No. Name Position Height Class Hometown (Previous School)
1 Sarah Shematsi F 6-2 Grad Lycee Bellevue, Annecy France
2 Ja'Mia Harris G 5-8 Fr. Lancaster, TX (DeSoto HS)
3 Jaelyn Glenn G 6-1 So. Kansas City, MO (The Barstow School)
4 Serena Sundell G 6-1 So. Maryville, MO (Maryville HS)
5 Brylee Glenn G 6-0 So. Kansas City, MO (The Barstow School)
10 Mikayla Parks G 5-9 Fr. Norman, OK (Norman HS)
12 Gabby Gregory G 5-11 Sr. Tulsa, OK (Holland Hall Prep)
14 Rebekah Dallinger G 5-9 Jr. Sydney, Australia (Narrabeen Sports)
15 Heavenly Greer F 6-3 RS So. Phoenix, AZ (John R. Wooden HS)
21 Eliza Maupin F 6-3 Fr. Webster Groves, MO (Webster Groves HS
23 Mimi Gatewood G 5-6 Fr. Glenn Heights, TX (Desoto HS)
24 Emilee Ebert G 6-0 Sr. Frankfort (Frankfort HS)
30 Gisela Sanchez F 6-3 So. Barcelona, Spain (Segle XXI HS)
41 Taylor Lauterbach C 6-7 Jr. Appleton, WI (Appleton West HS)
50 Ayoka Lee C 6-6 Sr. Bryon, MN (Bryon HS)

11/28/22   Gabby Gregory: Paradise Jam All-Tournament Team

11/24/22   Thanksgiving in the U.S. Virgin Islands
Here we see our WBB Cats in the Caribbean, awaiting their encounter with Clemson later today. (link) WBB's Twitter account is loaded with fun "vacation" pictures. How about the Cats' big win today vs. Clemson? They doubled the score on the ladies in orange, 76-38, and Brian Smoller reported a 56-12 run. (game recap)

11/21/22   Kansas State: ESPN's Team of the Week

M. A. Voepel of ESPN wrote,

"The Wildcats don't have star center Ayoka Lee, who is out this season after knee surgery. But they have started 5-0, including an 84-83 upset over then-No. 4 Iowa on Thursday. Gabby Gregory, a transfer senior guard from Oklahoma, is averaging a team-best 21.4 PPG. Sophomore guard Serena Sundell is second in scoring (14.6 PPG) and leads in rebounds (7.0) and assists (5.0)." (link)

11/21/22   Today's Big 12 Standings

11/17/22   "So It's a Good Night from the Happiest Place on Earth, Manhattan, Kansas..."

The legendary sign-off of Keith Jackson (after Football's 1998 40-30 victory over NU) applies well tonight. Here are the recap and box score.

There's an audio replay that's a fun look back at today's festivities. Oops. "Look" wasn't the best choice of words, was it? Also, here we have the highlights! This just in... D. Scott Fritchen has posted a K-State Sports Extra, focused on the big victory.

11/14/22   Gabby Gregory: Big 12 Player of the Week

The Big 12 Conference announced today the selection of K-State's own Gabby Gregory as Player of the Week. (link) The release said, "Gregory completed her first week with the Wildcats with a pair of starts, and 31 minutes per game played. She averaged 22.0 points per contest on a 50% field goal percentage, including a 40% effort from 3-point range, a 90.9% effort from the foul line, 8.0 rebounds and 2.5 assists. Her 44 points in the first two games are the most by a Wildcat in their first two games in purple and white."

11/11/22   K-State WBB Reaches 1,000 Wins vs. Wisconsin

Kansas State 77, Wisconsin 63 was the outcome in Milwaukee, in a memorable game played on the Brewers' baseball field. (OK... somebody put down a basketball court on the field.) Our WBB program became the 19th in Division I to achieve the 1 kilowin landmark.

The two teams were fairly even on FGs (24 and 23), rebounds (39 and 38), 3 FGs (10 and 6), assists (14 and 16) and technical fouls (0 and 0). The Cats prevailed in FTs (19-11), led in steals (14-7), and came in lower on turnovers (KSU 12, Wisconsin 20). Ultimately, the Cats outscored Wisconsin in three of four quarters, with the fourth quarter the strongest, at 31-17. Gabby Gregory led with 25 points, Serena Sundell had 17 and Jaelyn Glenn had 16. Serena had 7 assists. Jaelyn's 5 steals came in handy, and Brylee Glenn had 4. Serena and Gabby had 9 rebounds, and Jaelyn had 8.

11/10/22   Cats 'n Carts, Episode 8

Emilee Ebert's passenger is #12 Mikayla Parks, as they tour the East Stadium lot. K-State sneaked Mikayla right out of Norman, Oklahoma (along with Gabby Gregory). Here's your Twitter link.

11/09/22   Taryn Sides Signed Her NLI Today!

11/09/22   Alexis Hess Signed Her NLI Today!

11/07/22   Jeff Mittie's 600th Career Win: Central Arkansas

There will no doubt be more coverage of this, but here's the game recap on the occasion of Coach Mittie's milestone victory. Yes... that's Yokie providing the rabbit ears for Coach. Also... posted on Nov. 8, is a K-State Sports Extra in honor of Coach Mittie.

11/07/22   Ayoka Lee Recognized for Her NCAA Division I Record 61-Point Game
There will no doubt be more coverage of this in the next few days. Yokie was recognized at the men's halftime of the double-header evening at Bramlage Coliseum today, for her NCAA record 61 points vs. Oklahoma on January 23, 2022. (The Cats won, 94 - 65.) (Twitter link)
11/07/22   Taryn Sides Is Signing with K-State on Nov. 9!
Taryn Sides, the pride of Phillipsburg (and last season's Kansas 3A Co-Player of the Year) has posted this video on Twitter. The great news is that she will sign her national letter of intent on Wednesday, Nov. 9 at 12:50 p.m. There are numerous reports of her successes this past year on my media 2022-23 page.
11/03/22   Cats 'n Carts, Episode 7
Jaelyn Glenn's passenger is Eliza Maupin, as they tour the East Stadium parking lot. There are no tailgaters to dodge today. (Twitter link) I've read that Jaelyn doesn't drive the twins' Jeep, but she did fine with this vehicle.
10/31/22   Interesting Facts about Fort Hays State
It's easy to dismiss a team that's a season-opening, exhibition team. Fort Hays State came in after an impressive 2021-22 season. In NCAA Division II, they had the highest average (2,184) and total (39,315) attendance of all teams. They came in at the top of the WBCA academic honor roll. They went 30-4 last season, and 19-3 in the MIAA conference! In 2022-23, they're coming in with their third MIAA regular season title (co-champions) in four seasons. (link)
10/27/22   Cats 'n Carts, Episode 6
Serena Sundell's passenger is Mimi Gatewood for this episode. (Twitter link) Mimi would like to drive the cart on the Bramlage court. I remember at least two times that cars with celebrities were driven right up to the court. Mimi thinks it would be cool if we had wildcats roaming the campus. We've sure had raccoons, foxes and countless squirrels. I don't know about now, but for years there was a wildcat at Sunset Zoo. Its name was Touchdown.
10/26/22   K-State Announces 2022-23 WBB Broadcast Schedule
It's starting to get real! A detailed announcement was posted today by K-State Sports. There will be video coverage, generally on ESPN+ or ESPNU, and the page linked here has dates, times and plans for coverage. I'm puzzled as to why there's no mention of radio coverage. I prefer to listen to Chilidog Matt Walters, rather than video.
10/24/22   Are You Ready?
Here's a one-minute hype video, with the season opener a week away. Enjoy the scenes of a stuffed coliseum, K-State legends and traditions. I hope to see you there on Halloween! (Twitter video)
10/20/22   Cats 'n Carts, Episode 5
Taylor Lauterbach is Heavenly Greer's parking lot chauffer for this episode... at first, anyway. Then Heavenly took over, because Taylor may have been speeding. (Twitter link)
10/18/22   Big 12 Basketball Media Days
Here we have Jeff Mittie, Serena Sundell and Brylee Glenn taking questions about the coming season. There's discussion of what they have been - and will be - focused on, and ways the new players will contribute. (YouTube video)
10/16/22   WBB Promotions, Single Game Tickets on Sale on Oct. 17
Season-Long Ticket Promotions, Youth Team Games, Wednesday 4-Packs, Special Events and Packages, Halloween Costume Contest, Teddy Bear Toss, Dollar Days, Play 4 Kay, Sunflower Showdown T-Shirts, National Girls and Women in Sports Day // Here's your link!
10/13/22   Cats 'n Carts, Episode 4
For this tour of the parking lots, it's cart driver Rebekah Dallinger, visiting with new Cat Ja'Mia Harris. (Twitter link)
10/06/22   Cats 'n Carts, Episode 3
The third episode of Cats 'n Carts just features Sarah Shematsi, chauffered by Brylee Glenn around the Shamrock Zone and BSFS. (Twitter link)
9/29/22   Taryn Sides Has 1,000 Volleyball Assists
Robin, the mother of K-State commit Taryn Sides, proudly tweeted a banner Taryn was presented on the occasion of her 1,000th volleyball assist. I say, sign her up to be a Volleycat, too! (Twitter link)

9/29/22   Cats 'n Carts, Episode 2
The second episode of Cats 'n Carts features Gisela Sanchez and Ayoka Lee. Gisela is a sophomore from Barcelona, who was at the U. of Arizona last year. Yokie drove the cart around the east side construction area. Here's the Twitter video.
9/27/22   Big 12 Schedule Announced
K-State WBB has released the Big 12 schedule for 2022-23. It begins at Texas on New Year's Eve.
9/19/22   Cats 'n Carts Series Premieres
Cats 'n Carts premiered on Twitter at 10:04 A.M. today. It would have been interesting to see how this was recorded, because there were group shots and close-ups from different angles. The idea is for us to meet newcomers, but their names aren't mentioned. Those onboard on the cart (in the East Stadium parking lot) are Emilee Ebert driving, Serena Sundell, Heavenly Greer, Brylee Glenn, Taylor Lauterbach, and (I hope I have the new Cats right) Gabby Gregory, Mikayla Parks and Sarah Shematsi. They change seats, sing, dance and display previously-unknown talents. Wabash Cannonball is Serena's favorite song ever. The parking lot speed limit was possibly observed. Here's the link to the Twitter video.
9/11/22   K-State WBB Recruiting Prospects Update from @catfan28
Brad, @catfan28, is a master of spreadsheets, and is a wealth of information on K-State Women's Basketball. He has just tweeted his latest recruiting update. Thanks to him for his tireless work!
8/23/22   K-State WBB Announces the Non-Conference Schedule for 2022-23
It looks like an interesting schedule, which includes playing in a Major League Baseball stadium. The announcement from K-State WBB has lots of details.
8/23/22   Yokie Is Facing Knee Surgery, and Cannot Play This Season
Life can be very unfair. Our superstar, Ayoka Lee, who holds the NCAA WBB record for her 61 points scored in a game, will have an operation on her knee, and recovery will keep her from competition in 2022-23. (link) The K-State Family absolutely loves Yokie. She is the ultimate student-athlete. It hardly needs to be mentioned that she's an Academic All-American. She's the 2022 Big 12 Women's Basketball Scholar-Athlete of the Year, a Second Team All-American, National Player of the Week three times, on and on. Also, Yokie was well-positioned to break the record for most points scored by a K-State WBB player. Finally, Yokie is a nominee for NCAA Woman of the Year. The announcement of that honor will come in January.

One thing is certain. Yokie will approach her recovery with the same determination she has shown us throughout her time at K-State. She plans to play again next season. Best wishes, Yokie!

8/23/22   Pictionary with Yokie and the Cats
The challenge is to guess the opponent, based on what's on the white board. (link)
8/23/22   K-State Women's Basketball Ticket Options
Be there, or be counted absent! (link)
8/22/22   The K-State Women's Basketball 2022-23 Roster Is Out!
Here's the link!
8/20/22   Kayla Goth and Dean Wade Got Married Today
The venue was the Liquid Art Winery, outside Manhattan. Best wishes to an amazing couple! ( K-State WBB tweeted this photo of former players with the bride. I don't know all of their married names, but you'll see Ashley Ray, Kaylee Page, Jessica Sheble, Karyla Middlebrook, Kindred Wesemann, Anastasia Tsybaeva, Peyton Williams and Yokie in the picture. Here's Valarie Martin's Twitter photo of the aforementioned players + the lucky groom, Mr. Dean Wade. Here's a link to another great photo of the couple.
8/17/22   Check Out catfan28's Future Roster Charts!
Brad Doebele, @catfan28, is always coming up with interesting recruiting information, and charts with interesting facts. He has just posted future rosters (through 2025-26) on Twitter. You should follow him! (Twitter chart)
7/27/22   Ayoka Lee: Nominee for NCAA Woman of the Year
This is tremendous - and not surprise - considering Yokie's continuous honors over her K-State career. Then there's the NCAA all-time record of 61 points, endless academic recognitions, Kansas City Sports Commission Sportswoman of the Year, AP 2nd Team All-American... on and on.

7/27/22   Gabby Gregory Transfers from Oklahoma
Gabby, a lifelong OU fan, says K-State is the "perfect fit." Here's D. Scott Fritchen's K-State Sports Extra.

7/25/22   Taryn Sides Tweets Thanks to the Missouri Phenom Organization
K-State commit @taryn_sides has been with the Phenom for a while, and has apparently finished a season, or her time with them. DO NOT MISS these highlights! She is an exceptional guard. Her shots and assists are both extremely impressive! She has committed to the Cats for 2023.

7/22/22   Coach Mittie Agrees to a Contract Extension Through 2025-26
I'm very pleased to announce Jeff Mittie's two-year extension!

"Under Coach Mittie's leadership, we have achieved sustained success with six postseason berths while seeing the excitement level and support for K-State women's basketball continue to grow," Taylor said. "He has done a tremendous job as head coach while being a great mentor for our student-athletes, and we look forward to continued success with him leading our women's basketball program."

His K-State record is 145-110. Kansas State returns seven letter winners including all five starters from last season. The Wildcats will be led by All-American center Ayoka Lee and the sophomore trio of Brylee Glenn, Jaelyn Glenn and Serena Sundell.

7/16/22   Finley Ohnstad Has an Offer from KSUWBB
Finley has an offer to be a Cat. She's from Minnesota, and plays for Lakeville South HS and Minnesota Fury. She's a Class of 2024 prospect. (link) Ohio State is after her, too... probably along with many others. Here are highlights of her sophomore season, from hudl.

7/10/22   Taryn Sides: 17 points, 7 rebounds in the 17 EYBL Championship Today
This from @Catfan28: "KSU commit @taryn_sides went for 17 points and 7 rebounds this afternoon, including hitting the game-winning free throws, with 10 seconds left in the 17 EYBL Nike Nationals." Here's a link to the 17 EYBL Championship bracket. Taryn plays for the Missouri Phenom.
7/08/22   Highlights of Kansas 3A Co-Player of the Year Taryn Sides
Thanks to @Courtside Films for these highlights of K-State's 2023 commit Taryn Sides in the EYBL Session 2. She had an amazing 2022-23 season for Phillipsburg. There's a good amount of coverage of her school season in my Media Coverage of the Cats section. (Look for links with an R in the left column.)
7/08/22   K-State Sending a Delegation to the 2022 Red Bull USA Qualifier
K-State WBB announced today that Serena Sundell, Jaelyn Glenn, Brylee Glenn and new Wildcat Gabby Gregory will be playing 3-on-3 in North Carolina this weekend. This will be three-on-three competition, with 10-minute games. The link here has all the details.

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