at Bishop Miege in Shawnee Mission, and her mother, Robin, played for Duke a quarter century ago. Ashton is currently 6' 2", and will be a Cat in 2020.
10/04/17  Media Day 2017 Video
Click right here! Oh... wait a minute... Here's 25 minutes' worth!
10/03/17  Broadcast Schedule for 2017-18 Finalized
K-Staters can look forward to all home Women's Basketball games being televised, with seven on ESPN3, which is available by various means. K-StateHD.TV will carry some games exclusively, and all home games on-demand. For all the good news, look here!
9/18/17  Tour the K-State Women's BB Facilities, 360°
Women's Basketball has just released this video tour of our facilities, K-State highlights and Manhattan!
9/07/17  Mittie Adds Tsybaeva to Roster for 2017-18
So... Coach Mittie completed his set of 2017-18 newcomers with Anastasia Tsybaeva, a 6' 7" junior center. (announcement) Here's a paragraph swiped from
Tsybaeva joins an incoming quintet of freshmen for the 2017-18 season including: guards Cymone Goodrich, 5' 10" (Chicago, Illinois), Rachel Ranke, 6' 1" (Burnsville, Minnesota), Alisa Wiggins, 5' 8" (Montclair, New Jersey) and posts Mary Lakes, 6' 4" (Peoria, Illinois) and Ashley Ray, 6' 5" (Girard, Kansas) and fellow junior college transfer Kali Jones, 6' 2" (Murrieta, California).
8/17/17  Women's BB Returns from Europe More Experienced, Ready to Play Together
Corbin McGuire has another must-read Sports Extra covering the Cats' 12-day European tour to Italy, the Vatican, Switzerland, Austria and Slovakia. The team went 2-2, and got valuable experience in learning to play together. Individually, Kaylee Page and freshman Rachel Ranke led with 11.3 points each. Peyton Williams averaged 11.0 points and 8.8 rebounds a game. She's off to Volleyball through November.
8/05/17  Cats Defeat All-Star Italy
Our Cats are undefeated in Europe after a 79-47 win over All-Star Italy today. Peyton Williams got a double-double, and led with 16 points. Shaelyn Martin almost got a triple-double. Here's the full story from K-State WBB. Video: sightseeing, days 1 & 2   sightseeing and practice, day 3
8/02/17  K-State WBB Ready to Build Connection During Europe Tour
Corbin McGuire's Sports Extra has details and players' thoughts on the European tour that started today. Managers were loading a bus at 5 a.m., and I assume they're underway. It should be a great experience!
7/31/17  K-State women's basketball team set to embark on European tour
The Topeka Capital-Journal has a great preview of the Cats' 12-day European tour, which begins on August 2.
7/26/17  Mittie Adds Wiggins to Roster for 2017-18
Coach Mittie has announced signing Alisa Wiggins, a 5'8" guard from New Jersey. Wiggins joins freshmen guards Cymone Goodrich (Chicago, Illinois) and Rachel Ranke (Burnsville, Minnesota), along with posts Mary Lakes (Peoria, Illinois) and Ashley Ray (Girard, Kansas). The Wildcats also added junior forward Kali Jones (Murrieta, California). (1350 KMAN)
7/26/17  Chris Carr Feels Blessed to Become K-State WBB Assistant Coach
Corbin McGuire has filed another excellent Sports Extra on Chris Carr's promotion to assistant coach.
7/12/17  K-State is headed to Europe
From August 2 - 13, the Cats will visit and play in Italy, Switzerland and Austria. A tour like this is allowed by the NCAA once every four years, and it allows extra practice. (K-State release)
7/02/17  Missy Decker-Heidrick, Jay Heidrick talk about life during and after K-State
The Manhattan Mercury has a very good feature story on Missy and Jay, who both played for K-State in the 1990s. Missy, who now does WBB broadcasts with Brian Smoller, had the unique experience of playing for Susan Yow, Brian Agler, Jack Hartman and Deb Patterson! Jay, an attorney, played for Tom Asbury. This is very enjoyable to read, as it really takes you back to some great times. I started going to WBB in 1996, when Jack Hartman coached part of 1995-96, and remember Missy playing. Of course, I saw every home game Jay played in, too.
6/27/17  Stone's Travel-Filled Basketball Career Laid Groundwork to Become K-State WBB Assistant Coach
In Corbin McGuire's in-depth Sports Extra, we learn about new assistant coach Jayci Stone's journey to Manhattan .
2/17/17  Savannah Simmons tweets commitment to K-State WBB
Savannah @savvysimmss tweeted today, "I can't wait to be a Wildcat." She has only a verbal commitment, so fans should not make direct contact. Savannah is finishing her junior season at The John Carroll School in BelAir, Maryland.

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