Numerous articles from the last two years cover:
Letterman's beloved Hello Deli bids farewell, says Rupert Jee© 2023  New York Post4/08/23
Paul Shaffer: Letterman keeps getting mistaken for a rabbi© 2023  New York Post3/16/23
Rick Scheckman, Letterman's Longtime Film Coordinator, Dies at 67© 2023  The Hollywood Reporter3/10/23
Bono and The Edge with Letterman© 2023  deadline.com3/09/23
Will Lee and his Sadowsky Signature Bass Guitar© 2023  willlee.com2/23/23
David Letterman on his surprise Ukraine trip and Zelensky interview© 2022  The Washington Post12/09/22
Warren Zevon: "Thank You, and Goodbye."© 2022  The Ringer10/28/22
Will Lee with Musicians Hall of Fame CEO Joe Chambers© 2022  Musicians Hall of Fame7/06/22
David Letterman Should Join the '60 Minutes' Team© 2022  Minneapolis Star Tribune5/26/22
There Was No Better Letterman Guest than Amy Sedaris© 2022  vulture.com3/10/22
David Letterman wowed by IndyCar team partnership, Esports Center:
'Like a kid at Christmas'
© 2022  Indianapolis Star2/12/22
David Letterman's Interview with Seth Meyers Was Late Night at Its Best© 2022  Variety2/02/22
Paul Shaffer's Letterman, SNL, and Blues Brothers Memories  AWESOME© 2022  vulture.com2/01/22
David Letterman will appear on Late Night on February 1,
the 40th anniversary of LNDL #0001
© 2022  Entertainment Weekly1/25/22
Don Giller — David Letterman's YouTube Archivist© 2021
Bob Costas: Letterman/CBS made him tempting offer to leave NBC © 2021  awfulannouncing.com11/03/21
Foo Fighters Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame© 2021  New York Post10/30/21
David Letterman Created a Scholarship for C Students© 2021  MindBlowingFacts.com10/25/21
Alan Kalter, Late Show Voice and Stamford Resident, Dead at 78© 2021  Stamford Advocate10/05/21
David Letterman Pays Tribute to Late Show Announcer Alan Kalter© 2021  Newsweek10/05/21
Alan Kalter, Late Show Voice, Dead at 78© 2021  USA Today10/05/21
Alan Kalter Dies at 78© 2021  Chicago Sun-Times10/05/21
Alan Kalter, Longtime Voice of Late Show, Dies at 78© 2021  The New York Times10/05/21
Alan Kalter, Announcer for David Letterman, Dies at 78© 2021  nbclosangeles.com10/05/21
Alan Kalter, Announcer of LSDL, Passes Away at 78© 2021  republicworld.com10/05/21
Alan Kalter, Late Show Announcer, Dead at 78© 2021  Rolling Stone10/05/21
Letterman Show Announcer Alan Kalter Dies at 78© 2021  NBC News10/05/21
Alan Kalter, LSDL Announcer, Dead at 78© 2021  etonline.com10/04/21
Longtime LSDL Announcer Alan Kalter Dies at 78© 2021  Entertainment Weekly10/04/21
Late Show Announcer Alan Kalter Dies at 78© 2021  msnbc.com10/04/21
David Letterman's announcer Alan Kalter dead at age 78© 2021  New York Daily News10/04/21
Alan Kalter Dies: David Letterman�s Longtime Announcer Was 78© 2021  deadline.com10/04/21
Alan Kalter, Late Show with David Letterman Announcer, Dies at 78© 2021  Variety10/04/21
Alan Kalter, Dead at 78© 2021  New York Post10/04/21
Alan Kalter Dies at 78© 2021  The Hollywood Reporter10/04/21
It' s Stupid Net Tricks as Dave Show Up© 2021  New York Daily News9/28/21
Dave from Basketball Digest Interviews Kevin Durant© 2021  USA Today9/27/21
Norm Macdonald's Best Late-Night Moments© 2021  The New York Times9/15/21
Here's Why Norm Macdonald Was Comedy Royalty. It's Not SNL© 2021  The New York Times9/15/21
How Norm Macdonald Saved SNL in One of Its 'Dark Times'© 2021  New York Post9/14/21
Norm Macdonald Dies at 61© 2021  deadline.com9/14/21
Tony Mendez, David Letterman's Oddball 'Cue Card Boy,' Dies at 76© 2021  The New York Times8/21/21
Stupid Pet Tricks Becoming TBS Show Hosted by Sarah Silverman© 2021  collider.com7/28/21
Stupid Pet Tricks Reimagined as TBS Comedy Variety Series Hosted
by Sarah Silverman
© 2021  deadline.com7/28/21
Retiring Marv Albert Reflects on Career in Wide-Ranging Post Interview© 2021  New York Post7/03/21
Retiring Marv Albert is so much more than a broadcasting icon© 2021  New York Post5/15/21
Beloved animal expert Jack Hanna has dementia© 2021  NBC News4/08/21
A Letter from the Hanna Family  very sad news© 2021  Twitter4/07/21
Jack Hanna, Columbus Zoo's Director Emeritus, has dementia© 2021  The Columbus Dispatch4/07/21
How Chris Elliott Amassed His $10 Million Net Worth© 2021  thethings.com4/04/21
Paris Hilton Recalls 'Cruel' Treatment by David Letterman,
Sarah Silverman: 'I Wanted to Die'
© 2021  toofab.com3/01/21
David Letterman's 2013 Interview with Lindsay Lohan Sparks Backlash
on Social Media
© 2021  deadline.com2/13/21
Danny Ray, onstage 'cape man' for soul great James Brown, dies at 85© 2021  The Los Angeles Times2/03/21
Darlene Love, Singer of Many Phil Spector Classics, Remembers:
"He Wanted to Control My Talent"
© 2021  Variety1/17/21
David Letterman: A Remarkable Talk Show Host –
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction
© 2021  Hollywood Insider1/14/21
Rahal Letterman Lanigan Prepares for Growth Spurt with Ambitious
New Shop Near Indy
© 2020  indycar.com12/14/20
Michael Jordan Explains to Letterman Why the NBA Banned His Shoe© ????  oldskoolbball.comunknown
Kenny Sheehan Dead: Letterman's Oprah Transcript Star Dies at 66© 2020  heavy.com11/20/20
Top 5 Episodes of My Next Guest Needs No Introduction on Netflix© 2021  Hollywood Insider11/11/20
Letterman, Chappelle Netflix special is a love letter to Yellow Springs© 2020  dayton.com10/23/20
Let's revisit the "explosion of excrement" that was David Letterman
hosting the 1995 Oscars
© 2020  avclub.com10/22/20
Manning, Letterman draw onlookers at Ball State© 2020  wpta21.com10/20/20
David Letterman Admits to Having 'Misjudged' Kim Kardashian© 2020  cinemablend.com10/20/20
David Letterman Isn't Here to Cheer You Up This Time© 2020  The New York Times10/19/20
Lizzo and Letterman Swap Minnesota Memories on Netflix Show© 2020  startribune.com10/17/20
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction Sets Netflix Return© 2020  The Hollywood Reporter9/23/20
Letterman at Emmys: It's pronounced AWL-bany© 2020  timesunion.com9/20/20
Drew Barrymore Opens up About Infamous 1995 TV Flashing© 2020
Takuma Sato Brought Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing
Its Second Indy 500 Win
© 2020  www.rahal.com8/24/20
Chappelle Hanging with Letterman for Netflix & Comedy Show!!!© 2020  TMZ7/30/20
Letterman, Kimmel, Kathie Lee & More Pay Tribute to Regis© 2020  The Hollywood Reporter7/27/20
Regis Philbin, television personality, has died at 88© 2020  CNN7/25/20
'There will never be another': Kathie Lee Gifford, President Trump,
more react to Regis Philbin's death
© 2020  USA Today7/25/20
Regis Philbin, Legendary Television Host, Dies at 88© 2020  People7/25/20
Regis Philbin, Legendary TV Host, Dies at 88© 2020  Variety7/25/20
Letterman Says Regis Philbin Is 'In the Same Category as Carson'© 2020  Variety7/25/20
Behind David Letterman's Favorite Song, Everlong© 2020  americansongwriter.com7/20/20
After Breaking News for Decades, CNN Now Juggles It, Too
update on That CNN Thing
© 2020  Variety7/13/20
That CNN Thing© 2020  The Donz Blog6/25/20
40 Years Ago: David Letterman's Morning Show Hints at Future Fame© 2020  ultimateclassicrock.com6/23/20
Jungle Jack Hanna announces retirement after 42 years© 2020  news5cleveland.com6/11/20
Jungle Jack to Retire from Columbus Zoo after 42 Years© 2020  10tv.com6/11/20
Remembering When Bill Murray Beat up a Heckler on Letterman© 2020  Far Out Magazine / (video)6/04/20
Knit to This: Julia Child and David Letterman© 2020  Mason-Dixon Knitting Newsletter5/23/20
Revisit David Letterman's final ever Late Show© 2020
Colbert, Letterman Rail Against Mike Pence for Visiting
Mayo Clinic with No Mask
© 2020  Rolling Stone4/29/20
David Letterman Lambastes Mike Pence for "Taunting" Virus
Patients by Not Wearing a Mask at the Mayo Clinic
© 2020  The Hollywood Reporter4/29/20
David Letterman: Human spirit will persevere over coronavirus;
"This will pass and we will survive"
© 2020  The Washington Times4/29/20
David Letterman Talks About Broadcasting During the Pandemic© 2020  howardsternshow.com4/29/20
How Lebanon became the home office of Late Night© 2020  lebtown.com4/24/20
17 Must-Watch Documentaries for Broadway Musical Fans© 2020  playbill.com3/17/20
Top 10 Memorable Quotes from David Letterman© 2020  Journal Gazette4/10/20
Mitch Hedberg's Minnesota© 2020  citypages.com3/04/20
David Letterman Opens up About the Best Part of Retirement© 2020  cheatsheet.com2/29/10
Richard Lewis is not as miserable as he appears, but still miserable.© 2020  The Washington Post2/28/20
Darlene Love Reveals Heart Attack Details – and Celebrates Survival © 2020  healthday.com2/13/20
Tour Stories: Pittsburgh musicians share wild tales of the road© 2020  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette1/28/20
The Most Important Comedy Writer of the Last 50 Years Gets Her Due
Merrill Markoe
© 2020  insidehook.com1/30/20
David Letterman talks Hoosier hospitality and flings
Long's doughnuts while accepting award
© 2020  Indy Star1/29/20
Was Letterman Really Such a Bad Oscar Host? He Still Thinks So.© 2020  The New York Times1/28/20
How David Letterman's Biggest Fan Ended up Being Subpoenaed
in the Harvey Weinstein Trial
© 2020  primetimer.com1/24/20
My Brush with the Law
My pal The Donz avoids the graybar hotel!
© 2020  donzblog.home.blog1/23/20
Harvey Weinstein's lawyers play a Letterman clip of
Annabella Sciorra joking about lying
© 2020  primetimer.com1/23/20
David Letterman stands out in yellow and orange with wife
Regina Lasko and son Harry in St. Barts
© 2020  Daily Mail1/01/20
CNN Explores The Story of Late Night in Doc Series from
The Dictator's Playbook Producer Cream Productions
© 2019  deadline.com12/18/19
Merrill Markoe to Receive WGAW's Paddy Chayefsky Laurel Award
© 2019  wga.org12/12/19
Joe Walsh, Paul Shaffer's "Plus One," reveals how a practice lick
became an iconic Eagles song
© 2019  siriusxm.com12/10/19
The View from The View
a feature on Brian Teta!
© 2019  Muhlenberg Magazine12/05/19
Darlene Love Calls out Christmas in Rockefeller Center Snub
This is outrageous!
© 2019  Rolling Stone12/05/19
Anil Kapoor shares hilarious video of Bill Gates explaining internet to
David Letterman in 1995: 'It's the big new thing'
© 2019  hindustantimes.com12/03/19
Remembering David Letterman's Tortured History with the Rockefeller
Center Christmas Tree
  with videos by Don Giller!
© 2019  primetimer.com12/04/19
Craig Ferguson Wanted to Do Something Different with Hobo Fabulous© 2019  Forbes11/12/19
John Witherspoon's Cause of Death Revealed© 2019  Entertainment Tonight11/12/19
Ball State has first student team in Indiana and Midwest
to get LEED certification for existing building
© 2019  bsu.edu11/11/19
Fab Faux to perform early Beatles tunes in Northampton© 2019  masslive.com11/11/19
State Theatre New Jersey Presents The Fab Faux with
The Beatles Movie Music
© 2019  newjerseystage.com11/11/19
Joe Bonamassa receives 22nd #1 with Live at the Sydney Opera House
Anton Fig's with him.
© 2019  gratefulweb.com11/09/19
Celebrities Came Together for John Witherspoon's Funeral© 2019  BET11/08/19
How this writer got an apology from David Letterman
10 years after she called him out
© 2019  CBC Radio11/06/19
John Witherspoon's Celebration of Life:
David Letterman, Ice Cube, Chris Tucker & More Honor the Late Comic
© 2019  Entertainment Tonight11/05/19
Hollywood Music In Media Awards Announces Nominees
Bathtubs Over Broadway for Best Original Song - Documentary
© 2019  shootonline.com11/04/19
Former Late Show Writer Says David Letterman Recently Apologized
for Sexist Behavior
© 2019  Yahoo! Entertainment10/31/19
Former Late Show Writer Says David Letterman Recently Apologized
for Sexist Behavior
© 2019  people.com10/31/19
When Joe Pesci Couldn't Stop Saying the F Word on David Letterman© 2019  cheatsheet.com10/31/19
David Letterman Apologizes For Late Night Sexism© 2019  screenrant.com10/30/19
David Letterman Apologizes for Sexism During His Late-Night Days© 2019  thecut.com10/30/19
David Letterman Apologizes for Sexist Behavior During Late Show Tenure© 2019  complex.com10/30/19
Ten Years Ago, I Called Out Letterman. This Month, We Sat Down to Talk.
© 2019  Vanity Fair10/30/19
11 Best Moments from SRK's Interview with David Letterman© 2019  scoopwhoop.com10/28/19
In Pics: Best Lines From The Shah Rukh Khan – David Letterman
Interview, Which Make You Go Wow at The Genius That He Is
© 2019  ED Times10/28/19
10 Things We Love About Shah Rukh Khan — That David Letterman
Just Discovered in My Next Guest
© 2019  Brown Girl Magazine10/27/19
The Masked Singer: David Letterman Knew Paul Shaffer
Was the Skeleton Because of His Walk
© 2019  screenrant.com10/20/19
David Letterman interviews Shah Rukh Khan for Netflix special© 2019  UPI10/19/19
Paul Shaffer Reveals How David Letterman Knew He Was
the Skeleton on Masked Singer
© 2019  People Weekly10/17/19
The Masked Singer Skeleton admits he got a call from
David Letterman weeks ago
© 2019  Entertainment Weekly10/16/19
David Letterman's Car Collection Will Take Your Breath Away© 2019  motorbiscuit.com10/08/19
David Letterman's Sex Scandal Still Feels Unresolved 10 Years Later© 2019  vice.com10/01/19
My Letterman Databases
© 2019  Don Giller9/26/19
History's Moment in Media: "It's The Late Show with David Letterman!"© 2019  mediavillage.com8/29/19
On new AXS TV series Paul Shaffer Plus One Joe Walsh reveals
which Eagles song started as a warm-up exercise
© 2019  ABC News Radio8/21/19
6 Superfans Whose Fandom Crossed the Line into Madness© 2019  Cracked.com8/06/19
Rock-musician memoirs have a distancing effect, but Ben Folds
is as relatable as ever
© 2019  The Washington Post7/31/19
"Dave's Attitude Problem": How His Creative Mission Defined
Late Night TV as We Know It
© 2019  Linked In7/24/19
David Letterman and Jonathan Van Ness Groom Each Other's Thick,
Lustrous Beards
© 2019  vulture.com6/28/19
Jimmi Simpson on the Roles He Plays and Why He Still Feels
the Need to "Prove"" Himself
© 2019  dailyactor.com6/24/19
AXS TV Adapts SiriusXM's Paul Shaffer Plus One for TV© 2019  themusicuniverse.com6/21/19
Emmys: Director Dava Whisenant and Star Steve Young on
Bathtubs Over Broadway, Sudsy Doc about "Weird,"
Poignant Corporate Musicals
© 2019  deadline.com6/21/19
Letterman looks back with regret on his dozens of Trump interviews
I'm not a fan of the Post
© 2019  The Washington Post6/13/19
For David Letterman, there's a lot to like about late night© 2019  The Boston Globe6/13/19
David Letterman Calls Trump 'Psychotic' and 'Soulless'© 2019  People Weekly6/12/19
Dave on the Awards Chatter Podcast© 2019  The Hollywood Reporter6/11/19
David Letterman Exposed Who Kanye West Really Is© 2019  Forbes6/10/19
David Letterman and Lewis Hamilton Hit the Track Together© 2019  caranddriver.com6/06/19
7 Things We Learned from Kanye West's Interview with Letterman© 2019  Billboard6/03/19
Paul Shaffer Honours His Parents with a Landmark Project Bench© 2019  University of Toronto6/05/19
David Letterman 2.0, the Non-Ironic Version© 2019  The New York Times5/31/19
David Letterman breaks down the key moments on the new season
of his Netflix show
© 2019  The Washington Post5/29/19
7 Things We Learned from Kanye West's Interview with Letterman© 2019  5/28/19
David Letterman the Liberal© 2019  liveabutdotcom5/24/19
David Letterman says we need to "stop yakking about what a goon"
Trump is and vote
© 2019  avclub.com5/17/19
David Letterman can't stand Trump but wants everyone to
"stop yacking about what a goon he is."
© 2019  FoxNews5/17/19
David Letterman Says He Feels Most Secure When He's with His Son:
"I Want to Be His Best Friend"
© 2019  People Weekly5/16/19
Letterman says he was 'frightened' heading into Kanye West interview© 2019  USA Today5/16/19
David Letterman reveals he feels 'most secure' when he's with his son© 2019  Today5/16/19
Howard Stern Comes Again (book preview)© 2019  simonandschuster.com5/05/19
Letterman's favorite Outlaw Country singer will play MerleFest© 2019  Winston-Salem Journal4/24/19
Man who plotted to kidnap Letterman's son arrested again in Helena© 2019  Helena Independent Record4/04/19
The 10 best late-night TV hosts of the last 25 years© 2019  Omaha World-Herald3/27/19
David Letterman Enjoys The Vacation of Our Dreams in St. Barts© 2019  hollywoodpipeline.com3/24/19
David Letterman says he stayed on TV so long because nobody
had the guts to fire him
© 2021  marketwatch.com3/21/19
David Letterman Says "Nobody Had the Guts to
Fire" Him From Late Show
© 2019  The Hollywood Reporter3/21/19
Paul Shaffer to Launch Paul Shaffer Plus One
Celebrity Interview Show on SiriusXM & AXS TV
© 2019  Billboard2/18/19
Paul Shaffer to Host New Celebrity Interview Show© 2019  axs.tv2/18/19
Writers Guild of America Winners© 2019  The Hollywood Reporter2/17/19
The Dave Cave
by the great Don Giller!
© 2019  The Donz Blog1/27/19
Jay Leno Opens up about Late-Night Rivals Letterman and O'Brien© 2019  etonline.com1/23/19
Jay Leno clears the air about David Letterman and Conan O'Brien© 2019  aol.com1/23/19
Jay Leno Clears the Air About Drama with Letterman and Conan
-- Plus Howard Stern Feud
© 2019  toofab.com1/23/19
Jay Leno Addresses the David Letterman and Conan O'Brien Drama© 2019  popculture.com1/23/19
Kanye West Was Interviewed for David Letterman's Netflix Show© 2019  NTD1/20/19
My Late Night with David Letterman History
by Don Giller, the world's #1 Letterman fan!
© 2019  The Donz Blog1/18/19
Letterman Reportedly Interviewed Kanye West for His Netflix Show© 2019  Vanity Fair1/18/19
Kanye to need no introduction on Letterman's Netflix chat show© 2019  AV Club1/18/19
David Letterman Interviewed Kanye West for His Netflix Talk Show© 2019  vulture.com1/18/19
Schitt's Creek: the funniest sitcom you're (probably) not watching© 2019  The Guardian1/15/19
Late Show Created a Fake Boy Band. You Probably Didn't Know
© 2019  The Huffington Post1/10/19
Best Screenplay nomination for Bathtubs Over Broadway© 2019  Deadline Hollywood1/07/19
Paul Shaffer tells of 'secret jazz identity' before Lincoln show© 2019  Lincoln Journal-Star1/04/19
Bob Einstein, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Super Dave Actor, Dead© 2019  Rolling Stone1/02/19
Man Who Planned to Kidnap Letterman's Son Released on Parole
© 2018  NTD12/25/18
When David Letterman Left the Late Show, Chris Elliott Cried© 2018  Cinema Blend12/25/18
"I Didn't Do It!" Man Accused of Trying to Kidnap Letterman's Son
Maintains Innocence after Release
© 2018  radaronline.com12/24/18
Man accused of plotting to kidnap David Letterman's son freed© 2018  Newsday12/23/18
Man accused of plotting to kidnap Letterman's son freed© 2018  msn.com12/23/18
Bathtubs Over Broadway Review© 2018  letterboxd.com12/16/18
Chris Elliott Wept When Letterman Quit the Late Show© 2018  vulture.com12/15/18
Chris Elliott: Turning Down SNL, Why He Cried When Dave Retired© 2018  The Daily Beast12/15/18
Another season of David Letterman's Netflix show© 2018  avclub.com12/15/18
Letterman's Netflix Talk Show Renewed for Season 2© 2018  The Hollywood Reporter12/14/18
Letterman's Netflix Talk Show Renewed© 2018  darkhorizons.com12/14/18
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction Will Return Next Year© 2018  vulture.com12/14/18
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction Renewed for Season 2© 2018  Variety12/14/18
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction Renewed for Season 2© 2018  thewrap.com12/14/18
Netflix Renews David Letterman's Talk Show for Season Two© 2018  pastemagazine.com12/14/18
David Letterman's Netflix show renewed for Season 2© 2018  CNN12/14/18
"This Is Just So Sh**ty, We Gotta Watch": The Beautiful, Inspirational
Disaster of Cabin Boy, 25 Years Later
© 2018  The Ringer12/05/18
Creators of Cabin Boy still haunted by trauma of having made 1994's
most relentlessly hated film

Nonsense! The world loves Cabin Boy
© 2018  A. V. Club12/05/18
Ebullient Doc Sheds Light on Musicals Aimed at Corporate America
Bathtubs Over Broadway Review
© 2018  thewrap.com11/29/18
Letterman Writer Unearths Lost World of Industrial Musicals in
Bathtubs over Broadway
© 2018  Forbes11/29/18
The Last Days of Letterman: A Conversation with Author Scott Ryan
a must-read article!
© 2018  fullecirclemagazine.com11/28/18
Can a Musical Sponsored by a Toilet Manufacturer Be a Work of Art?
(Bathtubs Over Broadway)
© 2018  The New Yorker11/27/18
Bathtubs Over Broadway Sings the Story of the Industrial Musical© 2018  voxmagazine.com11/05/18
Letterman's Final Episodes: 5 Surprising Behind-the-Scenes Stories© 2018  The Wrap11/04/18
David Letterman's Final Episodes of The Late Show: 5 Surprising
Behind-the-Scenes Stories
  Don't miss this!
© 2018  thewrap.com11/04/18
Chris Elliott's whole family goes nuts in the trailer for Clara's Ghost© 2018  avclub.com10/25/18
Bizarre Drew Barrymore In-Flight Magazine interview Goes Viral© 2018
The Comedy Master Who Hasn't Gotten Her Due: Elayne Boosler
24 appearances on Dave's shows!
© 2018  The New York Times9/30/18
David Letterman stops by Muncie for Jeannine Lee Lake's campaign© 2018  Muncie Star Press9/27/18
David Letterman's Car Collection Will Take Your Breath Away© 2018  cheatsheet.com9/25/18
David Letterman Joins Paul Shaffer at Cleopatra's Barge
at Caesars Palace Las Vegas
© 2018  vegasnews.com9/07/18
Norm Macdonald's Talk-Show Plan: No Monologue, No Band, No Politics© 2018  Wall Street Journal9/05/18
Paul Shaffer's Next Vegas Guest Needs No Introduction© 2018  Las Vegas Review-Journal9/04/18
David Letterman's most memorable Late Show moments© 2018  Entertainment Weekly8/30/18
25 Funny Letterman Quotes for Late Show's 25th Anniversary© 2018  Parade8/30/18
Letterman and Carters launch Habitat project at Notre Dame© 2018  South Bend Tribine8/27/18
Top This! Writing the 10 most-laughed-at lines in late night
— more than 6,000 times — was no easy task.

by Scott Ryan
© 2018  emmys.com8/21/18
Norm MacDonald Has a Show Gets Netflix Premiere Date;
Drew Barrymore, David Spade Among Celebrity Guests
© 2018  deadline.com8/21/18
Norm Macdonald, Still in Search of the Perfect Joke© 2018  The New York Times8/20/18
Will Somebody Please Give Norm Macdonald Another TV Show?© 2018  The Washington Post8/18/18
The Hidden Trove of Musicals by Broadway's Greatest Talents
Steve Young with Alec Baldwin
© 2018  wnycstudios.org8/14/18
Bill Scheft Returns© 2018  carsonpodcast.com8/02/18
Why comedian David Letterman was in Fort Collins this week© 2018  Coloradoan7/27/18
David Perrico Is Paul Shaffer's Go-to Man on Las Vegas Strip© 2018  Las Vegas Review-Journal7/13/18
Meet the Expert
The expert is Steve Young!
© 2018  NPR6/29/18
Broad Ripple school ends 13-decade run© 2018  wishtv.com6/09/18
SummerDocs' Infinite Variety
Bathtubs Over Broadway
© 2018  The East Hampton Star5/30/18
David Letterman Gifts Seth Meyers a Tick on Late Night!© 2018  Just Jared5/24/18
Letterman gives Meyers the gift that keeps on giving – Lyme disease© 2018  The Los Angeles Times5/24/18
Stern: How Trump Sexualized Ivanka, Makes Letterman Cringe© 2018  The Huffington Post5/21/18
Letterman Talks Trump, Pence and the Surfing Goat
on Return to Late Night
© 2018  The Hollywood Reporter5/23/18
Howard Stern Tells David Letterman on Netflix About the Time
Donald Trump Rated Ivanka Trump "a 10"
© 2018  deadline.com5/21/18
Letterman returns to late-night as Seth Meyers' guest© 2018  Newsday5/15/18
Letterman to Visit Seth Meyers on Late Night May 23© 2018  deadline.com5/15/18
Letterman Returns to Late Night as Seth Meyers' Guest© 2018  The Wrap5/15/18
David Letterman to Appear on Late Night with Seth Meyers© 2018  The Hollywood Reporter5/15/18
David Letterman returns to Late Night to gift Seth Meyers a tick© 2018  Entertainment Weekly5/14/18
Letterman Can't Figure Out Why He Never Had Women Writers
Scovell's making a career of Letterman bashing
© 2018  thecut.com5/14/18
David Letterman talks racing© 2018  wishtv.com5/14/18
David Letterman Thinks He Should Have Left the Late Show Earlier© 2018  cinemablend.com5/13/18
David Letterman, Andrew Luck Catch Up at Indianapolis Motor Speedway© 2018  colts.com5/12/18
United Rentals Rewarding Turns for Troops for all RLL Drivers' Laps© 2018  indycar.com5/12/18
Jerry Seinfeld Steers Letterman from Michelle Wolf to Raisins for Netflix© 2018  deadline.com5/08/18
Letterman & Jerry Seinfeld in Rare L.A. Sit-down: Comedy Vets Compare
Notes on Craft, The Comedy Store, Late Night, Michelle Wolf & Flexseal
© 2018  deadline.com5/08/18
Letterman Loves Michelle Wolf, Wishes He'd Left Late Show Years Before© 2018  Vanity Fair5/08/18
David Letterman says he wishes he'd quit Late Show a decade ago© 2018  avclub.com5/08/18
Tina Fey Challenged David Letterman Over His Lack of Female Writers© 2018  observer.com5/07/18
Letterman Tells Tina Fey He Didn't Think Female Writers Wanted to Work
on His 'Dog-and-Pony' Show
© 2018  The Wrap5/05/18
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Letterman's new Netflix show dishes deep on Buddy Guy, Tina Fey
and Chicago pizza
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Meet your neighbor... Caissie St. Onge, Executive Producer,
Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen
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David Letterman returns to Ball State on Wednesday© 2018  Fox59.com5/02/18
David Letterman visits Ball State, students freak out on social media© 2018  Ball State Daily5/02/18
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Candidate seeks photo with Letterman, leaves with campaign contribution© 2018  WTHR-135/02/18
David Letterman makes surprise stop in Muncie today
with 30 photos!
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The Best and Worst Documentaries of the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival
Steve Young got Best of the Best!
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5 Things You Should Know About Westworld Star Jimmi Simpson
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Review: New film explores the best Broadway musicals you never saw
Bathtubs Over Broadway
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Tribeca Film Festival Review – Bathtubs Over Broadway
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Mitzi Shore, Owner of The Comedy Store, Dies at 87© 2018  The Hollywood Reporter4/11/18
OU volleyball: Madison Ward performs on Letterman's Netflix show© 2018  OU Daily4/10/18
David Letterman: The Best Parts of His Netflix Show Aren't
the Ones with the World's Biggest Celebrities
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The Best, Worst, and Funniest Moments from Jay-Z's
Interview with Letterman
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Jay-Z and David Letterman Discuss Infidelities on Netflix Show© 2018  The Hollywood Reporter4/06/18
Jay-Z, Dave talk cheating: Beyoncé knew "I'm not the worst
of what I've done"
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Jay-Z: Trump Forcing Us to Talk About Why White Men
Are So Privileged
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When Letterman Pardoned His Mom for Throwing Out
His Valuable Attic Collection
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David Letterman Is Properly Medicated Now© 2018  wbur.org4/05/18
Jay-Z: Trump Enables "Ugly Side of America We Wanted to
Believe Was Gone"
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Jay Z cried with joy when mom came out to him as lesbian© 2018  13wham.com4/04/18
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Jay-Z Nails Impressions of Snoop Dogg and Eminem© 2018  decider.com4/02/18
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My Next Guest Needs No Introduction
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Watch Jay-Z Imitate Your Favorite Rappers on Netflix's
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman
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with video
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"We have to fight against ideology, not just extremists," says Malala© 2018  emirateswoman.com3/11/18
Norm Macdonald Sets Netflix Talk Show© 2018  The Hollywood Reporter3/09/18
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Malala Talks to Letterman About Girls' Education, Fighting Extremism© 2018  Rolling Stone3/08/18
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Here Are All of the Feature Films Coming to the Tribeca Film Festival
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Matt Lauer's joke about sex with interns disturbed
former Letterman writer
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My Next Guest Needs No Introduction...
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ABC Orders Alec Baldwin Talk Show, Plans Post-Oscars Sneak Peek© 2018  The Hollywood Reporter2/27/18
In Conversation: Martin Short
in-depth and fascinating!
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"My Soul Did a Spit-Take": On Being a Woman in the Boys' Club
How was she mistreated?
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Malala Takes David Letterman to Oxford on Netflix Special© 2018  Glamour2/21/18
Ball State students got to interview Letterman.
Here's what they say he's like
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David Letterman in Chicago filming Netflix show, taking selfies© 2018  The Chicago Tribune2/20/18
Letterman shouts out Muncie, Ball State in Netflix show© 2018  thestarpress.com2/16/18
Ball State students interview David Letterman
to tell Ball State's centennial story
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Letterman's Netflix Show Reminds Us of the Value of the
Talk-Show Interview

in-depth and thoughtful
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a Tip at In-N-Out®
  with video
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George Clooney on His Deep Love for Wife Amal:
"Her Life Meant More to Me Than My Life"
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George Clooney Welcomes Letterman Into His New Life as an Old Dad
and Refugee Advocate
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George Clooney & David Letterman Hit In-N-Out
& Talk Airplanes for Netflix Show
  with video
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Paul Shaffer on Writing Letterman's Netflix Theme Song
& the Value of Humor in Pop
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Who Claimed to Be His Wife
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George Clooney Describes How He and Wife Amal Met, in New Episode of
David Letterman's Netflix Show
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George Clooney Tells David Letterman About Meeting Amal:
"We Stayed Up All Night Talking"
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George Clooney gushes about wife Amal in Netflix interview © 2018  Entertainment Weekly1/31/18
Norm Macdonald Might Get to Host His Own Talk Show for Netflix© 2018  splitsider.com1/29/18
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Barack Obama on Letterman's new Netflix show - review & best quotes:
A pleasantly informal but ultimately inconsequential chat
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Boy It's Great to Have David Letterman Back Right Now
a comparison with Johnny's retirement
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Letterman Has Returned. But This Is Not the Same Beloved Legend.© 2018  Esquire1/12/18
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My Next Guest on Netflix Marks the Return of Two Beloved Figures:
David Letterman and Barack Obama
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Obama talks about "staying in the pocket" with his dad dance moves© 2018  Today1/12/18
Obama Had a Whole Emotional Journey While Putting Together
Malia's Dorm Room Desk Lamp
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with a Few Twists
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David Letterman brings low-key chat -- and Obama - to Netflix© 2018  CNN1/12/18
As David Letterman's first Netflix guest, Barack Obama warns against
the "bubble" of social media
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My Next Guest Needs No Introduction review:
David Letterman genially interviews Barack Obama
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the world still needs David Letterman
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10 talking points in David Letterman's new Netflix show© 2018  The Indianapolis Star1/12/18
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On Netflix show, a rusty Letterman quizzes Obama, and it's pretty dull© 2018  The Boston Globe1/12/18
David Letterman Has Returned. But This Is Not the Same Beloved
Late-Night Legend.
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How David Letterman Just Reinvented the TV Talk Show – Again© 2018  Rolling Stone1/12/18
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Letterman sits down with Obama, but both seem rusty and off their game© 2018  The Washington Post1/12/18
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Late-Night Debut
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Obama: No Sense of Relief After Turning Presidency Over to Trump© 2018  thedailybeast.com1/12/18
Obama explains "what the Russians exploited" in interview with Letterman© 2018  CNN1/12/18
Obama to David Letterman: Media is dividing Americans© 2018  cnbc.com1/12/18
Even Barack Obama Had a Hard Time with DIY Furniture When He
Moved His Daughter at College
© 2018  Time1/12/18
"We Don't Share a Common Baseline of Facts.'"
Barack Obama Reflects on Divisiveness in Politics
© 2018  Time1/12/18
Letterman and Obama reunite for the debut of the late-night king's
new Netflix show
© 2018  The Los Angeles Times1/12/18
23 Things David Letterman Invented for Our Amusement© 2018  mentalfloss.com1/12/18
Letterman and Obama Refuse to Name-Check Trump in Bland Sit-Down© 2018  Vanity Fair1/12/18
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Obama Tells Letterman Why He Never Cuts Loose While Dancing© 2018  Yahoo!1/11/18
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Netflix's My Next Guest Is Just One of His Projects
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Letterman's comeback: Can his Netflix show take him back to the top?© 2018  theguardian.com1/11/18
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For All the Dancing Dads Out There
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Obama Talks Dad Dance Moves on Letterman's New Netflix Special© 2018  fatherly.com1/11/18
Sharon Page's obituary
a loyal Letterman fan
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David Letterman's Netflix Series: First Look at My Next Guest with
Barack Obama & His "Dad Moves"
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Watch Obama Explain His "Dad Moves" on Letterman's New Talk Show© 2018  The Hollywood Reporter1/10/18
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My Next Guest Needs No Introduction
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Barack Obama Wants You to Know He Is Just an Ordinary Dad
Whose Dance Moves Embarrass His Kids (in Front of Prince)
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Watch: David Letterman is back on TV with Netflix series© 2018  KCYV-51/10/18
Obama and Letterman Break Down the President's Dad Dance Moves© 2018  Esquire1/10/18
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Watch a clip of Barack Obama talking about dancing with Prince
on David Letterman's Netflix talk show
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Watch Barack Obama Talk Dancing with Prince in Letterman Show Clip© 2018  Rolling Stone1/10/18
Jay Leno Opens up about the "Depressing" Nature of Late-Night
interesting stuff here!
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Barack Obama Once Showed off His "Dad" Dance Moves in Front of Prince© 2018  usmagazine.com1/10/18
Jimmi Simpson finally confirms he's in Westworld season 2
Lyle the Intern!
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Barack Obama will be the first guest on Letterman's new Netflix show© 2018  money.cnn.com1/06/18
Take a Look at David Letterman's New Netflix Show,
with Barack Obama as First Guest
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Obama Announced as First Guest on New Letterman Talk Show© 2018  The New York Times1/06/18
David Letterman's Netflix Talk Show Will Be a Monthly Event© 2018  thecomicscomic.com1/05/18
David Letterman's New Netflix Show Has Some Stellar Guests Lined Up© 2018  GQ1/05/18
Obama will be the first guest on Letterman's new Netflix talk show© 2018  The Washington Post1/05/18
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman
to Launch as Monthly Event
© 2018  broadwayworld.com1/05/18
Barack Obama Will Be Letterman's First Guest on His Netflix Talk Show© 2018  UPROXX1/05/18
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman Teaser© 2018  comingsoon.net1/05/18
Letterman lands Obama as first guest on new Netflix show© 2018  Reuters1/05/18
David Letterman taps Barack Obama as first guest on Netflix show© 2018  USA Today1/05/18
Jay-Z, Barack Obama Announced as Guests on Letterman's Netflix Series© 2018  spin.com1/05/18
Obama Will Be Letterman's First Guest on New Netflix Show© 2018  thedailybeast.com1/05/18
Paul Shaffer prepares to disembark from Cleopatra's Barge
Paul's still gettin' it done!
© 2018  Las Vegas Review-Journal1/05/18
David Letterman's Netflix show debuts with a guest
who needs no introduction
© 2018  digitaltrends.com1/05/18
Former President Barack Obama Will Be 1st Guest on David Letterman's
New Netflix Show
© 2018  theroot.com1/05/18
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman© 2018  uncrate.com1/05/18
David Letterman to Interview JAY-Z, Obama, More on New Netflix Show© 2018  pitchfork.com1/05/18
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction© 2018  Maxim1/05/18
Letterman's Netflix Show Called My Next Guest Needs No Introduction© 2018  broadcastingcable.com1/05/18
Letterman's Netflix show premieres this month with Barack Obama© 2018  theverge.com1/05/18
Letterman Netflix series gets Obama as first guest (trailer)© 2018  Entertainment Weekly1/05/18
David Letterman Gets Out of the House and Returns to TV in the
First Trailer for His New Series
© 2018  Esquire1/05/18
Letterman's Netflix Show to Bow January 12 with Obama as First Guest© 2018  deadline.com1/05/18
David Letterman's Netflix Show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction
Debuts Next Week with Barack Obama
© 2018  splitsider.com1/05/18
Watch the trailer for David Letterman's new show,
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction
© 2018  theweek.com1/05/18
Letterman's New Show Has a Title and a Premier Date–Barack Obama© 2018  Vanity Fair1/05/18
David Letterman's new show has a name and Barack Obama© 2018  avclub.com1/05/18
David Letterman Details My Next Guest Netflix Talk Show© 2018  Rolling Stone1/05/18
The Video Companion to Letterman: Last Giant of Late Night
by Aaron Barnhart!
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David Letterman's new Netflix series: What we know (so far)© 2017  tvtattle.com12/22/17
Shout Out: Kevin McCaffrey, Hinsdale Central alumnus, recording a
comedy album at Zanies
© 2017  Chicago Tribune12/19/17
Secret Guest Revealed... I Got Malala!!!
re: Dave's Netflix show
© 2017  TMZ12/19/17
Jimmy Fallon carries on Letterman tradition with Darlene Love's
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
© 2017  Entertainment Weekly12/19/17
A Critical Analysis of Bob Dylan's 2017 Xmas Lights
by Merrill Markoe
© 2017  vice.com12/18/17
Masked Scheduler: The Story of the David Letterman Christmas Miracle
corrections made
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How singer Darlene Love became the "Christmas Queen"© 2017  theintelligencer.com12/08/17
Amy Sedaris Is the Weirdo the World Needs Right Now© 2017  buzzfeed.com11/28/17
Al Franken Cut From PBS' Kennedy Center Tribute to David Letterman© 2017  tvline.com11/19/17
Al Franken 'will not appear substantially' when PBS broadcasts
David Letterman tribute
© 2017  USA Today11/19/17
Franken cut from broadcast of Letterman's Mark Twain Prize presentation© 2017  CNN11/19/17
PBS Cuts Al Franken from David Letterman's Mark Twain Prize Broadcast© 2017  deadline.com11/19/17
David Letterman's friends and colleagues turn out for his Mark Twain Prize© 2017  ontvtoday.com11/17/17
The Mike & Mike appearance with David Letterman reminds us why
their show has lasted for 18 years
© 2017  USA Today11/16/17
What David Letterman's life is like today
nothing new, but a nice photo set
© 2017  nickiswift.comunknown
David Letterman, Kim Kardashian Read Mean Tweets About Jimmy Kimmel
50th birthday roast
© 2017  Rolling Stone11/14/17
Long-time Late Show host visits Selma, films segment for Netflix series© 2017  selmatimesjournal.com11/10/17
Veteran's Day: Special Meaning for Rahals Following Loss of Patriarch© 2017  indycar.com11/10/17
Another Actress Steps Forward Accusing Tom Hanks of Being Nice
no surprise!
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Letterman Misses the Live Music from Late Show – but Nothing Else!© 2017  closerweekly.com11/02/17
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Paul Shaffer to Headline Caesars Palace This Winter© 2017  broadwayworld.com11/01/17
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See Dave Grohl Dress as Letterman to Guest Host Kimmel on Halloween© 2017  Rolling Stone11/01/17
In Conversation: Jimmy Kimmel
not about Dave, but interesting
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David Letterman shoots segment with Franken, Omar for Netflix show© 2017  fox9.com10/27/17
Al Franken, David Letterman dine together at St. Paul deli© 2017  Minneapolis Star Tribune10/27/17
Monica Lewinsky says Letterman apologized for mocking her© 2017  pagesix.com10/26/17
Paul Shaffer turned away from famous deli© 2017  pagesix.com10/25/17
Bill Murray Stole the Show as Letterman Accepted the Mark Twain Prize
© 2017  Vanity Fair10/23/17
David Letterman awarded Mark Twain Prize in star-filled celebratory roast© 2017  theweek.com10/23/17
David Letterman's friends — and shrink — make his Twain ceremony
as funny as his late-night legacy
© 2017  The Washington Post10/23/17
No joke: TV host Letterman honored with Mark Twain Prize© 2017  ABC News10/23/17
David Letterman Receives Mark Twain Prize at All-Star Ceremony© 2017  Rolling Stone10/23/17
Letterman receives Mark Twain Prize for American Humor© 2017  PAhomepage10/23/17
The 7 Best Jokes from Letterman's Mark Twain Prize Ceremony© 2017  10/23/17
David Letterman Honored with Twain Award for American Comedy© 2017  NPR10/23/17
David Letterman Receives Mark Twain Prize for Humor© 2017  The Huffington Post10/23/17
David Letterman Earns Mark Twain Prize for Late-Night High Jinks© 2017  The New York Times10/23/17
Politics on display as Letterman receives Mark Twain Prize© 2017  pagesix.com10/23/17
No joke: TV host Letterman honored with Mark Twain Prize© 2017  Associated Press10/23/17
At David Letterman's Mark Twain ceremony, comedians decide:
To Trump or not to Trump?
© 2017  The Washington Post10/22/17
Politics on display as David Letterman receives Mark Twain Prize© 2017  The Chicago Tribune10/22/17
Jay Leno, Martin Short and Al Franken on Twain Winner David Letterman© 2017  The Washington Post10/20/17
Why David Letterman gave Conan O'Brien a horse© 2017  pagesix.com10/20/17
Leno on Letterman: "Even When He Was Mean to Me, It Was Funny"© 2017  The Hollywood Reporter10/20/17
Comedian David Letterman returns to late night on Jimmy Kimmel Live© 2017  ABC News10/18/17
Watch David Letterman Return to Late Night TV on Kimmel© 2017  Rolling Stone10/18/17
The Last Legend of Late Night TV: As he gears up for his Netflix show,
David Letterman focuses on his main gig: Being Harry's dad.
© 2017  The Washington Post10/18/17
David Letterman Returns to Late Night on Jimmy Kimmel Live
to Pick a Bone with Conan's Horse Story
© 2017  UPROXX10/18/17
It's Damn Good to See David Letterman Back on TV© 2017  Esquire10/18/17
David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel talked about late-night TV
without saying anything interesting
© 2017  Entertainment Weekly10/18/17
Letterman Rips Jimmy Fallon (Again) During His Kimmel Appearance© 2017  Vanity Fair10/18/17
Letterman Ribs Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'Brien on Jimmy Kimmel Live© 2017  thedailybeast.com10/18/17
David Letterman returns to late night on Jimmy Kimmel© 2017  Newsday10/17/17
From Carson to Kimmel: the collapse of the late-night empire
off-topic, but interesting
© 2017  New York Post10/16/17
Jimmy Kimmel Live! returns to Brooklyn with David Letterman, Billy Joel© 2017  AM New York10/15/17
Conan Steals Stephen Colbert's Late Show with Dave the Horse© 2017  Deadline Hollywood10/14/17
Letterman gave Conan a horse named Dave for writing a tribute to him© 2017  Entertainment Weekly10/14/17
"You don't mind when a guy like Harvey Weinstein hugs you?"
David Letterman appears to hint at Hollywood mogul's abuse
during a 2013 interview with Jennifer Lawrence
© 2017
Bob Costas on Learning from Letterman and the Future of the Olympics
Bill Simmons Podcast
© 2017  theringer.com10/13/17
Did Gwyneth Paltrow try to out Weinstein as pervert 19 years ago?© 2017
Letterman pokes fun at Eli during Peyton Manning's statue ceremony© 2017  ajc.com10/07/17
David Letterman roasts Eli Manning at Peyton's statue ceremony© 2017  USA Today10/07/17
Colts unveil Peyton Manning statue: Letterman shows up, Goodell booed© 2017  cbssports.com10/07/17
Jimmy Kimmel Live Guests Announced for Brooklyn 2017 © 2017  abc.go.com10/04/17
David Letterman returns to late night... on Jimmy Kimmel Live© 2017  Entertainment Weekly10/04/17
David Letterman Sets Late Night Return on Jimmy Kimmel Live© 2017  The Hollywood Reporter10/04/17
Jimmy Kimmel to Host Letterman, Billy Joel as He Heads to Brooklyn© 2017  deadline.com10/04/17
Netflix chief content officer: How we justify paying David Letterman
$2 million per episode
© 2017  Yahoo! Finance10/03/17
Eating along the B line: Top Midtown lunch spots include deli
made famous by David Letterman
© 2017  New York Daily News9/28/17
TV Budgets Hit the Breaking Point as Costs Skyrocket in Peak TV Era© 2017  Variety9/26/17
Showtime's Donald Trump Animated Series Taps R.J. Fried As Showrunner© 2017  deadline.com9/25/17
David Letterman, Broad Ripple's famous alum, sad the high school
is slated for closure
© 2017  The Indianapolis Star9/18/17
David Letterman Bestowed Stephen Colbert with Some Very
Site-Specific Late Show Advice
© 2017  vulture.com9/16/17
Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel Share Emmy War Stories and
Talk David Letterman Passing the Late Show Torch
© 2017  UPROXX9/15/17
The Unusual Way Letterman Prepared Stephen Colbert to
Take Over the Late Show

© 2017  Vanity Fair9/15/17
David Letterman Is Making a Ton of Money for His Upcoming Netflix Series© 2017  celebritynetworth.com9/06/17
Paul Shaffer announces residency at Caesar's Palace© 2017  ktnv.com9/02/17
David Letterman makes surprise appearance at Bommarito 500© 2017  fox2now.com8/28/17
The Christie beach memes had a long burn.
Meet the woman who lit the fuse
© 2017  nj.com8/26/17
RIP Jay Thomas, one of David Letterman's funniest guests© 2017  St. Louis Post-Dispatch8/25/17
Letterman is being paid big bucks to host a six-episode talk show© 2017
Watch Jay Thomas tell David Letterman's favorite late-night story© 2017  theweek.com8/25/17
The Crazy Amount of Money Letterman Is Getting for His Netflix Show© 2017  cinemablend.com8/24/17
Jay Thomas, Murphy Brown and Cheers actor, radio host, dies at 69© 2017  The Baltimore Sun8/24/17
David Letterman earns $15 million for Netflix series, says report© 2017  Fox News8/24/17
Jay Thomas Obituary© 2017  Hollywood Page of Death8/24/17
Flashback: Jay Thomas Tells Letterman the Lone Ranger Story© 2017  Rolling Stone8/24/17
Jay Thomas Was a Real Character and the Perfect Letterman Guest© 2017  UPROXX8/24/17
Jay Thomas, Murphy Brown and Cheers Actor, Radio Host, Dies at 69© 2017  The Chicago Tribune4/24/17
Jay Thomas Told the Funniest Story Ever on the Letterman Show© 2017  710wor.iheart.com8/24/17
David Letterman's Netflix Salary Will Make You Cry© 2017  TV Guide8/22/17
David Letterman Calls on Trump to Resign:
"Impeachment Will Take Forever"
© 2017  breitbart.com8/18/17
Letterman recalls the time he accidentally smoked animal tranquilizer© 2017  New York Daily News8/17/17
What's next for Ball State's Letterman collection? © 2017  Ball State Daily8/17/17
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The Misunderstood History of Trump on Letterman
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David Letterman Is Now Poised to Pass His Mentor, Johnny Carson© 2017  UPROXX8/11/17
David Letterman is heading back to TV© 2017  New York Post8/08/17
David Letterman on Netflix comeback: I'll ask "whatever I want"
© 2017  Enretainment Weekly8/08/17
David Letterman Once Gave Trump the Greatest Backhanded
Apology of All Time
© 2017  The Huffington Post8/09/17
The Real Reason You Don't Hear from David Letterman Anymore© 2017  nickiswift.com8/09/17
By signing up David Letterman, Netflix is coming after a lucrative
new old demographic
© 2017  Quartz Media8/09/17
Former Late Show Host David Letterman Signs with Netflix© 2017  The Wall Street Journal8/08/17
David Letterman's Netflix Talk Show Will Fill The Void
His Late Show Retirement Left Behind
© 2017  bustle.com8/08/17
David Letterman headed back to talk TV with Netflix series© 2017  boston.com8/08/17
David Letterman Is Returning to TV for a Netflix Series© 2017  vulture.com8/08/17
Tonight's top-10 list: Guests David Letterman should have
on his Netflix show
© 2017  salon.com8/08/17
David Letterman Returning To TV With New Netflix Talk Show © 2017  gothamist.com8/08/17
Letterman will come back to TV as the host of a new Netflix series© 2017  businessinsider.com8/08/17
David Letterman returns to television with Netflix series© 2017  New York Daily News8/08/17
David Letterman Returning in New Netflix Show© 2017  nbcconnecticut.com8/08/17
David Letterman Is Coming Back to TV for an Awesome New Show© 2017  cinemablend.com8/08/17
David Letterman on Netflix comeback: I'll ask "whatever I want"© 2017  Entertainment Weekly8/08/17
David Letterman to do six-episode interview show with Netflix© 2017  buffalonews.com8/08/17
David Letterman Is Returning to TV in New Netflix Series© 2017  Us Weekly8/08/17
David Letterman Returning to TV With Netflix Talk Show© 2017  thedailybeast.com8/08/17
What we know about David Letterman's new Netflix talk show © 2017  dailybulletin.com8/08/17
David Letterman Returning to TV with Netflix Show© 2017  Parade8/08/17
David Letterman's return: Why the TV landscape
needs its master of the interview
© 2017  USA Today8/08/17
David Letterman returns to television with 2018 Netflix series© 2017  nasdaq.com8/08/17
David Letterman is coming back to TV thanks to Netflix© 2017  cnbc.com8/08/17
David Letterman Set to Make His Return With New Netflix Talk Show© 2017  thestreet.com8/08/17
David Letterman Is Returning to TV on Netflix© 2017  Fortune8/08/17
David Letterman Returning in New Netflix Show© 2017  nbcnewyork.com8/08/17
David Letterman Is Returning to Television© 2017  Esquire8/08/17
David Letterman Gets Netflix Show© 2017  patch.com8/08/17
David Letterman to return to TV with new Netflix series© 2017  abcnews.go.com8/08/17
Netflix lures David Letterman out of retirement for new series
that sends him "out in the wild"
© 2017  goldderby.com8/08/17
David Letterman to Host a New Talk Show© 2017  wzpl.com8/08/17
David Letterman is coming back! (Soon)© 2017  azcentral.com8/08/17
David Letterman Returning to TV With Netflix Talk Show© 2017  observer.com8/08/17
David Letterman Returns With New Netflix Series Set For 2018 © 2017  dailycaller.com8/08/17
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David Letterman Is Back, and Netflix Has Won Again© 2017  theringer.com8/08/17
David Letterman to Host New Talk Show© 2017  consequenceofsound.net8/08/17
David Letterman will return to TV in new Netflix series:
"I feel excited and lucky"
© 2017  Today8/08/17
David Letterman Gets New Netflix Show© 2017  pitchfork.com8/08/17
David Letterman to host Netflix interview series in return to TV© 2017  news5cleveland.com8/08/17
David Letterman returns to television with 2018 Netflix series© 2017  reuters.com8/08/17
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David Letterman Will Make a Six-Episode Talk Show for Netflix in 2018© 2018  thecomicscomic.com8/08/18
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David Letterman returning to TV with Netflix talk show© 2017  Entertainment Weekly8/08/17
David Letterman makes his return to television on Netflix
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He's back! Here's the scoop on David Letterman's new Netflix talk show © 2017  The Mercury News8/08/17
David Letterman Is Hosting a New Talk Show on Netflix© 2017  slate.com8/08/17
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David Letterman returning to TV with Netflix show© 2017  theindychannel.com8/08/17
David Letterman will host a new Netflix talk show in 2018© 2017  The Washington Post8/08/17
Former Late Show host David Letterman planning TV comeback© 2017  wdrb.com8/08/17
David Letterman to Come Out of Retirement for Netflix Series© 2017  tvline.com8/08/17
David Letterman returning to TV with Netflix show© 2017  theguardian.com8/08/17
Letterman Is Coming to Netflix for a New Series
But Will His Epic Beard Come Too?
© 2017  slashfilm.com8/08/17
David Letterman will come back to TV as the host of a new Netflix series© 2017  AOL8/08/17
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Letterman Wants to Interview Kim Jong-un on New Netflix Show© 2017  The Hollywood Reporter8/08/17
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Letterman: President Trump, Pope Francis on Wish List for Netflix Show© 2017  Variety8/08/17
How Lester — With a Little Help from Willie Tyler —
Helped Save David Letterman's Career
© 2017  newsreviewsinterviews.com8/04/17
David Letterman Shares His Honest Opinion on Late-Night TV© 2017  eonline.com7/26/17
David Letterman still doesn't consider himself a star© 2017  pagesix.com7/26/17
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Norm Macdonald's David Letterman Interview Is Superb
© 2017  YAHOO! TV7/25/17
Eddie Vedder to honor David Letterman with Mark Twain Prize© 2017  consequenceofsound.net7/23/17
Alum David Letterman donates hundreds of items to Ball State© 2017  TheIndyChannel7/23/17
David Letterman donates hundreds of items to alma mater© 2017  The Boston Globe7/22/17
Ball State still sorting through donated memorabilia© 2017  USA Today7/22/17
Letterman memorabilia donated to BSU extensive
Don't miss this one!
© 2017  Star Press7/23/17
Eddie Vedder, Bill Murray to Honor Letterman with Mark Twain Prize© 2017  Rolling Stone7/21/17
Steve Martin and Bill Murray headline Kennedy Center celebration
of David Letterman
© 2017  The Washington Post7/20/17
David Letterman's Crazy-Old-Coot Phase
I link. You decide.
© 2017  National Review7/13/17
Paul Shaffer on World Cafe
article, interview and music!
© 2017  NPR7/12/17
Vietnam, Scarlett Johansson, Putin part of PBS's new season
Dave receiving the Mark Twain Prize, airing on Nov. 20
© 2017  StarTribune7/12/17
Is David Letterman Ready to Follow Al Franken Into Politics?© 2017  Daily Beast7/11/17
Q&A: Franken, Letterman take on climate change© 2017  Associated Press7/11/17
David Letterman Showers Norm Macdonald Live with Praise
in the First Teaser for the New Season
© 2017  UPROXX7/11/17
David Letterman Would Like to Depose Donald Trump
and "Put Him In a Home"
© 2017  huffingtonpost.com7/10/17
David Letterman: "Figure out a way" to remove Trump from office© 2017  foxnews.com7/10/17
David Letterman and Al Franken Discuss Climate Change
In Personal Terms In Boiling The Frog
© 2017  UPROXX7/08/17
Hazel Baughman's obituary  Dave's aunt© 2017  Greene County Daily World7/05/17
Paul Shaffer on Dylan, Prince and childhood trips to Minneapolis© 2017  Star Tribune6/30/17
IPS plans to close Broad Ripple High School, convert Arlington and
Northwest to middle schools
  Dave should buy it!
© 2017  theindychannel.com6/28/17
Paul Shaffer: Same dude, same band, different time© 2017  Chicago Tribune6/27/17
Jay Leno Looks Back on His Hollywood Feuds with David Letterman
and Conan O'Brien
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Have Sandra Bernhard and David Letterman Finally Settled Their Beef?© 2017  bravotv.com6/21/17
Foo Fighters Reveal Fall Tour, New Album Concrete and Gold© 2017  Rolling Stone6/20/17
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as "Being on Acid a Little Bit"
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Why David Letterman Was the First Choice for Veep's' Tonight Show© 2017  The Hollywood Reporter6/19/17
Paul Shaffer's post-Letterman act:
Touring with The World's Most Dangerous Band
© 2017  jta.org6/16/17
Did You Know That Letterman's Home Office Was Once in Grand Rapids?© 2017  wgrd.com6/13/17
Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night Is an Intimate Portrait
and Guidebook for Today's Late Night Hosts
© 2017  splitsider.com6/09/17
Videotapes Are Becoming Unwatchable as Archivists Work to Save Them© 2017  NPR6/03/17
Take off, eh! Bob and Doug McKenzie set for star-studded
live reunion in Toronto
© 2017  National Post6/01/17
The Irony, Influence and Impact of David Letterman© 2017  emmytvlegends.org6/01/17
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25 Years Ago, Jay Leno Sold Out and Cheapened Late Night TV© 2017  consequenceofsound.net5/24/17
David Letterman loves the Indy 500, but freaked out after '73 —
and stayed turned off for 13 years
© 2017  The Indianapolis Star5/23/17
David Letterman's Interview with Elizabeth Cook: Six Things We Learned
Don't miss this one!
© 2017  Rolling Stone5/23/17
David Letterman Talks Cosby, the Beard, and Why Amy Schumer
Is the New Richard Pryor
© 2017  Gentleman's Quarterly5/22/17
David Letterman Compares Amy Schumer to Richard Pryor:
''She's a Real Breakthrough''
© 2017  eonline.com5/22/17
Norm Macdonald, Comic Nonpareil. (That's a word he might use.)
by Jason Zinoman!
© 2017  The New York Times5/19/17
David Letterman to receive nation's top honor for comedy © 2017  phillyvoice.com5/16/17
David Letterman to Get Nation's Top Prize for Comedy© 2017  The Hollywood Reporter5/16/17
Letterman and His Gandalf Beard Win the Mark Twain Prize for Humor© 2017  tvguide.com5/16/17
David Letterman to receive nation's top prize for comedy© 2017  ABC News5/16/17
David Letterman to receive 2017 Mark Twain Prize American Humor© 2017  New York Daily News5/16/17
David Letterman Will Receive This Year's Mark Twain Prize© 2017  splitsider.com5/16/17
David Letterman Wins Mark Twain Prize for American Humor© 2017  Rolling Stone5/16/17
Letterman to become Kennedy Center honoree© 2017  Newsday5/16/17
David Letterman Wins Mark Twain Prize for American Humor© 2017  The New York Times5/16/17
David Letterman to Receive Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Prize© 2017  MSN5/16/17
David Letterman to receive Mark Twain Prize for American Humor© 2017  The Chicago Tribune5/16/17
Kennedy Center Will Honor David Letterman with Mark Twain Prize© 2017  broadwayworld.com5/16/17
David Letterman to Be Awarded Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Prize© 2017  USA Today5/16/17
David Letterman to receive Mark Twain Prize for American Humor© 2017  The Washington Post5/16/17
David Letterman to Receive Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Prize© 2017  Variety5/16/17
David Letterman to be awarded Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Prize© 2017  reuters.com5/16/17
Letterman partners up with group providing medical tech to veterans
(with video)
© 2017  WGN-TV5/15/17
Letterman applauds team's effort to assist wounded veterans© 2017  indycar.com5/12/17
Letterman cameo supports RLL, SoldierStrong partnership extension© 2017  NBC Sports5/12/17
Indy Car Media Conference© 2017  asapsports.com5/12/17
Letterman makes serious pitch to help wounded veterans© 2017  Associated Press5/12/17
United Rentals and Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing Renew Support
for SoldierStrong Through Turns for Troops Charitable Program
© 2017  4-traders.com5/12/17
United Rentals and Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing Renew Support
for SoldierStrong Through Turns for Troops Charitable Program
© 2017  globenewswire.com5/11/17
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I Found These New Photos of Letterman...
No news. Just beard.
© 2017
Why Letterman surpassed Leno as a comic and talk show host© 2017  The Washington Post4/28/17
David Letterman at Washington Capitals / Pittsburgh Penguins game
© 2017  NHL4/27/17
Late night talk show legend David Letterman is at the Caps-Pens game© 2017  russianmachineneverbreaks4/27/17
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Every piece of news seems to create a new Letterman mystery
book reviewer invented an angle, but failed to convince
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David Letterman Gushes about Son Harry: "The Real Deal
Doesn't Happen Until You Have a Kid"
© 2017  closerweekly.com4/20/17
Alec Baldwin to Host TCM's The Essentials
TV's David Letterman will co-host
© 2017  turner.com4/18/17
David Letterman's bandleader Paul Shaffer to perform on Long Island
© 2017  newsday.com4/18/17
"The Epitome of New York Cool": Letterman Biographer on Late Night Icon© 2017  npr.org4/17/17
David Letterman Is Right: Warren Zevon Should Be in the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
© 2017
Jumblethink interview: Bill Scheft
audio interview ( download)
© 2017  jumblethink.com4/16/17
Passage: Remembering David Letterman's Mom© 2017  cbsnews.com4/16/17
Letterman gives eulogy for his mother, Dorothy Mengering, in Indiana© 2017  USA Today4/16/17
The Naughty Genius of David Letterman, Late-Night's Colossus of Cranky
by Tom Shales
© 2017  thedailybeast.com4/15/17
David Letterman eulogizes mother, Dorothy Mengering© 2017  Chicago Tribune4/15/17
David Letterman remembers mom, Dorothy, in touching eulogy
with video
© 2017  New York Daily News4/15/17
7 Surprising Revelations in the New David Letterman Biography
with video
© 2017  The Hollywood Reporter4/14/17
Dorothy Mengering and Bryn Mooth
audio interview
© 2017  storycorps.org4/13/17
Stephen Colbert on 10 Weeks at the Top, Trump and Why He
"Would Trade Good Ratings for a Better President"
© 2017  The Hollywood Reporter4/13/17
Memorial service for Dorothy Mengering will be Saturday© 2017  The Indianapolis Star4/13/17
Remembering Dave's Mom / former WISH-TV employees share memories© 2017  wishtv.com4/12/17
This is the story I keep thinking of... (Dave at Ball State)
by Bill Scheft / AWESOME
© 2017  billscheft.tumblr.com4/12/17
Dorothy Mengering "was everyone's mom"© 2017  The Indianapolis Star4/12/17
Dorothy Mengering's life story, written by her children© 2017  The Indianapolis Star4/12/17
Dorothy, Letterman's Mom and Late Show Regular, Dead at 95© 2017  vulture.com4/12/17
Letterman Quotes: 10 of His Funniest Jokes for His Milestone Birthday © 2017  Parade4/12/17
Dorothy Mengering, Letterman's Mom and Late Show Regular, Dies at 95© 2017  eonline.com4/12/17
Celebrate David Letterman's mother with these classic clips© 2017  popcrush.com4/12/17
Dorothy Mengering, David Letterman's Mother, Dead at 95© 2017  Rolling Stone4/12/17
Dorothy wasn't just Letterman's mom. She was a Late Show staple.© 2017  esquire.com4/12/17
Dorothy, Letterman's mom and Late Show personality, dead at 95© 2017  cbsnews.com4/12/17
Letterman's Mother and Late Show Regular, Dorothy, Dies at 95© 2017  etonline.com4/12/17
David Letterman's Feud with Jay Leno: New Biography Reveals the
Legendary Host was "Seething with Unhappiness'"
© 2017  People Weekly4/11/17
Letterman and Jay Leno's late night rivalry detailed in explosive new book© 2017  aol.com4/11/17
Letterman's mom, Dorothy Mengering, leaves her own comedic legacy© 2017  tampabay.com4/11/17
How David Letterman Dealt with Sex Scandal and Blackmail
According to a New Book: "I'm in Hell"
© 2017  People Weekly4/11/17
David Letterman's mother, Dorothy Mengering, dies at 95© 2017  Entertainment Weekly4/11/17
Dorothy Mengering, mom of David Letterman, dies at 95© 2017  WAFB.com4/11/17
Dorothy Mengering, mother of David Letterman, dies at 95© 2017  WLWT.com4/11/17
David Letterman's mom, Dorothy Mengering, dies at 95© 2017  Chicago Sun-Times4/11/17
Letterman's Mom, Late Show Favorite Dorothy Mengering, Dead at 95© 2017  tvline.com4/11/17
Dorothy Mengering, David Letterman's Mom and Late Show Personality,
Dies at 95
© 2017  The Hollywood Reporter4/11/17
Barbara Gaines caught taking a photo of Charles Darwin blowing
out the candles on his 70th birthday cake at The Friars Club
© 2017  billscheft.tumblr.com4/10/17
David Letterman's Biographer Picks Late Night's 10 Most Wild, Weird
and Wonderful Moments
  (video clips)
© 2017  Vanity Fair4/10/17
Lori L's Reviews > Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night© 2017  goodreads.com4/10/17
New bio: Why David Letterman is hiding behind that beard © 2017  USA Today4/10/17
The Legacy of David Letterman, Icon of the Grizzled Generation
book review
© 2017  The New York Times4/10/17
David Letterman's 10 funniest jokes about Pearl Jam at Rock Hall
with video!
© 2017  USA Today4/07/17
Letterman Superfan Has Collected All But Two of Host's 6,028 Shows
The Donz!
© 2017  howardstern.com4/07/17
Don Rickles' Commitment to Material Was Unmatched
by Bill Scheft!
© 2017  vulture.com4/07/17
Don Rickles' Final Appearance on Late Show with David Letterman
© 2017  heavy.com4/06/17
David Letterman Remembers Late Comedian Don Rickles:
"Endless Mischief and Nonsense"
© 2017  People Weekly4/06/17
David Letterman's Unlikely Archivist (Don Giller)
all about my pal, Donz!
© 2017  The New York Times4/06/17
Don Rickles, Legendary Comic with a Gift for the Insult, Dies at 90© 2017  The Hollywood Reporter4/06/17
David Letterman to Replace Neil Young for Pearl Jam Rock Hall Induction© 2017  Rolling Stone4/05/17
David Letterman gets his due in The Last Giant of Late Night© 2017  The Denver Post4/05/17
Dave Letterman Is Taking Over Pearl Jam's Rock Hall of Fame Induction© 2017  avclub.com4/05/17
David Letterman Replaces Neil Young at Rock Hall Show© 2017  nbclosangeles.com4/05/17
A chat with Paul Shaffer
This is outstanding!
© 2017  lettermanmemories.com4/04/17
Ex-Late Show bandleader Paul Shaffer isn't joking when discussing jazz
or his new album and tour
© 2017  philly.com4/04/17
David Letterman gives Colbert Props: "It would kill me to do that show."© 2017  TMZ4/03/17
David Letterman loving retirement: "I've cut my shaving time to zero"© 2017  breitbart.com4/03/17
The Escape Artist: How David Letterman became a Gen-X icon
by bailing out of his own jokes and committing to a lack of commitment
© 2017  vulture.com4/02/17
Exclusive Excerpt: A New Biography of David Letterman© 2017  Indianapolis Monthly3/28/17
Five of David Letterman's Best Late Night Donald Trump Takedowns© 2017  splitsider.com3/28/17
Cher Talks First Late Show Visit at Concert: David Letterman
Paid Me $28,000 to Go on His Show
© 2017  People Weekly3/27/17
Spring Book Preview: David Letterman, Elizabeth Strout,
and 8 More Books We Can't Wait to Read
© 2017  vulture.com3/21/17
Review: Paul Shaffer and his dangerous band show their chops
Get their new album on iTunes! (link)
© 2017  The Washington Post3/20/17
Paul Shaffer on Life After Letterman (and Dave's Mighty Beard)
Paul truly is Mr. Show Business!
© 2017  Vanity Fair3/20/17
" Hypochondriac" David Letterman Worried He Would Overdose on Aspirin
Dave has admitted this for decades! Big deal!
© 2017  People Weekly3/17/17
Paul Shaffer: Letterman keeps getting mistaken for a rabbi© 2017  The New York Post3/16/17
Is Richard Simmons missing? Or is he just dearly missed?© 2017  The Washington Post3/11/17
Paul Shaffer Reveals the Origins of Bill Murray's Lounge Singer© 2017  vulture.com3/14/17
Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night (review)© 2017  publishersweekly.com3/13/17
Late-night legend David Letterman's ugly personality no laughing matter...
Whatever. 33 years is time enough to annoy everyone.
I know several of Dave's staff, and have never heard a bad word.
© 2017  New York Daily News3/11/17
David Letterman Has a Very Good Question for Anti-Trans Rights Advocates© 2017  Huffington Post3/09/17
Watch Bill Murray, Paul Shaffer's Gleeful Happy Street Animated Video© 2017  Rolling Stone3/08/17
Paul Shaffer Shakes off His Post-Letterman Blues© 2017  The New York Times3/08/17
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On the Cover: Talking to David Letterman About "Trumpy," and More© 2017  New York3/05/17
David Letterman on Trump, "Hunchback" Bannon and Why Alec Baldwin
"Deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom"
© 2017  The Hollywood Reporter3/05/17
David Letterman takes on President Trump, late night show hosts© 2017  New York Daily News3/05/17
In Conversation: David Letterman  AWESOME © 2017  vulture.com3/05/17
Joseph Wapner, Judge on The People's Court, Dies at 97© 2017  The Hollywood Reporter2/26/17
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The Lost World of Industrial Musicals© 2017  drafthouse.com1/15/17
6 Success Lessons from Letterman – The Late Show for Entrepreneurs
interesting, but Dave never had a heart attack
© 2017  knowstartup.com1/15/17
Two Tower of Power Members in Serious Condition / Hit by Train in Oakland
guests on Dave's shows 16 times
© 2017  abc7news.com1/13/17
Letterman could return to Ball State, exhibit still in the works© 2017  ballstatedaily.com1/09/17
Jim Carrey: Carson, Letterman 'Could slaughter you' with a word© 2017  USA Today1/09/17
Bridey Elliott's Clara's Ghost Kickstarter Campaign
Yes, she's Chris's daughter, but you knew that.
© 2017  kickstarter.com1/09/17
Canada's Paul Shaffer Releasing New Album, Playing Shows at Home© 2017  iheartradio.ca1/07/17
Paul Shaffer and Jenny Lewis — Sorrow The McCoys Cover© 2017  screamingguitars.com1/06/17
Paul Shaffer & Late Show Band Releasing Album© 2017  bestclassicbands.com1/06/17
Paul Shaffer & Jenny Lewis Sorrow (The McCoys cover)© 2017  stereogum.com1/06/17
Will Lee Anchors the Return of Paul Shaffer &
The World's Most Dangerous Band
© 2017  bassplayer.com1/06/17
New Music: Jenny Lewis and Paul Shaffer Cover David Bowie's Version
of the McCoys' Sorrow
© 2017  spin.com1/06/17
Jenny Lewis and Paul Shaffer cover of Sorrow in tribute to David Bowie© 2017  consequenceofsound.net1/06/17
Paul Shaffer & The World's Most Dangerous Band releasing a new album© 2017  avclub.com1/06/17
Watch Famous Comedians Kill in Their "First" Stand-Up Performances© 2017  huffingtonpost.com1/05/17
Steve O'Donnell to Receive Comedy Award from WGA East© 2017  Variety1/03/17
Longtime Letterman Writer Steve O'Donnell Set for WGA East's
Herb Sargent Award
© 2017  deadline.com1/03/17
Paul Shaffer & The World's Most Dangerous Band New Album March 17© 2016  rhino.com2016
David Letterman, Jack Paar, Desi Arnaz and the Emmys© 2016  Traffic Blossom12/30/16
Stephen Colbert Revealed What He Got David Letterman for Christmas© 2016  Time12/26/16
The Late Night King: A look back at Letterman
not sure the author ever watched an episode!
© 2016  Yahoo!12/16/16
Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, Shaiman & Wittman Set Original Musical  
This is based on Steve Young's book.
© 2016  deadline.com12/15/16
Darlene Love Thankful to Have a Home at The View after
David Letterman Left the Late Show
© 2016  eonline.com12/15/16
David Letterman and Michael Keaton do battle with JAM (jingles) (1986)© 2016  Traffic Blossom12/13/16
David Letterman volunteers for Habitat for Humanity© 2016  The Chicago Tribune12/12/16
Former Late Show host David Letterman volunteers in New Orleans© 2016  WWL TV12/10/16
The Famous Comedy Crash Pad that Housed Robin Williams
and More Stand-Up Legends Is for Sale
© 2016  People Weekly12/09/16
Adrianne Tolsch dead: Pioneering stand-up comedian dies at 78© 2016  Entertainment Weekly12/08/16
R.I.P. stand-up comedian Adrianne Tolsch© 2016  avclub.com12/08/16
The Tina Fey Interview, by David Letterman
As we know, Dave's no stranger to conducting interviews.
© 2016  The Hollywood Reporter12/07/16
Adrianne Tolsch Dead: Pivotal Stand-Up Comic, Wife of Letterman Writer© 2016  deadline.com12/07/16
Trump had a different take on flag burning when he visited
David Letterman last year
© 2016  The Washington Post11/30/16
It's Time for Streaming Services to Do Right by Late Night History© 2016  UPROXX11/29/16
The Strange Disappearance of Ed, the Great Show That Time Forgot
and where the world met Julie Bowen!
© 2016  vulture.com11/17/16
Jimmi Simpson loves doing Westworld, but also calling
David Letterman "Nancy Reagan
© 2016  avclub.com11/11/16
Watch David Letterman Visit India for Energy Policy, Jokes© 2016  Rolling Stone10/27/16
Felon who tried to blackmail David Letterman now working for
filmmaker James O'Keefe
© 2016  rawstory.com10/25/16
Letterman, SNL Vets Fete Bill Murray at Mark Twain Prize Ceremony© 2016  Variety10/24/16
Bill Murray receives Mark Twain Prize for American humor,
is honored by David Letterman, Miley Cyrus
© 2016  UPI10/24/16
The greatest role of Bill Murray's life has been playing Bill Murray
with a Dave story or two
© 2016  The Washington Post10/19/16
David Letterman's 3 Lessons on Retirement© 2016  marketwatch.com10/19/16
Les Moonves Reveals How Much David Letterman "Hated Me"
© 2016  Vanity Fair10/19/16
Letterman (with Creepy Beard) at Duckworth Fundraiser in West Loop© 2016  dnainfo.com10/18/16
7 Ways David Letterman Is Passing the Time During Retirement© 2016  YAHOO!10/18/16
Jason Zinoman's Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night Out in April© 2016  splitsider.com10/18/16
David Letterman (and His Beard) Shop at Target These Days© 2016  The New York Times10/18/16
David Letterman explains how he fell out of love with late night television© 2016  theweek.com10/18/16
Letterman coming to town for (Tammy) Duckworth�fundraiser© 2016  Chicago Sun-Times10/12/16
Eleven Bass Players Who Belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
including Will Lee, of course!
© 2016  Huffington Post10/08/16
David Letterman Reveals the Donald Trump Encounter He Regrets© 2016  Vanity Fair10/08/16
David Letterman on Donald Trump: "What the Hell Is Wrong with You?"© 2016  People Weekly10/08/16
Letterman on Leno, Fallon & Why He Doesn't Miss Late Night
a recap of Dave at the New Yorker Festival
© 2016  deadline.com10/08/16
Letterman "would have gone right after Donald Trump"
if he still had a show
© 2016  New York Daily News10/07/16
David Letterman: Donald Trump Deserves to Be "Shunned"© 2017  Rolling Stone10/07/16
Letterman Has No Love for 'Damaged' Trump
I don't agree with everything I list!
© 2016  The New York Times10/07/16
David Letterman Subtly Jabs Jimmy Fallon Over Donald Trump Interview© 2016  Vanity Fair10/07/16
David Letterman Gets a Trim (Dave's beard... in India... to be exact)
from Dave's National Geographic trip
© 2016  Vimeo10/05/16
The American Bystander Is the Last Great Humor Magazine© 2016  Newsweek10/05/16
Shaffer brings big band home  AWESOME© 2016  The Chronicle-Journal10/01/16
Watch Paul Shaffer Talk Late Show, David Letterman's Genius
must-see video with Paul
© 2016  Rolling Stone9/27/16
David Letterman shows he STILL hasn't trimmed his beard during
tribute to Charles Osgood
© 2016  Daily Mail9/26/16
David Letterman's Beard Keeps Getting Longer© 2016  The Hollywood Reporter9/25/16
100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time© 2016  Rolling Stone9/21/16
David Letterman Returns to TV© 2016  ecowatch.com9/20/16
Rahal Team Bonds with Wounded Soldier at Sonoma Race Weekend© 2016  indycar.com9/20/16
David Letterman will make 1-night TV return on Oct. 30© 2016  The Indianapolis Star9/20/16
See David Letterman Preview Return to TV for Climate Change Series© 2016  Rolling Stone9/18/16
Letterman Returning to TV for National Geographic Docuseries
on Climate Change
© 2016  nbcnews.com9/17/16
Letterman Returns to TV for First Time Since Leaving the Late Show© 2016  Time9/17/16
David Letterman Returning to TV for National Geographic
Docuseries on Climate Change
© 2016  nbcnews.com9/17/16
David Letterman Interviews India's Prime Minister for
National Geographic's Climate Change Docu-Series
© 2016  Variety9/16/16
Ellie Kemper: The First Time I Bombed on Late Night TV
I enjoyed this!
© 2016  The New York Times9/15/16
Jimmy Kimmel Lets Loose on Why He Has All of Letterman's Neckties© 2016  The Hollywood Reporter9/14/16
Letterman, Aykroyd among Bill Murray's Mark Twain Award toasters
to be broadcast on PBS on Oct. 28
© 2016  The Washington Post9/13/16
David Letterman Talks with Susan Morrison (Oct. 7)© 2016  The New Yorker9/09/16
Over 3,000 of David Letterman's TV Props and Costumes,
Spanning 31 Years, Will be Sold Online, Sept. 19-23

photo 1   photo 2
© 2016  prnewswire.com9/08/16
New Yorker Festival to Feature David Letterman, Louis C.K.© 2016  The New York Times9/04/16
Rahal Letterman Lanigan at Firestone 600 (photo)© 2016  Facebook9/03/16
Who do you think you are? Björn Nittmo?© 2016  The Buffalo News9/02/16
Letterman Has High Hopes for Harry Connick, Jr.'s New Talk Show© 2016  Variety9/01/16
Will Lee Visits Sadowsky Guitars© 2016  sadowsky.com8/26/16
The Ad Hillary Made Without David Letterman's Permission
Inside sources say there's no story here.
© 2016  hollywoodreporter.com8/26/16
Letterman Favourite Dick Assman of Regina Dies at Age 82
(click for related story)
© 2016  CBC News8/19/16
Will Somebody Please Give Norm Macdonald Another TV Show?© 2016  The Washington Post8/18/16
The Most Influential Late Night Host This Election Is Still,
Somehow, David Letterman
© 2016  UPROXX8/15/16
David Letterman on Leaving CBS: Declined to Hear Offers from
60 Minutes and CBS Radio
© 2016  showbiz411.com8/09/16
Post-Apocalypse, Letterman Style
by our friend Steve Young!
© 2016  linkedin.com7/20/16
Dog Food, Broadway, and The Lost World of Industrial Musicals© 2016  The Portland Mercury7/13/16
From Letterman to Wilmore: Inside Network and Cable
Late Night Shows with Lee Ellenberg
© 2016  splitsider.com7/13/16
Without Dave: Life Without Late Show with David Letterman© 2016  The New Yorker7/10/16
Loco for Letterman
not the usual rehashed article!
© 2016  emmys.com7/05/16
A Chat with Rob Burnett© 2016  Letterman Memories7/05/16
Where's Dave?© 2016  by Mark Evanier7/01/16
Wanted: Late Show Writer and Lots of Free Work to Become One© 2016  deadline.com6/27/16
Late night TV's winners and losers —
see who scores on our comedy report card
© 2016  New York Daily News6/25/16
THE NIGHT FLIGHT: Late night TV's frequent flyers,
and the hosts who are their biggest fans
© 2016  New York Daily News6/25/16
Bernie Worrell, Parliament-Funkadelic Keyboardist, Dead at 72© 2016  Rolling Stone6/24/16
Elizabeth Cook on Rehab, David Letterman and Piercing New Album© 2016  Rolling Stone6/17/16
Fundamentals of Caring Director Rob Burnett Offers 3 Critical
Filmmaking Lessons from 30 Years Working on Letterman
© 2016  indiewire.com6/20/16
Letterman Calls Donald Trump "Repugnant to People... He's Despicable"© 2016  People Weekly6/10/16
Weekend Getaway: Rob Burnett's Guide to Greenwich, Connecticut© 2016  Architectural Digest6/10/16
David Letterman reveals moment he realized he "couldn't care less"
about late-night TV
© 2016  today.com6/10/16
Hosts Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers and More on What It Takes
to Win Late Night Now
© 2016  hollywoodreporter.com6/09/16
Letterman: "I Don't Know Why They Didn't Give My Show to a Woman"© 2016  People Weekly6/09/16
Stephen Colbert Is Having a Very Bad Week© 2016  UPROXX6/09/16
Letterman to Brokaw: "I couldn't care less" about late-night television© 2016  Entertainment Weekly6/09/16
Letterman doesn't know why CBS didn't give Late Show to a woman© 2016  New York Daily News6/09/16
Letterman used to take suitcase full of beer to the Indy 500© 2016  The Mercury News5/30/16
Indiana native David Letterman jokes about beards and Bullwinkle
Dave's interviewed by Rocket J. Squirrel!
© 2016  wishtv.com5/29/16
David Letterman Admits He Is Morning Drunk at Indianapolis 500
Nonsense! Dave's just joking around!
© 2016  thewrap.com5/28/16
Letterman jokes he'll fake his own death if Rahal doesn't win Indy 500© 2016  New York Daily News5/28/16
photo: Graham Rahal and Letterman at the Maxim Indy 500 party© 2016  Twitter.com5/27/16
David Letterman's Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know© 2016  heavy.com5/27/16
Maya Rudolph and Martin Short on Their New Variety Show© 2016  The New York Times5/27/16
David Letterman shares Indy 500 stories from 3 stages in his life© 2016  The Indianapolis Star5/27/16
David Letterman resurfaces at Indy 500
so, what does he look like this time?
© 2016  zap2it.com5/27/16
The former Late Show band leader just explained why
David Letterman loves his retirement beard
© 2016  businessinsider.com5/26/16
Paul Shaffer: Dave grew a hate beard© 2016  TMZ5/26/16
Don Rickles was politically incorrect before it was incorrect.
At 90, he's still going.
© 2016  The Washington Post5/24/16
Why David Letterman was sad at the White House state dinner
kind of a silly headline
© 2016  The Washington Post5/23/16
Allow Letterman to Explain Why Retiring Affects Your Self-Esteem© 2016  vulture.com5/22/16
Peabody Awards Live Blog: David Letterman Receives Honor© 2016  Variety5/21/16
I Lost My Dream Job in Front of 14 Million People  AWESOME
by creative director, digital media Walter Kim
© 2016  fortune.com5/20/16
Apparently David Letterman Was Almost In Airplane!© 2016  cinemablend.com5/19/16
A Chat with Anton Fig© 2016  Letterman Memories5/18/16
A Part of History - The Final Late Show  AWESOME© 2016  Matthew Biesiada5/18/16
A Chat with Bill Scheft  AWESOME© 2016  @ByeLetterman5/16/16
photos from the state dinner for Nordic leaders© 2016  The Huffington Post5/14/16
Looking back at the Letterman finale one year later© 2016  The Orange County Register5/13/16
Is the Nordic state dinner the funniest ever?© 2016  The Washington Post5/13/16
Will Ferrell and Letterman head to White House Nordic state dinner© 2016  foxnews.com5/13/16
Letting Stephen Colbert Be Stephen Colbert (Whoever That Is)
It's not easy to follow David Letterman.
© 2016  The New York Times5/01/16
Stewart, Letterman, Apatow to perform at USO comedy show© 2016  Entertainment Weekly4/28/16
Paul Scheer set to play Paul Shaffer in A Futile and Stupid Gesture© 2016  tracking-board.com4/12/16
Today in TV History: Drew Barrymore Flashed David Letterman
on His Birthday
© 2016  decider.com4/12/16
Peabody Awards Honor Daily Show & David Letterman© 2016  Variety4/12/16
Letterman, Stewart's Daily Show to be honored at Peabody Awards© 2016  New York Daily News4/12/16
Even David Letterman's friends don't recognize him© 2016  pagesix.com4/06/16
Finally, Here's the Explanation for David Letterman's New Beard© 2016  huffingtonpost.com4/06/16
Bert Berns died knowing his children "will know me in my music."
Paul Shaffer's involved with a play about Bert Berns.
© 2016  cleveland.com4/02/16
Vacation blues? A heavily bearded David Letterman, 68,
looks downcast as he continues his St. Barts getaway
© 2016
These Famous Men are Trying to Tell Us Something
with Their Retirement Beards
© 2016  The Chicago Tribune3/29/16
Garry Shandling Dies at 66© 2016  Variety3/24/16
Bald Santa: David Letterman's striking retirement look© 2016  CNN3/24/16
David Letterman is Totally Bald & Bearded in St. Barts© 2016  justjared.com3/24/16
8 photos that show how much David Letterman is loving retirement© 2016  businessinsider.com3/24/16
David Letterman Shocks with Bald Head and Beard© 2016  upi.com3/24/16
What Does David Letterman Do Now? Retired Late Show Host
Spotted at St. Barts Supermarket
© 2016  ibtimes.com3/24/16
At least he won't be recognised! Newly bald David Letterman looks
grumpy as he goes shopping with wife Regina on St. Barts
© 2016
Regina Lasko, David Letterman's Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know© 2016  heavy.com3/23/16
David Letterman's Retirement Look Now Includes a Naked Noggin© 2016  People Weekly3/23/16
David Letterman Still Awesome: Seen Jogging in St. Barts
with Bald Dome, Santa Beard
© 2016  sportsgrid.com3/23/16
David Letterman Is Balding, Bearded and Looking
as Happy as Ever in St. Barts
© 2016  eonline.com3/23/16
David Letterman's Drifter-Chic Retirement Look Shocks
and Delights the Internet
© 2016  thewrap.com3/23/16
Leave David Letterman alone: For a celebrity, "showing his age"
means aging in public at all
© 2016  salon.com3/23/16
Is David Letterman Santa Claus?© 2016  litemiami.com3/23/16
The late grow with David Letterman! TV legend shows off new-look
baldy head as he goes for a walk in tropical paradise St Barts
© 2016
Letterman Debuts Bald and Bearded Retirement Look in St. Barts© 2016  New York Daily News3/23/16
National Geographic's 'Epic, Audacious' Upfront Previews Emphasis
on Scripted Programs | David Letterman heads to India
© 2016  adweek.com3/15/16
The Haunted Twilight of Richard Simmons  a sad story© 2016  New York Daily News3/12/16
Richard Simmons Through the Years© 2016  New York Daily News3/12/16
Richard Simmons' Wildest, Craziest Moments on the Late Show© 2016  New York Daily News3/12/16
Here Comes Paul Shaffer  with audio!© 2016  997thefox.com2/16/16
David Letterman's beard is now awesomely terrifying© 2016  The Washington Post2/07/16
SAG-AFTRA Remembers J.R. Horne© 2016  sagaftra.org2/06/16
Bob and Ray, Who Paved the Way for Today's Deadpan Humor© 2016  The New York Times2/03/16
Bob Elliott, one half of a crack team of pop-culture satirists, dies at 92© 2016  The Washington Post2/03/16
Bob Elliott, Deadpan Half of Bob and Ray Comedy Team, Dies at 92© 2016  The New York Times2/03/16
The 100 Jokes That Shaped Modern Comedy  AWESOME© 2016  vulture.com1/2016
Paul Rudd and Rob Burnett Talk Letterman, Ant-Man
and "The Year of Paul Rudd
© 2016  UPROXX1/30/16
That Time Paul Shaffer Went Swimming with Martin Luther King, Jr.© 2016  niftyniblets.com1/18/16
Margaret Hall, Late Show Actress, Dies at 84© 2015  Variety12/26/15
Getting to the Heart of David Letterman
© 2015  Whitefish Review12/19/15
David Letterman Enjoys Reaction to His Retirement Beard© 2015  12/17/15
David Letterman on Late Show gig: "I haven't missed it."© 2015  foxnews.com12/17/15
Why David Letterman Doesn't Miss the Late Show© 2015  abcnews.go.com12/17/15
"It's just silliness": Tough-talking David Letterman says he does
not miss the Late Show, and blasts it as "irrelevant."

They're overdramatizing.
© 2015
David Letterman Opens Up About Life After Retirement:
"I Haven't Missed It the Way I Thought I Might"
© 2015  People Weekly12/16/15
A chat with Brian Teta
AWESOME / by Jeff of Letterman Memories
© 2015  Letterman Memories12/16/15
Bill Carter: How Jimmy Fallon Crushed Stephen Colbert
(and Everyone Else in Late Night)
© 2015  The Hollywood Reporter12/16/15
Getting to the Heart of David Letterman© 2015  whitefishreview.com12/16/15
David Letterman Explains That "Creepy" Beard© 2015  Gentleman's Quarterly12/16/15
2015: The Year in Late-Night TV
The Year of Living Davelessly
© 2015  Rolling Stone12/14/15
For Darlene Love, a Christmas without David Letterman?© 2015  pri.org12/14/15
How Miley Cyrus and George Clooney Saved Bill Murray's Netflix
Special A Very Murray Christmas
  (with Paul Shaffer!)
© 2015  Vanity Fair12/04/15
What David Letterman Is Doing with His Old Set© 2015  cinemablend.com12/01/15
David Letterman donating Late Show memorabilia to Ball State© 2015  New York Daily News12/01/15
David Letterman Donating Late Show Memorabilia to Alma Mater© 2015  Rolling Stone12/01/15
David Letterman to Donate Talk Show Set, Props to Ball State© 2015  The Hollywood Reporter12/01/15
David Letterman, Even Retired, Keeps on Interviewing
© 2015  The New York Times12/01/15
David Letterman donates TV memorabilia to Ball State© 2015  The Indianapolis Star12/01/15
David Letterman to donate set, memorabilia to Ball State© 2015  wthr.com11/30/15
David Letterman talks experience at Ball State visit© 2015  ballstatedaily.com11/30/15
David Letterman to donate Emmys, memorabilia,
Late Show set to Ball State University
© 2015  fox59.com11/30/15
Late Show history donated to BSU  AWESOME© 2015  Star Press11/30/15
Letterman donates career memorabilia to Ball State© 2015  ballstatedaily.com11/30/15
Dave Is Back: A Timeline of Letterman's Career,
Connections to Ball State
© 2015  ballstatedaily.com11/30/15
Letterman and Ball State go way back: A timeline© 2015  ballstatedaily.com11/30/15
Shaffer and Letterman "kicking around" possible projects© 2015  cp24.com11/25/15
David Letterman Is Not Slowing Down  AWESOME© 2015  Maxim11/23/15
The Great Late-Night Poll: Where the Hosts Stand Now© 2015  The Hollywood Reporter11/19/15
ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons: "David Letterman's got beard...
and he knows how to use it.
© 2015  tmz.com11/18/15
Bill Murray: A Very Murray Christmas
with Paul Shaffer
© 2015  Netflix, coming Dec. 411/18/15
Letterman tickets sold out© 2015  ballstatedaily.com11/16/15
David Letterman California Dreaming... North Pole on His Face© 2015  tmz.com11/16/15
Michael J. Fox Foundation Knows How to Throw a Party© 2015  The Wall Street Journal11/15/15
Paul Shaffer to host Klein @ 75 gala concert© 2015  Connecticut Post 11/11/15
Letterman Coming Back to Ball State© 2015  thestarpress.com11/11/15
Legendary Producer Barbara Gaines Awarded for LGBT Work© 2015  forward.com11/10/15
Former Late Show bassist Will Lee brings "Abbey Road" to Chicago© 2015  wgnradio.com11/08/15
David Spade Says He Passed on Taking Over for Letterman
We think he's talking about Late Night.
© 2015  theinterrobang.com11/02/15
Sumrall's "Bones" on life after Letterman  AWESOME© 2015  Clarion Ledger11/01/15
Bring back the Jay Leno and David Letterman feuds: What's lost in
the nice, new late-night of Colbert, Fallon and Kimmel
© 2015  salon.com10/23/15
Letterman looks like Santa Claus as he publicly debuts new beard
at children's charity rock benefit show
© 2015
Rockland's Darlene Love does Late Show (without David Letterman)© 2015  lohud.com10/13/15
Fox Stations grab Harry Connick Jr. as daytime deal making heats up
Justin and Eric Stangel will be executive producers.
© 2015  Variety10/13/15
Jimmy Kimmel Live's Week in Brooklyn to Include Donald Trump,
Tracy Morgan and Paul Shaffer
© 2015  splitsider.com10/13/15
Stephen Colbert's Shiny New Home on Broadway Reflects Its Past© 2015  The New York Times10/09/15
Man who plotted to kidnap Letterman's son is back in jail
Throw away the key!
© 2015  kxlh.com10/09/15
Art and Artist: Micah White lives out of the box (office)
Letterman fan extraordinaire: my friend Micah White!
© 2015  denvercenter.org10/08/15
All Hail the Achievement Beard!
Will there be doctoral dissertations on this subject?
© 2015  The New Yorker10/08/15
David Letterman and the Psychology of the Hollywood Beard© 2015  hollywoodreporter.com10/08/15
Jay Leno on Life After the Tonight Show, Avoiding Letterman's Finale
and Heading to CNBC
© 2015  adweek.com10/06/15
Steven Van Zandt, Paul Shaffer sign on to Bert Berns show© 2015  YahooI10/05/15
Letterman, Al Franken headlining fundraiser for Tammy Duckworth© 2015  Chicago Sun-Times10/05/15
A Film Festival on Four Legs (It's Not What You Think)
by my friend Cheryl Levenbrown!
© 2015  The New York Times10/01/15
Saying goodbye to the Late Show with David Letterman
quotes from the CBSO
© 2015  local802afm.org9/2015
Chris Dimino's Keyboard Waffle Iron: Review© 2015  The New York Times9/30/15
WTF is this on David Letterman's face?© 2015  gothamist.com9/29/15
Andy Kaufman's 1983 Letterman appearance online for the first time
compliments of Don Giller!
© 2015  avclub.com9/28/15
Letterman Shows Off Bushy Retirement Beard Around N.Y.C.© 2015  People Weekly9/28/15
Is That You, David Letterman?! Former Late Show Host Is Completely
Unrecognizable While Sporting His Scruffiest Beard Yet: Pics
© 2015  eonline.com9/28/15
Sunday Cinema | Bob Dylan Late Night Rehearsal In 1984
with a shout out to Don Giller!
© 2015  jambase.com9/27/15
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with Guests Brian Wilson, Richie Havens, Sebastian Bach
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Final Results in Variety Talk Race?
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House Party
Jerry Foley's memories of the Ed Sullivan Theater!
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the history of the Ed Sullivan Theater!
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"I Want to Do Donald Trump Jokes So Bad
(Stephen visited with Dave about putting a show together.)
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Stephen Colbert on Donald Trump, Dropping the Character
and Letterman's Advice
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Stephen Colbert's Late Show Wish?
That Donald Trump Stays in the Presidential Race
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Comedy Center Groundbreaking
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Philbin, crew of Letterman show to share memories in Jamestown© 2015  The Buffalo News7/21/15
Philbin Hosts Letterman Panel in National Comedy Center
Groundbreaking: Producers, writers and crew of Late Show
and Late Night gather in Jamestown, NY
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When a Letterman Writer Came to L.A. to Be a TV News Reporter
a feature on Merrill Markoe
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Industrial musicals: When the business of America was show business
an interview with Steve Young
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David Letterman, John Oliver Snag Emmy Noms for Final and
First Seasons
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Life Without Letterman
The author is hardly prepared to write this.
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season of the Late Show?
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Team owners @BobRahal @Letterman and Lanigan with our newest
@IndyCar trophy from @GrahamRahal's #MAVTV500 win
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Late Show Bridges on the TCGS Set
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Jack Rollins dies at 100;
legendary manager had long comedy client list
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David Letterman's Hopes for a Swan Song Emmy:
Voters, This Is Your Last Chance
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David Letterman reveals the two Late Show guests who made him
the most anxious
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David Letterman kept his assistants after Late Show.
"I can no longer operate a telephone."
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Letterman reveals two guests who made him most nervous© 2015  Entertainment Weekly6/15/15
David Letterman on Life After Retirement: Telephones Are Tricky,
Father-Son Bonding Is "Just Delightful"
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"There's really nothing else I care about except jokes"
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Workers Have Months to Do "Year's Worth of Work" Dismantling
Letterman Marquee
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The Yes Men's Mike Bonanno on How He Obtained, Why He Sold
David Letterman's '90s Late Show Set
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Chris Dimino!
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CBS Settles on Unusual Strategy to Fill Letterman's Time Slot
Until Colbert Is Ready
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Good Night: David Letterman's Last Weeks
exceptionally well-written
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Letterman Fan Details Every Frame in Final Show Montage© 2015  Rolling Stone5/22/15
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iconic skyline set after show's finale
© 2015
Jill Goodwin: Master tapes headed to storage.
Or to dumpster divers on 53rd St., who knows
© 2015
10 Videos That Prove David Letterman Should Return to Acting© 2015  ifc.com5/22/15
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Just Peek over the Edge of This Dumpster
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as Memorable as the Final Episode Itself
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for final Late Show
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Conan O'Brien Thanks Letterman, Tells Viewers to
Switch Over to Dave (video)
© 2015  People Weekly5/21/15
David Letterman's Emotional Tribute to His Wife and Son:
"I Love You Both and Really Nothing Else Matters, Does It?
© 2015  People Weekly5/21/15
Letterman finale scores highest ratings since 1994© 2015  The Los Angeles Times5/21/15
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Farewell to David Letterman, "a force of nature"© 2015  The Los Angeles Times5/21/15
Letterman's late-night finale is a star-studded victory lap© 2015  stltoday.com5/21/15
Foo Fighters play David Letterman's favorite song, "Everlong,"
for farewell
© 2015  The Los Angeles Times5/21/15
David Letterman Snuck out of His Final Show and Walked
to the Afterparty
© 2015  People Weekly5/21/15
James Corden Thanks David Letterman in Song,
with Help from Sting (video)
© 2015  People Weekly5/21/15
Here's the 22-year-old intern who wrote the #1 and #2 entries
on the Late Show with David Letterman finale Top 10
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Former Letterman writers reflect on the show
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Letterman's Farewell Episode Nabs Biggest Audience
in Over 2 Decades
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David Letterman's Last Late Show:
Foo Fighters, Bill Murray, Barack Obama Salute the Late Night King
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Final Round of Goodbyes
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Letterman's Late Show Finale Bests Primetime with 21-Year High© 2015  tvline.com5/21/15
On Letterman's Top 10 Midlands Moments
(Thanks for the laughs, Dave!)
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Late Show Finale Scores Biggest Audience in 21 Years© 2015  thewrap.com5/21/15
Letterman: "Thank you and goodnight"© 2015  deathandtaxesmag.com5/21/15
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His Production Company Worldwide Pants
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David Letterman Finale Clocks 13.76 Million Viewers© 2015  deadline.com5/21/15
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David Letterman owns more than 4,000 hours of the
Late Show, and he could make a fortune off the clips
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Former Late Show writers can't get Dave out of their heads© 2015  Entertainment Weekly5/21/15
David Letterman's final Late Show is built to entertain the host
as much as the audience
© 2015  avclub.com5/21/15
David Letterman's Late Show Set Thrown in Dumpsters
Hours After Final Episode
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than Rest of Us Right Now
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Letterman's Last Late Show: Frenzy of Celebrity Sightings,
Media Navel-Gazing, Top-10 List Leaking
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National Punchline... Rescued Me"
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A Look Back at His 33-Year Legacy
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After Losing to Jay Leno, David Letterman's Bitterness Cost Him
His Indiana Soul
  from a very conservative web site!
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May 20 TV Picks: Series finale of Late Show with David Letterman© 2015  The Seattle Times5/20/15
Celebrities Flood Letterman with Praise and Farewells
on Social Media
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Bob Dylan sent off David Letterman with a
beautiful, haunting Sinatra standard
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Letterman finale: 4 presidents join in mocking his
Late Show exit
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Before David Letterman's last top 10:
The top 10 reasons we'll miss him
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Celebrating Merrill Markoe, The Woman Who Helped Letterman
Shape Late Night
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Joy and Tears as David Letterman Presents Last Late Show© 2015  newyork.cbslocal.com5/20/15
Foo Fighters will be Letterman's last musical guest:
Why he loves them
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Letterman's Last Late Show - Will Lee (audio)© 2015  wamc.org5/20/15
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I learned "everything from Dave"
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David Letterman's Cast of Characters
They pretty much nailed it.
© 2015  CNN5/20/15
During last week on air, David Letterman ridicules Jeb Bush's
opposition to gay marriage
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and Shares Memories of the Legendary TV Host
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The bizarre, final performance on Late Show
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Johnny Carson's run
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Top 10 Things to Know About the Funnyman
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No. 10: How to Leave the Late Show; No. 9: What's Next?
with quotes from staff
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Letterman: 10 Most-Watched Late Show Episodes
some surprises
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Announcer Alan Kalter will bid farewell after nearly 20 years
Alan Kalter is the best announcer ever.
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Announcer Alan Kalter will bid farewell after nearly 20 years
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A Goodbye After 20 Years of Directing Late Show with David Letterman
an exceptional essay by Jerry Foley!
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Seth Meyers Recreates David Letterman's Late Night Opening© 2015  YouTube5/19/15
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Longtime Letterman fans reflect on show's personal impact
It's me and my pals!
© 2015  amNewYork5/19/15
Jimmy Fallon thanks David Letterman for decades of
"innovation, fun and just plain weirdness
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David Letterman Signs Off Late Show and Leaves
Comedy Forever Changed
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Paul Shaffer, Late Show Bandleader, on Saying Goodbye to
Letterman After 33 Years
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David Letterman's first episode of Late Night
was totally bizarre (and fun)
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David Letterman by the Numbers: Ratings, Records and
Social Stats Before We Say Sayonara
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Keith Olbermann: A Letterman Appreciation –
You Know Him, You Love Him, You Can't Live Without Him
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For Letterman, Class Clown Wasn't Enough© 2015  Variety5/18/15
RI native's dream of working for David Letterman came true© 2015  The Quad-City Times5/18/15
Funkmaster Flex Night: How a Letterman Diss Became
Hip-Hop Legend
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David Letterman's epic run: Sidekick Paul Shaffer was
part bandleader, part foil and all pro
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Ben Schwartz, Jay Pharoah and more reflect on
David Letterman's late night career
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When His Mask Came Off
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Comes to an End
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Nostalgic time for Watertown man who worked on Letterman© 2015  watertowndailytimes.com5/17/15
Letterman looks back on legendary late-night career
(with Jane Pauley)
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The Ultimate David Letterman Top 10 List© 2015  The Toronto Sun5/17/15
Goodnight, Dave! Top 10 reasons we'll remember Letterman
after he signs off late night after 33 years
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David Letterman Thinks Brian Williams "Would Have Been Fantastic"
in Late Night
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A fond farewell to David Letterman and Don Draper© 2015  Detroit Free Press5/17/15
David Letterman taught us to ward off celebrity stupidity.
But stupidity won.
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Letterman opens up about Late Show ending© 2015  cbsnews.com5/17/15
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Letterman leaves behind a comedy landscape he reshaped© 2015  northjersey.com5/16/15
Norm Macdonald: "My Last Time on The David Letterman�Show
Norm blew the show's title!
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From Limelight to Leisure, David Letterman's Next Shift© 2015  The Indianapolis Star5/16/15
Norm Macdonald gives Letterman an emotional, beautiful send-off© 2015  Entertainment Weekly5/16/15
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From the home office in Wahoo, Nebraska, Letterman wooers
remember Late Show
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Letterman Talks Failed Marriage, Giving Up Alcohol with Jane Pauley© 2015  etonline.com5/15/15
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Paul Shaffer recalls unforgettable Late Show moment© 2015  cbsnews.com5/15/15
David Letterman Doesn't Think He'll Ever Return to the
Ed Sullivan Theater After Late Show Finale
© 2015  hollywoodreporter.com5/15/15
Letterman's company helped launch other noteworthy careers
an incredibly annoying online presentation
© 2015  The Indianapolis Star5/15/15
Meet Long Island's biggest David Letterman fan© 2015  newsday.com5/15/15
Merrill Markoe: "The show felt constantly unstable to me"
© 2015  salon.com5/15/15
My Favorite Moments of Late Night with David Letterman
by Merrill Markoe  AWESOME
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Paul Shaffer Learned About David Letterman's Retirement
Moments Before the Announcement
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Late Show with David Letterman: A legacy in pictures
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Sarah Jessica Parker on David Letterman:
"Super Distinguished, Incredibly Handsome and Sexy"
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It's Letterman's World. We Just Critique It.
These people are completely off-target.
© 2015  slate.com5/15/15
Paul Shaffer Reflects on 33 Years of Late Night, Life After Letterman
and His 5 Favorite Musical Moments
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Jon Stewart bids farewell to Letterman with a Moment of Zen:
"He was an incredible epiphany"
© 2015  salon.com5/15/15
Doyel: Best thing for 500? A Graham Rahal victory© 2015  USA Today5/15/15
Letterman's 33-year journey from cult hero to late-night institution© 2015  The Los Angeles Times5/15/15
David Letterman's favorite foil, Hello Deli owner Rupert Jee,
is "sickly sad" to see Late Show run end
© 2015  New York Daily News5/15/15
Don't bet on Jay Leno seeing David Letterman off© 2015  Las Vegas Review-Journal5/15/15
Top Ten Facts About David Letterman's Top Ten List, According to
Former Head Writer Steve O'Donnell
© 2015  New Republic5/15/15
Al Roker remembers David Letterman goofing around on live TV© 2015  Today Show5/15/15
See Letterman's Top 10 Best Late Night and Late Show Moments© 2015  Time5/15/15
David Letterman's Final Late Show Guests Announced:
Tom Hanks, Eddie Vedder, Bill Murray
© 2015  US Weekly5/14/15
Moment of Zen - David Letterman's Send-Off (Jon Stewart video)© 2015  The Daily Show5/14/15
Letterman, the Last American Broadcaster© 2015  The Wall Street Journal5/14/15
Late Show delivers its largest weekly audience in 4+ years© 2015  cbspressexpress.com5/14/15
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Letterman Looks Back as TV's Longest-Serving Late Night Host© 2015  npr.org5/14/15
CNN's David Letterman Says Goodnight to Air Night Before
His Last Late Show
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How David Letterman Built a Late-Night Haven for Country Music© 2015  Rolling Stone5/14/15
Letterman Ratings: Bags Bigger Crowd than Fallon as Exit Nears© 2015  deadline.com5/14/15
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David Foster Wallace's David Letterman Tribute© 2015  vulture.com5/14/15
David Letterman retires: Here's the most important thing
that happened each year of his career
© 2015  The Washington Post5/14/15
David Letterman: I'm not going away© 2015  cbsnews.com5/14/15
Letterman, Seriously: Dave's 10 Most Profound Moments© 2015  Rolling Stone5/14/15
Looking back on David Letterman's late-night career© 2015  The Washington Post5/14/15
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David Letterman's final Late Show guests unveiled© 2015  cbsnews.com5/14/15
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Conan O'Brien on What He Wants to See in Dave's Final Episode© 2015  Esquire5/14/15
Jokes Aside, David Letterman Leaves Behind a Costlier Neighborhood© 2015  The New York Times5/14/15
Letterman's long goodbye draws largest viewership since 2011© 2015  CNN5/14/15
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From Madonna to Bill Murray to John McCain, here are
David Letterman's top 10 guests ever
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David Letterman, New York City and the breakup of a team© 2015  newsday.com5/12/15
Howard Stern to David Letterman: 'Kiss me. KISS ME!'© 2015  The Chicago Tribune5/12/15
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Late Shift Author Bill Carter Pens David Letterman Tribute:
Laughs, Legacy and Leno
© 2015  hollywoodreporter.com5/12/15
David Letterman Reveals Jay Leno Asked Him to
Be One of His Final Tonight ShowGuests
© 2015  hollywoodreporter.com5/12/15
David Letterman Leaves His Successors a Rich Comedic Bequest© 2015  The New York Times5/12/15
Let's Not Forget Letterman's Hilarious, Innovative Morning Show© 2015  esquire.com5/12/15
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Late Show gig has been a gas for Paul Shaffer© 2015  dispatch.com5/12/15
Merrill Markoe: Unsung Heroine of Late Night with David Letterman© 2015  dangerousminds.net5/12/15
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Cher Appears on Late Show, Says She Will Miss Dave© 2015  ibtimes.com5/08/15
Dave's Faves: Top 10 Repeat Guests on Letterman© 2015  Rolling Stone5/08/15
Jerry Seinfeld Not Impressed with Kimmel's Planned
Letterman Tribute
  (video link)
© 2015  accesshollywood.com5/08/15
Life with Letterman? "It's like a sporting event."
Mike McIntee interview!
© 2015  Sioux City Journal5/08/15
David Letterman: The great innovator leaves behind
a late-night TV world in transition
© 2015  oregonlive.com5/08/15
Tom Brokaw: "I Didn't Know What I Was in For"© 2015  nbcnews.com5/08/15
The No. 1 reason fans are turning out:
They love David Letterman
© 2015  The Los Angeles Times5/08/15
Paul Shaffer ready to disband CBS Orchestra© 2015  billboard.com5/08/15
Paul Shaffer Ready to Disband the CBS Orchestra© 2015  The Chicago Tribune5/08/15
Tina Fey Gifts David Letterman the Dress She Is Wearing
on Late Show
© 2015  The Chicago Tribune5/08/15
From the Home Office in Sioux City, Iowa:
Late Show gives city tourism bump
© 2015  Sioux City Journal5/07/15
Jimmy Kimmel Stands Down on David Letterman's
Final Late Show Night
© 2015  deadline.com5/07/15
David Letterman's Top Ten On-Air Moments
by Steve O'Donnell
© 2015  The New York Times5/07/15
After Dave, Will There Be Trust in the Oval Office of Comedy?
The surprising gravitas of a pathbreaking comic.
© 2015  bloomberg.com5/07/15
Farewell to the late night king© 2015  squamishchief.com5/07/15
DaveWatch: Countdown to Last Late Show, Day 11© 2015  Rolling Stone5/07/15
Americana Musicians Find Champion in Letterman© 2015  The Wall Street Journal5/07/15
Letterman vs the World: Dave's 10 Tensest Interviews© 2015  Rolling Stone5/07/15
Kimmel Will Not Broadcast New Episode Opposite
Letterman Finale
© 2015  The New York Times5/07/15
Paul Shaffer ready to disband the CBS Orchestra© 2015  San Diego Union-Tribune5/07/15
We need David Letterman's America:
How the Leno/Fallon/Colbert choice defines us
© 2015  salon.com5/06/15
DaveWatch: Countdown to Last Late Show, Day 12© 2015  Rolling Stone5/06/15
David Letterman's Top 10 Musical Moments
I agree with Darlene Love and Bruce Springsteen!
© 2015  Rolling Stone5/06/15
Letterman countdown: Dave puts his best face forward© 2015  The Indianapolis Star5/06/15
Dave Says Goodbye: Inside Rolling Stone's New Issue
Rolling Stone cover on its way!
© 2015  Rolling Stone5/05/15
NYC Sightseeing Bus Honors Band Leader Paul Shaffer© 2015  newyork.cbslocal.com5/05/15
The Lost Laughs of Letterman
jokes that were never told
© 2015  vulture.com5/05/15
Editor's Note, May 2015: Goodbye, David Letterman!© 2015  The Indianapolis Star5/05/15
Obama Hands Dave Letterman Best Local Rating
in 3 Years as Parting Gift
© 2015  deadline.com5/05/15
DaveWatch: Countdown to Last Late Show, Day 13© 2015  Rolling Stone5/05/15
Will Ferrell Spoofs Harry Caray on Letterman© 2015  The Chicago Tribune5/05/15
Last Night Was a Reminder of What We're Losing
Now That David Letterman Is Retiring
© 2015  UPROXX5/05/15
A Life On Television Didn't Give Us the Full Dave
It wasn't meant to be an intellectual analysis.
© 2015  yahoo.com5/05/15
Obama talks race relations, retirement with David Letterman© 2015  The Los Angeles Times5/05/15
Local Photographer on Working for David Letterman:
'Best Job of Entire Career'
   Marc Karzen profile
© 2015  CBS 2 - Los Angeles5/04/15
Paul Shaffer Talks David Letterman Sign-Off:
Which Guests Flirted the Most?
© 2015  etonline.com5/04/15
Marc Karzen on Working for David Letterman:
"Best Job of Entire Career
© 2015  losangeles.cbslocal.com5/04/15
David Letterman: A Life on Television© 2015  Traffic Blossom5/04/15
Obama Makes Final Appearance on David Letterman© 2015  Time5/04/15
David Letterman's Best Stupid Politician Tricks© 2015  bloomberg.com5/04/15
David Letterman gave IndyCar another platform© 2015  The Indianapolis Star5/04/15
Melissa McCarthy, Channing Tatum, & more celebs
on their first trip to Letterman
© 2015  Entertainment Weekly5/04/15
Tom Shales: Goodbye, Dave: The Great Agitator© 2015  thedailybeast.com5/04/15
Late Show with David Letterman: 43 Memorable Moments© 2015  hollywoodreporter.com5/04/15
David Letterman: celebrity horoscope
Such foolishness!
© 2015  wect.comunknown
Where is NBC David Letterman?© 2015  Traffic Blossom5/03/15
David Letterman gave IndyCar another platform© 2015  USA Today5/03/15
Our Top 10 recurring bits on the Late Show
like kindergarten for new Letterman fans
© 2015  St. Louis Post-Dispatch5/02/15
Dave's retirement will leave an emotional void for fans
great insight from Gerard and Steve
© 2015  The Orange County Register5/01/15
Conan O'Brien Pens Touching Tribute to David Letterman
(in Entertainment Weekly)
© 2015  Rolling Stone5/01/15
Conan O'Brien: David Letterman disrupted the medium
and that's what made him a legend
© 2015  Entertainment Weekly5/01/15
Hootie and the Blowfish Perform on Letterman
Watch for the Ultimate '90s Nostalgia Fix!
© 2015  eonline.com5/01/15
30 Years of David Letterman (36 photos)© 2015  msn.com5/01/15
Let Us Now Praise the Gap-Toothed God of Late Night© 2015  Gentleman's Quarterly5/01/15
Conan O'Brien: "Immediately Everything Was Wrong"
© 2015  Entertainment Weekly5/01/15
Top 10 reasons we love David Letterman© 2015  The Indianapolis Star5/01/15
David Letterman by the Numbers: First Top 10 List,
Most Frequent Guests, Who Was on His First Show
© 2015  hollywoodreporter.com4/30/15
Letterman Didn't Pick Stephen Colbert for Late Show© 2015  US Weekly4/30/15
Letterman by the Numbers - 33 Years in Late Night© 2015  CBS4/30/15
Letterman Had No Input on Colbert's Late Show Hire© 2015  Rolling Stone4/29/15
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David Letterman Opens up About His Late Show Exit© 2015  Variety4/29/15
Nobody asked Letterman who should host Late Show© 2015  Entertainment Weekly4/29/15
Letterman Reflects on 33 Years in Late-Night Television
Don't miss this one.
© 2015  The New York Times4/29/15
Hootie and the Blowfish to Reunite on Letterman© 2015  radio.com4/27/15
Jack Hanna's Team Saying Goodbye to Letterman
Thanks to Jack for all his awesome visits.
© 2015  10tv.com4/27/15
Goodbye, David Letterman: An Oral History
memories from Dave's friends
© 2015  indianapolismonthly.com4/25/15
"Don't Go Dave" (Letterman Tribute Song)© 2015  YouTube4/25/15
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Todd Seda will make this awesome!
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David Letterman: A Look Back  
The facts presented here are disputed by LSDL,
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to clear the air
"  unconfirmed
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after David Letterman retires
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Female staffers from the Late Show reveal Bill Cosby's
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© 2014
Late Show staffers relieved they don't have to deal with
upcoming Bill Cosby appearance
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Darlene Love Retiring "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"
After Letterman Ends
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Darlene Love retiring "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"
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  We love Darlene!
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Oh, don't be so modest!
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Why Letterman's Cue Card Guy Was Fired,
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Late Show cue card writer fired after assault© 2014  Variety10/19/14
Letterman's cue card guy fired© 2014  TMZ10/19/14
Letterman's cue-card guy fired after argument, assault
on writer
  very sad news
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Was that ever in question?
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Letterman Obsession
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Future Ambassador?
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Former intern apologizes to Letterman after lawsuit
Good luck getting a job anywhere now!
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launched his longest-running gag
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Colbert Late Show staying in New York© 2014  CNN7/23/14
CBS and Gov. Cuomo announce that the Late Show
will remain in New York City
© 2014  cbspressexpress.com7/23/14
Late Show with Stephen Colbert to air from New York City© 2014  New York Daily News7/23/14
Paul Shaffer on "MacArthur Park Night" on Letterman© 2014  wcbsfm.cbslocal.com7/21/14
Jimmy Webb will take another turn on the Late Show© 2014  New York Post7/16/14
Is there anything better on this earth than when
David Letterman loves a rock and roll band?
© 2014  Esquire7/09/14
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Don Rickles and guest-star roasters like Seinfeld, Letterman,
Amy Poehler and Tina Fey trade shots
© 2014  New York Daily News5/27/14
Tonight Show with Johnny Carson regular David Steinberg
assesses the late-night TV landscape (Q&A)
© 2014  hollywoodreporter.com5/27/14
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I Feel Bad About My Role in Humiliating Lewinsky© 2014  CBS5/17/14
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Neil Patrick Harris turned down Late Show, fearing boredom© 2014  Today Show5/15/14
Neil Patrick Harris Had a Shot at the Late Show Hosting Gig© 2014  Time5/14/14
Naperville students to appear on Late Show© 2014  Naperville Sun5/14/14
CBS offered Neal Patrick Harris the Late Show© 2014  New York Daily News5/14/14
Letterman asks if there are any openings on The View© 2014  hollywoodreporter.com5/12/14
Late Show announcer records Illinois radio spots© 2014  Peoria Journal-Star5/08/14
Seinfeld, Stewart, Fey salute insult master Don Rickles© 2014  Entertainment Weekly5/07/14
Late Show announcer wants your attention© 2014  robertfeder.com5/07/14
Sanford Jay Frank, Emmy-winning writer, dies at 59© 2014  Variety5/06/14
Rob Ford to seek help for alcohol abuse© 2014  cnn.com5/01/14
Esquire: Give Anna Kendrick the Late Late Show© 2014  esquire.com4/29/14
David Letterman addresses Craig Ferguson's exit© 2014  Entertainment Weekly4/29/14
Craig Ferguson to Leave Late Late Show in December© 2014  Variety4/28/14
Craig Ferguson: "I Wanted to Leave the Show Before
I Stopped Enjoying It"
© 2014  Variety4/28/14
Craig Ferguson will leave Late Late Show in December© 2014  The Wall Street Journal4/28/14
Ferguson to leave CBS' Late Late Show© 2014  USA Today4/28/14
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Memories of Sandy Frank, Prolific Producer, Conservative
and Late Show Writer
© 2014  breitbart.com4/21/14
Truthiness and the Late Show Leadership Dilemma© 2014  Forbes4/21/14
Whiting, Maine featured on the Late Show© 2014  bangordailynews.com4/20/14
Letterman, Seinfeld, Scorsese to Headline Rickles Tribute© 2014  Variety4/17/14
7 Things You Might Not Know About David Letterman,
The King of Late Night
© 2014  UPROXX4/16/14
Tina Fey should have replaced David Letterman on the Late Show,
social-media poll says
© 2018  theglobeandmail.com4/15/14
Stephen Colbert to Visit Late Show© 2014  The Los Angeles Times4/15/14
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Letterman's departure underscores new laws of late night© 2014  cbc.ca4/14/14
CBS, Colbert and Contempt for America
"Rejecting Middle America is now mainstream."
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Colbert was CBS's Late Show guy since 2012 –
And yes, he'll keep the name
© 2014  mashable.com4/10/14
CBS will be romanced by Los Angeles and New York for Late Show© 2014  The New York Times4/10/14
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by his Late Show Retirement
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Neil Patrick Harris Says Late Show Gig Would Be
"Asinine Amount of Work
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Rumors Fly That CBS Wants Jay Leno
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Stephen Colbert to top of replacement wish list
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CBS Has Chance to Shake Up Late Night
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with the Comedy Genius in His Youth
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replace him with a woman?
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Just one month in, Jimmy Fallon is already king of late night
— and YouTube
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With Fallon's ratings on fire, Letterman is reportedly
trying to get a killer guest: Jay Leno
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turns Samuel T. Herring's dancing into a meme
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39 Things You Learn About Jimmy Fallon by Hanging out
with Him
  Dave references
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Leno's final Tonight Show
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Performers for "Beatles Week" on Late Show announced© 2014  ultimateclassicrock.com2/01/14
Dave has a half-hour interview with Howard Stern
at Howard's 60th birthday bash
© 2014  showbiz411.com2/01/14
Late Show to host Beatles-themed performances© 2014  classichitsandoldies.com1/31/14
© 2014  CBS press release1/31/14
Late Show a Great Show for Comedian Pat McGann© 2014  Chicago Tribune1/29/14
David Letterman changed everything  AWESOME
See better versions of the videos in my Video Archives.
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Jay Leno In-Depth: post-Tonight plans, Kimmel's insults,
Zucker, what he taught Letterman (Q&A)
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RED FANG to perform on the Late Show on Jan. 10© 2013  blabbermouth.net12/13/13
Martha Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence and Jonah Hill
take another swipe at mayor Rob Ford
© 2013  torontolife.com11/30/13
Late Show mocks Rob Ford with Ken Burns parody© 2013  hollywoodreporter.com11/29/13
David Letterman's Ken Burns-style Rob Ford documentary
deserves an Emmy
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Rob Ford on late night: David Letterman and friends
parody his crack cocaine admission
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NBC's Leno, Fallon off to best ratings starts in five years© 2013  Variety11/21/13
"I had a really bad pain for weeks." Jennifer Lawrence leaves
David Letterman lost for words as she goes into VERY candid
detail about her stomach problems
© 2013
David Letterman may soon top late-night ratings, but
Fallon and Kimmel have the edge in social media
© 2013  New York Daily News11/17/13
Letterman devotes Top 10 List to Mayor (Rob Ford)© 2013  Toronto Star11/15/13
CBS Special Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Beatles
Debut in the Ed Sullivan Theater
© 2013  cbspressexpress.com11/14/13
David Letterman stays above the viral video fray© 2013  Variety11/07/13
The Collected Wisdom of Tina Fey
Yes, this is a Dave page, but Tina Fey is awesome!
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A Traitor to His Class? Such Good Fun (Dave's book)© 2013  The New York Times11/04/13
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Letterman, Ball State remember Prof. Darrell Wible© 2013  The Indianapolis Star8/09/13
Comics look to Obama, Democrats for humor© 2013  The Charlotte Observer8/05/13
Study: Late-night comics using Democrats as punchlines© 2013  foxnews.com8/05/13
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Will Lee's first new album since 1993 gets 8/20 release© 2013  broadwayworld.com7/13/13
NYC shuts down Jay-Z Letterman show© 2013  philly.com7/03/13
Concert gets the Jay-Zap: City yanks permit© 2013  New York Post7/03/13
Jay-Z approved for free rooftop concert© 2013  hngn.com6/29/13
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Walters to announce 2014 retirement on The View© 2013  The New York Times5/12/13
Piedmont bird callers chirp their way to the Late Show© 2013  The Contra Cosa Times5/11/13
Dave Grohl rants: "It's destroying the next generation of musicians!"© 2016  The Globe and Mail5/07/13
James Inhofe fires back at David Letterman© 2013  politico.com5/05/13
Letterman sinks to denigrating gun rights Senators as
"Stooges of the Night"
© 2013  newsbusters.org4/27/13
Cap'n Crunch gets YouTube late-night talk show (teaser)© 2013  mashable.com4/23/13
Letterman, Seinfeld pay work visit© 2013  newstimes.com4/19/13
Letterman's 65th birthday: All-time Late Show Top 10 lists
(It's his 66th birthday, Newsday.)
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How Jay Leno's Tonight Show turned comedy into
'Shakespearean tragedy'
© 2013  The Wall Street Journal4/04/13
Letterman & Maddow Rip Gay Marriage Opposition© 2015  mediaite.com4/04/13
Letterman: Opposing gay marriage in the name of religion
is 'absolute stupidity'
© 2013  lgbtqnation.com4/04/13
NBC 'will pay Jay Leno $15 million to step down from the
Tonight Show before his contract expires'
© 2013
Leno to leave NBC's Tonight Show next spring© 2013  Associated Press4/04/13
Late-night hosts revel in Leno-Fallon changeover© 2013  yahoo.com4/04/13
RIP Roger Ebert (Siskel & Ebert and Dave)© 2013  Traffic Blossom4/04/13
David Letterman slams NBC & jokes about Jay Leno's
Tonight Show departure
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Late Night Wars: Letterman contract also ends in 2014,
Jon Stewart looms
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Jay Leno's monologue: 'Jimmy, don't let it slip into sixth.'© 2013  Entertainment Weekly4/03/13
Leno blesses Tonight Show succession plan© 2013  The New York Times4/03/13
David Letterman jokes about NBC's late-night shake-up© 2013  hollywoodreporter.com4/03/13
The late night wars can finally declare a winner:
David Letterman
© 2013  vulture.com4/03/13
Fallon & Leno sing "Tonight" from West Side Story parody
to address Tonight Show rumors
© 2013  huffingtonpost.com4/02/13
Lindsay Lohan: Late Show with David Letterman in April© 2013  justjared.com3/30/13
Lohan Letterman appearance revealed© 2013  fashionnstyle.com3/30/13
Letterman lives it up in Cootamundra© 2013
The Tomorrow Show: Assessing the state of late night
after a turbulent week
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Merrill Markoe on NBC execs' strategy© 2013  hollywoodreporter.com3/27/13
The War on Jay Leno© 2013  hollywoodreporter.com3/27/13
Dick Cavett on Tonight Show host angst: Johnny Carson
'only happy for that hour of his day'
© 2013  hollywoodreporter.com3/27/13
Letterman weighs in on the NBC late night shuffle© 2013  tv.broadwayworld.com3/26/13
Letterman banned Spring Breakers' Harmony Korine© 2013  New York Daily News3/26/13
Letterman: Why I banned Harmony Korine© 2013
NBC risks its late-night dominance with a Tonight gamble© 2013  The New York Times3/24/13
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Seth Meyers eyed to replace Tonight-bound Jimmy Fallon© 2013  tvline.com3/22/13
NBC's Jay Leno plan has some insiders baffled© 2013  Entertainment Weekly3/21/13
Will the Tonight Show move to NY start a booking war?© 2013  Entertainment Weekly3/21/13
Tonight, with new host, set to reclaim its New York roots© 2013  The New York Times3/20/13
NBC debates timing of Jimmy Fallon's Tonight debut© 2013  hollywoodreporter.com3/20/13
Winning tops Graham Rahal's list for new IndyCar season© 2013  Sports Illustrated3/20/13
NBC Executive and Leno said to have clashed over jokes© 2013  The New York Times3/15/13
Bill Hicks's Banned Letterman Appearance... with
a Public Apology to Bill's Mother Mary
© 2013  davesstrangeworld.com3/06/13
Sources say Jay Leno out, Jimmy Fallon in on Tonight© 2013  New York Daily News3/03/13
Sources: NBC discussing Jay Leno exit plan© 2013  hollywoodreporter.com3/01/13
Danica Patrick wins Daytona pole© 2013  ESPN2/17/13
Jimmy Kimmel praises Letterman & Carson; blasts Leno© 2013  rumorfix.com2/17/13
Chris Christie jokes about weight with Letterman© 2013  wjla.com2/09/13
Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha Medal of Honor recipient© 2013  dodlive.mil2/08/13
Chris Christie eats doughnut on Letterman.© 2013  Christian Science Monitor2/05/13
Chris Christie pokes fun at his weight on Letterman© 2013  Washington Post2/05/13
Chris Christie talks fat jokes, has a snack© 2013  huffingtonpost.com2/05/13
Joe Flacco talks to David Letterman© 2013  espn.go.com2/05/13
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Letterman Shakeup: David Letterman changes up writers© 2013  Christian Post1/18/13
David Letterman shakeup in head writers as Stangel
brothers snag multi-year development deal
© 2013  Deadline Hollywood1/18/13
Is David Letterman the Super Bowl's best pitchman?© 2013  AdAge1/15/13
Tom Shales: Late-Night: Later Than You Think© 2013  Chicago Sun-Times1/09/13
Jimmy Kimmel beats Leno and Letterman in the ratings,
but insists he'll ultimately be No. 3
© 2013  The Washington Post1/11/13
Jimmy Kimmel, week one© 2013  Entertainment Weekly1/08/13
With Kimmel move, ABC aims to copy morning success...© 2013  chicagotribune.com1/07/13
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Oprah's revealing sitdown with Dave© 2012
Oprah, Dave talk Letterman sex scandal© 2012  Newsday12/18/12
David Letterman addresses Newtown tragedy© 2012  hollywoodreporter.com12/18/12
David Letterman not joking about guns
(Dave actually said, "You can't just say that it's guns.")
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Stangels, Brian Teta, Sarah Billington promoted© 2009  Variety12/06/09
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Will Lee rocks at Sandy Run Middle School (Pa.)© 2009  montgomerynews.com11/09/09
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Letterman and Me
"Male writers don't want to be judged in the room."
© 2018  Vanity Fair10/27/09
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David Letterman Drops His Mask
I'm in this interview.
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Letterman, with 'heartache and embarrassment,'
wit and strength, re-frames media controversy
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David Letterman and his amazing little story© 2009  Entertainment Weekly10/02/09
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From the Home Office in NYC:
Alleged Letterman Extortionist Pleads Innocent
© 2009  eonline.com10/02/09
From David Letterman's perky sidekick, Stephanie Birkitt
is now a woman in the middle of controversy
© 2009  New York Daily News10/02/09
Letterman, Shaffer on Sunday Morning© 2009  CBS News10/02/09
The Best Policy. Period.© 2009  Shepcat Chronicles10/02/09
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PBS and WPI: Families Stand Together© 2009  sesameworkshop.org9/2009
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Tonight Show Audience a Decade Younger© 2009  The New York Times7/05/09
Letters & Letterman: Bill Scheft writes comic monologues
and fictional dialogue.
© 2009  harvardmagazine.com7/2009
Letterman gives Conan a run for his money© 2009  New York Post6/26/09
That song brings back memories: Billie Jean
(the chair is not my son)
© 2009  WBEZ6/26/09
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Stephanie Birkitt!
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Non-Scandal: CBS Did Not Spike Anti-Obama Top Ten© 2008  Newsbusters™8/06/08
Right on Cue (Tony Mendez)© 2008  Time Out New York7/30/08
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Rebuilding The Beatles, Note by Note© 2008  National Public Radio1/24/08
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Late Night TV Hosts Back After 2 Months© 2008  The Huffington Post1/02/08
Writers' Return Gives CBS a Head Start© 2008  The New York Times1/01/08
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Top 10 Reasons the Worldwide Pants Deal Is Good© 2007  United Hollywood12/28/07
Striking writers union reaches deal with Letterman© 2007  Reuters12/28/07
Letterman Deal Puts Pressure on Late-Night Hosts© 2007  The New York Times12/28/07
Letterman Makes Deal With Striking Writers© 2007  The New York Times12/28/07
Late-Night Talk Shows Set to Go Scriptless© 2007  The Wall Street Journal12/28/07
David Letterman returns Jan. 2© 2007  New York Post12/26/07
Late Shows to Return, but Who'll Be Talking?© 2007  The New York Times12/20/07
TV Networks Consider Using Strike to Cancel Costly Deals© 2007  The Wall Street Journal12/17/07
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Writers' strike, East: Cold truths in NYC© 2007  TV Barn12/14/07
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Letterman winning late night war© 2007  New York Post12/10/07
Strike talks halted© 2007  Variety12/07/07
Apatow says writers' strike is looking super bad© 2007  Gothamist12/06/07
Chris Elliott "writes" a "novel" © 2007  The Seattle Times11/25/07
H'wood Writers Strike, TV Scrambles© 2007  ABC NEWS11/05/07
Movie and TV Writers Authorize a Call to Strike© 2007  The New York Times10/20/07
Booking talk shows spawns rigid rules© 2007  Variety10/05/07
Punch Lines (Eddie Brill)© 2007  The Phoenix10/01/07
Dave Owns Nights But This Day Belongs to Paul© 2007  InsideRadio9/17/07
David Letterman thrilled to be a lasting part of Ball State© 2007  Ball State University9/07/07
Letterman perceptive, friendly, reports Ball State senior© 2007  Ball State University9/05/07
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Lee Gabler Joins Worldwide Pants© 2007  Variety5/01/07
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Calvert DeForest -- Letterman's 'resident oddball'© 2007  San Francisco Chronicle3/22/07
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Stern fumes at CBS© 2006  CBS News3/14/06
Ed Sullivan Theater Gets a Really, Really Big Shoe© 2006  Home Theater NewsMar. 2006
Judge lifts restraining order against Letterman© 2005  MSNBC12/27/05
Letterman fights restraining order© 2005  CBS News12/21/05
Oprah-Dave: Forgiveness and Glamour© 2005  TV Squad / Weblogs12/02/05
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The Color Oprah© 2005  Time12/02/05
2 Talk Show Titans Are Speaking Again© 2005  The New York Times12/02/05
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Hailing, and assailing, Letterman© 2005  Variety9/21/05
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Letterman of the Moment© 2002  Entertainment Weekly3/07/02
'Tug-of-War ' for Letterman© 2002  BBC News Online3/07/02
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Sealed Letterman© 2002  The Age2/24/02
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Rob Burnett Talks about Dave's Health© 2000  via Steve TimkoFeb. 2000
Dave's back and bizmen are thrilled© 2000  New York Daily News2/18/00
Guest-host concept will ease Letterman's work load© 2000  TV Barn2/16/00
No Shortage Of Subs When Letterman Returns© 2000  Chicago Tribune2/15/00
Friends of Dave Sitting in on Late Show© 2000  CNN2/04/00
Letterman's Speedy Recovery© 2000  Washington Post2/03/00
At the Ed Sullivan Theater, the Hot Seat Turns© 2000  Newsday1/30/00
Greenroom Report: Hillary Clinton and Mahir© 2000  The New Yorker1/24/00
Hillary's Late Show Jitters© 2000  The New Yorker1/24/00
Dave and the U. S. Women's Soccer Team© 1999  The New York Times7/21/99
Fine Dining for the U. S. Women's Soccer Team© 1999  CBS7/21/99
Dogs and People Turn Out to Audition...© 1999  Associated Press6/28/99
Bill Wendell's obituary© 1999  Variety5/25/99
Bill Wendell's obituary© 1999  The New York Times4/15/99
Wahoo waits for Letterman to visit his home office© 1999  Deseret News3/02/09
Letterman Jokes Bring Down the Mouse© 1999  New York Post1/02/99
Letterman Stalker Margaret Ray Dies© 1998  The Washington Post10/07/98
The Woman Who Stalked Letterman Is a Suicide© 1998  The New York Times10/07/98
David Letterman Stalker Commits Suicide© 1998  eonline.com10/06/98
Meet a Couple of Letterman's Cronies© 1997  The Virginian-Pilot3/19/97
Late Show staff pull out the stops to give prolific
Covington 'letter man' a birthday dream
© 1997  Cincinnati Enquirer2/24/97
Jeff Stilson hits the New York comedy stage© 1996  The Spokesman-Review12/15/96
Late-Night Sweats© 1996  Vanity Fair10/01/96
CBS drops small businesses from Letterman lineup© 1996  inc.com11/01/96
Letterman Unbound© 1996  The New Yorker6/03/96
Dave vs. Dave  AWESOME
Rolling Stone cover story
© 1996  Rolling Stone5/30/96
Dave's World of Doubt: Letterman changed his Late Show set,
altered his act and even fired his producer. But don't expect
things to settle down. Can the former king of late night ever
be happy?
© 1996  The Los Angeles Times4/28/96
LETTERMANIA : The Late Night Trivia Quiz© 1996  sfgate.com4/08/96
Late Show Reveals Comeback Strategy
new set and executive producer
© 1996  The Los Angeles Times3/22/96
Don Giller in Internet Insider
my pal Don Giller!
© 1996  Online AccessJan. 96
David Letterman talks about his fight to get back on top© 1995  Entertainment Weekly12/01/95
The Dave Cave
profile of my friend Don Giller, by Aaron Barnhart
© 1995  Village Voice1995
Letterman's Show Losing Its Voice:
Bill Wendell's send-off has been less than warm
© 1995  Los Angeles Times8/18/95
Late Show with David Letterman Design
designing the marquee, with photos
© 1995  behance.net5/1995
A Top 10 Act© 1994  Chicago Tribune11/13/94
Dispatches: The Amos 'n' Sirajul Flap© 1994  Time6/27/94
Dave's Traveling Salesmen (Mujibur & Sirajul)© 1994  The Washington Post7/04/94
How to Improve Soccer, According to Letterman© 1994  The Los Angeles Times6/25/94
Letterman Creates 2 Unlikely Stars© 1994  Chicago Tribune3/17/94
Two for the Show (Mujibur & Sirajul)© 1994  People Weekly2/21/94
Bill Hicks: The Goat Boy Rises© 2017  The New Yorker11/01/93
Neighbors Bless, Blast Late Show© 1993  sun-sentinel.com10/03/93
Mega-Mouths: Jay and Dave Head-to-Head© 1993  New York Times9/05/93
Review /Television: New Time, New Place, Same Humor© 1993  New York Times8/31/93
CBS Buys a Theater to Keep Dave on New York's Stage© 1993  New York Times2/22/93
David Letterman takes $40 million deal to move
from NBC to CBS in 1993
© 2021  New York Daily News1/03/93
David Letterman: The Rolling Stone Interview© 1993  Rolling Stone2/18/93
Late Night with David Letterman Review© 1992  Entertainment Weekly7/17/92
Letterman Show's Home Office Packs Up for Tahlequah, Okla.© 1992  Chicago Tribune4/04/92
Phone calls from Letterman made Meg Parsont a celebrity© 1991  Orlando Sentinel10/09/91
Someone to Watch Over Me (Meg Parsont)© 1991  People Weekly,7/29/91
Late Night with David Letterman Review© 1991  Entertainment Weekly6/07/91
Being in Letterman Audience Makes One Wiser to Ways of TV© 1990  mcall.com12/30/90
The Wrong Man in the Right Place at the Right Time (Barry Sand)© 1990  SCTV Guide9/1990
Stupid Freckle Tricks
Dave in a Howdy Doody remake?
© 1990  The Los Angeles Times5/06/90
Paul Shaffer on Piano Jazz (Marian McPartland)© 1988  NPRfall 1988
Seriously Now, Can Writerless Comics Cope?© 1988  The New York Times8/07/88
An Obsessed Fan Decides to Make David Letterman's House Her Home© 1988  People Weekly6/13/88
17-Week Strike Ends at NBC; Union Wins Few Concessions© 1987  The New York Times10/25/87
Late Night of the Soul, by Harvey Pekar
Thanks, Don Giller!
© 1987  Village Voice8/25/87
Paul Shaffer's Hip Parade  AWESOME© 1986  New York Magazine6/02/86
Letterman Aide Loses a Job© 1984  The New York Times3/12/84
David Letterman's 1984 Interview  NEW© 1984  Playboy1984
That Joke Has Everything: Letterman, Before Late Night© 1981  Esquire12/1981
Late Night Shuffle (collection of articles)© The New York Timesvarious
The Shameless, Disgusting History Behind How Jay Leno
Became the Most Hated Man in Show Business
© ????  ranker.comunknown
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