A Labour of Laughter - 6/25/13by Adam Dudding
Alan Page's and Sharon Best's Trip --
Oct. 30 and 31, 2002
  Also see this.
Alan and Sharon were on the Tony Mendez
show after the Oct. 30 taping!
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Bob Sokol and Amyl on Stupid Pet Tricksthe saga of his pet's appearance
Cheryl LevenbrownThe 4 A.M. Show - 5/15/04
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DaveCon 2000Marilyn's Pathetic Trip Report, 6/29/00
DaveCon Portraits 2000-2015by Don Giller
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Don GillerDon's DaveCon pictures
Hooked Up by David
I got to see Darlene Love. 12/21/12 Geoff Fox - My Permanent Record
Janie's First Trip Report - July 18, 2005including a great picture with Rupert!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Take My Advice...Tommy Nelson, 6/25/14  AWESOME
Matthew Biesiada"A Part of History - The Final Late Show" - 5/20/15
MaddMaxx and Marilyn Sargent9/26/96
MaddMaxx at the EdLimo Ladies on camera on the Big Show
Mike Chisholm's Epic Trip Report4/20/15  AWESOME
Pat Fleet's 1st Trip ReportPat Fleet's first taping  AWESOME
Pat Fleet's 2nd Trip ReportPat Fleet at DaveCon 2005  NEW
Warren Zevon, #1895Sharon Best's report for 10/30/02
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